NHL Rumor Mill – October 1, 2020

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Possible destinations for Henrik Lundqvist and Bobby Ryan plus the latest on Patrik Laine, Darcy Kuemper, Oliver Ekman-Larsson and many more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks looked at potential landing spots for Henrik Lundqvist. The 38-year-old goaltender was bought out of the final year of his contract yesterday by the New York Rangers. Brooks suggests the St. Louis Blues, Vegas Golden Knights (if they trade Marc-Andre Fleury), Carolina Hurricanes, Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks (if Jacob Markstrom departs via free agency) as options.

SPORTSNET: The Canucks make Mike Johnston’s list, which includes the Colorado Avalanche, Washington Capitals, Dallas Stars (if they fail to re-sign Anton Khudubin), and Chicago Blackhawks if they move on from Corey Crawford.

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien suggests Lundqvist could provide affordable goaltending insurance to contenders like the Capitals, Stars, Blues and Golden Knights, as well as the Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Winnipeg Jets. He also suggested some playoff hopefuls that could provide him more playing time like the Oilers and Canucks, along with the Calgary Flames, Minnesota Wild, Arizona Coyotes and San Jose Sharks.

Where could former New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist land following his contract buyout? (NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears there are a number of clubs that could be destinations for Lundqvist but this is all mere media speculation right now. But how many of those clubs will be serious suitors and how many of them is he willing to consider as acceptable destinations? His affordability, experience and leadership would be invaluable, but finding the right fit and the right role will be crucial factors.

NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Joe Fordyce reports Bobby Ryan said the Philadelphia Flyers would be high on his list of destinations if they made him a contract offer or extended an invitation to training camp. The 33-year-old winger was recently bought out by the Ottawa Senators.

NBC SPORTS BAY AREA: Brian Witt cites The Athletic’s Kevin Kurz recently reporting the San Jose Sharks are one of “many teams” believed interested in Ryan. “They could certainly use a right wing,” said Kurz.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen if the Flyers are among the clubs interested in Ryan. Whoever signs him will likely do a short-term deal (one-to-two years) for probably between $2 -$3 million per season. Some clubs could try him in a second-line role while others could see him as a third liner.

Speaking of the Sharks, they also reportedly talked to the Minnesota Wild about goaltender Devan Dubnyk and winger Ryan Donato. Kurz suggests this could have some legs as a possible package deal.


SPORTSNET: In his latest 31 Thoughts column, Elliotte Friedman expects Tampa Bay Lightning general manager Julien BriseBois to “think unconventionally” in the offseason. He believes teams will ask if defenseman Mikhail Sergachev wants a bigger role.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sergachev should get an opportunity for a bigger role with the Lightning. Kevin Shattenkirk, Zach Bogosian, Luke Schenn and Jan Rutta are unrestricted free agents. All of them could depart on Oct 9. Granted, they’re also right-side defensemen and Sergachev plays the left side, but I can see the Bolts trying to convert him to the right side.

Friedman expects the Dallas Stars will try to move a big salary, although trade protection is a concern. He expects Anton Khudobin has priced himself out of Dallas. Ben Bishop’s full no-trade becomes a partial, but his actual salary drops to three years at $3.5 million, which is manageable for the Stars.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly lists Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, and Joe Pavelski as the three highest-paid players with each carrying full no-movement clauses, followed by Alexander Radulov with a 15-team no-trade list. Trying to move any one of them will be difficult.

Friedman thinks the Vancouver Canucks and Arizona Coyotes had a discussion about Coyotes blueliner Oliver Ekman-Larsson, but he doesn’t see if a deal is possible.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It isn’t unless the Canucks move some salary to take on Ekman-Larsson’s $8.25 million AAV and he agrees to be traded to Vancouver.

If the Jets decide to trade Laine, Friedman wonders if there’s a match with the Columbus Blue Jackets or Carolina Hurricanes. He believes the Los Angeles Kings and Philadelphia Flyers could do it but isn’t sure they would. He also wondered about the New York Islanders but mentioned their salary-cap issues.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets will set a big asking price if they put Laine on the trade block. They need a second-line center and a top-four, right-shot defenseman. There’s also the fact he’s a restricted free agent next summer with arbitration rights and will be in the market for a big raise over his current $6.75-million AAV.

The high volume of goalies available in the UFA market could affect the trade market, making it difficult for a club like Pittsburgh to trade a netminder. Friedman suggests that’s why the Arizona Coyotes’ preference is to retain goalie Darcy Kuemper. He believes the Calgary Flames talking with the Columbus Blue Jackets about one of their goalies but that talk has cooled.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Teams that fail to address their goalie needs via free agency could return to the trade market, but their numbers will be depleted after the best UFA goalies are signed. The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch also cited sources claiming the Coyotes could retain Kuemper, but he thinks that could change if GM Bill Armstrong gets a first-round pick and another piece he’s seeking in the deal.

