NHL Rumor Mill – October 22, 2022

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The latest on Matt Dumba and Phillip Danault plus an update on the Coyotes in today’s NHL rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag, Michael Russo was asked when he thought Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba might be traded. He believes that will happen whenever Wild general manager Bill Guerin gets the return he wants. However, money is tight around the league and he doesn’t see a Dumba trade happening anytime soon.

Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba (NHL Images).

Russo felt the Vancouver Canucks weren’t really interested and he doesn’t feel the Wild were interested in Calgary Flames center Sean Monahan. He doesn’t see Dumba getting shipped to the Winnipeg Jets because they don’t have the centers.

The Ottawa Senators also weren’t interested while the Toronto Maple Leafs moved on once they knew they weren’t getting Alex Pietrangelo. Noting the Florida Panthers were interested in Pietrangelo, Russo speculated perhaps a trade could be made there.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While the Dumba trade rumors have cooled in recent weeks I don’t rule out the possibility he’ll be moved before the 2021 NHL trade deadline. He’s the only member of their top-four defensemen lacking a no-movement clause, meaning the Wild risk losing him to Seattle in next summer’s expansion draft unless Guerin protects four defensemen or cuts a side deal with the Kraken.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Stu Cowan believes there will be plenty of interest in Phillip Danault if Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin fails to sign him before the center’s UFA eligibility next summer. Cowan speculates the 29-year-old Danault could see a six-year extension worth at least $5 million annually.

Bergevin will be up against the cap ceiling after 2020-21 with Danault, Tomas Tatar and Joel Armia slated to become UFAs while Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Artturi Lehkonen will be restricted free agents. Losing Danault would put pressure on youngsters Kotkaniemi and Nick Suzuki to face off against the other team’s top line as well as take faceoffs in key situations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Canadiens have $65.2 million invested in 14 players for 2021-22. I can see them letting the inconsistent Tatar depart via the UFA market. It could go either way with Armia depending on the type of season he has. Lehkonen is currently making $2.4 million and shouldn’t be an expensive re-signing, though he does have arbitration rights. Kotkaniemi is coming off his entry-level deal and could get an affordable bridge deal with the promise of a bigger payday in two or three years’ time.

Those moves could leave enough to re-sign Danault, but Bergevin could attempt to use the flat cap to justify a short-term contract or a longer-term for less than $5 million per season. A lot will also depend on how well Kotkaniemi and Suzuki perform in 2020-21. If they outperform Danault, the coming season could his last with the Habs.

ARIZONA COYOTES INSIDER: Craig Morgan believes Coyotes GM Bill Armstrong has opted to stand pat for now. “What you see right now will pretty much be how we open up on opening night,” said Armstrong last Friday.

That means he’s staying patient with goalie Darcy Kuemper, forwards Nick Schmaltz and Clayton Keller, and veterans Jason Demers, Antti Raanta, Alex Goligoski and Derek Stepan. The latter four are slated to become UFAs next summer. Morgan notes the Coyotes GM had multiple trade talks but wasn’t able to secure fair market value.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s probably the best course of action for now. Maybe the trade market improves during the regular season leading up to the trade deadline for some of those UFAs. Armstrong can remain patient with those under contract beyond next season or those who are restricted free agents.


  1. I don’t get “standing pat” for Arz

    $2.8 M over ; 1 to sign; aging unproductive forwards; flushing dough down the drain daily; sometimes late on payroll !!!! What few fans they did have… dwindling

    Yes …. they have $5.3 M in Hossa LTIR…. but they are still haemorrhaging $’s profusely

    He’s got to do something

    • happily they will be gone from the state before AM34 contract expires.

    • @pengy..heard yesterday penguins have recently jumped in on Chara…He makes sense probably before Matheson or ceci but he would be a great 3rd pairing d adding grit leadership vharacter6… competition is good
      .you know anything?

      Still Matheson can fly has a cannon of a shot. Power play..

      Matheson ceci > Johnson schultz

      • Hi BnG

        Had not heard that

        Sounds like something HockeyBuzz might push

        I don’t see it…l think he’ll return as a Bruin or retire as a a Bruin

        The contract Jimbo could afford is the same or less than what he’ll get from Bruins


        Matheson / Ceci > Johnson Schultz….

        Any D duo > JJ + anybody

        Pens at 23 with $1.3 M in space ($2.3 M if you count beginning of season with ZAR on LTIR)

        I was lauding the Ceci acquisition and dancing around because to me that meant #2 to WBS and NOT on as Pens 3RD

        Then many hear rightfully pointed out… don’t go dancing too soon…. until he’s in WBS …. Sully might play him

        Either CR has something on Sully or Riikola made an inappropriate pass at Mrs. Sully….. He kept illogically playing CR over Riikola

        Cap Freindly still has Pens sitting at 13-8-2 (F-D-G) and CR above the line

        Sending him to WBS, and with ZAR LTIR savings…. Pens could try for Haula on a 1 year

        That would allow a choice at 3C … McC or Haula

        The other scuttle I heard was moving Zuck to bring in Hoffman (this I highly doubt… would be Jimbo signalling he made a mistake…. and how likely is that)

        An easy , safe, cheap move , would be CR to WBS and sign Leivo

        Low cost… seldom used… but his full season goal pace is in the 16-18 G range

        3rd line of McC , Poulin; Leivo??

