NHL Rumor Mill – October 7, 2020

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Entering the second day of the 2020 Draft, here’s a look at the latest trade and free agent speculation in the NHL rumor mill.


THE SCORE: Brandon Maron cites Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reports the agent for defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson will stick with the Arizona Coyotes if a trade to the Boston Bruins or Vancouver Canucks doesn’t materialize by Friday.

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That doesn’t give Coyotes GM Bill Armstrong much time to hammer out a deal with the Bruins or Canucks. It could also affect what type of return he could get. Depending on how much pressure Armstrong’s getting from Coyotes ownership to move Ekman-Larsson’s contract, he could end up getting a lot less than he hoped.

Coyotes insider Craig Morgan believes Armstrong seeks a combination of draft picks and prospects for Ekman-Larsson. He cites two sources claiming Armstrong sought goalie Thatcher Demko as part of the return from the Canucks but that’s a non-starter. Morgan also noted the Bruins have two good young players in winger Jake DeBrusk and defenseman Brandon Carlo that could interest the Coyotes if they’re looking to do more than just shed salary and look for a brighter future down the road.


NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Jordan Hall notes the latest trade speculation linking the Flyers to Winnipeg Jets winger Patrik Laine but he thinks we should pump the brakes on that speculation. He believes it could cost the Flyers a good young defenseman such as Travis Sanheim or Philippe Myers or possibly a good young center off their roster or in their system. The economic uncertainty facing the league going forward could also make it difficult for the Flyers to re-sign Laine, who’s a restricted free agent next summer with arbitration rights.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher probably inquired into Laine’s availability but he could face paying a steep price. The Jets need a second-line center and a top-four defenseman and the asking price for Laine could include one or both of those pieces. The young sniper could also seek a significant raise over his current $6.75 million cap hit.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun acknowledged the speculation that Steven Stamkos isn’t listed among the Tampa Bay Lightning’s untouchables. However, he considers it unlikely Stamkos will be moved, citing his expensive contract (with a full no-movement clause) and his value to the Lightning as their captain.

However, the Lightning are pressing on with other possible moves. LeBrun reports Tyler Johnson’s agent has presented general manager Julien BriseBois with five or six teams he’d waive his no-trade clause for, though nothing is currently imminent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if Stamkos is traded. Johnson, on the other hand, sounds more of a trade possibility now that he’s provided Bolts management with a list of preferred trade destinations. Now BriseBois has to determine if any of those teams are interested in Johnson, who has four years left on his contract with an annual average value of $5 million. The Lightning are looking to shed salary to re-sign restricted free agents Anthony Cirelli and Mikhail Sergachev.


Frank Seravalli reports moving goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury is the No.1 priority for the Vegas Golden Knights. GM Kelly McCrimmon is trying to shed salary and he’s been engaged with a number of teams (including the Carolina Hurricanes) to act as a third party to take on some of Fleury’s salary to facilitate a trade to another club. The Golden Knights are willing to offer up a second-round pick to that third team if they’ll eat up to half of Fleury’s salary, but Seravalli believes that price would have to be a first- and a second-round pick.

Seravalli also reported the Golden Knights had had trade talks regarding defenseman Nate Schmidt over the weekend. They could also consider moving Paul Stastny or Jonathan Marchessault.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: They could have an easier time moving Schmidt, Stastny or Marchessault than they would shipping out Fleury if it takes a three-way trade to do so. Trying to put together that deal would be a complicated endeavor at the best of times. It’s more difficult now under a flattened salary cap. The Golden Knights will either have to add more sweeteners or pick up part of Fleury’s salary themselves and then make another cost-cutting move involving a different player.


LeBrun said he’s keeping an eye on Buffalo Sabres winger Wayne Simmonds, who’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent on Friday and is likely headed to market. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens are said to be interested in Simmonds for the right price.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun claimed the Canadiens were still interested in Simmonds despite the acquisition yesterday of Josh Anderson. The right price could be a one-year contract worth around $1.5 million.

