NHL Rumor Mill – April 13, 2021

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In today’s NHL rumor mill: the fallout from yesterday’s NHL trade deadline includes Taylor Hall hoping to remain a Bruin, the Penguins asking about Ryan Getzlaf, and the Flyers, Flames and Red Wings look ahead to the offseason.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Darren Hartwell reports Taylor Hall said he’d be willing to sign with the Bruins if things work out with them over the remainder of this season. Hall was acquired by the Bruins in the early-morning hours before yesterday’s 3 pm ET trade deadline.

Boston Bruins left wing Taylor Hall (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That will depend upon his performance and what kind of contract he seeks if he plays well enough to convince Bruins general manager Don Sweeney that he’s worth keeping.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski cites a well-placed Penguins source saying Brian Burke, the club’s president of hockey operations, contacted the Anaheim Ducks to inquire into the availability of captain Ryan Getzlaf. This was done before the Penguins went on to acquire Jeff Carter from the Los Angeles Kings before yesterday’s trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Burke can’t be blamed for inquiring but it’s clear Getzlaf wants to stay in Anaheim and Ducks GM Bob Murray wants to keep him. Kingerski also said Getzlaf and Murray have mutually expressed expectation that the Ducks captain will return for another season.

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: Mike Sielski reports Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher has no intention of changing his coaching staff during the offseason. A roster shakeup could be in store in the offseason as Fletcher looks to the long term to address his struggling club’s needs. Sielski calls on Fletcher to make some bold moves this summer to fix his stale roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Calling on Fletcher to make big moves in one thing. Pulling them off is another in a flattened salary-cap world.

They’ll need to bring in a younger 1-A goaltender to share the crease with Carter Hart until the latter gets his confidence back. Finding a suitable replacement for the retired Matt Niskanen on the blueline is a must.

As for which players should be moved to breathe some fresh life into a stale roster, Claude Giroux has a year left on his contract but also a no-movement clause and an $8.25 million cap hit. Winger Jakub Voracek lacks no-trade protection but his $8.25 million cap hit through 2023-24 is pretty much a trade deterrent.

Winger James van Riemsdyk has surfaced in trade rumors but his $7 million cap hit through 2022-23 and inconsistent production is tough to move. It seems they’re stuck with one-dimensional defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere and his $4.5 million cap hit through 2022-23.

THE ATHLETIC: Hailey Salvian believes the Calgary Flames trading Sam Bennett yesterday to the Florida Panthers could herald more changes to come in the summer following this disappointing season. She wonders if core players such as Johnny Gaudreau or Sean Monahan could be part of those changes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames have steadily declined since topping the Western Conference standings two years ago. GM Brad Treliving won’t be making a coaching change after replacing Geoff Ward in midseason with Darryl Sutter. Any roster moves he makes this summer will involve plenty of consultation with Sutter.

Gaudreau seems the most likely trade candidate as he’s a year away from unrestricted free agent eligibility. His five-team no-trade list doesn’t kick in until July 28. Monahan has two years left on his contract. That could make him more enticing in the trade market but he has a 10-team no-trade list.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman will wait until the offseason before making decisions on whether to re-sign his unrestricted free agents or retain head coach Jeff Blashill. He indicated this summer’s expansion draft will also play a part in which players he retains.


  1. The Bruins got Hall for a great deal…..Buffalo retains 50% of his salary and gets Andres Bjork and a 2nd round pick for Hall and Lazar? That’s crazy to me…and I’m a Bruins fan!

    I think they will both fit in nicely and hopefully Hall will find that spark to ignite his skills again. I’m not expecting him to be our leading scorer or anything like that, but just find his spot on the B’s if he can.

    He also knows the last 2 years have hurt his value so I think it gives him some incentive to play well in order to get what he wants when he resigns (whether that’s in Boston or anywhere else).

    • A former hart trophy winner only 2 years ago is now a second line winger at best as his prime is over and I’ve always been a fan of his but watching him this year is like he is changed for the worst.! I cannot believe He has 2 goals playing with Eichel(a bust) getting so much attention when he was drafted and people saying he is better than Matthews at the draft table.! He can get 60 points a year but from his draft position he’s a bust.!!!!

      • Actually he didnt play that much with Eichel, 114 min total is what I read. What Hall needs is a really good center, but will he really get that in Boston, not the least next year if Krajci leaves?