      • I don’t see the Penguins signing Chara, it’s just not going to happen. And with guys like Lafferty and Angelo waiting to jump in the don’t need to sign any more forwards. This off season amounted to Jankowski, Ceci and Matheson which is an embarrassment and would have gotten any other GM fired. Poulin is not going to be a regular on the Pens roster this season.

  2. So what-you-see-is-what-you-get in Arizona. With 22 signed – inclding 7 D and 2G – they sit $2,770,284 over the cap which will be easily covered by Hossa’s $5,275,000 LTIR which has 1 year to go. The 23rd is likely being left open for whichever of their prospects shines the most at training camp.

    • So when does the plug finally get pulled on this Frankstein experiment? It’s been what 24 years? Multiple ownership groups, multiple arenas, no fanbase, no steady revenue stream, no sustained success.

      Can anyone name a franchise that has had more failure across the board in the same time period?

      • Was that a rhetorical question?

      • It is possible Mr. Bettman looks at the size of the TV market and the demographics that say a major share of the population immigrated from hockey markets and remains convinced that the only barrier to success is a committed and competent ownership. He seem’s stubborn that way, and somehow biased against moving a team back to Canada, tho the logical Hamilton location would be bitterly opposed by the leafs in spite of plenty of available fan support.

      • Frank-en-Stein
        Please !

      • That sounds like a reasonable take Richard.
        It does take time for these markets to grow as the kids start watching, some start playing, so do their friends, and become lifelong fans of the game. Guys like Matthews even make the NHL and become stars. But to Nickrocks point, 24 years ought to cover it. They should have another team in Southern Ontario regardless of what happens in Arizona.

        I was at the first regular season Coyotes game in Oct 1996. A buddy’s (Sask) parents lived there in the winter and we went down to golf and take in the game as he was Jets fan. Great seats 10 or so rows up from center ice.
        When we sat down I chirped the guys behind us as they had their ball gloves to catch a puck if it came over the glass. Dumbass southern non hockey people!
        We had drink service in those seats and I was turned to get the attention of the server to order while Dan O’Brien dropped the ceremonial first puck.
        While I was trying to flag a beer O’Brien turned and fired the puck over the glass, over my shoulder and into the glove of the guy behind me.
        Then I listened to them for the first period.

    • @Dee…look codi ceci is 26, he was second on the maple leafs ih hits 93, third in blocked shots, wont have to play much 16 minutes a game. He is decent defensively and will be a good partner for Matheson who is a great offensive skating defenseman .

      LOOK new coach todd rearden is working with the defense and power play..rearden when he was with Pittsburgh before had a good power play..Matheson has a cannon so.ething letang doesn’t and letang wont shoot… ceci will b solid and is physical..

      • You haven’t watched Ceci a whole lot have you? Or Matheson for that matter. You’ll be humming a different tune about 20 games into any new season. Todd Reardon is a coach … not a warlock.

  3. If I’m Montreal, I’d get Kotkaniemi extension done before locking up Danault and other future ufa’s. Carolina has a bunch of expiring contracts coming up and I don’t doubt they wouldn’t pursue an offer sheet for Kotkaniemi, after Bergevin did for Aho.

    • Can’t see that, Slick. Carolina has Aho, now Jordan Staal for the next three years, and Trocheck at center.

      They also have Jake Gardiner on D. They would be better off trying to replace him.

    • He is not worth offer sheeting

    • Carolina have to re-sign; Svechnikov, Hamilton, Mrazek, Reimer, Dzingel, McGinn, Martinook and Necas. Obviously their prime targets is Svechnikov and Hamilton. But next off-season, they have a projected $30.1M.

      Svechnikov comparisons; Eichel ($10M), Draisaitl ($8.5M). He’ll get more than Draisaitl only because he’ll demand more than Aho who makes $8.45M, maybe Skinner money, $9M. Hamilton roughly $6.5M like Krug. Maybe they’ll offer sheet Kotkaniemi like they did to Aho.

    • ,@George O… George ceci was second in hits 92, third in blocked shots 93 and he played too high..he will b third pairing no more than 16 minutes a game.

      We have new coach todd rearden coming in to work with the defense and power play…he will get results with ceci and do t be surprised if Matheson who can skate and has a cannon take over the power play..

      Pittsburgh has a habit of turning players around schultz and plucking guys and making them better..Marino.
      Anything is better than Johnson so..let’s give it a chance.

