Predators No Longer Sellers In NHL Trade Market?

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Rumors, Soapbox | 5 comments



  1. What would they be asking for bennett?

  2. As a Leafs can we all dispense with the Granlund and Bennett talk to the Leafs? They need a goalie… everyone knows that!

    • As a Leafs fan… ugh

      • That’s exactly what I always say! Then I usually shake my head in disgust.

  3. What the Leafs need the most is a reality check. Campbell’s health is questionable and Hutch is not an option for playoff success.
    Another consideration is sitting Thorton. Rested or not he is struggling in a big way. Everyone respects the man but winning requires tough decisions. It starts with a winger that is 42 and skating like it.
    One lousy PP goal in weeks is not good enough. A new PP coaching voice is required. Predictable and slow are the terms to describe the PP at this point. With this talent that is absurd.
    This team needs playoff JAM. Lemieux to LA for a #4 pick was a perfect example of missing the boat for just such a player. Too many Leaf stars getting manhandled without so much as a response.