Penguins Trade Murray To The Senators

by | Oct 7, 2020 | News, NHL, Rumors | 20 comments

The Pittsburgh Penguins trade goaltender Matt Murray to the Ottawa Senators in exchange for forward Jonathan Gruden and a second-round pick (52nd overall) in the 2020 NHL Draft.

Penguins trade Matt Murray to Senators (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was well known the cap-strapped Penguins were shopping Murray. They re-signed Tristan Jarry, who emerged last season to challenge for the starter’s job last season.

Murray, who won two Stanley Cups with the Penguins, was going to be more expensive to re-sign than Jarry. They weren’t willing to take back salary in this deal, accepting a prospect in Gruden and a chance to land a decent prospect with a second-round pick in this year’s draft. Gruden, 20, tallied 30 goals and 66 points in 59 games last season with the OHL’s London Knights

The Penguins qualified Murray’s rights last weekend. Cap Friendly indicates that will travel with the 26-year-old goalie, allowing the Senators to retain his rights beyond today’s 5 pm deadline for qualifying rights.

The Senators were rumored to be interested in Murray for some time. They needed a new starting goalie with aging Craig Anderson heading to free agency, concern over Anders Nilsson’s ongoing concussion issue, and Marcus Hogberg’s limited experience as an NHL starter.

Murray struggled over the last two seasons with injuries and consistency. If he can regain his form with the Senators, he should bring them much-needed stability and experience between the pipes. It could cost them $6 million annually on a four- or five-year deal to re-sign him.


  1. Well I wasn’t one supporting this rumour but the cost wasn’t much to acquire him. A well known name is welcome though perhaps it will draw fans. His experience will hopefully help mentor our young goalies.

    Cautiously optimistic with This move.

    • Matty is a great player and a good person. Ottawa won this trade no question. Rutherford needs to be put down already.

  2. (Gloat).

    So seriously this is a good move for ott. They should feel they are entering their window as having young stars on elcs with a mix of vets is a good recipe for success. If he stays healthy Murray can win you games and series. He also played behind a not top ten d in the burgh. Good move for both teams.

    • Hi Chrisms

      If Pens were getting a 2nd for Murray…. and Wild was looking for a goalie

      Would rather have had Pens 2018 2nd rounder back in return…. Addison

      Late 2nd plus player who is expected to never play in the NHL… to me I thought they would get more

      Absolutely great move for Sens

      • Goalies don’t get much in return. This lesson was set in me when Ottawa moved Bishop and Lehner.

      • Pengy: From what I’ve heard as an Ottawa fan, Gruden should make the NHL as a likely third line winger. Ottawa simply had no room for him with the plethora of forward prospects coming up (Batherson, Norris, Formenton, Stuetzle, Brown, etc.)

        This was a good trade for both teams. Ottawa basically got Murray for nothing given their young depth/draft picks and Pittsburgh got decent value in a flooded goalie market.

      • Thanks Van for the info

        Didn’t hear that re Grunden. If you are right … then that makes more sense.

        I have no insight on him at all …..was just going on posts and texts that said he’d never make the NHL


      • Second rounders are crapshoots. Addison has had time to prove he has legit potential instead of maybe potential. Murray wasn’t bringing him back.

      • @ Pengy…Rutherford got a second round pick, a 20 year old prospect who scored 30 goals for the London knights, and we cleared 3.75 million in cap space… plus the Johnson buyout 2,1 million saved.. now get a third line center…we drafted 2 goalies??? We dont have depth behind jarry. Desmith so…not awful..Friday free agency frenzy coming..

    • Chrisms, “if he stays healthy” is now the prevailing thought in Ottawa. If he is, he will certainly get the bulk of the games next season (however many that will be and when) with a decent back-up in Hogberg. I haven’t heard anything definitive as yet on Nilsson, but with this more you have to think the news out of Sweden isn’t great in that regard. He’s likely headed for LTIR for the one year left on his deal and then is gone as a UFA.

      I feel bad for the guy who actually played quite well behind a leaky D since they got him from Vancouver. It’s a cruel game.

      • Agreed, George. Nilsson’s concussion issues are troubling and, most importantly, I hope he is OK and doesn’t end up having issues like Johan Franzen’s or worse.

  3. Good move for both teams. If Murray can stay healthy, it’s better for the sens.

    • Agreed sgt.. Mooselick..

  4. Now go get TUCH from VEGAS to “help” them clear cap space lol

    Tuch would be great with this young OTT core.

    RW to Brady Tkachuk’s LW on a line would be insane for years to watch.

    • And Tkachuk’s buddy, Josh Norris as the C 🙂

      • OOOOH YA!!

        WHat a fun line that would be to watch for the next 5-7.

  5. As a Bruins fan I am totally disgusted with GM Sweeney’s inactivity.
    How can Pitts Rutherford make so many moves since the season ended and Sweeney has done NOTHING! ?
    He is incompetent and in way over his head- asks the GM’s that were their for his 2015 Draft blunders.

    • He could sign jj for 5 years! Remember the grass ain’t always greener.

    • Nice try Tony

  6. Second round pick. So the next time goalies are available let’s not banter about first round picks for that position Allen was a third and now Murray a second. Fleury will have money held and about the same return.