NHL Rumor Mill – March 6, 2021

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Who could the Leafs, Flyers, Jets and Islanders pursue leading up to this year’s trade deadline? Read on to find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.

TORONTO SUN: Michael Traikos believes Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas doesn’t have much time to decide if he’ll make any acquisitions by the April 12 trade deadline. While that date is five weeks away any players acquired from American teams would face a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Could the Leafs, Flyers or Jets pursue Nashville Predators defenseman Mattias Ekholm at the trade deadline? (NHL Images)

Traikos feels the Leafs don’t need another skill player such as Buffalo’s Taylor Hall. “It needs more blue-collar players like (Zach) Bogosian and (Wayne) Simmonds. Guys like Nashville defenceman Mattias Ekholm and Calgary forward Sam Bennett. It needs guys that can push back against Boston and Tampa and Vegas. Guys that can help the Leaf go the distance.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Making the dollars fit is the sticking point for the Leafs. Cap Friendly indicates they have just $130K in projected trade deadline salary-cap space. It’ll have to be a salary-in, salary-out scenario, the selling team retains some salary, or Dubas and his capologist find another creative way to free up the necessary space to make an addition.

NHL.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Dan Rosen was asked if the Philadelphia Flyers would try to bolster their blue line by acquiring Mattias Ekholm from the Predators. Rosen believes he’d be a good fit and a more well-rounded rearguard than current Flyers left-shot defensemen Erik Gustafsson and Robert Hagg.

However, the Flyers could face competition for Ekholm’s services in what could be a limited trade market. He also has a year remaining on his contract, which could affect their protection list for this summer’s expansion draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The effect of an Ekholm addition upon the Flyers’ protection list suggests they could opt for a rental player instead. Options could include Detroit’s Marc Staal, Patrik Nemeth or Jon Merrill, Arizona’s Alex Goligoski, Ottawa’s Mike Reilly or Vancouver’s Jordie Benn, though they’re not as good as Ekholm.

THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Murat Ates was asked if the Jets should acquire a defenseman. While he feels Ekholm would be a good fit he believes the Jets would prefer a right-hand defenseman to pair with Josh Morrissey.

Ates mentioned Buffalo’s Rasmus Ristolainen but his $5.4 million cap hit through next season could make him expensive if he fails to deliver. He also feels acquisition cost could keep the Jets out of the Matt Dumba sweepstakes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Columbus’ David Savard is rumored to be available if the Blue Jackets become sellers at the deadline. Sames goes for the Sabres’ Brandon Montour. They’re UFAs who might serve as good rental options though whether they’d be a good fit with Morrissey isn’t a certainty.

Arthur Staple recently examined possible blue line depth options for the New York Islanders. Given their limited salary-cap space, he anticipates GM Lou Lamoriello will look at affordable options such as the Red Wings’ Jon Merrill, the Senators’ Mike Reilly or Nashville’s Mark Borowiecki.


  1. If the prognosis on Carlo’s head injury looks long term, then Sweeney will have to do something sooner than later to add to the Bruins defense.

    Savard would be a great fit, if available.

    • Bring Boone Jenner with him

      • I like it!
        What’s the cost though?

      • The Jackets’ #2 scorer would cost…. Actually, Boone’s not going anywhere.

    • DM.. from afar it looks like the Bruins have counting this year two years left for a SC contention without a major overhaul… give the Jackets a call and see what they want if to much move on

  2. Making the rds in the Boston sports media is that teams are calling the Bruins about Trent Frederic .. kid has no fear but should stay in his weight class … right now it would be tough to give him up

    • Why stay in his weight class? He won the Wilson fight. Maybe Wilson was having a bad night as he lost two fights that day.

  3. Ekholm can fit on a lot of teams. The interest would be very high. A playoff proven performer reasonably priced. I think he could garner a first and a good young prospect. Maybe more. Flyers could make an offer. Not sure the Leafs can.

    • SilverSeven

      Why wouldn’t the Leafs be able to make a good offer? Cap space? TOR has players or good prospects available for trades.

      To TOR Ekholm NSH retains 50%

      To NSH 1st and Engvall or Engvall and Dermott

      This is the Leafs chance to go for it. Their team is young enough that they can spend a few assets without emptying the prospect pool.

      Their needs are LW and depth D in case of injury. If they could land Ekholm or Savard that would be a good start.