Seravalli also wondered if the Columbus Blue Jackets will buy out center Alexander Wennberg before the contract buyout window closes at 5 pm ET on Thursday. A buyout would save the Blue Jackets $10.7 million in actual cash and $4.46 million in cap savings over the next three years.

THE SCORE: Sean O’Leary cites The Athletic’s Craig Custance reporting Vancouver Canucks winger Tyler Toffoli is likely headed to the UFA market on Friday.



  1. The decision by Tyler Toffoli to test the UFA market isn’t surprising. He’s paid his dues, and although perhaps this isn’t exactly the best timing to become a UFA, and even the best of them may not get anywhere near what they would have in “normal times,” it’s still his best shot at what could be his final big contract. UNLESS, like reports surrounding Hall, he’ll settle for 2 years in the hope that, by the end of the deal, this pandemic will be over.

    Don’t know if he’d consider a young re-building team like Ottawa, but it would be nice to see him return to where he spent 4 great Major Junior years. Dorion certainly has the cap space.

    • NUCKS

      I have no stake in the game…

      Iam a fan of both Toffoli and Boeser…but If Iam the Canucks right now ..you move Boeser and keep Toffoli …

      Boeser has missed many man games due to injury… Toffoli is relatively healthy all season ..Boeser has a lethal shot ..but Toffoli has a true knack for scoring from different areas as well.

      If Iam the Canucks I capitalize on Boeser and use the money to resign Toffoli …he will give you more games in a season …hence more opportunities to win due to more man games played and more goals spared out in a season that can make a difference !

      there is a good market for Boeser use it now get a nice young piece back and make cap room and sign an equal player who can give you more games played. …IMO


      Love how many Canadian kids went in the first round …too bad the Leafs passed on

      ALL OF THEM …

      just after Dubas says they need to be harder to play against …what a joke!!

      Embarrassed Leaf fan !


      • Hey Kal, I couldn’t agree more with you on Toffoli/Boeser debate. Toffoli has a much better all round game with Stanley Cup experience.

        Plus asset management-wise it would be much better to keep Toffoli and trade Boeser instead of losing Toffoli for nothing.

      • Kal,

        Pretty much spot on….

      • You should be embarrassed for thinking the Leafs should be taking anyone but the prospect who they believe will be the best NHLer in the future.

        How silly to think they should just draft a Canadian grunt who may play in 2-3 years because you think they need more grit now. Just silly.

        They are adding what they need on wingbthis year with Robertson, a high skill and tenacious player. Size is irrelevant, see Marchand, Koneckny , Kucherov, Point etc. Etc.

      • Leafs draft another marshmellow.

        Dubas-we want to be hard to play against….. we should draft a defenceman or forward with some edge and grit but no, lets draft another forward with no clue where the corners or his own end is.

        Toronto Maple Leafs – 2021 Pond Hockey Champions of the Universe.

        Just gotta love the Shanascam.

      • Hold the phone , I actually agree with something Wendell wrote in a post . Crazyiness
        You don’t draft for need , best player available , if it’s a dead heat , side with the positional need .
        However , I think more than a couple play in games where he was just ok , nothing more are needed before he gets the credit and outlook the leaf nation is trying to put on him today . Still a prospect , not an established “difference maker” despite the media and fan base attempt to just give him a spot on the team and respect as if he’s played a couple years or even 1 at a high level . He may not even make the team out of camp . Same goes for lehtonen, sandin and barbanov . They are no sure things at this stage for the coming season . Expecting all 4 to thrive and excel is a rather blue take .

    • George O

      I would also think that Toffoli would be a ideal fit for the Senators.

