NHL Rumor Mill – October 28, 2020

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The latest on Frederik Andersen plus an update on the Lightning and Ducks in today’s NHL rumor mill.

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan believes a strong regular season and playoffs in 2020-21 by Frederik Andersen will make him one of the highest-paid goaltenders in next year’s unrestricted free agent market despite the possibility of a flat cap for 2021-22. He wonders if that might serve as motivation for the 31-year-old Maple Leafs netminder.

Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Frederik Andersen (NHL Images).

Koshan also mused about the recent trade chatter surrounding Andersen might put a chip on the goalie’s shoulder in his contract year. He feels the Leafs would be loath to lose the netminder to free agency next year for nothing. Trading him, however, wouldn’t be prudent, as Koshan doubts a tandem of Jack Campbell and Aaron Dell could carry the Leafs on a deep playoff run.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I didn’t put much stock into the Andersen trade rumors. The Leafs couldn’t afford to land a suitable replacement via this year’s free-agent market and the pickings were slim in the trade market.

Andersen could be moved by the 2021 trade deadline if the Leafs are out of playoff contention by then. However, I doubt that will be the case. If Andersen carries them on a long playoff run, they’ll do all they can to retain him. If not, he’ll hit the open market and the Leafs will look to the trade and free-agent markets for a new starter.

NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz recently examined the Tampa Bay Lightning’s current salary-cap crunch and its effect upon their efforts to re-sign restricted free agents Anthony Cirelli and Mikhail Sergachev. They have $2.895 million in cap space with only 18 players under contract. They must also re-sign defenseman Erik Cernak and add another depth defenseman and forward.

The current economic climate makes Cirelli and Sergachev tempting offer-sheet targets. However, Gretz points out how rare offer sheet signings are and the difficulty in successfully signing away either player.

Gretz noted it’s tempting to wonder what the Lightning could get for Steven Stamkos after they won the Stanley Cup while he was sidelined for all but one game. However, he doesn’t expect they’ll try to move him. He listed Tyler Johnson, Alex Killorn, Ondrej Palat and possibly Yanni Gourde as trade candidates with Johnson the obvious after the Lightning’s efforts to move him via waivers earlier this month.

The Lightning’s current cap woes mean they’ll likely have to absorb part of Johnson’s salary or throw in a sweetener to move him. Gretz dismisses the idea of trading Cirelli or Sergachev.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Johnson has a full no-trade clause but has apparently provided an eight-team list of preferred destinations. Killorn has a 16-team no-trade list. Palat and Gourde would have to agree to waive their no-trades. It’s down to Johnson and Killorn and it’s possible both could be traded to free up sufficient cap space to address the Lightning’s needs.

While an offer sheet for Cirelli or Sergachev is still possible, I don’t believe we’ll see it. If either guy was going to sign an offer sheet it would’ve happened by now. Both players could be reluctant to go that route.

THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Eric Stephens was asked who he saw as potential trade targets for the Anaheim Ducks. He feels they need an affordable young forward with scoring ability but those are tough to find.

The Ducks had an interest in Kasperi Kapanen before the Toronto Maple Leafs traded him to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Stephens thinks they have a real interest in Tampa Bay’s Tyler Johnson but not at his full $5 million annual cap hit.

Stephens thought they might have been interested in Vancouver’s Jake Virtanen before the Canucks re-sign him. He noted Philadelphia’s Travis Konecny is on TSN’s trade-bait list but doubts the Flyers will part with him unless it’s for a player who can lead a franchise.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maybe the Ducks will look to free agency for an affordable short-term option. Possibilities include Mikael Granlund, Erik Haula, Anthony Duclair or Andreas Athanasiou.


  1. one tactic Brisebois may look at is trading Anthony Cirelli & or Mikhail Sergachev for ‘A’ prospects playing now or ready to play in the NHL and on entry level contracts. The catch is finding a team that has the cap space to re-sign AC or MS and give up a young stud on ELC

    • why would he trade either one of those guys? dumb

      • no $ space to sign them + Cernak

      • What would you suggest TB do Ed?

      • Ray, ed is a man of few syllables and fewer thoughts. Surely you notice that like another poster here he usually has something insulting or snide to say but rarely if ever a suggestion. Think of the two of them as graffiti.

    • Tampa will have to do something favoring another team soon….lucky for them there is no next season firm start date.

