NHL Rumor Mill – November 7, 2020

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An update on Jake DeBrusk plus the latest on the Rangers and Red Wings in today’s NHL rumor mill.


BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Joe Haggerty speculates Jake DeBrusk’s next contract with the Bruins could be between what Ryan Strome signed with the New York Rangers and what Jake Virtanen and Denis Gurianov signed with their respective clubs.

Boston Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk (NHL Images).

Strome, 27, signed a two-year, $9 million contract this week, with an annual average value of $4.5 million. Virtanen agreed to a two-year, $5 million deal ($2.55 million AAV) with the Vancouver Canucks. Gurianov inked a deal similar to Virtanen’s with the Dallas Stars.

Haggerty suggested DeBrusk could get a two-year bridge deal worth between $3.5 million and $4 million annually. That will put him in line to seek a more lucrative deal in two years’ time when he’ll be a restricted free agent with arbitration rights.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: DeBrusk was the subject of some trade speculation in recent weeks. However, I doubt the Bruins part ways with him. While his production can be streaky, he still provides meaningful secondary scoring to the Bruins. They also hold the hammer in contract negotiations and will ink him to an affordable bridge deal.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Rangers completed their offseason business after signing Brendan Lemieux on Friday to a two-year contract. While they made no significant acquisitions via trades or free agency, they shed some salary by trading Marc Staal to Detroit and buying out the final season of Henrik Lundqvist’s contract. The Blueshirts also avoided arbitration with Lemieux, Ryan Strome, Tony DeAngelo and Alexandar Georgiev.

Brooks believes any roster restructuring will have to wait. He noted there was a limited trade market, if any, for DeAngelo, Strome, and Pavel Buchnevich. They have sufficient cap space to promote from within.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps the trade market for DeAngelo, Strome or Buchnevich improves over the course of 2020-21. That depends on how they perform and the Rangers’ roster needs. I feel Strome is more valuable to the Rangers right now given his terrific chemistry with Hart Trophy finalist Artemi Panarin. That could leave DeAngelo or Buchnevich as the more likely trade candidates.


THE DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman has sufficient cap space ($9.5 million) to add talent if he chooses. Yzerman acknowledged this during a recent interview, pointing out a number of players remain available in the free-agent market. He said he would consider adding talent as the start of the regular season draws nearer.

Yzerman also indicated he’d be open to adding via trade. However, he said the market is quiet right now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Defensive depth was a big weakness last season for the Wings. Yzerman’s already made moves to address that problem by acquiring Marc Staal, Troy Stecher and Jon Merrill. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t surprise me if he brought in one more experienced blueliner on a one-year deal. He could also look at adding an experienced checking-line winger.


  1. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Yzerman getting involved in the Islanders need to clear space for the purpose of re-signing Barzal, since the only real option Lou has is to move Leddy, whop doesn’t have NM-NT protectio.

    Lou currently has $3,905,833 in cap space with only Barzal left to ink – but he will need at least that much and a bit more to get it done if you figure the deal will see him get between $7 and $7.5 – likely for 6 years.

    The least painful options would be to see some team take Ladd or Boychuk or perhaps a combination of Komarov & Cizikas. But those aren’t going to happen under current conditions.

    Forget Bailey or Pulock – that just isn’t going to happen if Lou can help it so, without NM-NY protection, it almost has to be Leddy and his $5 mil contract.

    I doubt he’d want to send him to rival NJ so I can see a deal cooking with L.A., Ottawa or Detroit. My bet, though, would be L.A.

    • I really don’t see a need for Leddy after Detroit’s recent D acquisitions. Nor do I see them needing anymore forwards, no matter the sweetener – unless mindblowing.
      I actually like the veteran presence that they brought on and believe they’ll help the rest of the young guys!!
      I still maintain that Yzerman’s best option is to target one of the many young RFAs, be it straight up trade or the Demon Offer Sheet (Hi Tampa!!)

      Like Dorion, Yzerman is in complete control of the current market.

      • True Artsy19 – but any chance to add an experienced, solid D-man like Leddy – 6′ 0″ 210 lbs and VERY durable – has hardly missed any time over the past 5 seasons – and who can add a bit of offense, should never be overlooked.

        But, as I say, if Lou has to move him it will likely be out of the conference which is why I think L.A. would be the best bet.

    • Leddy is a huge Trotz favorite.. LL has already said that he is not trading him.
      Can things change?
      Of course.

      As for Barzal….well, he really doesn’t have much choice, does he? All he can do is hold out, which he won’t do.

      Ladd goes on LTIR
      Boychuck/Komorove will move and all will be well in Isles Land.

      As I mentioned yesterday, Pulock spoke of how he and Barzal were willing to take a few bucks less, in order to keep the team together.
      Since I heard it right from Pulock’s mouth, I have to think that it’s true.

  2. When it came time to qualify their 4 rfa’s, GM Gorton did so for 3 of them at once. He didn’t qualify Strome until very last day. When asked in a zoom call, he said they had trade talks on him. I’m guessing since they paid him 4.5, they weren’t willing to walk away from an arb award over that, possibly knowing there’s a team willing to pay over the 3.6 mil walk back offer. Still think there could be a trade now with Strome having cost certainty. As far as chemistry, is there anyone who hasn’t had their best year playing with Panarin? Strome is a career 30 point player in non Panarin years. And Panarin got paid before he ever played with Strome.

