NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – November 10, 2020

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The latest on the league’s plans for the 2020-21 season, the Stars re-sign Roope Hintz, the Panthers hire Ulf Samuelsson and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the NHL’s board of governors could get a glimpse of the league’s plans for 2020-21 during an expected conference call on Thursday. While the league’s goal remains opening on Jan. 1, there’s speculation the season won’t begin until early February. Ice has been placed back in half of the NHL arenas and players are starting to return to their home cities in anticipation of a new season.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes the leadership of the NHL and NHL Players Association have been in “very regular contact” regarding next season. The players he’s spoken to are keen to find out what the dates will be.

Dallas Stars forward Roope Hintz (NHL Images).

The idea of starting on Jan. 1 faces several roadblocks, including breaking for the 2020 Christmas holidays.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I weighed in yesterday on the hurdles facing the league regarding a Jan. 1 season opener. They’re starting to run out of time to reach that deadline. Starting up in February seems more realistic depending on the course of the pandemic.

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: The Stars re-signed Roope Hintz to a three-year contract worth an annual average value of $3.15 million. The 23-year-old forward was the last of the Stars’ restricted free agents to sign a new deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hintz enjoyed a solid sophomore campaign in 2019-20, tallying 19 goals and 33 points in 60 games. This is an affordable bridge deal for the Stars. Hintz will be a restricted free agent with arbitration rights when this contract expires. Given his development, he’ll be in line for a significant raise on his next deal.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: The Florida Panthers hired Ulf Samuelsson as an assistant coach. A former NHL defenseman, he was head coach of Leksands IF of the Swedish Hockey League last season, scouted for the expansion Seattle Kraken, and was a former assistant coach with the Arizona Coyotes, New York Rangers and Chicago Blackhawks.

THE DETROIT NEWS: Justin Abdelkader wrote about his love of playing for the Detroit Red Wings in a recent article in the Players Tribune. A second-round pick of the Wings in the 2005 NHL Draft, the 33-year-old winger played spent 13 seasons with the club until he was recently bought out of his contract.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets signed 2020 first-round pick Cole Perfetti to an entry-level contract. Perfetti was selected 10th overall.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: A sneak peek of the Bruins retro jersey for 2020-21 may have been leaked yesterday.


      • zerohedge isn’t a trust worthy source Boom/Bust.
        You may want to get your info somewhere else other than people posting under a pseudonym.
        Is the Brazil story true? I have no idea, but wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

        This same publication got kicked off Twitter for a while for suggesting a Chinese Virologist was responsible for Covid. Got shut down in Australia during the Christchurch shootings, Facebook even kicked them off for a while during the George Floyd riots.

        If you want to take their investment advice go ahead, but it is not a news site that operates to any kind of journalistic standard.
        They promote conspiracy crap they find on the internet and try to make a buck scaring people or making them angry for ad clicks.

      • Ray

        Thank you for the comment. Not the biggest fan of Zerohedge but it is certainly better than a-hole facebook. I no longer watch CNN-Anything NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX etc. There are a number of website that I do check up on and a few are Europe Based. I noticed that you did the typical Liberal response of attacking the messenger and saying nothing about perhaps there is some potential danger about using a quickly made up vaccine. There is a reason why it takes up to 10 years for the FDA to make approvals. There are huge potential side effects on this stuff and only getting one side of the story and doing this without full long term testing could have serious long term problems.
        You want to take some of this stuff without complete long term testing, be my guest, I’ll pass. Say hi to Radical Madcow for me.

      • Nothing to to with Liberal or Conservative Boom/bust. Not an American so save your my side vs your side for someone else.

        You will never see a political sign on my yard.
        Neither side is right or wrong about everything, so simply following a team doesn’t make sense.

        Like I said I have no idea if it is true as these guys simply promote other stories from the web they think will generate clicks. Some true, some not and I’m not sure they care. Why the pseudonym if you want to be an actual news organization?

        Globe and Mail I trust. They follow journalistic standards. You know, multiple sources corroborating evidence, stuff like that.

      • Boom/Bust, regarding the possible danger of a vaccine not properly tested question.
        If some guy was selling it out of the trunk of his car – no.
        If health Canada approves it – Yes.

  1. I wonder why abdlekater ain’t signed with anyone yet. Was overpriced but as a bottom 6 at a reasonable salary I’d think he could help teams.

    • Hi Chrisms

      His stock plummeted . 3 years ago … 35 points; two years ago … 19; last year 3 (all assists)

      If he plays it will be for League min; but other players still out there that are younger and better; that will IMO, sign before he does

      He can play both wings but so can Shore, Weisse , Frolik…. all younger and with better numbers, and likely headed for 1 @ $700 K – $800 K or to Europe…. they should get an offer before he does

      There are guys out there that are also likely to end up for 1 yr and less than $1M …. that I think are good pick ups at that I believe should get offers before Ablekader….Cagiula, Karlsson, Grabner, Lewis, Sheary

      NJ, Nsh, LA…. have space and as at now only have 9, 10, and 11 (respectively) forwards signed….. they are going to get some good pick ups

      Panthers also only at 10 FWDs I believe

    • ain’t??? I bet you regret skipping English class, maybe you can go back and get your GED …

    • Chrisms–Your photo of Malkin pointing at Putin was hilarious. Spector would get a record number of clicks if he ran a “What’s Malkin saying?” best-caption contest.

      • Not my photo. But thanks.

        And oddly timed. That was weeks? Months? Ago I posted that.

        But a win is a win

      • First suggestion for a caption: “Can you believe it? This boob’s a Flyers fan!?

      • “If I don’t smile that guy over there off camera will kill my family “

      • Do you really think a guy this sweet would interfere with your election?

  2. Fair contract for Hintz

    Back end loaded so they have to offer him more on his QO; and he also gets the heavier escrow on the lower 1st year Sal

    I think Hintz has a very bright future…. sees ice well, great speed, last year 82 G pace for 25 Gs; can play both W & C ….. oh and the bonus…..the very big frame (6’3” 220) 👍

    I’m guessing he would have liked 4 years to take him to UFA… but good contract

    Stars have their 23 man roster, and just under the Cap

    • About what I figured he’d get based on the very good shortened season he just had – 19g 14a 33 pts +3 in 60gp along with 2g 11a 13pts in 21gp

      CapFriendly is now showing Dallas with 23 signed and Current Cap Space of just $257,969 … so, barring an unforeseen trade it’s safe to assume they’re done making moves.

    • Virtanen’s contract is starting to look good. (Two-year deal with an average annual value of $2.55 million.)

  3. We’re approaching the middle of Nov; COVID is skyrocketing; AHL not going until Feb; two of the Jr leagues aren’t starting until later and the Q has a pretty mixed up sched…. there are 8 teams that have played only 4 or less games ; and 6 that have played 10+ games

    Two have only played 2 games; 2 have played 12

    The NHL is pipe-dreaming a 1/1 start

    1/2 and 60- 70 games is much much more likely

  4. Perhaps, the board of governors might be more interested in hearing the plans of team owners for next season, rather than those of league officials. What happens if owners find themselves facing financial disaster if games are played without fans in the seats and have to fold up their tents?