      If they offer a prospect and pick to CLB for Savard and Dubinsky they can use Dubinsky’s LTIR to absorb Savard’s cap hit.

      • Pouile never, ever retains salary in trades. Try again!

  4. Treliving looking for a right shot forward.
    Don’t know if Tage Thomson is playing well in Buffalo, but remember seeing him in his rookie season with St Louis and he was a good player.
    His contract is reasonable he might be a player Treliving is looking at.
    Before Sutter was hired I would have suggested trading Bennett for him but
    Bennett is the perfect sutter player.

    Very excited to see what Sutter can do with the Flames. When he coached them the first go around the Flames team had less talent but boy did they play hard. It was a given if two players went into the corner the Flames player was coming out with the puck. I cannot say that now, but hopefully that will change. If the Flames make the playoffs with Sutter coaching I would say look out they should be a tough team to play against.

  5. Dubas will add an impact player and the cap is no concern to him. They will arrange something like they did with VGK when they were a pass through team just to retain salary for a pick.

    They can add say a 6M player like forsberg by having the seller retain 3M and the pass through team retain 1.5M . The rest they could fit just by juggling taxi squad with players like Vesey and reconditioning stints until rosters expand.

    • There are only two impact players at 6mill – 7mill range in the NHL. They both happens to be a FRANCHISE players and can
      even be argued to be a GENERATIONAL players. Good luck getting either one of them. there is nothing in the LEAFS lineup that their GM would want in return. In case you don’t know who they are: Pasta and Mckinnon. We need to stop dreaming and be realistic. Weed out the floaters; Nylander, Kerfoot, Dermott and bring in size and grit. BTW they are not as expensive as so called skilled softies. Dubas just need to overcome the notion of hockey is based on fancy names on the back of the jerseys. We need ugly names terrifying names; Edmunson, GUDAS, Savard, Reaves..Boone Jenner

      • The Leafs had a greasy player that could produce…on a reasonable contract. His name is Nazem Kadri

        The mistake Dubas made was signing Tavares to a FA contract for $11M. Kadri was doing a fine job as #2C for $4.5M. Think about what type of D-man you could get for the other $6.5M

        For a prolonged playoff run they will need more depth at D in case of injury. Once Simmonds returns he’ll be 2LW with Tavares and Nylander. Kerfoot would move back to 3C.

        The two players likely to be moved are Kerfoot and Engvall. They’re serviceable players for reasonable cap hits totalling $4.75M.

      • Mark Scheifele says hi!

      • Maybe we could swap kerfoot andersen and a pick for Grubauer and Kadri back the latter to play LW with Tavares and Marner. AM34 with Nylander and Hyman.

  6. Bruins are a “stacked ” team…
    The Tinordi pickup was a bargain…
    Wilson “gooned” Carlo yesterday, and 2 different Bruins, took exception, on 2 different occasions.
    Boston will play any game you like, BUILT for the playoffs ! They have to be a favorite again, going into the playoffs.

    In order for the Leafs to toughen up, a high salaried player will have to go, and probably another 1st round pick..
    I am not impressed with Leafs drafting anyways, unless it is a “lottery” pick..

    Poile has always liked Nylander, Poile can be easily sweet talked , as he is desperate, and beyond his time, needs to retire from hockey.

    Buffalo is desperate, as well, as is Calgary, Calgary wants a front line right winger, maybe Toronto is a “fit”.. \
    They have a “quirky” GM , as well..
    Edmonton needs something, a GOALIE , for sure..

    Dubais needs to take in a couple of Boston games, try and learn something. as per having to tweak his team again in the off season, as per a heavier lineup, and discard the softer player

    • Ken…I wouldn’t be too proud of Boston’s draft history either. 3 consecutive 1st round picks in the 2015 draft and how did that turn out?

