NHL Rumor Mill – December 17, 2020

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Could the Flyers attempt to acquire Jets winger Patrik Laine? Will the Bruins sign Mike Hoffman? Should the Senators bring back Anthony Duclair? Travis Hamonic to Vancouver? Corey Perry to Toronto? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.

NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Jordan Hall cites a source claiming the Flyers “have had interest” in Winnipeg Jets winger Patrik Laine. He also pointed out The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun reported in early October the Flyers and Jets held trade discussions but those talks cooled.

Could the Philadelphia Flyers revisit their interest in Winnipeg Jets winger Patrik Laine? (NHL Images)

Hall expects the Laine trade speculation will continue throughout 2020-21 due to the winger’s restricted free agent status at season’s end. He anticipates the Flyers’ interest could pick up depending on team needs, the value of trade chips and a greater feel for the season in general.

Landing Laine won’t be easy because of the Jets’ asking price and the Flyers’ ability to make room for the sniper. The flattened salary cap will complicate things, especially with goalie Carter Hart and Travis Sanheim due for new contracts next summer and Claude Giroux and Sean Couturier eligible for UFA status in 2022.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The struggles of the Flyers’ leading scorers during the 2020 playoffs could account for general manager Chuck Fletcher’s rumored interest in Laine. He’d be a good replacement for Giroux if the Flyers let him depart via free agency in 2022.

The Jets will set a high asking price for Laine, especially if he has a strong performance this season. It’s believed they’ll want a top-pairing defenseman in return or a young blueliner with top-two potential as part of a package deal.

Cap Friendly shows the Flyers with over $2.2 million in cap space. They’ll have to give up a salaried player to create room for Laine’s $6.75 million cap hit. Flyers fans will pitch Shayne Gostisbehere but Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff could ask for Ivan Provorov straight up or Philippe Myers as part of a package deal.

The Jets could move Laine before the season opens in mid-to-late January, but I believe they’ll hang onto him and see how things unfold during the 2021 offseason. His unhappiness over his second-line role with the Jets could change once he’s reunited with Paul Stastny as his center.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan wonders what’s taking so long for the Boston Bruins and Mike Hoffman to hook up. He believes a one-year deal would suit both sides well, citing TSN’s Dave Poulin considering Hoffman a good fit with David Krejci and Jake DeBrusk on the Bruins’ second line. Brennan acknowledged they’ll have to shed some salary to make room for Hoffman but believes GM Don Sweeney could pull it off.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brennan and Poulin aren’t the only pundits floating the notion of Hoffman signing with the Bruins. Wingers Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak could miss the start of the season recovering from offseason injuries but they won’t be out of action for long.

The Bruins have over $2.9 million in cap space but he’s reportedly seeking a one-year deal starting at $5.5 million. That explains why the two sides haven’t “hooked up” yet. The bigger concern for the Bruins could be a blueline weakened by the departure of Torey Krug to St. Louis and uncertainty over Zdeno Chara’s status.

Brennan also cited Poulin suggesting Anthony Duclair should pick up the phone and call Senators GM Pierre Dorion. He agrees with Poulin that the Senators remain the best fit for the 25-year-old winger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I wouldn’t rule out Duclair returning to the Senators but it’ll certainly be on their terms. He had his chance to get a reportedly reasonable short-term deal in Ottawa but decided to act as his own agent and test the market. Maybe he’s already got a deal lined up with another club that’s awaiting word on the start of the season before officially announcing the contract. We’ll find out soon enough.

Poulin also sees UFA defenseman Travis Hamonic joining the Vancouver Canucks and advised UFA winger Corey Perry to home to the Toronto Maple Leafs. “Join Jason Spezza and Joe Thornton and have some fun. They won’t need you until the playoffs anyway.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks could get some wiggle room to sign Hamonic by placing Micheal Ferland ($3.5 million AAV) on LTIR. They could also demote trade or demote one of their 15 forwards in a cost-cutting move for Hamonic. However, I still think the Manitoba native could end up signing with the Jets when they place Bryan Little ($5.29 million AAV) on LTIR.

