The Clock Is Ticking On NHL’s Jan. 1 Return-to-Play Plan

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Soapbox | 2 comments



  1. Forget the clock ticking on a January 1 start-up – it’s about to strike midnight on a season of any sort. Only the eternal incurable optimists see any possibility of a season.

    Yesterday there was some posted counter-thoughts that my observations were “negative” and expressing confidence that a vaccine would be available “soon.”

    Not according to Health Canada until THEY study it (them)

    And even then there are to be roadblocks

    So, would those who continue to express confidence that things will start to get “back to normal” any time soon please enlighten those of us who see it differently with concrete proof backing their confidence – other than “gut feelings” and “wishful-thinking.”

    • I suppose we should define “anytime soon” if we are going to debate this.
      The vaccine will be available soon George. It says so right in the links you shared. Yes it needs to be approved, and I will bet anyone $50 that it will be before end of the year. Make it $100.
      Early 2021 for the front line workers and most vulnerable here in Canada. USA will start in December.
      Yes some hurdles in distribution but not serious ones IMO. In AB 2,000,000 people got/will have the flu shot this year. Almost all from late Oct to the end of the year. That is half the population in a little over 2 months and that is without really trying that hard. This is far from impossible and if the private sector is brought in, the supply chain and logistics already exist to deliver to locations that can administer. If the Canadian Gov’t doesn’t use them, vote them all out. Just use them, and I’m sure they will.
      This is just another sku in a special container to keep it cold. It needs to be tracked with RFID so it can be shipped back for re use. I would be shocked if all vaccines aren’t already using RFID. Building the infrastructure to do this from scratch would be monumental. The good news is they don’t have too. This really won’t be that hard for companies that already exist. Seriously, it is just another box.

      From Pfizer:
      We also have developed packaging and storage innovations to be fit for purpose for the range of locations where we believe vaccinations will take place. We have specially designed,
      temperature-controlled thermal shippers utilizing dry ice to maintain recommended temperature conditions of -70°C±10°C for up to 10 days. The intent is to utilize Pfizer-strategic transportation partners to ship by air to major hubs within a country/region and by ground transport to dosing locations.

      Not sure about some of the other posters, but I went to back to “normal” by US Thanksgiving next year. I will stick to that. Might be wrong, might be right. We will see. It will get progressively better as we get closer to that date. I look forward to a good summer, out doors. Hopefully I will have been vaccinated by then and good to go. My guess you will be by end of May/June due to your age.

      Where I think where we agree is that their won’t be fans in the stands. That doesn’t mean they won’t have an NHL season. Some owners may not like it, but it is reality. If you have been vaccinated and get a card or use a cell phone app can you attend? Sure why not?

      Will some players and staff get infected? Yes.