      • Doesn’t matter. Look at the team they have. They are STANLEY material. Pasta is so sick. That first line is lethal. Backend is promising for long time to come with Mcavoy and Carlo. And they just seem to clone at will of super soldiers. As a Leaf fan, I was thrilled when Lucic was traded out of Boston many years ago, and I was elated when Boston decided not to resign Chara. But boy was I wrong to underestimate the B’s brain trust. They know when to move on from the old and replace them with hungrier, blood thirsty tenacious players in Frederick and Tinordi. Name one Leafs player in current roster who can bring that element to the game. I’m not talking about aging players like Simmons and Muzzin. I’m talking about bottom six. There is not one player you can insert into the lineup and say here is our answer to BB or TB or WC. Not one! Some say Leafs dont need it. This year they’ll finally break through with their current roster as the game is changing and toughness is irrelevant in today’s game. I’ll believe you when I see it. All I know is just about every team in the past 10 years who won the cup had couple of players in their roster who can bring and thrive in playing that role; finishing checks, agitating and dropping gloves. Few games this year teams have targeted Mathews Marner Tavares even Muzzin physically to hurt them. Yet not once did a member of the Leafs come to their defence. Matt Martin and Komorov are the only ones who provided that element for the Leafs. Lou knew the value in them. He’s been around for only 100 years I guess he knows few things about hockey.

      • Mike. Game 1 Simmonds punched Chariots face off. Facts are important for credibility.

      • DeBrusk is a 40 point guy Zboril is getting better every game so far the only bust Senshym. If you are referring to them passing on Barzel we didn’t need a center we needed wingers and D. Had they picked Barzel the cap hell would be ridiculous. That’s what the shoulda coulda woulda crew doesn’t get. Krejci is way underrated and under appreciated in the NHL and by Bruins fans. He will resign 2 yrs I expect this summer.

    • Yea enough with the Bruins chest thumping. They are far from being a cup favorite. I dont give a crap what they do in the regular season, that team is NOT built for the playoffs.

      As for drafting, i dont think any Bruins fans should be saying a damn thing about other teams drafting. What Sweeney and co have done is mediocre in my opinion.

      • He’s a Leafs fan.

        Point taken on our recent drafting though. I thought it would get better with Gretzky moving on to Edmonton, but they’re still reaching and trying to be cute when they should take the best player available.

      • Well this Bruin fan agrees with you CDN King. They got fired up and played well last night. About time IMO.
        Agree with George too, they are old at key positions. When your top 2C’s are 34 & 35, that’s old.
        We’ll see what Sweeney can pull off, but as it sits today the B’s are not a Cup contender. Playoff team, sure, but I would bet much on them beating teams like TB, LV or TOR.
        They give up more chances that they generate 5 on 5, that spells trouble come playoff time.

        If I am Dubas, why mess with it.

      • GM Rule 1: If you are not always trying to improve your team you are regressing against the league. I.e. Bill Torrey didn’t mess with his already excellent team adding Conn Smythe winner Butch Goring.

      • Wendel, same one you used last time. Which is fine, it can work. Often it doesn’t, as only one team wins, but ya sometimes it makes you better.
        Nash didn’t make BOS better, even when he played. Kaberle was on the 2011 team and was a scratch as often as not. Was worse than what they had and didn’t fit in. Added nothing.
        A more recent example is Shattenkirk in WAS. All it accomplished was take ice time and PP time away from a then younger Carlson. NHL best PP went to crappy in the playoffs.

        Rule #1 – if it ain’t broke ….
        Rule #2 – Don’t mess with a good thing.
        Rule #3 – Never change a winning lineup.

        If I am Dubas with no space you bring in some depth that doesn’t cost much just to plug in injuries.

      • I know Ray but it is such a good example I thought I would trot it out again.

      • Thanks SOP. Now that i re-read his post, it is dripping with sarcasm. Still weird thing to write but whatever!

      • Bruins are far and away a greater threat to the rest of the league than the leafs. Just look at who they are playing right now. The Canadian div is an absolute joke as forecasted..

  7. Winnipeg fans and media are claiming victory in the Trouba Pionk deal.

    I’m not one of them, yes Pionk has been better then advertised but overall I still rather Trouba, the $5m in salary certainly makes a difference.

    What some fans and media are missing is the play of Josh Morrissey since the departure of Trouba, they were a solid number one pairing and Morrissey is more like a 4 or 5 since Trouba departure.

    • Has he been playing hurt, Caper? I’m a big Morrissey fan, and he’s seemed off to me for a spell now. Could it be just what you say with the departure of his D partner, or is he playing through some lingering issue?

    • Trouba is brutally over-paid for a guy who doesn’t produce points. Nothing back is better than Trouba, let alone Pionk and Heinola. Jets made out like bandits.

