NHL Salary Stalemate Could Put Bettman in Jeopardy

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Soapbox | 16 comments



  1. Yeah, sure.

    • Seems no one believes you lyle

  2. I am getting tired of hearing about these rich spoiled brats in the nhl and rich owners and greedy nhlpa reps. If for any reason other than covid they stop playing this year, after 40 years I’m done with it! I won’t support this league anymore tired of the bullcrap. These people make more in one week than I do in an entire year! Just get an agreement done and work out the other stuff later. I know I have devoted friends who love hockey even more than I do but they are tired of all the silliness as well!

    • Nor are you and your friends alone Rick

    • You know the players are giving up 20% of their Salary for escrow-which in essence is covering league losses(which they could get a small percentage back but not likely this year), PLUS they are deferring 10% of their contracts to help ease the owners financials during a Pandemic(yes they’ll receive the money back eventually) but this is all to ensure hockey gets played this year.. Ohh and this is already an agreement made by the NHL and PA that was signed back in July, and it’s NOT the players who are going back on the deal, it’s the League and OWNERS who are asking for more!
      How would you feel if the organization you work for asked for 20% of your salary to help cover their losses every year, plus defer 10% of your salary for sometime in the future, all this while still paying a significant proportion of your wage in taxes, union fees, and another other fees(agent). Yes, they sign multi million dollar contracts, but these are human beings too and who need to pay their mortgages and provide for their families too, so before we start calling the Players SPOILED, maybe we should look a bit deeper into the issues and see who really is SPOILED in this situation…

      • At the league MINIMUM of $650,000 I think they have nothing to worry about re mortgages, etc. How many do you know who make that – let alone upwards of $12 million a year?

      • Sad people think there’s not much value to people that can do what they do at level these sad people will never reach nor see. Professionals in general usual have made many life sacrifices that most people wouldnt do. It’s dumb to berate people who succeed and get grossly rewarded for it…maybe it’s jealousy.

      • LOL…

      • I’ll watch every single Bruins game, if ole JJ let’s a season take place. The rest if the fiasco, is their problem, not mine.
        I don’t care about other people’s problems cause it’s not my business, and there isn’t anything that I can do about it anyway.
        Again, I’m hopeful, but not entirely optimistic that a season even starts.

      • Clueless to the bone. Sacrifices?>?> Try police, firefighters, front-line nurses and other medical personnel – not to mention military who put their very lives on the line every day so twits like you can fawn all over a pro athlete many of whom make more in one frikken year (please don’t give me that BS about “relatively short careers”) than any of the foregoing will in a lifetime.

    • Rick maybe you should have tried harder? You sound spoiled thinking that someone should take a pay cut to make you happy! Try look at it from both sides instead of spewing garbage

      • Hey, BBB, we agree! Looking at both sides – what a concept.
        By the way, chaps, even with 31 teams, the players in the NHL are at the top of the pyramid in their profession. That usually means they are highly paid.
        And don’t confuse professional sports with the real world – it is not.

  3. H’mm
    650,000/10 is ten yrs of a middle class salary above the actual median times 3 for the short life of a marginal player plus say four years of AHL striving is seven years of hockey for 34 years of middle class salary.
    But The hockey players in school who had pro asperations worked a lot harder at their craft than most worked in classes, and some tohers were eouched by god in music or being 7′ tall or actually understanding computers or getting into med school.
    Just don’t like making this argument – Given what they had to work with and what the market will pay for their skills they are where they are. Some guys make as much for one guitar riff they figured out high out of their minds.

  4. I doubt the NHL is worried about other leagues playing while they sit out a season. They have two lockouts to prove that fans will come back more hungry than when the lock outs started.

    • One big difference: the owners were prepared during the last two lockouts. They weren’t prepared for a pandemic cutting short one season and shortening another.

      • In think the decision to play or not will simply come down to money regardless if the other leagues continue to play or not. Cause the fans will come back.