Speaking of the Flames, Friedman thinks they could revamp their blueline depending on who’s available. Noah Hanifin’s name was mentioned when the Flames were talking with the New Jersey Devils about Taylor Hall last month.

Speaking of the Coyotes, Friedman wonders if they’ll test the market on forward Clayton Keller.

The Washington Capitals are trying to shed some salary to re-sign defenseman Brenden Dillon.

The New Jersey Devils are willing to move the 18th and 20th picks in this year’s draft but Friedman doesn’t see them shopping the seventh-overall selection. The Anaheim Ducks aren’t averse to moving down a few spots from sixth overall.


  1. I’ve posted before re Hank on VGK

    MAF tough to move… buyout ; sign Lehner; and back up… that’s $10-$11M on Cap

    Maybe sign Hank with incentive to battle 1A 1B with MAF for starter

    I would think that if the King stays (instead of retiring or playing with Joel)… he would want to be on a contender

    • Pengy, saw a report recently where Joel pretty much shut down rumors about Hank playing in Sweden. Also, an interesting story where Hank can sign a 1 year deal with any team. Would need a ntc so come deadline he would have control over where he could be traded. At deadline, he’ll have more of an idea of what teams are true contenders. He’s in NY so his kids could start school here. I think Devils could be an option considering he can commute. Money isn’t an issue since Rangers are paying him 4 mil. He could just sit out beginning of season and see how things pan out. Does anyone know when he would need to sign a contract in order to play this season?

      • Thanks slick

        Very good points… I hadn’t even considered his option to wait out part of season before signing

        I think RFA deadlines are well before UFAs… I think Williams signed mid Jan …. so maybe cut off for UFA signing is the TDL?

      • I was thinking that if the Avs decide they need help in goal at the deadline (or any time, considering Hank is a UFA), they could give him a call)

      • Lundqvist is not signing with the Devils.

        The only thing missing from his resume, is a Cup.
        He’ll be signing with a top contender or not at all.

        Philly seems like a better shot to win the Cup.

        Anyway I posted this late yesterday. Sorry, boys but I am a MoonDog who is not awake before 2 PM.
        Years of working nights.

        Anyway what I was responding to was the Tampa situation.
        What do you think?

        Here’s an interesting scenario to discuss.

        Can the players, in this case, say Killorn, Johnson and Gourde, get together with their agents and work on a strategy, where they all refuse to be moved?

        Or is that considered “collusion”.

        Is collusion only an owner problem or does it apply to agents and players also?

        I don’t think that it would be difficult for the agents to figure out who can afford these players, and then block trades to those teams by using the NTC.

        Tampa could end up losing one or two of them for nothing.


      • Hi Bill,

        Johnson and Gourde have full NTCs… so they don’t need to “collude “

        Killorn’s list of 16 blocked teams has already been handed in…. so BriseBois can trade Killorn to any of 14 teams w/o even telling him until after the deal has been signed

        I think Killorn is gone

        I can’t imagine any scenario that benefits Johnson or Gourde enough to persuade them to waive their No trade clause…. they have houses there, the team just won the cup, City is nice, weather is nice, max tax advantage, they negotiated a NTC when they agreed to their current contract … no incentive

      • What’s the length of their respective contracts pengy? For example. Johnson. Definitely 3rd center next year. Less ice time with cirrelli rise. Could he be amenable to a team that will give him more ice time to try to earn one last good payday before retirement?

    • @ GEORGE O

      Rumors flying around that the Sens are looking to trade the 5th pick to move back in the draft …

      What do you recognize as an area of interest that they would want for the 5th pick coming back ..

      Upgrade the D ..are you looking for a younger player coming back that is a top prospect or a NHL ready player …just r as this is a deep draft and that 5th pick is a good one and the player will fit into the long term plan …so what would be of interest to fill that deal out and that new player still fit into the plan and cap hit?

      thx for playing …cheers

      • Morning Kal El. First of all I’ve seen no rumour that suggests Dorion has revealed that’s he’s looking to move that pick. All I’ve seen is media speculation that he’s probably received feelers and that it costs nothing to listen.

        So, while I think Dorion would certainly listen to such an offer involving the 5th pick and moving down, I think what he’d want to get back – in addition to that team’s pick – would depend on whether that team is among the 21 that must clear cap space in order to re-sign key players. If so, the kind of player – and I emphasize “kind of player” (I don’t engage in names) I’d want in addition to the team’s pick would need to be a good, serviceable F – or D – in their mid- to late 20s with term and a cap hit in the range of $4 to $5 mil – in other words, high enough to make it worthwhile, capwise, for the team to move him as a cap clearing move.