The Leafs have Mitch Marner, William Nylander, Wayne Simmonds and Jimmy Vesey as their right wingers for this season. Nylander or Vesey could shift to left wing to make room for Perry, but the Leafs are already above the cap by over $1.04 million. They’ll get under the cap by demoting a player or two but that still won’t leave room for Perry unless they do some more cap juggling, maybe by acquiring an LTIR contract or a cost-cutting trade.


  1. Provorov for Laine?

    Hard pass if Im the Flyers. Give up a #1 defenceman and more for possibly one year of a chronic complainer? Noooooo thank you.

    • Ron, is he a “chronic complainer”? Or is that just media generated? He’s still only 22, and unless he’s a real problem I don’t see why Jets would trade him. He was 3rd among forwards in TOI, and assuming he’s not on PK, I don’t think “2nd line” is as much a problem as it’s made out to be. As far as losing him, he’s an rfa and Flyers aren’t trading for him unless they plan on locking him up long term. They’d have his rights so he’s not signing anywhere else. Hart will need a new deal also, along with a couple others. Unless they’re moving a couple other salaries, I don’t see Philly handing out another huge deal right now. Almost have to move Ghost.

    • Exactly, and D men are WAY more important in today’s NHL. Let’s up Fletcher is not that stupid.

  2. Brennan and Poulin may think that the Senators remain the “best fit” for Duclair, but if they also think the original $3 mil offer for 3 years is still on the table from Dorion, they are delusional.

    And can anyone see Duclair humbling himself by agreeing to another 1 year deal closer to $1 mil? Because that’s obviously about what he can expect. From any team.

    • George,

      I read the other day that the Ottawa offer was actually $3.5 mill. x 2 years, forget where.

      Any truth to that, as far as you know?


      • I’ve heard that – and the 3-year $3 mil as well – whatever the case, rattus rattus, it was more than he’s going to get now from any team – money and term.

        According to local chat, when he (acting as his own agent) turned down Dorion’s generous offer the GM told him flatly that he was not going to offer him a qualifying offer in any amount or term and that he was free to explore other options.

        They have NO need for him now with several candidates to fill out the LW spots led by Tkachuk, and including Formenton, Abramov, Galchenyuk and Paul all capable of playing that side. Maybe they lose a few goals with whoever replaces him – but they have to be as good – if not better – defensively.

        He’s burned his bridges to Ottawa, Arizona, NYR, Columbus (Tortorella wouldn’t have him back on a bet), and probably Chicago.

        Maybe Yzerman gives him a shot – or NJ. But I’d bet it would be for 1 year and no more than a million.

      • The Oilers could use a middle 6 LW, but it depends if they go less expensive bridge with Bear or try and lock him up longer term which will cost more $. May not have much room.
        I haven’t watched Duclair a bunch, but if he isn’t committed to the team structure, he won’t get much ice time playing for Tippet either.

      • Oh, and before I forget completely – lol – we can’t overlook the possibility that Tim Steutzle starts at LW rather than C. As I say, no room for Duclair now

  3. No way the Jets and Flyers make a big trade, both teams have the two most conservative GM’s in hockey …

  4. Are the Leafs going to be cornering the market on washed-up has-beens? Better off going with younger players.

  5. I forgot about Vesey a good young depth player.
    Perry why bother . Toronto is becoming “ No Country for Old Men “ if they take him on.

    Myers, Patrick and a first for Laine

    • Gotta think about that one for a bit SilverSeven, but I like it for WPG at first glance.
      All depends on Patrick and his migraines. Not even sure how to treat those effectively?

  6. There is no chance Laine is going to Flyers without Provorov going the other way. So if that doesn’t do it for you stop talking about it.

    Leafs have one of if not the youngest core in the NHL.

    It is plain stupid to suggest they should play young guys and not old guys in the bottom 6. These are not the difference makers. In the bottom 6 any intelligent analyst would say get the best player you can at the lowest amount possible as they are trying to win a cup now not develop 4th liners into 3rd liners.

    There is not a team in the league with a better 4th line C and RW than Thornton and Spezza on skill alone and they are both at the league minimum for goodness sakes.

