Latest Bruins and Ducks Speculation in NHL Rumor Roundup

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Rumors, Soapbox | 7 comments



  1. Rask needs to go he’s about as reliable as cat in a roomful of catnip! Someone needs to wake up Sweeney in front office! Never in my life have I ever seen such an inactive Gm!

    • You mean the GM that won the trophy for top GM two years ago and who had his team take the president’s trophy last year? You’re right, someone needs to wake up.

  2. Bruins are done. Bergeron fading, rask done, marchand still good , 2 top top notch guys in macavoy and pasternak, 2 meh players in carlo and debrusk. The rest should be dumped but no takers. Touch and go to squeak in to playoffs, likely to miss and be near lottery in following years. Only habs with their brutal signings have a more bleak future. Ariz omitted as they r an ECHL team

    • Right now Bergeron would still be a #1 1 center on most teams in the NHL …..Bruins have some nice pieces to win games in the league during the regular season it’s the way they are built they are not built to win in the playoffs against bigger teams … after this coming season is when the makeover of the Bruins starts to happen they’ll have 7UFA’s & 4 RFA

    • Wow. Either you are a brain washed Leaf fan. Or you do not watch much hockey Boston has the best line in hockey Rask is one of the top goalies in the league showing no signs of decline Leafs on the other hand are as soft as fresh wonder bread and will be another 1st rd. Disappointment.

  3. Rumor has it that the Leafs are sniffing at Getzlaf.

    Toe Blake once said give a line of centres any time, mind you it was around 60 years ago.

    Thornton, Spezza and Getzlaf as Dubas likes the retro sweater so much he’s looking at the veteran 60’s Leafs for inspiration.

    Inspiration for the young guns and fans.

  4. If the Bruins are serious about bringing a LD it’s probably going to cost a DeBrusk and others and a no to Chara ….. my thoughts trade for a LD & sign Duclair ……. a Craig Smith & Anthony Duclair along with a LD would be a nice add for the Bruins