        Also, the lower-placed that other teams draft pick is, the higher the quality I want in return. With only another re-building season with overall improvement being what the fans can reasonably expect as they give kids like Brannstrom, Batherson, Norris, Logan Brown, Formenton, Balcers, Jaros, Wolanin and newcomers like Zub lots of action to get a better feel for what they have, Dorion has no need to feel any pressure to make such a move. Just weigh each offer for the 5th on their merit and, if not to his liking, keep it. He doesn’t owe any other GM any favours.

    • Pengy……Would love to see Henrik as a back up in Pittsburgh… He brings experience, mentorship to Jarry, and can still play.

      1 year deal on the cheap with some incentives to play 30 25 games….. i like it better than e Smith

  2. With Serg’s likely Cap hit… why not sign UFA Soucy (TSN has big article on him moving way up their UFA list) as 3LD cheaper (than required for Serg) and trade Serg for pretty fair return… saves Cap space… adds to team (Serg trade)

    • Why in the world would Tampa substitute a 3rd pair d-man like Soucy for an upcoming star like Sergachev? Wow man …

      • Serg is their 3LD behind Hedman AND McD… and Bolts must save Cap somewhere… with so many NMCs and NTCs; and they won’t be moving Point or Vazy… BrisBois has been forced into a corner…, Cap hell corner…. he is exposed to an offer sheet on Serg; which he’d be hard pressed to match….

        Any offer sheet for Serg is a min of $5M… how can he possibly fit that in? The return fit that Offer sheet is a 1st and a 3rd… I have confidence he gets more than that in trade

        Serg is not going to supplant McD at 2LD at least for two years; Soucy at cheaper could fill 3LD without issue and Serg is used as Cap savings AND gets a great return

        BriseBois stuck and will have to make moves thinking we’ll outside the box… this option is viable and pros outweigh cons

        Per TSN BriseBois will be competing with 10-12 teams to sign Soucy… but cup winner; great city, nice weather, tax breaks… he certainly has some upper hand

      • “and Bolts must save Cap somewhere…”

        Isn’t that what I’ve essentially been saying for weeks now regarding those 21 teams who have no choice but to move quality players with term and significant cap hits in place?

        The only difference is, I see Sergachev as an RFA they’d want to retain, and in order to create the necessary cap space, the kind of player I’d see them moving is a Gourde, Palat or Killorn – perhaps two of them if they also wish to retain RFAs Cirelli, Stephens, Verhaeghe and Cernak along with Sergachev.

        And how does trading Sergachev save cap space? Even what he cost off the cap this year isn’t factored into the fact they have $5,333,334 to sign 8! Whatever it would cost to bring in Soucy would be deducted from that, and now they’re down to 7 to sign with virtually nothing in the bank. And still 4 other RFAs to retain.

        Makes absolutely NO sense.

      • Hi George…. sorry for miscommunication…the savings is not relative to now (when Serg still not against the Cap)… but after that 3LD is signed… $5M for Serg or in around $3M for Soucy… $2M saved… plus get great return in trade

      • What the heck am I missing? Right now – as we speak – they have $76,166,666 committed to 15 giving them $5,333,334 to sign 8. They have 5 RFAs including Sergachev. You figure it’ll cost them $5 mil to get Sergachev re-signed so if they deal him and bring in Soucy as a 3rd pairing replacement at $3 mil somehow they’re “saving” $2 mil? Plus they’d get a great return. Like what? All picks and prospects? It would have to be that since any salaried player in the return would need to have their cap hit deduced from that $5 mil or so along with Soucy’s $3 mil.

        Even at Soucy’s $ 3 mil alone, that would leave them $2,333,334 to to sign 7 and those other 4 RFAs would see a bigger increase than that by far from the cumulative $2,959,166 they cost off the cap this year. Hell, Cirelli alone will command that after a season of 16g 28a 44 pts in 68gp, adding 3g 6a 9 pts in the playoffs!

        Do they walk away from the other 4 RFAs? If they retain them they STILL have to sign 3 to get to 23 with no cap space to do it. They have no chice but to deal 3 of Palat, Gourde, Johnson & Killorn or, failing that, one of those along with someone like McDonough.

        Cap Hell indeed.

      • George,

        The Lightning wouldnt have cap issues if only they had followed the Leafs excellent example of cap management.

        A secret Leafs insider (that posts here!!) says not only can the Leafs easily create massive amounts of cap space but also sign multiple “difference makers” to add to their current stable of stellar playoff performers.

        Seems the Bolts were possibly too focused on a Stanley Cup to fully realize that building a Cup winner takes years (53 and counting) of financial wizardry, superior drafting and stellar trades.

        Poor Tampa, all they have to show for their mismanagement is a Stanley Cup…..

