Tortorella’s Benching Move A Far Cry From Accusations Against Babcock

by | Jan 28, 2021 | News, NHL | 3 comments



  1. Don’t you think the benching was to avoid injury to the (known) pending trade?

    • It was unknown, st that time, if a trade was imminent. Besides, if the CBJ knew a trade was imminent, why put PLD in the game at all? No, PLD dogged it, was becoming a problem on the team (Note that the Jackets rolled over Tampa, their next game and have been playing a stronger team game since.) and basically forced the trade that Jarmo was already working on.

  2. As Al Davis said, just win baby

    Ken Dryden : “Scotty Bowman is not someone who is easy to like…. Abrupt, straightforward, without flair or charm, he seems cold and abrasive, sometimes obnoxious, controversial but never colorful. He is not Vince Lombardi, tough and gruff with a heart of gold. His players don’t sit and tell hateful-affectionate stories about him…. He is complex, confusing, misunderstood, unclear in every way but one. He is a brilliant coach, the best of his time.”

    Then there’s Steve Shutt who put it best : “You hated him 364 days years, and on the 365th day you got your Stanley Cup ring.”