    • Pionk, plus Heinola, and the cap savings you mentioned make the deal a very convincing victory in my books. Agreed that Morrissey played better with Trouba, but if you look at who he has been paired with since Trouba left, along with the assignments he has been given, it becomes obvious why he appears to be struggling. Poolman, Beaulieu, and DeMelo are simply not first pairing guys and should not be defending against their opposition’s top lines. Morrissey is a good soldier though and goes out and does the job anyway.

  8. The Bruins are a legit cup contender that is for sure. If Sweeney can tweak the line up with a scoring forward and a left d I would consider them the favourite. Make a blockbuster with Nashville forsberg and ekholm for DeBrusk 1st bjork and a young d man

    • Bruins are playing in an easy division only teams that in a rebuild or coming of a rebuild are CAPS and ISLANDERS . Penguins are heading for a tear down age and success has caught up with them . Boston is not playing top teams . also age is catching up to them . They are old at key positions .

      • The east is the toughest division this year so your comment does not hold much water. One team that should make the dance won’t because of how tough the east is. North is by far the easiest division

      • Hi George

        Bruins current Div is the most competitive of all Divs this year

        There are 5 teams that could (as at now) end up anywhere 1st to 5th

        Unfortunately for me; unless a change (trade) happens to Pens …. they’ll be 5th and the other 4 very tightly packed together

        Rangers could (still a long shot but could) make a push , go on a run and get in 4th

        The other 3 Divs have a current 5th place team that could eventually flip flop with current 4th; but they (those Divs) are not as tightly packed as Bruins; Flyers; Caps; Isles ; Pens

        Logic tells me that Bruins win the Div; but it isn’t guaranteed

        Only 1 Div IMHO ; has an all but guaranteed top 3… West… Knights, Blues, Avs

        If Pens and Sabres win today… 1st to 5th in East is separated by 3 points

      • Mr. Bruins. A division’s toughness is determined by it’s best team as that is who has to be beat to come out of it. Stats don’t lie. East is the weakest division in the standings, as well as by power rankings and eye test.

    • That sounds really fair to Nashville. lol

  9. If the Bruins need a scoring forward !!
    Boston can make a blockbuster with the Leafs, I have gone down this road !
    Nylander is their “guy!” We will throw in a first rounder , Hutchison , Just in case , Raask decides to go AWOL, come playoff time ..
    Hutchison is a “joke” by the way , better off with the Zamboni driver , as their third string
    Ps ..
    I know Shoreorrpark is a “Nylander “ Fan !’n

    • Ken, let me know when the Leafs and Bruins make their next trade with each other. Hopefully we’ll still be on the right side of the grass.

  10. Carlo is a huge loss. Bruin Fans had better hope he recovers.

    • Really, they can easily upgrade from a 4/5 D in Carlo to a 4D in Savard fot a 2nd likely. Then if Carlo returns he can play on 3rd pair so he isn’t as easily exposed.

  11. Boston can do their blockbuster with the Leafs!!
    Toronto can accommodate them , in regard to their scoring winger needs !!!
    Just reach out to Shoreorrpark , He is a big fan of Nylander , Pasternak and Nylander are “buddies!”

    • Hey, Ken. I actually really like Willy. It’s his inconsistent play that troubles me. I believe he’d be a great fit on the Bruins, but I’m not willing to trade Carlo for him. It’s easier to find inconsistent wingers than stud shutdown defensemen who can skate and have a high IQ. We already have some inconsistent wingers. We call them Bjork and Debrusk. One has proven his worth. One hasn’t.

      • Not sure how you consider Nylander “inconsistent”? Streaky might be a better term?
        He’s been a pretty consistent 60 point player for his career.
        BTW…you can’t teach players to score but you can teach them to play defence.

      • He’s averaged 40 pts per 55 games played, so not quite what you described him to be, but close enough.
        One should construct a team from the back out, and through the middle. Adding wingers to complete the roster. We can agree to disagree, but I hold more value in defensemen and centers. Then goalies and wingers. (Some value goalies most of all)
        Systems based on personal round everything out.
        Only my opinion. I’ve never won a Stanley Cup.

  12. What does the Leafs need for the playoffs… well Dubas need to watch last night game between BB vs WC. If that was not playoff hockey I don’t know what is. Dubas need to imagine having Mathews and Marner playing in that game against either one of them and realize they won’t survive a period let alone an entire game. BB, TB and WC they are playing in the Men’s league while TO is in the Boy’s league. I can not stress enough the importance of addressing size and grit for the leafs. Dubas can add by subtraction, offer Kerfoot and Dermott to the Sabres for Ristolainen. Nylander to Columbus for either Nick Foligno or Jenner Boone plus a pick.