      • Hi George

        The Cap savings I’m talking about is not now…. it after dust is settled and game 1 starts

        The two scenarios are Serg 3LD or replacement 3LD. Before today it seemed that all the talk was that they were re-signing Serg

        If they do … that will be $5M or more (TSN prognosticators )… let’s call it $5M

        Whatever they end up at… if they keep Serg … and TSN is. right re his next contract… .. then Bolts are spending $5M on 3LD… note… they have to have a 3LD

        So…. compared to the scenario of Serg at 3LD… the most they can save from that scenario is $4.3 M ($5 M less league Min [$700K] 3LD)…. I was suggesting Soucy at 3LD @ let’s say as high as $3M…. that is $2M less (saved towards other Cap crap situation) …. AND then trading Serg for high picks/prospects return

        Media today has some murmur that in fact it is possible that they do trade Serg for great return and fill his spot with less expensive 3LD (thus saving Cap from the “Keep Serg” scenario)

        No mention of a replacement possibility… Soucy was just my suggestion

        Again sorry for the confusion

    • @ Pengy

      Sergachev – Headman…. could be the best D pair in the world right now ..they were just amazing in the playoffs this year !

      Iam almost convinced ..Murry has not moved yet because Rutherford is trying to tie in JJ to the deal…there is a log jam of goalies out there not to mention a few that are also in the rumor mill who are not UFA or RFAs..

      …I really see the Wings as a perfect landing spot for Murry…..Iam shocked it has yet to happen!

      • The main reason why Murry hasn’t been moved yet is because Rutherford was reported in wanting a first round pick for Murry. That is a huge asking price for a goalie with an injury history and who lost the number 1 roll, IMO.

      • Hi Kal El

        Bolts 1LD is Hedman, 2LD is McD

        If they continue with McD at 2LD… Serg’s next contract will be pricey for 3LD… a flex that BriseBois doesn’t have

        That’s why I was suggesting the option of Soucy 3LD and trade Serg for great return

        If MacD didn’t have an NTC… then trading him, moving Serg to 2LD , sign Soucy as 3LD would have been an option… the plethora of NMCs/ NTCs is absolutely tying BriseBois’ hands

        Vazy and Point have no protection and high Cap hits… but I think we’re treading nigh zero possibility that they are moved

        Killorn can be moved to 14 teams w/o his say so…. I would think he’s all but gone

        The rest of the contracts over $2M (excluding Vazy/ Point) all have protection… buyouts possible but not huge Cap relief net (still have to be replaced with at min $700 K player) and will have dead Cap space in out years

        After replacing with $700 K player 20/21 net Cap savings for

        Johnson…$1.6 M
        Gourde….$1.7 M
        Palat … $1.3 M
        MacD…. $2.6 M
        Stammer… NEGATIVE savings…they save $667 K in Cap but then have to replace at League min of $700 K
        Kuch… $1.8 M
        Hed….$2.5 M

        Not a pretty picture for BriseBois

      • Sergachev was very good in the playoffs, not outstanding. McD played all the tough minutes and was clearly the 2nd best defenseman.
        Not taking anything away from the possibility that Sergachev will be great in the near future.
        That’s the issue though, he is third on the depth chart, can they change that into a RD that is a 1 or two? Or can they package him with a forward like Johnson or Gourde for a package that gets them a RD? That way they keep Cirelli who is projecting to be a long term #2C and bring in a solid #3LD

      • Rutherfords living in fantasy land if he thinks he can get a 1st round pick for Murray. If he thinks hes going to package Jack Johnson with Murray then hes going to have to unload a truckload of picks or prospects.
        Upside on that is the Pens will save tons of money by not needing to attend the draft for 5 years.

      • Hi Taz

        Solid 3LD… Soucy is my suggestion

        Trading Serg/Johnson or Serg/ Gourde for RHD is a good move but the control is entirely with Gourde and Johnson with their NTCs…. I see no incentive for them to waive… they are now contracted to the SC champs; great city; great weather, established home; great taxes

        The threat of buyout to get them to waive… see my other post re minimal net savings to Bolts on buyouts; and dead cap years, AND both Gourde and Johnson could sign with other teams after the buyout for terms netting their lost gross and for probably 1 less year to play to recoup those loses

      • trade stamkos

      • @karl El..
        Your are spot on Tampa Bays defense was all wordly..hedman sergachev McDonough wow..
        I would be happy if the Penguins could have one of those three..LOL

      • Sad news BnG

        Jimbo interviewed and said the LDs are Dumo ; MM; Pettersson , not JJ; but when pressed re JJ… he left the door open for possibility for JJ as 3RD….. so playing the worst player in history… on his wrong side🤬😡🤬😡

  3. Good morning


    The Pens , Avs and Oilers need to jump on Henrik asap.. BIGTIME ..

    I still see him sharing almost half a season if need be with another starting goalie. 1A 1B
    the Rangers just had to shed his money and literally have 2 star young goalies to get going now. I think he will play a bigger role with the next team than we think..
    It will all come down to what he commands in the way of his salary does he go greedy and ask for $4 – 5 million AAV or take a league minimum and allow for a better built team on a contender.


