NHL Teams Already on the Verge of Becoming Trade Deadline Sellers

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Rumors, Soapbox | 8 comments



  1. Greiss may be Detroits most valuable asset at the trade deadline. Carolina may be a fit.

  2. Stepan is likely done for the season as he may choose surgery for that separated shoulder, in which case it’s a 6-month recovery. At lease, if he goes that route, he can join his wife and newborn.

    Gudbranson MIGHT be dealt – but with the D – as structured now – showing signs of cohesion, I somehow doubt it. In fact, I think they could re-sign him. Josh Brown – who never seemed to fit in – is a more likely candidate, along with Dzingel.

    • This is going to be a really interesting situation. Barring trades, we can pretty much ensure that Chabot, Zaitzev, Brannstrom, & Zub will be returning to the Ottawa blueline next season and they are earning it right now. In my eyes as it stand, there are only room for TWO other defenders in Ottawa next season to see regular ice time.

      Brown is the other guy under contract, but struggles to crack the line up and is likely to be a 7th guy if not traded. Then comes the questions of resigning on Wolanin, Gubrandson, and Reilly! Who is worth keeping around?

      Complicating it more. It is very very likely that Sanderson jumps straight to Ottawa next year and Bernard-Docker is also making a case that he might just be NHL ready as well. Given those options, I wouldn’t mind a one year extension on Gubs and see how Chabot, Sanderson, Zaitzev, Brannstrom, Zub, & Gubrandson hold down the blueline next year.

      • Don’t forget Lassi Thompson, JJB. He may just be the best of the prospects with a chance to crack the line-up next season. I think Sanderson and Bernard-Docker will both “get their pro feet wet” at the AHL level. Besides being tough to jump straight from Junior/College to the NHL where D-men are concerned, there is also the question of cutting short their path to RFA status what with a wealth of contracts to consider next year and the following year

        Next year: Tkachuk (RFA), Batherson (RFA), Zub (RFA), Logan Brown (RFA), Wolanin (RFA). Alsin (RFA), Gustavsson (RFA)

        The Following Year: Norris (RFA), Nick Paul (UFA), Chris Tierney (UFA), Gudbranson (UFA), Brannstrom (RFA), Formenton (RFA)

  3. Any team on the outside looking in (even barely) should be looking to sell this year. Limited to no live crowds at playoff games will make the financial advantage much less than what they will get in the future. Sell, sell, sell

  4. Sharks were dead before the season started. And their cupboard is bare. Gonna be a long painful rebuild.

  5. What about Vancouver, how the hell could you leave them out?

    • They have nothing to sell that anyone wants to buy