  2. So there’s a list of teams Johnson is willing to waive his ntc for. How many of them will take on his 5m per contract? I think best chance is Detroit. What is Tampa willing to give up? Yzerman has 5 picks today between 32-64. He can send 1 or 2 of them to Tampa for Johnson. Would Bolts include Foote in deal? Yzerman knows their prospect pool pretty well considering he drafted most, if not all of their players. I can see that getting done.

    • Hi Slick

      I’m just floored that they got him to give a list at all

      He negotiated a full NTC because he wanted full control

      He has a home in a nice city, nice weather, has familiarity with team teammates etc, is on a championship team and in a State with tax advantages…. what would he agree to move? Unless it is to Dallas; Vegas, Nashville, or Sunrise … he loses money

      If he gave 5 teams as destinations…. he could have listed those 4 and say Leafs

      He looks like a “team” player for offering up 5 teams as possibilities… but in reality only Panthers (if those 5) could take him…..

      I don’t see him listing Wings as an acceptable destination

      Were we talking about this 1 year from now I could certainly see him having a desire to be on the Krakken

      • Pengy,

        Be nice to actually see his list. Vegas? Toronto? Be hilarious if his entire list was made up of teams without two nickles in cap room.

        Im a team player, a good guy…heres my list….you make it work, lol.

        Wouldnt blame him one bit.

    • Ya Pengy, tough one for Johnson as it sounds like he would prefer to stay.
      I guess the question is – would you want to stay on a team that didn’t want you?
      I wouldn’t. And I would do my best to beat them whenever I played them.
      The NTC’s help the player control where he goes, and he has some. He’ll be OK and make the best of it.

  3. What a night for the Sens, George. The Alex Trebek announcement was pure genius.
    Toffoli would be a great addition to Ottawa’s young squad.
    I was surprised there weren’t more hockey trades in the past week but things should pick up leading to free agent frenzy – lots of RFA’s going to market.

    • Yes George, Ottawa almost had as good a day as Rangers. Lol. Seriously, Sanderson was a bit of a surprise, but I think he’s the better all around dman. And he’ll be playing with Bernard-Doekker in college this year. Now, I think today’s the day for Ottawa to deal. How about 1 of those 2nd’s and Shane Pinto for DeAngelo?

      • Speaking of Shane Pinto, Slick62, he’s also going back to U of N. Dakota making it a trio of prospects with that program, coached by ex-NHLer Brad Berry. I don’t know if I’d deal Pinto at this stage – maybe one of those seconds and Logan Brown? Especially since one of the C spots now looked to be reserved for Stuetzle who’s expected to stick right away from all reports.

      • George. I was going to say Brown, but didn’t think you’d go for it.

      • In my opinion, Sens had easily the best draft yesterday. I thought all along Sanderson will be NHL ready before any other draft choice (save Lafreniere). I hoped he would’ve been around at 7.

      • I don’t know about “NHL Ready” Vincois – he might well be, but he is committed to Univ. Of North Dakota (where he joins Ottawa prospects Jacob Bernard-Docker and Shane Pinto. There might have been a 4th but D prospect Jonny Tychonick has transferred to the Univ. Of Nebraska-Omaha after struggling under the N. Dakota system.

      • Slick62, now that it appears Stuetzle will be given every opportunity to make the Sens right off – and at C – combined with Anisimov for one more year, Tierney, Norris and even Colin White being looked at at that position, unless Logan Brown came to camp (whenever the hell that is) and blew everyone away, he’d be looking at 4th line duties and for a kid at his stage, that would be a waste.

    • Don’t count today out, either, BCLeaffan. We could still see a flurry of the cap clearing moves we’re expecting as some teams decide to settle for a combination of picks/prospects. I will be VERY surprised if Dorion adds 4 more to his deep prospect pool – I look for 2 to go.

      • Hi George

        Are you just referring to 2nd rounders (2 of 4) ….

        BTW … before CapFreindly was showing 4 picks in the 2nd including one from Dallas… but the Dallas pick is no longer showing??

        Was there a trade ?

      • There goes one pick. Murray to Aens for a 2nd and prospect. What do you think George?