    I don’t see Sergachev going anywhere he was lights out good in the playoffs…really grew into a star …good for him….cough cough Drouin who ?

    O E L

    Iam really surprised that O E L is getting as much traction as he is ..especially with his huge AAV..teams need to be really cautious with this as it may set them back in other areas. I think there is just as good elsewhere out there for less …he has offensive capabilities. But as in this playoffs …teams also need a physical aspect to a player at that cap hit …good puck mover however, for a stats team that wants good puck possession.

    In closing ..I think some teams are going to really shake things up and move some bigger names and look at this time as a reset and go in a different direction with core players

    …the league has changed again in its cycle of style of play..as I ve spoke about before in the past …and its gravitating towards bigger rougher style of play where teams want to impose there style of play …smallish players and the small water bug player is not en vogue anymore ..big wingers and a big 3rd line centerman is in demand…

    Cheers – take care

    • Yikes! BriseBois will be doing some “unconventional” thinking this offseason. This is going to confuse the plethora on linear thinking commenters on this site.

      • Yikes ! You said yesterday BriseBois and yzerman were dummies . The day before you said Dubas was a genius for following Tampa’s footsteps . Which is it James ? Are they dummies or are they the team to try to follow ?
        Your usually too embarrassed to return after you read the comments , from leaf fans included laughing at your blue takes .
        Just imagine those dummies got point signed AFTER Marner for just a measly 4 million plus less ! 4 million plus ! Days after ! Those dummies are also holding the cup without TML name on it .

      • Craig,

        Youre right. The Cup no longer has any Maple Leafs on it. Ring with 67 Cup winners removed to add a new one.

        Guess thats what 53 years of “difference makers” gets you.

        Sittler? Nope.
        Gilmour? Nope
        Clark? Nope
        Sundin? Nope
        Tavares, Mathews and Marner? Nooooooope.

        Team with the most $$ or biggest “difference makers” doesnt always win. The best team does.

      • The linear thinkers are starting to self-identify, Lol…

      • And those who constantly repeat the same thing over and over – such as “linear thinkers” – are suffering from Obsessive-Compulsion Disorder. Bugger ain’t it?

      • I’m gonna start a new club so I can refer to this group of lemmings as a single cell group think unit that I can refer to. I’ll call you the LTC for linear thinking club and recommend Craig for chairman as he seems the angriest. It will be like The Breakfast Club except you will all out to lunch. I will wait a few days before registering the group formally as I know there are a few more that belong but can’t think of their names right now as you all sound the same…I think NY4life is another. Anyone want to 2nd a nom for Craig as chair?

        The charter will be simple: dont say anything interesting or novel or you are out.

      • Well, if to be a member of your club you can’t say anything interesting or novel, how the heck do YOU propose to get in?

      • Boom.

    • I don’t see Lundqvist signing in Edmonton. Not after he got used to the bright lights of NYC. Plus Holland has other goalie option on his list that include Markström and Kuemper.
      I can see the Avs being the front runners on Lundqvist’s list if he chooses to return for another season or two. The Avs are on the verge of being a top contender for the Stanley Cup, but I can also see Lundqvist retiring.

      • I can see him retiring too KevJam.
        Not sure if the Avs add a tender this off season or not? Sakic kind of poured water on that.
        IMO they get to the final if they don’t lose both of them to injury. DOn’t think they would have beat them though.
        Francousz tried to play hurt and it didn’t go well.
        I think they should upgrade, but really whether they do or don’t, they have to be the early favorite for next year.

      • I think a season or 2 with the combination of Grubauer and Lundqvist would be huge for the Avs. They had goalie injury issues all of last season, Lundqvist has been relatively durable his whole career. So if/when Grubauer does get injured Lundqvist would be a good reliable 1B guy.
        Francouz at 30 years old is who he is at this time in his career. Which is a good reliable option as a call up when injuries do happen.

  4. Could Tampa move McDonagh?
    Trying to keep Serga on the right side is not always easy. And they will be loaded with LD contracts.

    Will be hard to repeat without McD next season…but will not be easy to send Tyler J’s contract away or lose a bigger key forward

    • and his 13-14 minute per game of ice time with the emergence of Cirelli

      Johnson might be more productive in a bigger role on another team. Is he the 1C in Ottawa?

    • Hi Kal El

      Se my other post for all the net cap savings with buyouts

    • ds, I don’t think he’d be a # 1 (that’ll fall to Joshua Norris) but certainly a # 2 with Anisimov filling # 3 for one year and Tierney moving down to # 4

  5. the more you think about it the more it made sense for the buyout before retirement.
    but a convincing call from say Joe Sakic……

  6. It was reported in Winnipeg yesterday that Bill Guerin has reached out to Dustin Byfuglien; Hoping that Big Buff a state resident would want to play for his home town team.

    Sound like Dustin doesn’t want to play anymore.

