NHL Rumor Mill – April 5, 2021

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The Devils hold Kyle Palmieri out of Sunday’s game as a precautionary measure, speculation over Johnny Gaudreau’s future with the Flames and some suggested trade targets for the Bruins in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


NJ.COM: Chris Ryan reports the New Jersey Devils held winger Kyle Palmieri out of Sunday’s game against the Washington Capitals as a precautionary measure with the NHL’s April 12 trade deadline a week away. This isn’t an indication a trade is imminent but his agent expects his client could be moved before the deadline.

New Jersey Devils winger Kyle Palmieri (NHL Images).

Palmieri is slated to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. He hasn’t signed a contract extension with the Devils and there’s a risk they could lose him for nothing to the UFA market in July.

This isn’t the first time the Devils have held a player out of the lineup prior to trading him. Taylor Hall was kept out for two games in December 2019 before being shipped to the Arizona Coyotes. Ben Lovejoy and Marcus Johansson were both healthy scratches prior to being moved before the 2019 trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Palmieri is among the top trade targets ahead of this year’s deadline. He’s been linked to the Boston Bruins, New York Islanders and Toronto Maple Leafs in the rumor mill. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s moved before the end of this week.

Ryan pointed out the Devils’ other pending UFAs (Ryan Murray, Sami Vatanen, Dmitry Kulikov and Travis Zajac) were in the lineup against the Capitals. That probably tells us all we need to know about their trade statuses.


BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy speculates some big changes could be coming for the fading Calgary Flames at the trade deadline or at the 2021 NHL Draft in July. Johnny Gaudreau could be worth watching as an NHL source claimed the winger is in head coach Darryl Sutter’s doghouse.

The source suggested the Philadelphia Flyers could be a good fit for the Salem, New Jersey native. Gaudreau grew up cheering for the Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Calgary general manager Brad Treliving was feeling the heat from Flames fans following last year’s early playoff exit. Gaudreau was frequently singled out last fall by some Calgary pundits as a trade candidate.

The 27-year-old winger’s eligibility next summer for unrestricted free agent status combined with his declining stats suggest he won’t be a Flame for much longer.

Such a move, however, likely happens in the offseason when teams have more cap space and willingness to make big moves. Whether he gets moved to the Flyers (assuming they’re interested) is another matter. They could be more in the market for goaltending and blue-line depth.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Nick Goss believes the Bruins desperately need experienced defensive help with blueliners Brandon Carlo and Kevan Miller sidelined by injuries. He suggested they target the Nashville Predators’ Mattias Ekholm, the Columbus Blue Jackets David Savard, the Devils’ Dmitry Kulikov, the Arizona Coyotes’ Alex Goligoski, or the Anaheim Ducks’ Josh Manson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Predators reportedly seek three assets (including a first-round pick and a top prospect) for Ekholm. He’s probably unavailable now given their recent surge into playoff contention in the Discover Central Division. The same goes for Goligoski as the Coyotes hold the fourth and final playoff berth in the Honda West Division

Manson has another year left on his contract plus a 12-team no-trade list. Injuries have also limited him to just 13 games this season. Savard and Kulikov seem more realistic options given their respective clubs’ position in the standings.


  1. In NJ the rebuild continues. Will be interesting to see what Fitz does with all the UFA and cap space. I am so tired of rebuilding….

    • Redmonster. just looking at NJ on paper, there a young team; remove Zajac and Palmieri the average age is 22.72 among 11 forwards and the d is 27.1 with two of the oldest Vatanen 29 and Kulikov 30 to be Ufa’s

      Watching them play Boston, i really liked Miles Wood ; with Hughes and Hischier, patients is the word, keep them all together should be an exciting team to watch in a season or two.

      • Hey Caper, thanks and I agree with you. Its just been a loooong road….but I would rather they take their time and build it correctly, no shortcuts. A few teams in similar position, will be interesting to see which of them does it right, hope its the Devs.

      • They showed a stat during intermission over the wknd that the Devils rookies are leading the league in rookie scoring. Add to that they are #1 in the league in scoring by players 23 + younger, by a wide margin (Sens are # 2). Yes the future of this team looks great. Patience!

      • Caper & Red Monster…The Devils are improving and are no easy game. They beat Boston 1-0 in Boston, pushed the Capitals to the brink he’s last two games, and my Penguins always struggle against them and we have 5 left with the..

