Goaltending Becomes The Maple Leafs’ Weakest Link

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Soapbox | 5 comments



  1. FINALLY , The Leafs dilemma is transparent …
    So many idiotic remarks prior , not acknowledging the issue !!!

    • They are not strong defensively, although better than last season.

      Their goaltender although not elite is better than average. In this season due to the condensed schedule teams need their back-up to step up far more than previously and with that a major issue with Campbell sidelined and their taxi squad sieve who should be behind the Zamboni driver on the depth chart, not even replacement level, they are where they are.

      If he has a groin injury as well as being overplayed that is not on Anderson. That’s on management and their mismanagement of the roster whether it be due to lack of cap space or talent evaluation.

      The pitchforks should be pointed at management not on players. The players didn’t put together a roster of studs, spuds and duds. That’s on the front office

  2. I do agree with the thesis and have felt goalie to be the weakest link. My only negative observation on your writing Lyle ( and it picky) is that every team and almost every thing in the world will only go as far a it’s weakest link.

    • He did not indicate it was an observation unique to the Leaf’s…

      I’ve defended Anderson for a long time; but with his play this year and Campbell out a lot due to injury, the Leaf’s desperately need to fill out their goaltending if they’re even going to get out of the first two rounds.

  3. I don’t know how Dubas is going to fix the netminding. What I don’t understand is, they beat Edm three straight with a structure of play in place that was extremely successful. Then, they play a different style which is a recipe for disaster, which has happened. This team is to inconsistent to win a series, and that’s why they will fail again in the playoffs and people will be fired.


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