      I would think trading McDonagh even with that contract makes sense when you have the LD luxury of McD, Sergachev and Hedman.

      • Especially if this year is not a full regular year, some or all of Cernak, Cirelli, or Sergechev might be motivated to do a very short term very team friendly deal; giving the Lighting a trade deadline and another off season to figure things out. Lack of destinations and lack of teams holding out wads of cash; questions who will be competitive when we exit COVID, and a known quantity in the Lightning ownership may mke hunker down at a one year cash cost the optimum decision. Another unknown factor is the bonding on the team that might have taken place in the bubble and how this might impact pairs or small groups of players acting together. It is a stretch but possible to imagine that a one year deal for 1MM is a near optimum solution for one or more of these guys.

    • Fergy22, I would think that any of NJ, OTT or Detroit would jump at that for Sergachev, not a great deal for TB, but I am sure that is the “rock/hard place” scenario right now and why there is no movement.

      • Dorion certainly has the assets which might ease the pain for BriseBois – a combination of picks and good D prospects in the system to choose from – Lassi Thompson, Jacob Bernard-Docker, Eric Brannstrom – none of whom will impact TB’s cap for at least a year except for Brannstrom, who could make the line-up but at an ELC of $863,333 and he’s not an RFA until 2022-23.

        Not ideal, for sure, but et’s face facts, Brisebois doesn’t have a whole lot of options, and the movement of guys like Cirelli and Sergachev – who are both going to cost a LOT more than he can spring loose – is far less complicated than most of the rest of his roster who have those NT-NM clauses. That combination with the flat-cap, and coming off a cup win which usually results in far higher settlements for top free agents, means he has to make the hard decisions.

  2. Not sure how with that record but the Ducks don’t have a ton of room.
    Johnson would be a fit line up wise but would be 50% retained which really doesn’t help Tampa much. They gave up first rounders for Coleman and Goodrow. Maybe Yzerman does him a solid.
    Killorn is a different player better suited for a playoff team . Maybe a buyout is route.
    Clearly Bolts are in a tough spot

    • The Ducks currently sit $929,999 over the cap with 1 to sign to reach 23 – obviously a goalie as only Gibson is shown at the major-league level in CapFriendly. If one of Dostal ($822,550), Durny ($807,500), Eriksson Ek ($773,889) or Stolarz ($750,000) is elevated to the back-up position, they then become $1.6 – $1.7 over.

      The saving grace is the Kessler $6,875,000 LTIR.

      But any other moves to bring in significant cap becomes dicey.

    • Same could be said for the Sabres, Coyotes and Oilers.

  3. No team is going to trade a stud on a ELC for a player that they need to pay 5 million. Makes zero sense GMs get fired for moves like that. Now I would trade an average player at 800k for a much better player that needs to be paid.

    • hypothetical , Gorton calls Brisebois and offers Fox for Sergachev ….perhaps more pieces involved but they would be the principals

      • Foxis already better then Mikhail Sergachev, Gorton would be insane to make that offer. And the odds of Fox staying long term in Tampa is slim to none Fox only wants to play for his childhood team the Rangers.

      • Why? Gorton should be fired if he makes that deal ! Fox is already better than Sergachev. Now if the Rangers could get Sergachev for a high-quality prospect d-man and a draft pick or two, that would be a different story. For TB trading him for a salaried player, does not solve their cap problem. I don’t think that any GM’s are going to help TB with their cap problem unless they are very highly compensated for helping

      • Gary/Dov, can you please backup your claim that Fox is better with proof, not biased opinions?

    • Obe, Dorion could do that – as I describe above – pay Sergachev the $5 mil or whatever – and STILL have close to $9 mil left over. Imagine a LD with puck-movers like Chabot, Sergachev, and Wolanin augmented on the right by stay-at-home types like Zaitsev, Reilly and Zub or Gudbranson.

      • George there is no way Brisbois trades Sergachev – at least if he is in his right mind. Sergachev will be a #1 D for more than a decade. He would be better off to give away players than to trade him.

      • I don’t know if you’ve noticed but teams rarely if ever trade away good players for a bag of beans like some people here think. And when I say teams, it’s both parties don’t and can’t part with can’t miss cheap young players. If the financial situation wasn’t great for all the markets before all this crap happened, it 100x worse now.
        If the cap is to work, then a team like the Sens, or any other smaller market team should be given opportunity to have a chance at getting a young star but I’d bet it’s more likely to get an overpaid older star which is still better than no big ticket (drawing) players like small markets need.