      • Just saw that Slick

        Late 2nd and a small player that will never be in the NHL

        Dorion did very well in this deal

        I was hoping for Wild… they were looking for a goalie…. 2nd plus (very little plus) got it dine….

        MM for Pens 2017 pick (Adfison) back would have been perfect

        Congrats Sens

        Good pick up

      • Future looks bright for you Sens George, could be first of the Canadian teams to win the cup. NYR not looking to shabby either.

      • Only time will tell there Ttutone … another team I’m impressed with following their moves is Montreal – Bergevin has caught a lot of flack in recent years – some of it deserved – but he’s quietly added some size and grit to both his D and F, and having Jake Allen to back up Price in what could be a severely condensed schedule was a master stroke early on.

        NYR much the same – quiet solid moves following the 1st pick.

  4. Seems odd that Dundon would take on salary/cap hit for a pick this season unless Carolina is also moving out another player.

    How about Fleury to Pittsburg through Carolina and Murray to Carolina. Seems like Minnesota is is more likely to be the third party for a Fleury trade than Carolina. Anyone trading for Murray will want to come to a salary agreement prior to the trade.

    Carolina was thinking about moving back into the first round last night for a specific player. If that player is still available they may try to move up today.

    • I agree, GP, it seems odd. I don’t see it happening, given that CAR is relatively tight against the cap already. Unless, of course, they’ve got a salary dump in the works (Nino? Gardiner?), then maybe I can see them ‘paying’ for a pick/player.

      • I agree on those two players Whalercane. Especially Gardiner for a physical defensive defenseman to play RD on third pair.

      • GP, who do you see as even remotely considering Gardiner?

    • Why doesnt Det take Fluery and a 2nd for bernier

      he has the cap space and then gets the pick. by sending bernier back he takes only half of fluery salary.

  5. Couple of Bruins Rumors popping up……

    Kuraly for Zadorov…..

    Carlo & DeBrusk for OEL

    Would probably do the first one this will be Kuraly last season in Boston

    if they do the OEL where are they going to get the scoring winger with size that they are in need of

    What scoring winger would a DeBrusk/Carlo package bring back

    • Carlo & Debrusk is too much for OEL. Debrusk, Zboril, 2nd next year and another prospect.

      If those two are being offered, I’d rather see Boston make a blockbuster with Calgary.

    • Joe, no thanks Carlo and Debrusk for OEL way to much. Debrusk yes, Carlo no and picks and prospects. Arizona need to retain salary.

      • Carlo is more important in the take back since their D is older and on short term deals. ARZ has younger guns upfront already.

        Carlo & 2nd pick ARZ needs to jump on it to clear cap and more importantly long term CASH.

    • Your Right BB32. Debrusk and and Carlo is a over payment IMO.

      I think Debrusk is a gonner but I guess we’ll wait and see.

      OEL holds all the cards and the yotes are going to have to make an extremely tough decision regarding his salary and the return they get.

    • As an Avs fan, I’d love to see both DeBrusk and Kuraly sent to the Avs for Z and ??? not sure what else it would take. That fills two needs the Avs have for a scoring 2nd line wing and a 3C that can play tough and on the PK.

  6. I read the Laine to Philadelphia rumor awhile ago and I believe the proposal was Sanheim & RW Nicholas Aube-Kubel going to the Jets for Laine.

    • Islanders should offer rising star and top tier dman and RFA to Winnipeg for Pulock (winnipeg native) or top 4 and PP lead Tievs and midland prospect for Laine

      • Dobson, Wahlstrom & Leddy too much for Laine??

  7. What a brilliant move by OEL and/or his agent! Given that he has the NMC clause, he can control the process. It seems like ARZ was dragging their feet, and he’s put a stop to it. No sense being dragged along against your will. Especially since none of this trade talk seems to be of his choice.