    • So a TOR team of mostly young players takes BOS to two game 7s and WSH to game 6 with most of them going into OT and they can’t play with them?

      There are better fits on D than Ristoleinen at lower cost. Savard from CLB or Ekholm from NSH would be better options.

      Everybody dumps on Nylander but he’s a play driver. He helps the Leafs get through the neutral zone. Of the “core 4” he’s the most tradeable player but they’re not giving him away. He’s a 1st line RW on most teams in the NHL.

      Don’t be surprised if the Leafs trade for some players on LTIR for cap space to add players at the deadline.

      • I don’t understand the infatuation with Nylander. Just because he makes 7 mill people perceive him as high end talent. Willy is realistically a $3 mill player. He may give you a flash of dangle once in a while, but by no means his a game breaker. He is one dimensional player. His go to move is to skate to the outside and peel back and hope to find an open man. He is definitely not a play driver. He turns over the puck way too much to be considered a play driver. Marner and Mathews are definite play drivers. They both can penatrate in the Ozone and make clever plays in the Dzone. I cringe whenever Nylander turns the puck over often leading to oddmen rush going the other way. Pasta, Mckinnon, Marchand, Panarin, Kane, McDavid these guys are play drivers. Even Tavares is not a play driver. They can’t generate scoring chances on their own. I think, trading away Nylander for someone like Foligno or Jenner is better suited to play with either Tavares or Mathews if you want to reunite Marner with Tavares to give our Captain relevance during the game. I’ll love to have Savard replacing Dermott, ăn instant upgrade. All I’m saying is TO needs to gain size in the backend as well as top six. It doesn’t have to be Risto, but this guy is truly a nasty D man which TO lacks so much. Holl is big and serviceable player, but he is not an impactful player who can answer the bell when required to change the flow of them game with one big hit or provide pushback physically when needed. In a perfect world, I’ll love to see GUDAS and Edmunson in the backend as a shut down pair, but Dubas missed out on both of these guys. Mere 6mill combined for the next 3 – 4 years. These two guys alone address blatant void Dubas refuse to address. Imagine having:
        All 8 dmen signed for 26 mill per for the next 3 years. Now you have flexibility to sign Hyman who would want 4 mill per to a long term. That is 38 mill for their Mathews/Marner/Tavares/Hyman. If Freddie can’t break through this year, he needs to go…he can’t possibly demand more money if he can’t get to the conference finals. 8 mill reserved for goaltending. That leave us with 13 mills to sign rest of the roster. Doesn’t look promising does it. As you can see Nylander does not belong with the Leafs, he overpriced himself out of the lineup moving forward. This is a perfect time to move him as he has accumulated few points in the last few games. But asking for Forsberg at 6 mill doesn’t solve the real issue with the Leafs. TO is lucky, Thornton, Spezza, Simmons all decide it to play for STANLEY not MONEY this year. Combined making 2.9 mill, they have combined 13 G 33 pts. In 49 games played. I’ll say that is money well spent.

    • You guys have no clue. The average size and weight of the leafs is 6’1 and 201 pounds. That’s 5th in the entire league. By the way they were up there last year as well. In today’s NHL you always draft or pick up the best player available. Goons are no longer needed and should have never been part of the game. That’s an old man mentality. The leafs lost in the playoffs because they are you and didn’t understand that you have to step up your game to win when it really counts. That’s why they have Thornton, Simmonds and Spezza. These player have something to prove and will hopefully teach the young guys. Plus their hometown boys and there would be nothing greater than winning in Toronto. They will be motivated like never before. Plus it will be fun to hear all the excuses. Dubas should go after forsberg not second rate players. Let Montreal fill there team with those guys, didn’t you know they’re built for the playoffs. They are smaller then us though.

      • Roger

        The thing that undid the Leafs two years in a row was the Kadri suspension.
        He’s the type of playoff performer they needed.

        It was a good acting job by DeBrusk. Had the refs called him for his knee on knee hit on Kadri earlier in the game things might have played out differently.

      • Daryl I can’t believe you think Kadri is the difference. He didn’t help Colorado get any further. Kadri hurt us more then help us with stupid penalties and suspensions. He’s selfish and put himself before the team. Colorado can have him.