      • Sergachev will never be a number 1, just too weak in his own zone there is a reason he plays against other teams 3rd,4th lines

      • Sergachev will never be a number 1, just too weak in his own zone there is a reason he plays against other teams 3rd,4th lines

      • Oh, I agree there wholeheartedly LJ. All I’m saying is, IF Brisebois decided that that was his only option, Dorion has the goods to make it happen.

        I – like everyone else in here – have no idea how he will ultimately resolve his cap issues, but if it involves one or two of those higher-cost players with NT-NM clauses who have provided limited lists of teams they’d go to, you can almost bet the farm it won’t include re-building teams or any with significantly higher tax strictures, and that leaves no team with the space to take on the contracts without then trying to find takers for the cap space they’d need to clear.

        That’s the only reason I said Brisebois might not have any other option.

  4. Koshan has clearly not watched Andersen in the playoffs with the Leafs. He will not be their playoff goalie. Dubas knows the team has zero confidence in him in a critical game.

    • Have you talked to every member of the Leafs? Because it sounds to me like you’re just making stuff up.

    • He’s in the locker room. Didn’t you know that?

      • “Insider”.

      • You 3 must have never played any team sport competitively. There can be no doubt.

      • Graffiti

  5. Why would the Flyers trade Konecny? Young, cost controlled and a productive player. Philly needs to add goals not subtract them.

    TSN seems to just add names to their ‘insiders” list at random.

  6. After you win Lord Stanley’s Cup, you want to subtract the least painful options and hopefully players that are replaceable. After their first Cup, the Blackhawk had to sacrifice Buff and Ladd, both pretty big supplementary pieces.
    My thought is that that The Lightning will send a future top two round pick or two tied to Tyler Johnson, and Alex Killorn.
    They want the young two guys a centre and defender, and Yanni Gourde because they are more integral to an attempt to win a second Cup.
    Not perfect, but it maybe a necessity.
    The idea that the kids are leaving by way off a RFA signing by another team is the only way those assets are moving and that wis questionable. I think they adjust and match any offer on the big defender even if it means more departures beside the two I mentioned.

    • This may turn out to be one or both for draft choices only. Tylers “list of 8 teams” may have been a political rather than a realistic move and who would blame him for staying, so Killorn for 0 salary back gives BB a fighting chance to keep everything else together- with maybe something like a COburn move added in. He wants to do as little as possible this year I’d think.

    • I’m not sure what it will take to move Johnson.
      It cost a first for 1 year of Marleau.
      Johnson is a better player today than Marleau was then, but he is also signed for 4 more years.
      The cap was expected to go up when Marleau was dealt. That isn’t happening today and UFA’s are signing for less than previously expected.

      I guess we will see what it costs soon enough.
      Or maybe he won’t get dealt and TB makes other moves.

    • Why would any team give anything for Johnson or Killorn?
      All they have to do is wait it out.

      Any team could have had Johnson for free on waivers. Why would you trade for him and give up an asset?

      The teams that have Cap room are going to wait until the lat minute when all kinds of possibilities will open up.

      Get ready for 60- 90 days of nothing on the NHL front.

      You’ll see a torrent of deals a week before the season starts. Until then….not much.

      • I would agree, nevinsrip – except that there remains SO many teams that must clear space and so comparably few that can take on anything significant, that it will be in the best interest of the cap-strapped to make their moves not only earlier rather than later, but appealable enough so that the receiving team sees no benefit in waiting. When the early-birds use up the available sources there will be more than a few left with monumental juggling problems.

  7. I find it interesting that the TSN and Sportsnet “insiders” state Leafs goalie Andersen needs a “bounceback” season to solidify his starters status and earn a new contract.

    Im not sure exactly how Andersen was supposed to win the 3 games against Columbus that Torontos “difference makers” failed to score in. Was he great in the playin round? No. Was he the main reason the Leafs lost and missed the playoffs? No.

    The Toronto ballwashers seem to have decided to make Andersen the fall guy for the Leafs failings.