        They are going in the right direction…..

  2. Who’s going to be coaching in Calgary next year?

    Sutter got the new coach bump but his lunchpail antics don’t wear well, 2-8-0 in the last 10 games.

    Hitching thoroughbreds to a chuck wagon might make people feel good but doesn’t bode well in the long run.

    Johnny Gaudreau is the highest goalscorer on the team yet gets dumped on.

    What’s he worth in a trade?

    The guy who has the most goals or the guy who is bitched about for disappearing?

    He deserves better.

    • Johnny G to Buff for Hall since they have long sought after Hall.


    • Yeah, have to agree there. The problems in Calgary go far FAR deeper than Gaudreau (and Monahan – another favourite whipping boy). Hard to put a finger on the main cause, though. And, really, as I read somewhere, Sutter was brought back not necessarily to turn their fortunes around (although that would have been a nice result for them, of course), but rather to pin-point the root causes of their rot so the fundamental (and right) changes can be made.

      Meanwhile, there are those among their fan base (and media) who will continue to expect Gaudreau and Monahan to single-handedly take the team out of their funk.

      IF they should deal one or both from a fine-tuning approach they had either better make sure they get those deals right, or they’ll be facing a complete overhaul. And, who knows, maybe THAT is what Sutter will recommended at season’s end regardless

      What happens at the trade deadline will signal which way they intend to handle this more than for any other team in the league.

      P.S. – if Tkachuk is among those they dangle towards re-building the team I hope Dorion gets into the picture to try and unite the brothers.

      • If Tkachuk is made available there will be 30 teams calling about him … Treliving tried hard by signing Markstrom & Tanev but he blew it bringing Sutter back … the Cro-Magnon days of coaching are long over …but he gave Sutter a 3 yr deal so he’s stuck with him …

        Jersey fans, be patient, rebuilds take time … you have the right guy in charge, let him weed out the veterans and accumulate assets …

      • Gudreau & Monahan for Hall & Eichel?

        that work for both teams??

      • Maybe at first glance it works, ihatecrosby – but right now Calgary has Gaudreau for 1 more season at a cap hit of $6,750,000 and Monahan for 2 more at $6,375,000.

        That’s a total cap cost certainty of $13,125,100 for Buffalo.

        Calgary, on the other hand, would be looking at 5 more years of Eichel at $10 mil per. That’s fine in and of itself. But Hall is a UFA who’s current cost off the cap is $8 mil and while, based on his production this year – or lack thereof – he doesn’t figure to get anywhere near that in a new deal, he is just 29 y/o and some may see in him a good risk and even if he doesn’t get $8 mil again, Calgary could find themselves in a bidding war they don’t want because anything over $3,125,100 starts to raise their cap cost beyond what they were paying out to Gaudreau and Monahan. How high would they go to keep him?

        And if they don’t the trade works out to Eichel for Gaudreau AND Monahan.

      • And Calgary still cleans up.

      • Gaudreau and Monahan get whipped on as the posterboy’s for inconsistent effort and questionable ‘give a s**t’.

        While I can’t speak for all Flames fans (because some definitely do expect it); I don’t need J.G. to pull the rope for the team, but a lot of nights he looks like he’s not pulling in the same direction as the rest of the team. I’ve argued for keeping Gaudreau through each offseason that the rumours come out, but it does honestly seem like he doesn’t want to be there. Crap thing is, I think he is one of those guys who lost his mojo on his current team that will go on to be lights out with a change. Additional crap thing is that if fans didn’t go full Toronto on him and blame him for everything, he might still have his confidence and be playing lights out.

        Might as well trade them both if you trade Gaudreau, because Monahan without J.G. has been really poor.

        It has long been the case that team culture has been the issue over individual ability. The team gets outworked so often. I don’t think a full rebuild is in order (and sorry George, but I hope they aren’t dumb enough to trade Tkachuk after a dip in his progression). Always hear J.G. + for Konecny as a popular though, which might be decent for each team.

      • @ George

        Ya I can see how the numbers are off but Eichel & Tkachuk for years is a solid builder even if you let Hall walk. Perhaps he signs for less to play there with Eichel and Matty

        just spitballing
        production wise though it may pay for both teams long term.

        Buffalo saves face for trading Eichel by getting a duo.

        CGY gets a top#1 and and winger in Hall who eventually may find himself again.