      • Eichel a bust? He was playing hurt and still had 18 points in 21 games before shutting it down. 355 points in 375 games at age 24 is a bust? In a crappy team?

  2. By bringing back Sutter Treliving sealed his team’s fate and then he gives Bennett away for nothing … not impressed at all with his performance. If I’m a Flames fan I don’t I want Treliving making trade decisions on Gaudreau and Monahan.

    Getzlaf to the Pens would have been incredible but he’s a west coast guy. Carter was a pretty nice consolation prize.

    • Agree 100%

    • Honestly, all Ive read on all the boards was how Bennett wasnt worth diddly squat. As a Flames fan, I was quite happy with the return along with big disappointment Sam didnt work out. Bennett was not cracking the top 6, getting him resigned would have been a struggle & his trade value was zip. He would have been Kracken fodder & we would have got zippo. One less player to protect & some futures to hope for. I didnt see anyone offering a 1st for Sam. Maybe you know something more?

      • Sam has been mishandled by the Flames since year one. Florida paid that price because he is a terrific play-off performer, is an RFA, and still only 24. I hope he regains his confidence and Quenneville gets his career back on track.

      • Sparky
        I disagree with the statement that the Flames mishandled Bennett.
        He was given lots of opportunity, Flames protected him as a young player to give him favourable match ups moved from center to the wing to let him grow.
        I will say with certainty Sam will always be a 3rd line player who crashes and bangs and chips in with the odd goal. In Sams defense it is very hard to play a physical game for 82 regular season games and the reality he has hands of cement when it comes to goal scoring.

      • Flames fan, his hands were just fine his 1st season. Sticking him on the 4th line with limited minutes killed his confidence. Play ers need minutes to show what they can do. Marty St. Louis got the same treatment in Calgary ,when Tampa gave him minutes and opportunity his career took off. I agree that Bennett has not shown good hands or IQ in the last few years. He should have been sent to the minors while he was still waiver exempt. I also agree that playing his physical style over the course of the entire season is not sustainable. Treliving admitted he made mistakes in handling his development.

      • Flamesfan, forgot to mention Bennett had 5 pts in his last 5 games under Sutter.

    • congratulations to the classic Power Forward on his 1,000 game tonight ….Milan Lucic

    • All in all I think the return for Bennet was very good for what he has shown, was it good for what people believe what Bennet could have been or be, probably not. The big mistake they did was to not send him to the minors the first year or two.

  3. Ed

    Agreed on the Sutter move.
    They got a 2nd round pick and a player for Bennett. What is a 3rd line player worth?

    • The player the Flames got was a 2nd rd pick for Florida. The Flames were high on him in the draft and Conroy says they may have taken him if he fell to them. I think the return for Bennett was great. And I doubt Bennett will ever put it together in the NHL. He is too inconsistent, even when given opportunities.

  4. Re Getzlaf… had already been reported by several sources that Getzlaf actually discussed with Murray and agreed to waive his NMC …. if and only if he was to go to Knights and no other team?… contender within 4 hours drive of home/fam

    Would have been great to have him on Pens …. but wasn’t happening and would have been a to-through trade (middle team picking up 25%)… so 4th (middle team) and 2nd (and prospect ??) to Ducks

    I’m quite pleased with Carter acquisition… vet presence with Cup credentials; no subtraction from roster; great hands; great influence; big (appeases Burkie); can (and hoping he does) be 3C…. sets up for 3 scoring lines ; and very importantly ensures Malkin will only be on ice when Zucker (this year a massive negative impact on Malkin’s offence) is on bench….

    Sid line unchanged and 2nd and 3rd lines ….


    Gino Kappy McC
    Carter Rodrigues Zucker


    Gino Kappy Carter
    McC Rodrigues Zucker

    • Murray also stated that he talked to Montreal, Vegas, Pitt and several others teams and the asking price was a 1st or 2nd and a top prospect for Getzlaf and Murray confirmed Getz was willing to waive his NMC for the right situation and if it made Anaheim a better team.
      Murray and Getzlaf both confirmed Tuesday morning that it never got to that point.

      • Hi Brian

        You are correct re other teams (not getting that far) but Getzlaf did in fact tell Murray the he would ONLY wave to got to knights, if a deal could be worked out.

