Sabres forward Jeff Skinner is struggling…or is he?

by | Feb 25, 2021 | News, NHL | 2 comments



  1. That was a very good article. Its a perspective I did not share. At the beginning of the article I thought this was just trying to dress up Skinner’s numbers but by the end of it I agree maybe give him a chance with the top 2 lines in Buffalo. Similar to Virtaanen in Vancouver put him with skilled players and see what happens. It can not be any worse then what is currently going on in both Buffalo and Vancouver.

  2. I watched all of Skinner’s games in Carolina and not everyone was a fit with him. He was not a fit with the Staal’s but a very good fit with Ruutu and Jussi. He is an underrated passer, good on the forecheck, poor on the back check and does not do a good job of covering his point in the defensive end. He is more effective with the puck on his stick. Many fans mistake his quickness for speed. He is not a fast straight line skater. Carolina had to quit playing him 3 on 3 because teams would isolate him and he couldn’t keep up with his man. He is very streaky and if they can find a way get him started he could quickly turn it around.