    Just be honest with yourselves and acknowledge the incredible work Dubas has done to set them up for the cup this year.

    The Leafs need NOTHING but an injury to or trade of Andersen to bring Lord Stanley’s mug back to its rightful place smack dab in the epicenter of the hockey universe.

    As you were.

    • I am surprised you feel that way Wendel.

      • Shocking!

    • Wendel. There certainly won’t be a team with an older, slower 4th line. Might never get out of own end to show that “skill”.

    • Jesus and the 12 Apostles might get them over the top – but nothing short of that will help.

    • The one thing Wendel does acknowledge is as long as Anderson is the starting goaltender there is no cup going to Toronto.

      They can have the best 4 lines, it doesn’t matter because Anderson can not deliver them the cup and Wendel know that to be true.

    • Perry to the leafs makes sense, dubas can get mileage out of the team, regular season, oldtimer games and alumni. Awesome deal, three, three, three teams in one

    • I hope the Leafs do sign Perry. I can imagine the Ol’ Boys Club line of Thornton, Spezza and Perry, penned in their own end , gasping for breathe, after a 30 second shift” What a joke! :)))

      • Laurie, today’s lesson is for people like you who don’t think before they post something which makes them appear either dumb or entirely out of touch with today’s game.

        1) the average 5 v 5 NHL shift is only 30 seconds or so

        2) Every shift is or should be like a sprint, particularly for forwards like you are trying to diss but actually flatter.

        3) If McDavid, let alone Thornton, is not gasping after 30 seconds they are dogging it on the ice and should be benched.

        You, Laurie are the joke!

      • So, remember your acidic response the next time you take indignant exception to me or anyone else calling you an idiot. And by the way, I am truly sorry for sating you were an idiot … I thought you already knew.

  7. If Sweeney doesn’t pull the trigger on this one I hope they fire his sorry keester out the door. Useless is the name of the game for this guy

    • Sweeney should have been fired after his abysmal 2015 draft!

  8. Myers+much more for Laine but whats the much more?
    Cam York?

    • ds. Do you write for Blue Seat blog?

      • @Slick
        Blue Seat blog? Ranger site i guess but havent checked that one out

        is my ‘rumor’ as bad as their writers or did a writer there mention?

      • I will come back on my post shoveling proposal….
        Prov is not on the table for Philly and no reason he should
        Jets want no part of Ghost.
        I am not sure the Flyers have what would take for Laine thus Myers+++++(he is a solid top 4 defensive dman) or Sanheim++++

        The Jets top 6 forwards+their keeper are their strengths. Depth and D are not.
        I also agree with letting Laine gel with Stasny again.
        But what can the Jets do about their weaknesses without moving a top 6 forward.nothing

      • ds. Wasn’t meant as an insult. There’s a writer. Dave Shapiro. DS!

      • @slick

        now i see!

  9. Wendel le wort is correct…Jets do not trade Laine unless Provolone goes the other way.

    • Fair enough FD, but the Flyers aren’t trading Provorov straight up for Laine either. Not gonna happen.
      If Patrick is healthy, which we don’t know yet, he could be the Jets 2C of the future.

      • Ray there is 0 chance Winnipeg trades for Patrick.

        Two reasons one being his migraine issues and secondly he hasn’t proved anything at the NHL level.

        The interesting thing is both Provorov and Patrick played 2hrs west of Winnipeg for the Brandon Wheat Kings.

        I have to say I disagree with alot of evaluations of Laine game posted on here.
        Personally I hope he stays a jet. That talent doesn’t come along very often.

      • The flyers would come out great one for one Provorov for Laine.

        Provorov is a very good D,Laine is a generational player.

      • It is Provorov + btw not the other way around.