  8. 19 Canadians in the first round. Only one Finn and 1 USA. Funny how different age groups cycle with countries.
    Ekman-Larsson is not moving by Friday unless ownership says at any cost. Boston is out. Down to Canucks.
    Schneider a nice pick by the Rangers. Calgary nice management on adding two thirds and still getting the 22 ranked player.

    • SS. I really liked the Schneider pick. I think they need to keep bringing in bigger dmen. I’ve seen on other sites where they’re trashing pick. Nobody seems to value defensemen that actually play defense anymore. And hit!! It’s all analytics and points.

    • Silverseven why do you say Boston out?

      • Caper, during the draft last night Friedman said that it appeared as though Boston was out on OEL.

      • I’m fine with BOS not chasing OEL, especially giving up proven young players.

      • That’s smart of Boston if true – if they were “chasing” anything it was an illusion. Ekman-Larsson is NOT an almost $9 mil per D-man.

  9. Chicago was allowed to talk to Matt Murray’s reps, but they didn’t agree on $ for a sign and trade to work…Pens take him to arbitration, the arbitration will decide the $ he should receive and then the two teams can resist the trade if the Blackhawks actually do want to pay Murray that Cap hit + Saad. I hope my site doesn’t crash again today from too much traffic.

    • So much for that scenario Bill. It’s going to be interesting to see what Murray will cost Ottawa, not only off the cap (not that they can’t afford it) but also – and perhaps more importantly – for how long?

  10. Didn’t realize that Knight’s had discussed moving Schmidt

    He did have quite an awful playoffs but had played well through the year.. I thought they were letting this one bad playoffs slide… perhaps not

    If they do move Schmidt …. expect a massive full court press to get Petro to replace him at 1RD

    Schmidt can be moved to any of 20 teams w/o his approval

    Knights easiest move IMHO is trading Statsny… there are a few teams looking for a 2C more looking for a 3C…. he has only one year left and can be moved to 20 teams without his say so

    Statsny out.. Glass in … saves $5.6 M in Cap…Glass bigger faster, 14 years younger

    Vegas has great farm system with many assets available for sweeteners in any deal

    If they do get to… Schmidt and Statsny replaced by Petro and Glass…. look out… to me that certainly jumps them up in Cup probability

    • Just saw a rumor that Vegas asked about DeAngelo. Back up plan

  11. I agree regarding Calgary and adding picks to move down.

    What I’m a bit baffled by is that CBJ didn’t do the same. They took a guy most didn’t have as a top-100 prospect at #21. If that’s your guy then fine, but he likely would have been available later.

    • I don’t think they had a 2nd DM, maybe not a 3rd either.

      • Hi Ray

        For sure no 2nd… I think their next pick is in the third at 78

        I agree with DM … why not see if there was any takers to shift up even from 2nd round to that pick…. they still would have got their choice in the second round AND picked up something else

        Cgy was getting a third for teams moving up two positions

        Someone picking in the 2nd round moving to pick at 21st would have for sure ponied up a third rounder

        Clb would then have picked Chinakov at that 2nd round pick (flipped for 21st) AND gained an extra draft pick

        I can’t see any other team picking Chinakov in the first two rounds even if he does has the future Jarmo is seeing

        It was a strange pick IMHO… and certainly a strange one for the panel… they didn’t have paperwork in him to comment

      • This comment was supposed to be in reply to an earlier one, somehow it ended up down here.

        My point was that they may have been able to trade down, say the 21st overall to SJ for #31 and a 3rd rounder or something along those lines. The risk of someone else drafting Chinakhov in the first round were remote.

  12. I think Ottawa did very well last night, the Senators are going to be very good very soon IMHO.

    Kudos to the Sens for the Jeopardy bit, also classy moves by the Jets to honor Dale Hawerchuk, the Flyers for paying tribute to Jack Mchilhargey (sp) and the Sharks for signing their first pick so his parents could react immediately with their son at the pick.