        Specifically he cited that Knights were not only a serious cup contender but very importantly, close to his home (wife and kids born and raised inOC)

        Knights per reporting, would have to have made more space even with a to-through . The ask was not the key sticking point in the deal failing to materialize

  5. Re yesterday’s (and prev 2 days) TDL moves….

    Prior to that… Cup favs (in no particular order)…. Avs , Knights, Bolts

    as at this morning… Cup favs (in no particular order)…. Avs , Knights, Bolts

    No change

    To me basically equally proportionate upgrades to the 4 playoff bound East Div teams; and

    Prior to TDL… Leafs favoured to win North, basically zero chance at cup (not able to beat Avs or Knights or Bolts); and toss up at best v Caps or Pens or Isles; prob 60% chance at beating Bruins…. so Leafs ceiling …. loss in Cup (and only in SCF if North matched with East; and then basically a toss-up to beat East winner)

    This morning outlook…Leafs favoured to win North, still basically zero chance at cup (not able to beat Avs or Knights or Bolts); and toss up at best v Caps or Pens or Isles; prob now say 70% chance at beating Bruins…. so Leafs ceiling …. loss in Cup (and only in SCF if North matched with East; and then basically a toss-up to beat East winner)

    So nothing really changed to me re playoff overall outlook… much ado about nothing

    To me big winner was Detroit (Stevie Y held tight and forced overpay… got a two-fer, a 1st a 2nd ; key players’ swap… younger and better production this year; saved well over $12M net in out-year cash commitments

    Strangest TDL team… Predz… one move only … and it was to acquire GoodB (36 GP… 3 pts , minus 13) …. and AT full Cap hit

    Another sit-tight team with a head scratcher single move… Waddell… Fleury for Hakenpaa as the single move ????

    Wisest TDL GM IMHO… Zito…

    Got Bennett very reasonably… and he’s not a “rental”; only UFA move was Montour for a reasonable 3rd. Ceiling for Panthers this year realistically is getting 3 home dates in the Central final vs cross-state rivals Bolts

  6. I’m puzzled as to why the Flames traded Rittich at this point in the season, with the playoffs on the line. His stats are better than Domingue’s this year. Means Markstrom will play a lot of games and his stats aren’t very good right now.

    Flames fans: what do you make of this?

    • Not a Flames fan – but, what playoffs you will be watching not playing in them. So Rittich totally useless for you.

      We will enjoy him in Toronto. I HOPE!!!!!???

    • Im fine with it, he’s a UFA & wasnt going to be resigned & possibly exposed at the expansion draft. Asset management in my view. We arent making the playoffs so why keep him. Now we have an extra 3rd. My question is, why wasnt Ryan moved?

    • IMO Calgary traded BSD because he is a UFA and it is unlikely they would resign him at the cap hit he will require. Hate to say it, but it would take a small miracle for the team to make the playoffs this year.

  7. How can you not be at least content with what Sweeney has accomplished ? A 2nd rounder & Bjork for Hall and Lazar 3rd rounder for Reilly haven’t seen enough of Reilly to comment. I read his scouting report he’s definitely an improvement on some what we have right now. I’ll be watching the game tonight Hopefully it will provide a spark. I wish they would have shipped ( no show ) Rask out. And please Kuhlman zach s, blidh down to Providence & keep them there

  8. funny listening to tsn announcer, reporting that Hall only got a 2nd round pick because two other GM said that all anyone would give and one of the two GM said he wouldn’t take Hall at any price.

    Now that’s all well and good from a Toronto media trying to play down the signing.

    Then Hall and Adams confirm, Hall was only going to go to Boston. So what not also report that?

    We will soon find out if this does anything for Boston put for the price a second round pick it well worth it to find out.

    Yes i know Bjork was also traded, but i call his trade a wash for Lazar and for what the Lazar brings to the table he is presently an upgrade.

    • In an article I read yesterday they indicated that Hall and Reilly were both driving to Boston yesterday in order to not have to Quarantine and be eligible to play tonight.

      Here is hoping these new faces add some much needed punch to the lineup and I am excited to watch.