        Figured a true hockey trade of top caliber was in order to fix both teams.

      • Chrisms – yes they would in getting Eichel only – unless, as SCJ, worries, Gaudreau starts to play “lights out” in a new location (and, I might add, Monahan finds his game again for the same reason) – then watch the howls out of Cow-Town – and it won’t be bull riders at the Stampede.

        SCJ, that reference to Matthew Tkachuk was pure wishful-thinking on my part. I seriously doubt they’d deal him under any circumstances. In won’t be long before both he and Brady are captains of their respective clubs. As ed says, if Matthew ever wound up being offered in trade you’d have 30 teams climbing over each other to up the offers.

        ihatecrosby, if Calgary could manage to keep Hall around at somewhere closer to $4.5 mil – and for no more than 3 years – that could work to their advantage in the long run. Buffalo, for their part, has nothing to lose by such a deal … but you have to think that, if Eichel did go on the block, there’d be quite a few teams interested and, ultimately, could come up with a package without so many question marks.

        These kinds of deals are where GMs are either made – or broken beyond repair.

      • @George I totally understand, saw a wishful trade in a poll on the Athletic about Gaidreau + to Ottawa for Brady and I loved the idea.

        Same thing had the writers for Calgary and Buffalo discussing a fan proposed trade of Gaudreau + Monahan + 1st Rd + Pelletier or Zary in exchange for Eichel. Buffalo writer said it would be enough / not what Buffalo would want. If Buffalo would do Eichel for Gaudreau, Monahan and a 1st (protected at this point), I would say yes as a Flames fan. Don’t need Hall though

      • George O, IMO something is rotten in the Flames organization.

        Gaudreau actually looked like he had bounced back starting out this season. Sutter’s dump and chase style is definitely not well suited for his style of play. He is never going to be a physical player he is too small.

        Eric Francis has gone out of his way to be critical of Gaudreau. Even in the articles that have nothing to do with him, Francis slams Johnny. I heard Johnny’s sister called him out on twitter. IMO there are much bigger problems than him.

        The inconsistent effort of the team this year is truly frustrating to me as a Flames fan. You see that they have the talent to bark with the big dogs when they all pull together. The problem is they are rarely doing that for 60 minutes and they keep making stupid mistakes to give away games.

        Treliving signing Sutter to a 3 year deal was a desperation move that may ultimately cost him his job. Hopefully!

    • reminds me of someone named kessel===blozak ruined him

      • Almost right…it was the sweaters he wore…as we’ll as blozak being an anchor.

      • You “Blozak” guys give me a pain. Who would have rescued Kessel from himself?
        Who put Bozak out there with him and kept him there because Kessel wanted it that way?
        Ancient history but Tyler Bozak was a good player and a good Leaf.

    • I agree, Gaudreau isnt the problem, but he does need a better center than what the Flames have. As for Monahan he is an ok player, an average 2nd line center, but because he played with G when he was at his top, he got top dollar. This reflects his trade value which as of now is 0. Put G with a guy like Eichel and I think you really have something but that is never gonna happen. I can see the temptation Treliving had last summer in his 7th year as GM to sign Marky and Tanev, but it was really a time to retool if not rebuild. Now they are stuck in no mans land the next 2-4 years

      • Kent, I believe Monahan has never scored less than 22 goals, he has scored 27 twice, over 30 twice. He leads his draft class in goals and has worked on his 200ft game but still needs improvement. The eye test says he is not giving full effort and it really makes me think leadership changes are needed.

        Gio is the Captain and Monahan wears an “A” , these guys both need to move the give a crap meter more than they do.

    • Thoroughbreds, Habsfan 30? Which ones are they?

      Gaudreau has 13 goals, but is tiny and is built for a run and gun offense that doesn’t exist anymore. When the going gets tough, Johnny Hockey becoes Johnny Hookey.

      After that, have a look at their scoring: Monahan has 7 goals. What is pulling the Flames’ chuck wagon is plow horses.

      The Flames couldn’t win under Ward and they can’t win under Sutter. So how is this on Sutter? It doesn’t help that Markstrom is not playing well but surely the mediocre line up is part of the reason.

      • Like Weber and Price in Montreal thoroughbreds?

      • How do you like the standings Sparky? Throwing stones at Weber and Price doesn’t make the Flames players better.

        Now, did you have something intelligent to contribute?