  13. A second from ott for Murray. Boom. Spank you very much suckas. Who is the prospect? An actual prospect or a roster spot?

    • Wow, Well, I was dead wrong there Chrisms. Now it’s finger-crossing time that he returns to form and stays healthy. The prospect, Gruden, was well down the pecking order in Ottawa’s system – it’s the 52nd pick overall that was the key. Of course, now Dorion has to get Murray signed 🙂

  14. Pittsburgh – Matt Murray
    Ottawa- Jonathan Gruden, 2nd rd 2020 pick.

    Murray a decent stop gap for the Sens. I think Rutherford did ok considering Murrays been reduced to an injury prone backup.

    Goalie carousel continues to spin. Someones going to end up without a team, but who?

    George, thoughts on this deal? Im starting to think maybe Melnyk and his 5 years of outstanding hockey prediction is about to come to fruition.

    • Ron, as I say elsewhere in this thread, I’m now curious to see not only what Murray will sign for – in terms of the cap – but also for how long?

      And as I say to Chrisms, it’s finger-crossing time in the Valley that he returns to form AND stays reasonably healthy.

      Can’t hurt kids like Hogberg, Daccord and Mandolese to have a 2-time Cup winner to emulate.

  15. He didn’t garner a 1st rounder – and as I say in response to Chrisms, now it’s finger-crossing time in Ottawa that he returns to form and stays healthy. They also have to get him signed!

  16. Nyr,

    Rutherford was never going to get a 1st for Murray. Picking up a 2nd and a prospect is pretty decent return. More than I would have thought.

    • I am legitimately curious as to who that was? Cause I don’t remember anyone Seriously posting on here they would get a first. Unless you are talking about other sites.

  17. Boston GM Sweeney simply is overmatched when trying to make deals.
    He needs to be fired, along with his buddy Neely.
    Bruins need to stop living in the past glory days .
    I expect them to go downhill from here.

    Very old core and a terrible farm system.

    • Well you get a P for persistence tony. With a D.
      Keep trying.

  18. Wendel,

    Toronto – Andersen, 3rd rd pick in 2021
    Ottawa- Murray

    Cup winning goalie….. meets your “upgrade” and “difference maker” criteria and may actually be better capwise if Murray signs reasonable deal.

    Dubas had both Murray and Campbell in Jr A.

    • Of course I would do that deal.

      • But Ottawa says thanks but no thanks.

  19. Nashville cleaning house. Bonino to Minny
    Buying out Turris and Santini

    • NSH stole Kunin. kid is 22 and put up 15 goals on Minny. Am i missing something with this kid that Guerin gave him away for older Bonino?

      • I too like this move by Nashville for Kunin , I wonder if his contract demands soured Guerin.

        Turris buyout was the right call but 2 million a year on the books for 8 years sucks

      • I hate the length of the buyout BUT…smooth move doing it now during the pandemic to lower the available cap to spend. Basically telling your team hey…money isnt there to give everyone top dollar contracts…. everyone can take one for the team and keep a contender….

        Basically also puts pressure on Duchene and Johansen to put up or shut up.

        Kunin couldn’t have wanted that much. I am sure it was less than Bonino’s 4$m hit.

        Strange move but great for Nash. Like drafting another late 1st rd pick. Him and Askarov were good moves.

  20. Of course I would do that deal.

  21. Minnesota is set on D for the next few years, but the forward group will look a whole lot different in 21-22. I could see them trading Rask + to Vegas for Fleury, if they can convince Fleury to accept that trade. McPhee would then buyout Rask. Solves Wild starting goalie for a couple of years and give Vegas the cap space they need to sign Cousins& Stephenson + add Hague to the roster.

    Fletcher signing Parise and Suter to 13 years deals with NMC’s is the gift that keep on giving.

    • Still do not mind the Suter deal. Still their #1 Dman.

      Parise deal I knew, while watching him play in NJ, was a HORRENDOUS move. 4-5yr is what I would have offered at the time.