    • @Caper maybe they didn`t report it because Hall did an interview where he said that he was open to going and signing with several different teams a few days before the deadline. Hall wants a new deal and Adams doesn`t want it to look like he got fleeced

  9. Loved the move Yzerman made to acquire Vrana. I think he is a skilled and fast skater that will help the rebuild in Detroit. Mantha too slow and was not doing much in Detroit. Will do better with Backstrom.

    However, Yzerman getting Vrana is the key here. With too many talents ahead of him Vrana mis-used in Washington. When Ovy was out he and Backstrom worked well at carrying the club.

    • For the style Stevie Y wants to play in DET…yes a great trade for him. Mantha fits WSH style of play more. Good move for both teams.

      Still think Gallant needs to be the man next season and Stevie can be judicious on taking cap from other clubs to gain additional assets in another transition year.

      • “Still think Gallant needs to be the man next season”

        He won’t be. Yzerman has hired two coaches as an NHL GM and they’ve both been NHL rookies.

        He’s 100% going to sign someone who hasn’t been a head coach in the NHL before. You can take that to the bank.

    • Would live the#1 line in Detroit to be Zadina, Larkin & Vrana. A possession line with ability to shoot to score.

      Bertuzzi can anchor the 2nd line with a grinding cycle down low line but Stevie has tons of work to do still.

    • It wasn’t an issue of Mantha being slow, more just not engaged. There has been talk he came in heavy and not in best shape and possible reason for slow start. As a Wings fan and Mantha fan it has been difficult to watch him this year so seeing him traded was not a shocker. I was surprised on the return but very pleased as just a few days ago I jokingly suggested fleecing Mtl for a couple of Firsts and here we are with a 1st and 2nd AND former 1st round drafted player for Mantha. I’ll still root for Mantha in Washington but hoping for a first round knockout to improve the pick 🙂

      • I agree AZ. Mantha is not slow and Detroit does not play a system that prevents Mantha from playing up to his potential. The bottom line is Mantha is not the player he is capable of being because of his inconsistent work ethic. This is not a new issue and Detroit gave him every opportunity to succeed. Hopefully this is his NHL wake up call and he will take advantage of a new opportunity. Yzerman isn’t messing around, if you don’t want to work hard you won’t be on his team.

  10. Leafs are 3rd in odds for cup, should be 2nd after Dubas/Pridham masterful work at the deadline.

    Lightning as defending champ deserve to be favorite.

    COL and VGK 3rd and 4th because they must meet in 2nd round.

    Best rosters though

    1) leafs
    2) avs
    3) lightning
    4) golden knights
    5) hurricanes (would be 4th with a better goalie)

    • Same list I had out in October…except the Leafs weren’t on it the Bruins were

  11. Sick and tired of innumerable analysts and ‘experts’ blaming the Flyers fall entirely on the fact that ‘1 player’ Matt Niskanen *knew* he was washed up during their first series in the bubble and RIGHTLY retired in the offseason. So many deride players for sticking around too long and being forced to retire and here we have a player who seeing his time was up did the the right thing.

    Instead 100% of the blame has to go Chuck Fletcher who despite having ‘months and months’ to replace him did absolutely nothing! How did GustaffBUM work out for you as a replacement, yeah a 7th in 22′ and 50% retention.

    At the very least Alain Vigneault should have gotten on any of his players using that as an excuse and playing like endless crap and especially Philly fans.

    But no, looks like this tired lame excuse will be ridden out the rest of the year and through the summer bleh.

    • Steven, if you look at Philly’s #’s vs this season and last, the reason Philly is outside looking in right now is goaltending.
      Sure a better replacement for Niskanen would have helped, but it is goaltending that is killing them.

      Against the average for tenders, the difference is close to 32 goals against. Hart has been terrible, like worst starter in the league by a lot terrible. Elliott has been the same below average tender he has been for a while but was supposed to be the backup.

      If you saw that coming with Hart, you’re a better man than I. What you do about that in season? I guess you could have traded for Rittich and sent him down.

      • Who didn’t see it coming with hart? He’s playing in philly

  12. Rittich was not resigning with Flames. Quite obvious who owns the net in Markstrom
    Bennett went public which can drive down a return. Excellent trades on both fronts.
    Glendening and D.Ryan surprised me that they were not traded for something . Both could have been valuable.
    I think Reilly Nash was the smartest deal of the entire show.

  13. Bruins are a -310 tonight …..WOW!!!!!