      • Just throwing them back at you genius! Today you dump on the Flames and the Jackets, seems that is your contribution.

  3. The Bruins had an experienced def that they wouldn’t resign. He was on ice for the Caps in a 1 goal game the last shift of the game. Bruins didnt need to move on from Chara when they did. If they wanted to get the younger players more looks they should have let Miller go based on his injuries and ability to get through a season. Chara is on the 1st PK for the Caps and they use him in key situations. He’s playing well, Bad Job Sweeney

    • ccrob, first off it was Chara who wouldn’t resign in Boston; he felt he had more to offer then the Bruins were willing to pay him.

      If he was in Boston today he be getting 25 minutes plus due to injuries.

      IMO it was still the right offer, I like how every one show him fighting Matt Martin but in the same game they don’t show how Barzal flew around him as if he was a pylon to score a highlight goal.

      Chara should’ve been traded 3 years ago for assets.

    • Chara is still doing what Chara does crrob. Still a really effective player from the blue line in.
      B’s made the decision to play their young guys as both were waiver eligible so now or never.
      I think they chose Miller as he is a RD and they wanted Zboril and Lauzon playing their strong side.
      I think they miss Chara as a leader more than a player.
      The young D have been fine.
      The Bruins PK is the best in the NHL without Chara. Even better than last year with Chara.
      B’s defend well, they don’t score enough.

      The problem with the D is that key guys have been injured and they don’t have the depth they had last year. Chara didn’t want to be “depth”. Chara is now a Cap.

      • Bruins GM Don Sweeney rushed out and immediately mad signing Kevan Miller his priority instead of signing Chara.

        Kevan Millar has had serious injuries , his kneecap broken TWICE. No wonder he has missed so many games this year!!
        No GM with any brains would have signed Miller.
        You knew he would not be injury free.

  4. Greetings All…CBJ 1-5-1 on the road trip clearly signals that changes are coming. Savard & Foligno (if he is willing/interested in waiving to a contender to chase a cup) are clearly their 2 mot valuable trade assets. DelZotto, Nash, Grigorenko, Harrington (albeit w/ 1 yr remaining at 1.6) all could be depth adds. I will be interested to see if they are willing to listen on Jenner at the TDL. I think he’ll resign in the offseason but if they are doing way more of a re-tool than anticipated it is possible. Interested in hearing what teams and offers folks think may be coming. Huge, franchise defining offseason for CBJ that will determine the direction for next 5+ years.

    • Deacon, if Savard is traded do you think Columbus will try to sign him this summer?

      • GP. I don’t believe Savard will re-sign in CBJ. I think he will command more on the market than they are able/willing to pay given the other major contracts needed for Jones, Laine, & Werenski.

        I do believe there is mutual interest in re-sign Foligno.

      • GP, I don’t think so. He’s been an important part of the core but he’ll get more on the UFA market than CBJ will be willing to offer given the major contracts coming up for Jones, Laine, and Werenski. I do believe there will be mutual interest in re-signing Foligno though.

    • Deacon, I take no pleasure in pointing out your Jackets trend line is already known. It is not pretty.

      The Jackets franchise is ranked # 29 in value by Forbes, which notes it’s value actually decreased last year. The Athletic ranks their prospect pool at # 27. Estimate of fan attendance vary between 20th and 25th. In a season where every team is leaking money it must be worse for Columbus’ finances.

      Then there is Torts. His style of tight defense is understandable on a team with limited offense, but if you are a UFA who is a difference maker, does Torts’ Captain Blye style, the team’s chances of winning, and (sorry) playing in Columbus as a city seem attractive?

      Sure, Folino and Savard might come off the books after this year, but sadly 10 million isn’t going to bring in players that will change their fortunes.

      I wish I could say something optimistic about the Jackets but even on Bright Monday I struggle to cheer you up.

      • LJ, The future could be bleak in CBus but I’ll remain optimistic until I see what moves Jarmo makes. It is believed Torts is retiring (or moving on if he chooses to continue coaching) and my evaluation of the CBJ future hinges on who they select as the next coach and the ability to sign Jones and Laine. If Jones pulls a Panarin they are in for a lengthy, painful rebuild and it also reinforces the narrative that the best player wont stay. However, if Jones and Laine re-sign and Jarmo is able to fill the pressing need for a C they could be a contender much sooner than the current bleak landscape would indicate. They will trade a goalie and I beleive they can’t afford to keep Werenski if they sign both Jones and Laine to any term. So they have assets to move….will it be enough? No idea….