      • if I remember correctly it was sign both or neither

      • Ferg yup that was the deal… i would have walked away from both under those demands but each contract Suter is still earning his pay.

  22. Lias Anderson to the Kings for a late 2nd is a good gamble by Blake

    • Win for LIAS which I think NYR really wanted. They knew he was NOT happy with them. Since they were unable to fix the broken bond they are moving him to place he stands a chance to make the line-up.

  23. I guess the Murray market wasn’t as weak as some suggested?

    • As I kept saying, if they move Murray the primary reason would be to conserve cap space and involve a prospect that won’t immediately impact their cap plus a pick (not a 1st). I just didn’t think the move would be to Ottawa!

  24. To NYI: Laine
    To WPG: Dobson, Wahlstrom & Leddy

    too lopsided still?

  25. Guy LaFleur undergoing treatment again for lung cancer. Great player, HoFer.

    Still remember seeing shots of the Habs dressing room when I was a kid with LaFleur chugging on a cigarette.

    Hope this turns out well for him.

    • great Hab, he brought people out of their seats but I will never forget was being at the Forum the night he came back as a Ranger in 89′.
      Hoping he can beat this.

    • I think Dryden said in The Game (read it when it came out so excuse any memory error) that Guy smoked 1 or 2 full packs walking the corridors in the afternoon before game nights. Can you imagine how he would have motored if he took care of himself. Hope he beats this.

  26. one of my favorite picks of the draft so far is Zayde Wisdom , Philly 4th rnd 95th overall …..great story of perseverance and drive. Leaf’s missed the boat on this pick , local kid.

  27. More news – the Oil signed Puljujarvi to a 2 year ext.
    2 x $1.175.
    Really curious to see how he does.
    Definitely an opportunity to play with a good C if he earns it.

    • Finally that’s over. Two years is perfect for “now show me” – although you hope they don’t stick him entirely on the 4th line at 8-10 minutes a game.

      • Great job ken H . Use the leverage when you can . To get the extra year is huge . He will play where he earns a spot , they made that very very clear . I believe we will see a strong season from JP , no option should be assured or eliminated . Earn your minutes jp and I think he will with a fresh start behind the bench

    • IMO the only RW spot that seems to be a lock (although nothing ever is for sure) is Yamamoto with Draisaitl.
      So that leaves JP, Chiasson and Kassian.
      My guess is one of the 3 moves to LW where there is a black hole after RNH. I would move one of the vets over.
      The Oil need a tender, a 3C, and a D assuming Klefbom deals with his shoulder as best he can.
      Plenty to do for Mr Holland.

  28. I hope NYR trade Lemieux to Minny for Greenway badly.

  29. Holland had to save face , he is taking heat for trading two 2nds for AA at the trade deadline and not qualifying him.

    Domi 2yrs , 5.3 AAV

    • I don’t think Holland does anything to save face.

  30. Sports radio host 8n Vancouver (tsn 1040am, sportsnet 650am) going out of their minds waiting for the Canucks to do something, anything.

    Declined to make a qualifying offer to Troy Stecher is the big move of the day.

    Dim Jim wasting his time trying to add an 8.25 defenceman to his got no money roster.

    No trades, no buyouts nothing but silence.

    Rumor is hes trying to get Eriksson and or Sutter added to any Ekman-Larson deal with the Coyotes with Arizona insisting on next years 1st round pick in any deal.

    If moving OEL is strictly a cap saving move why in the hell would the Coyotes take on either of those anchor deals?

    Toffili has told the Nucks hes heading to free agency, Markstrom has told the Canucks hes going to test free agency.

    And all the while Bungling Jimmy twiddles his thumbs while thinking about his Grampa Munster Halloween costume

    If I were a Canuck fan Id be bouncing off the walls ( like the on air radio drones).

    Going to make for some fun radio tomorrow, lol.