What Could The 2020-21 NHL Season Look Like?

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Soapbox | 5 comments



  1. Ok, Lyle, going off the grid for my idea on making the season work. 4 Hub cities for the “new divisions”.
    Canadian Hub: Quebec City. The rink is good to go, just sitting and waiting for a NHL team. No partisan facilities.
    East coast Hub: If any of the college teams/minor league teams aren’t starting, use those arenas. Same for West coast, and southern US teams. Just don’t use NHL arenas.

    Hold viewing parties at the arenas, where capacity is at 33%. Half of the available tickets to season ticket holders by draw, other half available by draw to average fans. Concessions to be sold and delivered by app to the seats. By having at least 1 row between fans, the food runners can deliver to the seat easily. Can noise can be broadcast to the hub cities.

    It’s just an idea, and needs lots of work and logistics to make it work, but it could be the start of a working model.

    • It might have to be something like that but what we all need is a vaccine to put this to bed…and after it all, just hope we learned from this.

    • Darksyde, have you been tracking case numbers for Quebec? No chance of a bubble there.