  3. Off topic but hey , dog days . I think ken holland has two paths he’s exploring.
    Using cap friendly I checked the options and I used the 1.5 over under ray bark used from a previous post , probably deserves a touch more but little leverage.
    He could sign bear to the bridge , move chiasson or start the season with a sub 23 roster to be as close to max cap as possible with the intention of moving klefbom to ltir and to get max relief . OR he could move him in the offseason to ltir , again find a taker for chiasson even if it requires creativity or an add on , still sign bear to the bridge and take a swing at Hoffman with 4.7 available for that with 22 on the roster . (Assuming they can move chiasson) .
    Not sure when the season will play out but those are the only moves I see coming whenever it does start.

    • At the risk of beating a dead horse, when I see cap-clearing comments like “move Chiasson” I have to ask “where?”

      Perhaps in “normal times” you might find a taker for a dime-a-dozen 30 y/o winger whose been with 6 different organizations averaging about 10 goals a year, and who costs $2,150,000 off the cap, IF you really sweetened the pot.

      But now – with all the uncertainty and UFAs like Duclair still out there who will cost a lot less (assuming anyone wants to – or could with their own cap woes – add that type of winger rather than see what one of their best prospects can do) I’m afraid the answer to you’re conclusion “Assuming they can move chiasson” is a firm “good luck with that.”

      • “… who’s been with …”

      • 2 million contract is not a 6 or immovable by any means . For 2 years it’s not restrictive for a number of teams . I think we will see that before the season starts , I could list 6/7/8 teams who could easily fit 2 million , but I have no idea who it will be specifically . But I do think it happens , maybe Detroit , could bury him for 2 years or portion of hit , willing to spend , relationship with Steve y comes to mind , what that might be worth ? Tyler benson ? I could be wrong and I’ll acknowledge if I am but I’ll be surprised if he’s on the roster come the season

      • And I’ll be surprised if he isn’t.

      • Another sure sign of the apocalypse….Grammar Police at an NHL site

      • I was correcting my own mistake wise-ass

    • My question about the Oilers is what is the master plan ? They have two of the truly great hockey players in todays game but a Defense that looks shaker by the day.

      Nurse – ok
      Klefbom – will he even play this season?
      Larrson – what’s his status, are they even trying to extend him beyond this season, or is he a walk away ?
      Russell – wow, he makes 4 million this year and he just signed an extension for 1.25 mil, ( he appears to be so bad, he is taking a 2/3’s pay cut)
      Barrie, he was in such high demand that he could only get a one year deal.

      I would think that with McD and Draisaitl they are going for it, but looking at the holes in “D” wonder if Holland is up to the task

  4. I think the Rangers roster is set.

    Yzerman should take on Killorn and Johnson and a couple of mid round draft pick for Frans Nielsen.

  5. I think Debrusk will be part of a trade if that doesn’t happen it will be a two year bridge and let’s see if he can pick up his game.

  6. SilverSeven, when Brisebois finally gets his cap woes straightened out, one thing you can be sure of – whoever he winds up dealing won’t involve substantial cap coming back. Especially that of a F who turns 37 in April, whose offense has largely disappeared since the 2017-18 season – and even then it wasn’t worth $5,250,000 off the cap!

    Besides, both Johnson ($5 mil per) and Killorn ($4,450,000 per) have NTC and M-NTC clauses and even if both have provided a list of teams to which they’d accept a trade, it’s highly unlikely a bottom-dweller is on either.

    Anyway, the difference in cap of $4.2 mil, added to what he has, still wouldn’t be enough to sign all 3 RFAs.

    Brisebois is going to have to move Cirelli and Sergachev for the best returns possible that do not involve substantial cap. Top ELCs, yes, and probably high picks.

    • What COULD come back from Detroit for just one of those RFAs (Cernak?) would be Zetterberg’s $6,083,333 LTIR which only has one year to run and which Yzerman won’t be utilizing anyway.

      Same with Ottawa – again for Cernak – with Gaborik’s $4,875,000 LTIR – although he’d be far better off with Zetterberg’s – a ploy to which Brisebois doesn’t have access. Would that be enough, with what he has on hand in cap space, to re-sign both Cirelli and Sergachev?

  7. The bruins desperately need a goal scorer and an offensive d ASAP. Going into the season with what they have right now it’s lights out! Just not enough.

  8. They need another good rushing d and scorer or they will be a bit better than average team this year! Get busy Sweeney!

  9. I don’t see anybody “helping Lou”, he had the opportunity to trade Leddy last year and nothing happened when teams had money.

    At this point teams with money can afford to sit and wait letting teams stew.

    Barzal has said that there’s no home discount and Lou isn’t a gift to deal with.

    Tampa will pay the price Chicago did and GMs out there are just sharpening their knives.

  10. Maybe Yzerman holds a little salary on Nielsen. He only has 2 yrs left with Killorn and Johnson at 3 & 4 yrs. respectively. The ranking of draft picks would hinge on the dollars held.

  11. This offseason is boring.


    • Watch Clemson – Notre Dame tonight – should be a barn-burner. Could help relieve some of the boredom.

      Unfortunately, I really think this pandemic is going to make this “off-season” go on for quite some time. There’s no way, for example, we’ll see the border open up and the suspension of 14-days quarantine. Not when you see hundreds of thousands of idiots crowded together in the streets of Philadelphia celebrating a political win. Watch that create a spike in positive cases in a few weeks. What are they thinking? Are they even thinking?

      • Bbbbboooorrrrriiiinnnnggggg.

        Sorry old fella.

      • 47 – 40 ND in double-OT you found boring???

  12. Thanks George my what a football game ,,,,,,,, !!!