      • LJ your Habs aren’t that much better

      • Kudos for your optimism, Deacon. I do believe a culture change is important for the Jackets. Torts has to coach the team he has, not the team he wants but I agree that a coach who is less draconian will be more appealing to players.

  5. Crrob I like Chara also but have watched many Cap games and Chara is still Chara big slow easy to skate around not mean enough and good on pk Boston did offer him the same contract Caps did but he didn’t like the roll they wanted him for.

  6. Back to Johnny Gaudreau,

    How would Gaudreau compare to Huberdeau?

    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins?

    Would the teams agree to a trade?

    All three drafted in 2011

    Nugent-Hopkins #1, 642 gp, 181 G, 471 pts (C)

    Huberdeau #3, 575 gp, 162 (G), 479 pts, (C)

    Gaudreau # 104, 503 gp, 164 (G) 472 pts (LW)

    Aside from lacking “pedigree” like Sam Bennett, this guy has been overperforming his whole career, maybe others could learn from him.

    • I would take Huberdeau and the Nuge over Johnny Hockey all day, everyday.
      Last I checked, there were two ends of a rink.
      He’s an extremely gifted puck distributor and his quickness can back guys off, but he’s soft and weak where it really counts.
      A definite homerun for Calgary, drafting him where they did, but I’d trade him if I was able.
      Lindholm, Tkachuk, and Monahan will be fine without him.
      The real question is what kind of return does he bring to Calgary?

      • 2422,

        I raised Nugent-Hopkins and Huberdeau because their stat lines are similar to Gaudreau and they are all from the same draft class.

        The critique on him is that he’s too soft and disappears when the going gets tough and his offense falls off, not the back end of a 200 ft game. He’s also a Winger with less responsibilities on the back end than a Centre.

        Yet his playoff production is higher than both Nugent-Hopkins and Huberdeau.

        My intention isn’t to say he is better or more valuable than they are but surely he is right up there with them at close to comparable levels,.

        At 27y/o most teams would love to have him and my guess is that the folks who want to run him out of Calgary are expecting a return based on his production.

      • Agreed, SOP.

        My answer is not much. Gaudreau has had two mediocre seasons in a row now, and is trending down. Most teams defend well against the stretch pass and that was his bread and butter.

  7. Don’t concern yourself with someone like Kyle Palmeri coming to Boston by the time Sweeney usually pulls off a deal the only thing that’s left are table scraps. Look for someone like a Hal Gill or Jimmy Hayes to fill out the roster. Say bye Don , see ya later Newley. write if you get work!

    • Palmarie oh no we might miss out on a guy who can only score against a depleted Bruins team. What ever shall we do? No teams are making any moves. You CANT make teams trade because you want them to. Just like if you want a guy in the FA market you HAVE to overpay 9 times out of 10. Like are you even really a bruins fan? Do you have any real clue about Hockey operations in the big leagues? Or is this more Spoiled New England sports fans crap?

      • There’s quite few people on this site I’ve come to respect and I appreciate their comments even the critical ones. You’re not one of those people Bergyboy. Look how bout You don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.

  8. Halak is CV positive & Tuukka Rask seems to have left the building again….fun times in Beantown

    if this was posted twice sorry

    • I’m hoping Vladar goes on a crazy run and leads Boston to cup title a la Jordan Binnington 2019.

  9. Skinner to NYI for Komarov, Ladd & Bellows ??

  10. Most nights I don’t think that Johnny Hockey needs a shower post game. He is good when he wants to be but the nights are few and far between. If nothing happens in Calgary who will be the GM next year?

  11. Johnny Gaudreau is a good hockey player and does a lot for that community. He seems to be a whipping boy and with the defensive minded Sutter there can’t imagine things getting better.

    Think he needs a change of scenery.. I would take him on the Penguins.

    Jason Zucker and our number# 2 pick for Johnny Hockey..

    if you want defense
    Marcus Peterrsson and our number # 2 pick


    • Nope. Gaudreau on Pittsburgh would mean 80 point Gaudreau again, Zucker, Petterson and a 2nd altogether is not enough for Gaudreau. IMHO.