    Perhaps some of the blame for their humiliating defeat should go to Mr Mathews, Mr Marner, Mr Nylander and Mr Johnny its not about the money Tavares. Shut out 3 times in 5 games and beyond lucky to win one of the games they did manage victory in.

    One may be even inclined to point the finger at the Boy Blunder that assembled Torontos creampuff roster.

    Like in many situations. If you honestly want to find the reason the Leafs lost – follow the money.

    Dont blame the goalie you hung out to dry. Blame the 40 million dollar disappearing act and the management that signed them.

    • You just made the point that Andersen was again outgoaltended when it mattered. Do you argue into a mirror?!

      • It’s pretty sad when leaf fans blame the only they even made the playoffs for the playoffs! When you have 4 guys making half the cap and not producing

      • Still waiting for the big Pietrangelo to the Leafs signing you told us all to bank on.


      • It’s pretty tough to assess Andersen – or any goalie, for that matter – when you have one solid defenseman playing in front of you, and 5 others who are “scoring chances for the opposing team waiting to happen”.

    • You’re right, Ron, and, Wendel, you’re wrong but the most of the blame belongs with Columbus. Ask Tampa Bay about those guys in the opening round.
      They’re money.

  8. If Johnson has already agreed to trades to certain teams, that’s half the battle. Same with Killorn having limited trade clause. I can see either Cernak or Cirelli as a sweetener in a trade for Johnson, but more likely a draft pick. Tampa doesn’t have to give the rfa’s big raises. None of them are going to arbitration. Only way they get paid is if they agree to an offer sheet. Timing is tricky here. Tampa can go over cap by 10% up until start of season. Signing any of the rfa’s without trading someone, puts them closer to limit. IMO, Cirelli is stuck at 3C and could be open to moving to another team where he could get more minutes and $. I think as all arb eligible signings get done, then trades and maybe offer sheets happen.

  9. I still think McDonagh and Cirelli for Laine makes the best out of a cap situation, It allows Tampa to sign Sergachev and Cernak and a stud scorer the Jets get a stud D and centre.

    • Except that McDonough has a full NTC, no way he waives it, let alone to go to Winnipeg.

  10. Ottawa is about to sign Alex Galchenyuk according to Pierre Lebrum

    • 1yr at $1.05

      • That, Caper, has me puzzled. Not that there’s any great gamble in signing a guy for 1 year at barely over $1 mil who has had 5 seasons of 20 or near goals, including 1 of 30, but when you look at line projections with what they have – and factor in Galchenyuk – it makes you wonder if something else may be brewing. These aren’t definitive lines – but give an idea of how things could shake out after reading that they’d like to “ease” Stutzle into the C role

        Tkachuk – Norris – Dadonov
        Stutzle – White – Batherson
        Galchenyuk – Tierney – Connor Brown
        Paul – Anisimov – Watson

        which would leave the 13th “swing” F position to one of Formenton or Logan Brown.

        Kind of early to have decided that just one of those two will make the team out of camp (assuming they intend to keep the hard-nose Watson with the main team) – so, is something in the works for one of the kids to bring in another D?

        The thing that makes me uneasy about Galchenyuk is that, in the 8 years he’s been bouncing around the league, he’s only had 2 of the 8 where he’s been a + F. Clearly, two-way hockey isn’t his game, so if that has to happen, playing him alongside two-way players like Tierney and Connor Brown might cover for his defensive lapses.

      • have never been a fan of Galchenyuk but this is a low risk move and it creates competition. Earn your ice time is a good thing.

        Likely his last chance to prove he belongs in the NHL.

  11. Habsfan ….not sure how that free’s up cap for TB , Laine for McD is a wash $ wise not to mention Wpg has no cap to sign Cirelli

  12. If the NHL is faced with the embarrassing prospect of seeing next season’s standings become the inverse of this season’s because lesser teams with cap room have been gifted good players that better teams couldn’t afford, maybe the league will be forced to bear the expense of an increased cap. That, or lose teams that have exhausted every possibility of becoming compliant and haven’t. It would be difficult even to form an all-Canadian league, since the Senators and Oilers are the only Canadian teams ranking in the top 20 in cap space. If this situation continues, maybe Vegas will be begging the league to allow it to lose a player in the expansion draft.