      • Definitely agree with SilverSeven on the Provorov vs Laine debate. Not even close IMO, so a big difference in opinions.
        Provorov is the Flyers #1 Dman already. Leads them in ice time by a mile. Leads the PP and the PK. A Norris candidate for a decade. Elite skater and smart.
        Laine is a 1 dimensional shooter, but really good at. But he not generational. He isn’t even in the same league as Pastrnak and would not trade them straight up.
        Gets protected with Ozone starts, averages 35 goals a year, with a 3rd on the PP.
        He will not get WPG a #1D or a #1C. A #2D or a #2C with a pick thrown in. With the pick a maybe.
        If Philly offered what SilverSeven suggested and we knew Patrick was healthy, Laine would already be gone. But I doubt Philly has or would and we have no idea about Patrick.

  10. Provorov will not be traded. Even for Laine

    I see Steen and King Henrique are toast. Good players great careers . Too bad things ended they way they did.

    Steen one of the greatest Leafs ever. ..tongue in cheek

  11. Tough luck for both henrik and both the rangers and caps. For the rangers… if this is found a few months back they can ir the guy and have no buy out cap hit.

  12. Best of luck to King Hendrik. If the Caps are still looking for a veteran back-up maybe they give Craig Anderson a look on a PTO.

  13. Duclair signed with Panthers. 1 year. 1.7m. Ouch.

    • He should fire his agent and hire Pengy

      • Friedman, in his blurb, says “The Panthers will be Duclair’s fourth team after spending time with the Senators, Arizona Coyotes and New York Rangers.”

        He forgot Chicago and Columbus so this is his 6th NHL stop in a career spanning 6 years – entering his 7th.

        After making $1,650,000 with Ottawa, and turning down anywhere from $3 to $3.5, he signs for a $50,000 raise???

      • Yeah he turned down bigger money for$1.7 million???
        For that price Pittsburgh could have used a young upgrade talent in their bottom six.

        Ritherford’s meds havent kicked in still napping..good god jimbo.

        He McCann jankowski certainly a better 3rd line than what they had last year..

    • Hindsight is 20/20 I suppose.
      Wonder what Hoffman ends up signing for?
      I’d venture to guess around 2.9 to 3.9 million.

      As for The Laine for Provorov rumer……no GM in his right mind would trade a #1 defenseman for a winger not named Ovie.
      A #1 center, yes, but not a triggerman. To suggest an add on, on Philly’s side is ludacris. Provorov has everything every GM covets. Laine is a terrific offensive threat, but not much more than that.
      Pasta wouldn’t even get you Provorov and he’s much better than Laine.

      • Cliff fletcher had a long career highlighted by the Gilmour trade. He traded Brett Hull for StL #1 Rob Ramage. StL made out like bandits, why…goal scorers are the most scarce and important commodity in the NHL.

        And, BTW, Provorov is #2 dman (philly doesn’t have a #1 d.) who is tracking to be a # 1 D but no guarantee.

        Laine would take Provorov plus Konencny as a fair trade from an outside objective view and philly isn’t doing that so end of.

      • That’s the heights of foolishness, and I’m not surprised in the least, coming from you.
        Hull was traded before he even hinted that he had NHL scoring potential. What 50 points in 56 games? Fletcher was selling high, it just didn’t work out because Brett Hull was an anomaly.
        Ramage was traded to the Leafs after 1 season in Calgary. Wamsley followed after a few more.
        Could you possibly find a worse comparison?

  14. Or he opts out to start a men’s fashion line. The worlds his oyster.

  15. As much as I loathe Henrik Lundqvist and find him vastly over rated I certainly wish him a swift and complete recovery from his current ailment.

  16. So if the Bruins are to sign Hoffman who are they going to cut loose and please don’t say Moore …… Hoffman signing isn’t going to happen for the Bruins

    • Wrong! They will sign Hoffman Sweeney’s job is on line if he doesn’t.

  17. Maybe he fires up Box Play again and cuts a record.
    I wish I was Henrik.

  18. good pickup for the panthers.still young, can score a few goals. and a good move from public relations. there is a large and vibrant haitian community and perhaps he can help increase the moribund fan base

    • By about 10 – maybe.

  19. No GM is trading away a 23 year old, #1 defenseman who has 5 years left at $6.75M AAV

    For what? 1 year of Laine then demands of $8M+ contract or more? For how long? No thank you.

    Provorov is Flyers #1 D without question & I’m not sure Laine is the Jets 2nd best forward.


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