      Quality needs to be met with quality, not a lesser player plus a “maybe 3 or 4 years down the road could possibly make the NHL in likely a bottom six role”

      • AUGUST US…jason zucker is a speedy top 6 winger, pettersson can play in your top 4 top 6 easily and a number two pick..

        Cant see Calgary getting a whole lot better than that…and if you think the under achieving Taylor Hall 3 goals $ 8 million salary is better than (ZUcker who has 6 and he missed 18 games) and a young 24 year old defenseman..good luck you’ll be on Par with Buffalo..and there decision making process.

        We shall see if you think GUdreau doesnt bring it every night..have you seen Taylor hall play the last 2 seasons.
        Good luck

    • Hi BnG,

      Zucker has those qualities, sure, but a happy Gaudreau has them a lot more!

      I don’t recall ever saying anything about Taylor Hall myself, I don’t like the idea of Calgary getting him.

      Yes, I do believe the Flames could get better than that for Gaudreau, and if they trade him, they’d better get better than that! I’m not doubting the capabilities of those players, but I really don’t see how that trade, even with all 3 pieces involved from PIT side, makes the Flames any better. And that, after all, is the goal of any trade, to become better.

      • Question why isnt he working in Calgary?

        What would you take in a trade for Johnny hockey..
        I’m telling you he would thrive in Pittsburgh being around Crosby and Malkin there wodnt be that savior pressure he has on him..and when Malkin is done he slots in at #2 center.

        Do you think he will b better u der Sutter who has blasted him already with the whole I hope he is better in game nu.ber 500 than he was in game 499.

        Is he just lazy? Does he want out?
        What would accept for him?

      • That’s a good question – I don’t think Sutter’s style fits Gaudreau’s style, to be honest. Sutter coaches dump and retrieve, and on the D side, constant hounding of the player with the puck, but with positioning in mind still. Gaudreau I feel thrives in a less rigid team system.

        The ideas out there, like Konecny straight up for him, I still like Konecny plus.

        No question Gaudreau would thrive in Pittsburgh, I think so too… what would I ask from Pittsburgh? Probably more than you’d want to give up, I would start with Kapanen and add a couple pieces.

        My point was more trying to say that if you look at the market, where a guy like Mattias Ekholm’s ask is a first rounder plus a top end prospect, Gaudreau would fetch better than the Zucker/Pett/2nd – this season he has no limits on his contract, so if he’s dealt before next season’s run kicks in, he can be dealt anywhere, with a year left on his deal, so there would be a bidding war for him.

        Next season he has a modified NTC kick in, which would drive his price down as the Flames’ options become weaker.

        What beyond Gaudreau would be enough to ask PHI for Farabee and Konecny together? Rittich and an additional pick?

      • Gaudreau, Rittich, Bennett for Farabee and Konecny?

    • Strong Rumor : Penguins #2 draft pick this year is untouchable.

      • Gaudreau, Rittich, Bennett for Farabee and Konecny?

        Never going to happen! If you want farabee then we want Rasmus Anderson in a deal.

      • Wow if that’s true they sure dont have much to trade unless it’s a player

  12. Re: the Flames.

    I’ve lived in Calgary since 1997 and have seen all of the various versions come and go. I was 17 when the Flames made their 2004 run, then witnessed the slow death of that group as Sutter became GM and filled the lineup with players like Darren McCarty, Mike Leclerc, Curtis Glencross, Nils Hagman, Ian White, Matt Stajan, Nigel Dawes, Kristian Huselius, Olli Jokinen, the list goes on … these were the players Sutter brought in and expected to be the ones to help Iginla. Alex Tanguay was a rare good move and played well those few years.

    Then came the new era – with Gaudreau, Monahan, was supposed to be Sven Baertschi too but Jay Feaster picked wrong, in hindsight. Treliving came on board and started putting together something nice. The Hamilton trade worked out well initially, the Flames with the same core group (minus Tkachuk maybe?) finished 2nd in the NHL in 2018-19 with 50 wins. JG, Monny and Lindholm drove the offence and the team looked like a real contender. Then they got dumped in the 1st round.

    Since then, there has been a steady decline with this group – these players COULD, theoretically, be that 50 win team again, they were playing the right way apparently that regular season.

    Something changed, but I can’t pin-point the real issue myself. Attitude, culture, some players checking out mentally, who knows. But the clock is running out, and if the Flames are going to re-tool on the fly, they best do it now before Tkachuk gets too old to live through a total rebuild.

