Biggest Surprises and Disappointments Early in the NHL Season

by | Feb 3, 2021 | News, NHL | 3 comments



  1. Not much of a surprise that Bruins are doing fine but Pasta after returning from surgery scoring 7 points in 3 games is nuts guy is crazy good wow.

  2. Biggest disappointment has to be Nashville’s highest paid players God awful and that’s being nice.

  3. Is Vancouver standing thus far really that big of a disappointment. They lost Toffoli one of their better offensive produces. Have Boeser seeming to return to form. Pettersson has a slow start. They also lost their number 1 goalie and went with unproven Demko and aging Holtby. The standings in the North division are kind off how I expected if not the exact order. I always saw Toronto (who I hoped would flounder) Montreal and Winnipeg as the stronger of the group. Edmonton I suppose could of ended up anywhere but they always go the direction of McDavid and Draisaitl. Calgary (whose stars were rumoured to be dumped as fodder in trade last year) and Vancouver as two who could end up anywhere in the standings. Ottawa the lone guy likely to not make the top four though I hoped they be able to claw out of the basement.

    So if the the standings end up with the top 3 being


    then vancouver ending up anywhere in the next 3.

    And Ottawa at the bottom.

    How is vancouver really a dissappointment but rather one of many expected outcomes.