    • Hi Caper

      Doesn’t “want” to play … or “can’t”… ???…
      if we buy into the “sightings” of him where people are saying he’s well “north of 300” now…. mmmm… retired

      • Pengy…Be patient J.J is on his way out this will happen. It is kind of like getting rid of Trump it has taken a while but its finally going to happen.

        Would i still love Zadorov hell yes he is twice the player Peterson is and he is cheaper…. I would move Peterson for a pick or a player. Ideally would rather have Peterson than Matheson but Rutherford messed that up..

        be patient Jimbo is leaving either by buyout or packaged with Murray to a team like Detroit or Ottawa,

        Rutherford knows he needs some more cap room for that third line center so Johnson will be leaving

    • And yet Pengy here are GM’s still trying to get him to sign.

      • Yep … strange

  7. Despite the flooded G market, the buzz here is CBJ will move Korpisalo as part of a package for a forward. It is certainly plausible that a 26 yr old coming off an All-Star yr & a very strong playoff showing at $2.8 million for 2 yrs will be appealing to many teams in the flat cap world vs UFAs looking for bigger $ and term. If that move occurs I do wonder if Lundqvist would consider signing w CBJ (reunite w/ Torts?) to form a tandem w/ Elvis. If CBJ are able to pull off the big moves that are reportedly working on fortify the F, it could be an appealing option.

  8. Unless Stutzle or Byfield are available at #4, I would love to see the Wings swap their 1st to TBay for Sergachev.

    Laine to the Habs still sounds like a good swap to me, with Mtl’s 1st and Domi as the start of the package going the other way.

    Really love to see Kuemper in Edmonton!

    • Artsy19 – there’ll be a LOT of eyebrows raised – mine included – if either Byfield or Stutzle fall to # 4. Like there were in 2018 when Brady Tkachuk fell in Dorion’s lap at # 4 after Bergevin selected Kotkaniemi # 3. Never forget the incredulous look on the faces of that couple in Habs jerseys … “WHOOO????”

      • Ha! Indeed George O! They won’t be there. That’s why I suggest my Sergachev trade. He’s a player that can mesh and lead what the Wings are building. I’d rather him than a “possibility ” pick. Like Burke said and I’ve agreed with forever…The draft is a crap shoot!
        As for YOUR Tkachuk….I was infuriated when Edmonton took JP over Matt Tkachuk. I called it then as I do now….CGY won that 1st round!

      • That is ironic ain’t it? Ask now if Holland would deal JP even up for Matthew or if Bergevin would do the same with Kotkaniemi for Brady and we’d be knocked over in the rush.

  9. Henrik Lundqvist was bought out and now everyone wondering where he will go and the best fit.

    I wonder why he ranks high on everyone list, this is a flooded goalie market and 38yr old Lundqvist (39 March 2nd) better days are well behind him.

    Lundqvist finished with 3.16gaa .905 sav% in 30gp

    2018 – 2019 3.07gaa .907sv% in 52gp

    I get the mystique, but to be honest there is better options out there for a backup goaltender.

    It’s reported that he is a well conditioned athlete and he wants to play into his 40’s like Jagr. (this tidbit was from a New York reported on the radio yesterday.)

    So if Henrik wants to play into his 40’s he won’t be retiring and someone will sign him and he will want a 2yr deal to play until he is 40.

    He will have to swallow some pride and good on him if he is willing to play 25 to 30 games a year and give the number 1 goalie a rest.

    • Caper, I’d say Hank will be high on a lot of lists mostly because his experience and fact that he won’t cost much. With buyout he’s already being paid by NY, so chances are he could sign somewhere else for less than any other free agent. Agree he’s not going to be in Vezina conversation but he’s still an NHL goalie who has been playing behind a very bad defense last couple years. Bet Boston wouldn’t of minded having him as an option this year.

      • Slick62, have to disagree Lundqvist would’ve need a down grade from Halak. Were talking Lundqvist 2020 not the playoffs of 2017

      • Caper. I said as an option. Halák #’s in playoffs behind a considerably better defense weren’t all that great. Would add if Rask decides to walk away, Hank could end up there.

  10. Bruins trade rumors for the day

    Shayne Gotisbehere
    Josh Anderson
    Erick Haula
    Would help the cause

  11. Lyle, hi.

    As an fyi, yes, Sergachev is a left shot, but he played the Right side throughout his Junior career.

    One of the many reasons why it was obvious immediately at the time that Nimrodevin had pooped the bed with his “deal”.

    This guy is like the 7 Plagues, albeit in the affordable, combo package.
    The gift that keeps on giving.


  12. Lundqvist
    He may want to consider Anaheim
    Bad news Ducks not a cup contender,
    Good news, went thru Pandemic better than most.
    No burning nor looting, property values remain high, more people are moving in than out.
    Also arena is less than 1/2 drive from Newport Beach, not exactly the worst place to live.
    Ducks need a backup to replace Miller, maybe a fit here. BOBBY RYAN come home, you had your best years HERE

    • Ryan did have his best years in Anaheim Boom/Bust – when he was 21 to 25 y/o and played with equally younger Perry and Getzlaf and had some semblance of speed. Now he’s 33 – a lot heavier and a whole lot slower.