    • Niklas Hagman, not Nils, sorry

      • Augustus…Bng here..how about jason zucker 28 proven speedy 20 goals

        Marcus pettersson 24 top 4 top 6 dman

        Our number #2 pick this year

        Number # 1 pick next year


  13. If anyone thinks Kyle Palmieri will move any teams needle your fooling yourself Kyle is not any teams answer. Not sure I see any name in players likely to be traded as the answer use the offseason to make your moves trade line deals normally blow up in teams face. Keep your first round picks and your best prospects.

    • Agree Obe.
      Rask has a wonky back and Carlo can’t remember why he is in his garage.
      Not good.
      If Rask is out long term that is the perfect excuse not do make a move.

      Having said that, I still think Sweeney makes a move, because that is what GM’s do in this situation.

      Go Vladar go. Might even see Swayman once or twice unless Halak is a false positive.

  14. For the first number of games under Darryl Johnny was clearly instructed to dump and chase. He is not soft he is small at 5’6” and a buck 50. Staring over the last 3-4 games he is carrying the puck into the O zone. A big part of his lack of production is (leading the team in goals) is Monahan and recently Ritchie’s lack of finish . Monahan”s last goal was when ?

    Laughton Konecny and a pick would get me talking about moving Johnny .
    I think at the deadline D.Ryan Rittich & Bennett could be on the move

  15. The thoroughbreds in Calgary, to answer a question, are Gaudreau and Monahan.

    Gaudreau explained earlier, Monahan is 2nd in his draft class in goals, 2 less than McKinnon and 32 more than Barkov.

    McKinnon has 13 goals, Barkov has 14 and Nugent Hopkins has 12.

    Gaudreau and Monahan didn’t drop off a cliff and forget how to play hockey, but they have dropped off under Geoff Ward and Daryl Sutter.

    Thoroughbreds aren’t expected to be hitched to chuckwagons and coaching is dependent on the players. Clearly these two guys have been and are being misused.

    I’m not a Flames fan and the more they lose the better for the team I favour, but I don’t like seeing whipping boys either.

    • agreed how coaches want players to play to the coaches style and play that 200 FT game

      but if that 200 ft game is defend, shotblock and chip adn chase offense then Johhny G and Monahan aren’t that type of player and it is NOT their fauly….it is the coaches for not adapting the system to get the best out of them.

      Like Torts in CMB
      Laine is not a shot block backchecking chip and chase guy. he is a receive the pass in transitions rushes and bury it type of player.

      there is adapting as aplayer then there is being something you are not.

      coaches have to walk the line and tend to push players to do things they are not

      Scottie Bowman was one of the FEW good at it and even he had a heated relationship with Federov. He put Federov on D bc Feds wanted to jjust play offense.

      Keenan made Kovalev stay out for like 5minutes bc he took too long a shift and kovalev though it was bc he was playing well.

      So yea.

      CGY secondary moves of Lucic and other moves have been the problem. Cannot rely on 2 guys to be 100% every second. if ya ride them for 82 games expect them to taper in the playoff grind. if ya rest them and help them then playoff time they have a chance to stay energized.

    • Can’t say I am an expert on Gaudreau and Monahan, but I would be shocked if Sutter is ordering Johnny to chip and chase into the neutral zone.
      Unless of course it is those instances where he is consistently turning the puck over for odd man rushes the other way. Or they are plugging up the neutral zone and you aren’t entering the zone with the puck enough. Then ya, chip it and chase it and stop turning it over. Make good decisions.

      You guys are talking like Sutter is an idiot coaching tier 3 minor hockey.

      He has won 2 cups, one as recently as 2014. Also played in the NHL for 8 years.

      Yes he hold players accountable, but he won’t try and change a thorough bred into a plow horse. He didn’t with Iginla when I lived in Calgary and shared season tix.
      There is a minimum expectation with regards to work ethic, structure and battle level. And it starts with your highest paid leadership guys to set the tone.

      You don’t win if you don’t have all 3. Sutter knows that. Treliving had to sign him to 3 years or he wouldn’t have left the farm. I think he was at a cattle auction when the call came.

      Comparing Sutter to Torts is ridiculous. They are completely different people, other than they both like defensive hockey. Don’t blame Sutter for what fans or Eric Francis say about these players.