    • And actually, Francis S., Edmonton’s cap space is illusory. With 1 to sign to reach 23, Holland has $732,509 in cap space and 1 RFA to sign – and you know D Ethan Bear, coming off an ELC of $720,000 and a season of 5g 16a 21 pts in 71gp, is going to eat that up – and a lot more.

      • Depends on Klefbom George.
        Reports are that his shoulder problem is serious (Arthritis) and many options are being considered.
        Most suggest he misses significant time, which is why I think they signed Barrie.
        Depends when the season starts, but maybe they are waiting for something more definitive from Klefbom on what his decision is.
        IE short term bridge for cheap vs longer term and more $$.

      • Yeah, damn, I keep forgetting about Klefbom’s situation. Thanks for the reminder Ray. If the kid has arthritis that bad at his age I feel for him. That $4,167,000 available through LTIR will certainly help – but losing a D of that quality won’t be easy to cover. You think Bouchard might be ready to step in? I see where they have him playing in Sweden right now for Sodertalje SK.

      • The Oil want to make the playoffs this season George, in a big way.
        Losing their best D-man obviously hurts their chances. And on a really good contract to boot. The R word has even been whispered in Edmonton with regards to Klefbom. As far as I know, you can’t just fix arthritis, just deal with it as best you can. And it gets worse, guaranteed.

        Re the young D, Broberg is physically ready and is playing really well in Sweden, especially a kid his age. Big and is an elite skater. You know Holland wanted him to play another full season over there or in the AHL before coming to compete in Edmonton for a job. It’s how he rolls. Now he has a tough decision.
        Bouchard might get the opportunity first, but might not be the best to promote first. Different player. Not a bad skater, just not a strength, so can’t make up for bad reads with his legs. Ideally you break them in one at a time and sheltered a bit.

        I guess that is one upside to Covid delay, the young guys who are playing will have more experience when season starts.

        The Oil need another Ethan Bear to breakout.
        And, oh yeah, sign Bear.
        Curious to see how Barrie does working with Tippett.

      • I know all about arthritis, Ray. Have it in 6 of my fingers that were all broken at one stage or another playing sports, mostly football. No big deal at the time … but as the years went by, hoo boy. Now each is about twice the size, especially around the knuckles. Tylonol Arthritis helps – but not all the time.

        But hey, I’m an old crock – goes with the territory. Be a damned shame to see a career cut short at 27 by something normally associated with age.

        I remember Gordie Howe talking about his hand problems with that disease towards the end of his long career.

      • 1 finger and 1 hip for me George.
        Joys of age!
        Finger comes and goes during golf season, not a big deal yet. No idea if it was caused by anything.

        Broke the bursa sac in my hip when I was 30. Got a cortisone shot to keep playing senior hockey, was playoff time. That may have been the mistake. Was fine til about 50.
        Now not so much. Won’t replace for another 5 years or so, they like to wait until you’re older than 55 unless it is really bad. Which it isn’t yet.

        Klefbom has had shoulder issues on and off for a few years. Played through much of it, which might be biting him now.

  13. Galchenyuk needs to lay off the booze cruising and of course stay healthy. He could return to 50 points.
    Goes back to my saying from a couple of days back. “A one is never done “

    Are the Sens looking to make the playoffs next season ? They might have a shot and be in the conversation past the TD…without Stutzle

    • Ottawa has an honest to goodness legit shot of qualifying this year for the AHL playoffs.

      • There’s that graffiti again.

  14. Spitballing here

    TJ was born and raised in Spokane; and played 4 years for them….. interest in 3 or more years with the upstart Krakken??

    Francis will be looking at some Vegas Knight’s style side deals for sure

    Is there a team now with space that has worries of losing a key up and comer in the expansion draft?

    If so … call Francis and ask if he is willing to accept a first to take TJ instead of any other player on their team…. if so….

    Call BrisBoise and tell Bolts you’ll take TJ at full whack for Bolt’s first

    That team gets TJ for 21/22 only (because he’s then flipped to Krakken along with that same 1st); but protects critical player(s) that might be lost in expansion

    TJ plays for them so fills a roster spot (league min is $700 K)

    So technically with escrow … cost for 1 year of TJ and bonus of protection in expansion is a max of $2.44 M (TJ owed $3.75 M, less $700 K for league min roster spot; then back off escrow)

    If season ends up being 60 games as some have predicted…. $2.44 becomes just s tad shy of $1.8 M

    Worth it IMHO to at least make the inquiries(asking BrisBoise for a first to take TJ; Brisboise to Tyler … are you ok going here for one year to end up a Krakken?; Yes to both Q’s … then to Francis… will you take a first to select TJ?)