      • George

        True but he will also be paid a lot less.
        Don’t expect him to score 30 goals.
        15 would be nice give him 2 year deal @ 2 mil a year and put him on left wing next to one of the new and young centers.

      • He’s certainly capable of that. From the blue line in, if he has the puck or someone can get it to him in the slot, he still has a wicked shot.

  13. Flyers decline Laine and Ryan.

    Nooooooo thank you.

  14. On goalies…there is a large UFA goalie market thus year and next summer. Add to that the expansion draft where Seattle could pluck someunprotected goalies who are 24-26 and flip thrm to other teams. Needless to say the goalie market is flooded so outside of 2-3 goalies, others are going to get serious pay cuts on short deals

    Bobbi Ryan— I though I recall he is from the Philadelphia metro area in NJ side.

  15. Ryan won’t cost more than league minimum. Same as Hank, he’s already getting paid by former team. I can see Flyers being an option. Will definitely benefit from Corey Perry’s playoff showing. Lol

  16. The linear thinkers are starting to self-identify, Lol…


    Spot on!!

    Wow the world really is ending we agree lol

  18. IF the Bruins could trade for CBJ Anderson, Van Virtanen, and ED Nurse, that would give them the RW / D bruisers they need.
    BUT Sweeney not savvy enough
    He always overpays .

    • From the Bruins who or what would you trade to the Oilers for Nurse ?

      • Kase ( RW) for Nurse

  19. To solidify the 2nd line RW slot I’d like NYR to sign Bobby Ryan to a 1 year bonus laden deal.

    Not resign Haley or McKegg. Keeps FASt (if they resign) to 4th line proper role.

    Imagine Ryan and Bread =)

    • Classless? Because they put common sense ahead of sentimentality? Any GM who does that is clueless.

    • Alcohol is everywhere. Even in backwater towns like Calgary or San Jose or Pittsburgh.

      Your point on someone is n early recovery being a risk is valid. But not the location aspect

    • Have to agree that guys with money like NHL players have a greater risk living in cities like Vegas. The draw is there.
      When I go to Vegas I definitely drink more than normal but I’m on vacation.
      Went to a pool party once, something else.

      I grew up in a town the equivalent of Bug Tussle, and everybody got wasted. Any way you prefer. Still that way. Teens and adults alike.
      Chrisms is right in that regard too, from my experience any way.
      It’s a gamble with Ryan, which is why he won’t get signed for much more than the minimum IMO. Just the way it is.
      I’m rooting for him.

    • Someone above mentioned Yzerman, and Brisbois, as dummies , from a previous article .
      Can someone PLEASE inform Tatenbaum , that he would be “Blessed” with 1 of those “dummies !”
      Save all of the die hard Leaf fans , and myself , hate to admit it , but the word “dummy” seems very intriguing , especially at this period of time , where Tatenbaum can can re- think , and be pro-active and send Dubais packing now instead of later ..
      It’s just a matter of time anyways !!!
      Do it now ….

    • When it comes to addiction the night life becomes a far secondary concern than the use itself.

  20. Oel and nucks are a good match. Eriksson could go back to zona as his actual dollars are lower. Throw in a pick and demko. Maybe another asset.

    Zona then can move keumper.

    Not a bad match for both teams.

    • The whole idea of the Coyotes moving OEL is to lower their cap. Seravalli has reported on TSN, “But there is a financial component to the potential transaction that would need to involve Arizona retaining a portion of Ekman-Larsson’s salary, which the Coyotes have not been willing to budge on.”
      So I don’t think Arizona will be take back any salary in an OEL deal.
      Here is the link to the Frank Seravalli article, it’s a good one.

      • It is a really good article KevJam, and big fat wow.
        The Klefbom injury appears to have changed Holland’s thinking, or at least what he said publicly earlier.
        On the local TSN radio station they are saying Klefbom almost didn’t come back for the playoffs because of the ongoing shoulder problem and was worried that it would hamper him for the rest of his career if he hurt it more.
        That sucks if you are an Oil fan as Klefbom is their best D man on a good contract. He is key to their team. Feel for the guy, he can’t catch a break.

      • I don’t think that’s quite right, KevJam. I’m thinking that ARZ doesn’t necessarily want to lower their cap. They want to lower the actual $’s going out the door. That’s why they have no interest in retaining any salary on OEL, it defeats the whole point of the deal.

      • Well if that’s the case Whalercane they can have Russell and Benning as well as a 1st!
        Rumored pieces/ask for OEL going back are – One of the young D prospects (assuming Bouchard or Broberg) and the Oil’s 1st RD pick which I think is 14th.
        IMO if Klefbom wasn’t seriously injured the answer is no. Now? Seems possible.
        Not sure how I feel about that as an Edmontonian.