      He was brought in to identify and fix the problems. Sutter will tell management and the players the truth. That’s the easy part. He is a hard ass with a shelf life, granted, but Flames management thought they needed it. That is more telling IMO.

      • I mostly agree with you Ray. The difference is you can’t scream at or scare today’s players to motivate them. They are all aware that if they tune the coach out he will likely be fired. I have seen it happen too many times in Calgary .

      • I don’t think Sutter is a screamer Sparky. I don’t think he will embarrass players on the bench or in front of the team. He played as did the rest of his family, so I would think he knows better.
        He will be honest with them though, good or bad. He definitely won’t buy into BS excuses if there are any. He knows better in that regard as well.

      • Ray, I guess you haven’t seen him scream at Nestorov and others on the bench or his press conference where when asked by the media what he thought of Gaudreau playing in his milestone 500th game said he hoped he would bring more effort than he did in his 499th
        Millennials don’t respond well to yelling or embarrassing them.

  16. Vladar alone just isn’t good enough the D needs to step up and the forwards have to help out ….. nothing wrong with winning 2-1 games

  17. I am not that keen on Vlad but, would like to see Swayman given a chance, don’t forget Vlad’s first kick at the can he wasn’ t very good. Swayman was one of the best college goalies to come along in years and he has staggering numbers in the ahl. I’d like to see him come of age this year. But at least give him a crack tomorrow night against the flyers.

  18. The Predators reportedly seek three assets (including a first-round pick and a top prospect) for Ekholm is the mantra being reported for weeks with all kinds of attempted justifications for the ask.

    It clearly isn’t an ask GM’s are willing to entertain or it would have happened all ready.

    This guy is going to go for a fraction or he’s going to be drafted by Seattle.

    Poile will be lucky to get a salary in and out at this point

    • Please go to the Cap Friendly Expansion Draft Simulator and tell us the Nashville forwards you would protect instead of 4 defensemen.

      The reason they can ask so much for Ekholm is that they don’t have to trade him.

  19. What are the opinions on Ullmark .
    I know nothing about him .

    Could he be an affordable pickup , not dollar wise, but trading for him

    I watched Rittich last night , definitely a NO …

    I watch Sutter interviews . IMO , Dinosaur coach, he singles out his players , judgemental , something that should’ be private
    Players don’t march to those type of coaches anymore .
    That organization needs some changes, for Sure , maybe weed out Trieviling ..

    Tkachuk won’t be going anywhere , but WOW, what a pick up , if he was made available .Marchand capabilities , that guy

  20. The playoff fate of Boston and Philly this week. Both play 5 games and 3 against each other. Then the trade deadline.

    You picked a fine time to leave me Lucile

  21. I am pretty sure Gaudreau or Monahan will not be traded at the deadline.
    The players that will most likely be traded will be Bennett, Ryan, maybe Rittich and possibly Nesterov.

    Gaudreau is not so much a whipping boy in the regular season but becomes our favorite whipping boy when the playoffs start. The style of play changes so much that Johnny is just not effective. Both Johnny and Monahan cannot up their game when the playoffs start. The goal is to win the Stanley cup and unfortunately they will not win in the playoffs if these two are your markee players.
    Johnny is on hell of a player, exciting to watch and is the price of admission in the regular season and should get a very nice return for him.

    The other thing I have heard people talking about is there is something wrong in the dressing room and that is another reason why Sutter was hired to get to the root of the problem.

    I firmly believe next year will a much better year for the Flames, but if it isn’t you can bet your last dollar Treliving will be let go.

    • Full disclosure. I am a big fan of both Monahan and Johnny. They are excellent players, but both are far from being roughhousers.
      I’m probably gonna get blasted for this, but I think the issue is with Tkachuk.
      If they aren’t gonna trade Johnny than Tkachuk has to go. Face it. He’s a 30+ goal 60+ point agitator. Not much more, but he’s coveted across the league. That’s the guy who would bring back the best return outside of Johnny. His style of play doesn’t do anything for the rest of the group other than drag them into scrums which they clearly want no part of. Trade him and Ryan to St. Louis for Schwartz and Tarasenko.

  22. Sparky if millennials don’t do well with criticism and being embarrassed than they need to not play sports or find a job just stay home with their parents. What a joke look in the mirror the excuse is always there.

    • Obe, there is a reason that there aren’t many hard ass coaches in the NHL. Tell me how do you motivate them.