    Just food for thought

    • Francis would reply:
      Pengy, are you trying to get me fined? You know the league won’t allow me to discuss deals with you until I make my final expansion fee payment next March. Not only that, but you’d be short-changing me. Vegas got a first and a second from the Blue Jackets just for staying away from Josh Anderson. So unless you give me two like picks and a William Carlson, no dice. No, make that three picks, since because of covid, we might be drafting players that we haven’t seen play since they were sixteen.

      • Hi Francis

        Spitballing , Tampering…. just words …LOL

        Per Fred Astaire

        “ You like potato and I like potahto

        You like tomato and I like tomahto

        Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto!“

        Noted re return required by Kraken

        If the middle team makes the call to you … Francis…. can’t see you getting in trouble

        I was just spitballing the logic

        Krakken would not be stuck with him … per CapFreindly after 15/6/21… he can be moved to any one of 20 teams

        It would also come down to how prominent a player the middle team is trying to protect

        Some of the Knight’s side deals were much lower than others

        IMHO … a first just might cut it

        If it is say a 1st and a second… it would mean a team loaded with young talent and destined to be exposing more than one desired player

        The “re-build” developing teams (the ones with space now) are likely to have a bunch if players on ELC or under the min qualifying number of games; so might be only worried about exposing a “lower” tiered player and the TJ move ensures the lose nothing but Krakken gains a first and a “home-state” lad for their first season

      • Pengy–Regarding the quality of the Knights’ draft acquisitions: The first-rounder they received from the Blue Jackets was the thirteenth overall pick and came through the Jets. The Lightning’s #1 would typically be #31. Let the league fine me, I don’t think #31 is fair compensation.

    • What does the Lightning Cap situation look like if Stamkos has 20-30 games of rehab needed at season start?

      • Doesn’t do a whole lot for them Richard. Right now they have $3,895,834 in cap space but need to sign 5 to reach 23, including, of course, RFAs Cirelli – a C (16g 28a 44 pts +28 – ELC of $728,333), Sergachev a LD (10g 24a 34pts +15 – ELC of $894m166) and Cernak a RD (5g 76a 12 pts +11).

        Their expiring contracts totaled $2,319,666 – which is almost what they have on hand. You know they are going to cost, in total, well over $10 mil off the cap – so a portion of Stamkos’ $8,500,000 wouldn’t even piut a dent in that.

      • Hi George

        It might not be much in comparison to their overall plight; but 20-30 games is $1.7 M to $2.5 M in Cap relief so certainly a welcome benefit

        Of course, that’s if he’s not ready game one

      • Pengy & Richard, I just noticed that I put down $3,895,834 in cap space – should have read $2,895,834.

        That barely covers what the 3 cost this past season. When they’re finally signed, you’re looking at something over $10 mil combined so they’d then be around 7 mil over the cap – and STILL need to find room for 2 more, either ELC call-ups or whatever. $1.7 to $2.5 from the Stamkos LTIR might cover the two call-ups but they remain way way over the cap.

        Somebody (or two somebodies) need to go and there isn’t a whole lot of places left to go to. The more I think of it following the Galchenyuk signing, the more I believe something is brewing between BriseBois and Dorion

  15. Probably about Ottawa becoming TBay’s AHL affiliate.

  16. Breaking: Galchenyuks deal won’t count against the Sens cap as its all in LCBO gift cards.

    As you were.

    • He found some new spray paint for his little graffiti runs.

      If he was half as funny as he thinks he is he’d be twice as funny as he really is.

  17. Frederik Andersen – playoff
    series deciding games:

    Year – SA – SV – SV%

    2014 – 12 – 8 – .667
    2015 – 27 – 25 – .926
    2015 – 19 – 17 – .895
    2015 – 26 – 21 – .808
    2016 – 20 – 18 – .900
    2017 – 36 – 34 – .944
    2018 – 35 – 29 – .829
    2019 – 30 – 27 – .900
    2020 – 21 – 19 – .905

    Total – 226 – 198 – .876

    Surely with numbers like this he deserves a raise…lol.