    • Shoreorrpark

      You’re kidding right?

      40 points in 55 games is .727 PPG

      60 points in 82 games is .731 PPG.

      Building teams takes time and to a certain degree a bit of luck in the draft.

      Just look at your Bruins…if everybody knew Bergeron or Pasternak would be that good they would have been drafted much higher.

      A big problem in TOR is a few of the GMs they’ve had wanted instant results. Look back to the most recent deals involving BOS and TOR…Rask for Raycroft was a big blunder. Kessel for Two firsts and a second another GM trying to get instant results. Burke has gone on record saying he was going to offer sheet Kessel and that was the compensation.

      BOS signing Chara as a UFA really turned that team around. If OTT chose Chara over Redden they would have won a Cup.

      • I’m not kidding. I’ve never won a Stanley Cup, and there’s 82 games in a normal season.

  13. Toronto needs to win 2 playoff series before having any chance of playing one of Boston, Vegas, or Tampa.

  14. Toronto needs to win 2 playoff series before having any chance of playing one of Boston, Vegas, or Tampa.

  15. So Seabrook retired but didn’t retire? Got it

  16. Regardless of the injury to Carlo the bruins need another GOOD d and scoring winger.(Taylor)
    I think Wilson will be out awhile for that hit Friday. He’s a well known head hunter he should be out for the season but he won’t. Although anything less than ten games for this repeat offender is unjust!

  17. Slick62
    Toronto will have no problem getting out of their division , it’s the conference final, that will take its toll on them , with “rock “n” ‘sock him “ hockey …
    Shanaplan isn’t no match for Can Neely’s hockey thrust , creating what it takes !!

  18. Everybody on here worried about Boston needing a D and a scoring forward .
    I will gladly swap their lineup for Leafs lineup !

    Boston looks more than fine to me !

    • Can’t agree more.

      • Can’t disagree with you more

  19. @pengy…big rebound win 4-3 over the Flyers taking 2 of 3 in the mini series in the Burgh..

    Your boy pettersson awful pitched badly gave the Flyers a 2 on 0 break which they scored.

    Three minor penalties uugghh he is talented and soft too soft.

    A smart move by Burke and HEXTALL we can compete.we have shown we can battle and beat the top teams 8 wins versus islanders capitals

    16 games left vs Sabres devils where we need to step up..

    • Hi BnG

      Yes good to win

      Yes good opportunities coming with 16 against Devils/Sabres… but they have to win them

      But that goal was not on Pettersson at all…he was coming off the bench on a change and had to wait until his tempted got towards bench or there would have been too many players penalty

      The big mistake was Laffy for the errant soft back pass… then Sully benched Laffy for quite a spell for doing that

      Re the penalties… as the play-by-play said (and I agree with them) …. very uncharacteristic of Petersson this year to get a penalty … only 1 penalty before today this season;

      and they (play-by play and colour) also said (and I agree here too) both calls re Pettersson on Coutourier were blown calls(One was blatant veteran move were Coutourier “winged” [held Pettersson’s stick with his upper arm and elbow then angled himself down once past ref so from behind it looked like a hold… veteran move);

      I think he’ll step it up next game

      Pens still need to make a move… need a 3C

      The Gino/Kappy/McC line starting to click

  20. Roger

    You do realize that had COL not been down to their 3rd string goalie (Hutchinson) they likely would have beaten Dallas or at least stood a chance?

    Kadri had 18points in 15 playoff games last year for COL.

    Kadri absolutely would have made a difference vs BOS. DeBrusk barely missed a shift.

    • Sure Daryl we live in a would of, could of, should of world. If that’s the logic you use then that’s on you. Facts are facts. Kadri hurt the leafs by taking several dumb penalties and getting suspended. Kadri put himself first and has a bad temper with very little hockey sense so like I said Colorado can have him.

      • That whole post is so inaccurate it’s ridiculous.
        You are so incredibly obtuse, it’s hard to believe you’re not trolling.
        Facts are facts, huh? Fact is you are more wrong than right in every post you’ve ever made.
        Oh, and it’s “should have, would have, could have”.
        I’m not even gonna get started on your flawed logic on Kadri. He doesn’t do anything to help the team, yet the team can’t win when he’s not playing. Nice take, Roger.