  4. $5m. AAV would be quite reasonable for Danault. I’d prefer 4 or 5 years but they have to get him signed, one way or the other. Bergevin cannot play hardball. Danault will have other teams interested. The way Julien rolls his lines, the Habs need 3 solid centers. If Danault departs after they’ve traded Domi then their “strong depth” at Center is gone. With Caufield coming in, I don’t see Tatar being re-signed. They can certainly afford to bring Danault back.

    • Agree Howard. A C skates more than any other position on the ice.
      The B’s do the same thing. Bergeron gets a little more due to 1st PP minutes, but the difference between Krecji and Coyle is 23 seconds a game.
      The difference between the lowest and highest TOI between TB’s top 3 C’s is 29 seconds.

      I think they try and keep him. He plays the tougher minutes at this stage than KK and Suzuki. Valuable player, but I am partial to 200′ guys like him.

    • 200% agree, Howard.

      But Drouin gets $5.5, as does Anderson.
      I’m thinking that will be the number.

      I would prefer 4-5 years, but 6 is also possible.

      Slick 62 re Kotkaniemi?
      He played well in a 8-10 game stretch in the Playoffs.
      Let’s see how he does over a longer trial period before we start handing out the big bucks, shall we?

      imo, at least.


      ps Bergevin did Carolina a favour re Aho, their GM even said so, I believe.
      And the two teams have traded since.

      Don’t think anybody’s particularly upset.

      • Hmmmm … think maybe it was pre-arranged? 🙂
        Hey Mark old buddy – how’s about you make an offer sheet for Aho at this amount … don’t worry, I’ll cover it ….”

      • Habs have all season to see how kk, suzuki and poehling dobefore needing to decide on Danault.

        A continued flat cap means more available players and potential trades eg Danault for Greenway and Joel Eriksson Ek.

      • Not so sure that is what Carolina wanted.
        Waddell said he would have wanted longer term. Which makes perfect sense.
        Here is his quote:
        Aho’s agent, Gerry Johannson, said after his client signed the offer sheet that he believed Aho “100 per cent wants to play in Montreal.” Waddell, who admitted the team would have liked a longer term on Aho’s contract, said the star centre simply used the offer sheet to speed up the restricted free agent process.

        Bergevin accomplished nothing other than impacting what Carolina was trying to get done with Aho. Bergevin helped Aho and his agent, that is all. Aho got $8.45 M when he was coming off his ELC and Carolina didn’t purchase any UFA years.
        I seem to remember Dubas catching flack on here for the same thing with Matthews.

      • Rattus. Not saying Montreal should throw big bucks at Kotkaniemi today. But if they keep handing out extensions to other players, they’ll leave themselves vulnerable. If Danault gets a 5mil extension, they’ll have over 70 mil tied up on 15 players. That’ll leave about 11 mil to sign Kotkaniemi and at least 6 more skaters. As far as offer sheet for him, obviously there will be a bigger sample size when the time comes.

      • Ray you don’t seem to understand that Carolina did NOT want to pay that much they were offering aho low 6’s for long term, you can say that helped the canes sign him but you would be lying to yourself. The canes were NOT happy paying that much not the term nor the bonuses, a lot of insiders said it wasn’t as clear cut of a signing as people think

      • I don’t know what you mean Bigbear?
        You say I don’t understand that Carolina did not want to pay that much. NOT was in caps for some reason.
        Did I not just say the same thing?
        Waddell said he wanted more term, (his words not mine) which you can reasonably infer meant for $8.45M/year.
        I think they were fine ending up at $8.45 if they purchased 2-3 UFA years. Of course they started lower, such as the 6’s you are referring to.
        The agent used Bergevin to get the same money for less term from Carolina.

    • sounds about right. He’s worth 2 M aav in the new nhl world so I would guess MB gives him 5 x 5. Lol

  5. Minn/Guerin can keep Dumba all year and playoffs if he doesn’t get what he wants and deal him after next season ahead of expansion draft.

  6. or keep him and go 4 4 1 as they dont have much up front to protect.

  7. Hi Pengy and all Penguins fans, I see the Flames just signed Dominik Simon to a league minimum deal. Can anyone tell me what kind of player he is? I have not seen him play.

    • Black n gold here..he is a good skater, solid bottom six forward, just didnt score enough…in Pittsburgh. Play decent at times with Crosby when moved up due to injury..good year capable 10 to 12 goals….he should be decent for the flames.

      Tell me about jankowski I know he is good defensively and big?? What else??

      • Hopefully you get a re-invigorated Janko. He is good on the PK, has soft hands, and has the potential to score 20 if he has decent line mates. He is not physical, and this past season seemed disinterested and lacked effort most nights. Some feel he lost confidence due to the opportunities the coaches gave him. Imo he has to play hard every shift in order to get his chance to succeed. His best play with the Flames came after initially making the NHL. Hopefully the Penguin’s leadership can get him to play harder.

  8. Ttutone…let’s hope simon and jankowski can rebound in their new surroundings..Also SImon can skate well and was up with sid when hornqvist and rust where hurt..