      • Kevjam, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to get across for over four weeks! i.e., “frozen cap makes franchise changing players available …” Those 21 teams smack up against the top with multiple key players to re-up absolutely have NO other choice and all the fancy “these 5 for that 6” multiple player ideas, or peddling costly over-the-hill types with “sweeteners” is just so much fantasy hooey.

        And when the dust settles, a bunch of those 21 teams are going to be caught with their drawers down simply because there are more players needing to be moved to clear space than there are teams able to take them all on. The early birds will get the worms – as St. Louis did with Allen.

      • Correct whaler cane. That’s why nucks and zona make good partners. Loui has a big cap but much less real money. And it would bring back good young assets. Nucks just moved into win now mode and this helps them big time.

      • Dreger has tweeted out that the Oilers are out on and Boston and Vancouver are still in on OEL.

      • Neither of whom can afford to take him on without finding takers for big cap residue they’d need to get rid of … and there are SO many of those!

  21. what happens if a player signs an extension for less money? Say he is in year three of 6 @ 5Mil per year, 5 mil per year cap hit. He signs a 2 yr extension for 1mm each year. How does one figure the new cap hit if there is one?

    • He’d have some ‘splainin’ to do to the NHLPA

    • The existing cap hit would not be affected.

      That player would have a 5 Mil cap hit for 3 more years, then a 1 mil cap hit for 2 years.

    • Hi Richard

      No player can sign an extension in yr 3 (of 6)…. extensions can only be signed once player is within 12 months of current contract expiring

      The next contract no matter the AAV; will have no impact on current contract’s Cap hit

  22. Lyle: ( or anyone else)
    As far as Lundqvist and Ryan. Can they be signed now or do they need to wait until Free Agency starts next week like other ufa’s? Guessing since they can’t sign with previous teams it would be different?? Same question for rfa’s that don’t receive qualifying offers.

    • I belive they are free agents, so free agency whenever that is

  23. Free agent frenzy may not exist . I am anxious about October 9 . Optimistic.
    I think they will have to hold off regular season until a certain amount of fans are allowed and then conversely will they and how many will show up.
    I assume the new contracts start when the season starts. Or is it a date in September to a date in April. Important from an expense to income perspective .

  24. Resident NHL geniuses on Sportsnet 650 in Vancouver are claiming Oliver Ekman Larson has waived his nm clause for two teams. The Bruins and the Canucks.

    If they had just stopped at that …… sadly they then droned on about an OEL for Eriksson deal and what kind of sweetner the Coyotes would have to add to get it done.


    A #2 or #3 defenceman and more for a 4th line cant skate cant score penalty killing tortoise with an albatross contract??

    This is the lunacy hockey fans in vancouver are forced to enure….absolutely brutal.

  25. Rumor….

    Alex Chiasson for Anders Bjork

    It’s yes for me Bruins can use the size

  26. CAR close to being real serious contender….

    would this make sense…..since CAR seems to really want a top goalie

    AZ needs cap room…but CAR really wants to contend.

    CAR has 7.7 to spend to cap

    To CAR: Kuemper (4.5) & Kessel (6.8) (ARZ can hold 50% of Kuemper)
    To ARZ: Necas (863K) & Mrazek (3.125)

    Kessel gives them another RW since CAR is full down the middle with Staal, Aho & Trocheck

    ARZ gets cap relief but gives up the better goalie to a contender who really is looking to solidify the position. ARZ gets a REALLY GOOD prospect /player but holding 50% of Kumper and still is able to shave off $$ internally and cap hit.

    CAR can move a DZingel for picks to clear some room too.

    • I’m not thrilled with this Pengy, but the framework isn’t bad. I just don’t see much of a call here for Kessel, but stranger things have happened. Likely losing Williams, so maybe a veteran RW can work.

      I see Necas as a no-go.

      I would guess that ARZ would want Reimer in return. 3.4M Cap but less than 1M in actual $s.

      Kuemper is definitely on the radar.

      Kuemper for Reimer/2nd/B-level prospect? I’m not sure that’s enough. Maybe taking Kessel would be the additional cost required.

      • unfortunately, I don’t see much market for Dzingel. That was an experiment that mostly failed. $4M for anywhere from a 3rd liner to the pressbox is too pricey. Could they add a sweetener, sure, but I’m with George in that there’s going to be way too many sellers and not enough buyers.

        CAR will be stuck with Dzingel and Gardiner. While not ideal, they aren’t the worst albatross contracts around.

      • check that – $3.375M for Dzingel.

  27. The eye test did not lie on this one. Hank was a stud and carried the Rangers during Torts and AV’s tenure.

    Became my favorite Ranger because of how hard he worked. Always classy.