What Next For The Ottawa Senators?

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Soapbox | 5 comments



  1. Golf?!?

  2. The previous 2-3 years it was, for sure, hard to convince top echelon UFAs – or seasoned veterans to waive NM/NT clauses for trade purposes, to consider relocating to Ottawa – assuming they even tried.

    However, expect that to change now that all signs point to better things to come. I don’t anticipate that Dorion will sell the farms to bring in a “top C” simply because I believe what they have now in the system, led by Norris, Stuetzle and Pinto, with the huge Sokolov showing that he’s not too far away either, eventually forming one of the best C corps top to bottom.

    And Melnyk will pay what it takes. As for spending right up to the cap, no I don’t believe they ever will as they’ll follow the pattern set by Brian Murray who was convinced that teams that spend every available nickel wind up unable to bring in needed help at the trade deadline due to lack of cap space. He felt that, if your organization was well stocked with developing players at the AHL/Junior/College levels, it was wise to always leave $3 to $4 mil “wiggle room” for acquisitions as and when needed.

    What I am willing to bet on, however, is that Dorion will scour the market – especially among the cap-strapped teams – to try and find a seasoned Top 4 D to go along with the veterans Chabot and Zaitsev. He has the necessary lures in terms of prospects and picks, including their 1st this year which looks to be another Top 5. That, however, would only be dangled IF the D-man being sought is considered a “prized” acquisition.

    It’s going to be fun to watch.

  3. As a Hab fan this is the type of rebuild we need . I do like what the Habs have done this year but the Sens look great for years to come .

    There were many great points from Lyle and George I would like to add one is that this year you have not heard a word from Melnyk or any of the other executives . If they let the the GM and coaches do there job and stay out of things the future is very bright .

  4. Sens are needing a True top line centre and a top 4 D. Hopefully Norris or Stutzle become that Centre.

    In regards to the signing of veterans to help this roster. That is what they did this year. Things improved when they started moving out those veterans and allowed the youth to take ownership of the team. There is something to be said about Pride of Ownership. The veterans new they were stop gaps. No real drive to improve the team beyond a personal contract in the future.

    The Senators will sign veterans to augment the line up but no more than any other team who signs NHL players over the summer. The goal was to allow the youth to take over the team. It is and has happened. No need or sense in resetting the cloak on this rebuild.

  5. I’m pumped about the future for the Senators & I am hoping they stick to the plan. I am not worried about defense, Chabot, Brannstrom, Docker, Zub, & Sanderson feel like they are locks to me. I think our big question become Center and if Stueztle fits into those plans. If he becomes a number one C, which I think he can be, than Stuetzle, Norris, Pinto is a deep core to have!

    I also think we overlooked Gustvasson in goal, who even before his brief call up was the guy to me. If they can keep them both, I see Gustavsson/Daccord battling it out for a couple of years in Ottawa to be the guy.

    This draft also offers some intrigue if we are a Top 5 pick, to add another high end talent into the organization. I can see the need to add some more veteran talent that into the bottom 6 to help play tougher match ups on the checking lines though. Particularly someone who can mentor Nick Paul and eventually Grieg.