NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 30, 2021

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The Canadiens force Game 7 against the Leafs, David Pastrnak leads the Bruins to a Game 1 victory over the Islanders, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: An overtime goal by Jesperi Kotkaniemi lifted the Montreal Canadiens to a 3-2 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs in Game 6 of their first-round series before 2,500 fans at the Bell Centre in Montreal. The seventh and deciding game of this series goes Monday night in Toronto.

Montreal Canadiens center Jesperi Kotkaniemi (NHL Images).

Power-play goals by Corey Perry and Tyler Toffoli gave the Canadiens a 2-0 lead in the first half of the third before Jason Spezza and TJ Brodie tied it for the Leafs. Habs goalie Carey Price made 41 saves for the win, including 13 in overtime.

Leafs defenseman Jake Muzzin left the game in the third period with an apparent groin injury. Canadiens blueliner Jon Merrill missed his game with an undisclosed injury and could be sidelined 1-2 weeks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Teetering on the brink of elimination after Game 4, Montreal has stormed back to set up a winner-take-all match on Monday night. For the second straight game, the Canadiens took a multi-goal lead, the Leafs rallied to tie it, but the Habs get the win on goals by their young forwards.

I expected the Leafs to put forth a better effort in this game after they came out flat in Game 5. Instead, they were worse in Game 6, with only the goaltending of Jack Campbell (especially in the first period when he made 15 saves) preventing a lopsided Montreal victory.

The series momentum has shifted in the Canadiens’ favor, leaving the Leafs reeling as they face the ghosts of recent Game 7 failures. As someone noted on Twitter last night, even if the Leafs win this series, it doesn’t bode well for their Stanley Cup chances when they needed seven games to beat the worst team to qualify in this year’s playoffs.

If the Canadiens pull off this upset, it would be arguably the greatest series comeback in franchise history.

David Pastrnak tallied a hat trick to lead the Boston Bruins to a 5-2 win over the New York Islanders in Game 1 of their second-round series. David Krejci collected three assists for the Bruins, who lost winger Craig Smith with a lower-body injury. Jordan Eberle had two assists for the Isles. Game 2 is Monday night in Boston. The game was played before some 17,000 fans at Boston’s TD Garden as pandemic restrictions ease in Massachusetts.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: More fans being allowed back into NHL arenas in recent weeks brings a feeling of normalcy that was missing for most of the regular season.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman expects Mike Sullivan will return as head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins next season. There were questions about Sullivan’s future following the Penguins’ first-round exit against the Islanders.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins haven’t formally announced Sullivan’s return. Friedman, however, is among the best-connected insiders in the league. I daresay he’s heard from a reliable team source (President of hockey ops Brian Burke, perhaps?) regarding Sullivan’s status.

CBS SPORTS: Minnesota Wild defenseman Jonas Brodin injured the AC joint in his left shoulder during Game 7 of his club’s series with the Vegas Golden Knights. He’s not expected to require surgery and should be ready for training camp in September.

ARIZONA SPORTS: Brian Daccord, the Coyotes special assistant to the general manager and director of goaltending operations, reportedly resigned from the team.



  1. Can’t wait to hear the rationale and/or excuses – especially for Matthews/Marner (1 goal between them in 6 games + OTs) – surpassed by a soon-to-be 38 y/o (3 goals for Spezza) and a player many advocate trading for D help (Nylander 4 goals – 3 assists – 7 points).

    • I think it’s safe to assume Freddy Anderson will be the excuse , eh Wendell , just can’t win an elimination game for the life of him ….. wait a minute! Injuries , had to be injuries . Carey price , the pandemic , bad luck . It can’t possibly be the stars disappearing or the team / coach / gm

    • George the matthews line is dominating the Danaul line. The puck possession stats are completely 1 sided. I get that Matthews only has 4 points in 6 games but Danault has 0 points and is a minus 3. Matthews has been playing well this series. Just because a series goes to 7 games doesn’t mean the teams played like garbage. It’s the NHL for cruthers sakes. Leafs haters and lovers need to relax. Game 7 is on Monday so let’s worry about this on Tuesday. You mentioned Spezza but he would be leading the Habs in points, same with Matthews, Nylander, Marner ect.. . This is when we find out if the leafs are ready to make a run to the cup or it. They are the better team this time so they should win not like the Boston series or even the Columbus series where the teams were even. If the leafs won everything is fine. People need to relax It’s a game. Enjoy the playoffs and quit making big issues out of nothing. Nothing better than a game 7 and we’re talking about the leafs vs Habs here. This is awesome.

      • Domination is subjective as Hell and = zero if the end result is not more goals than the other team. So, why? Can’t be that over-rated G Price could it?

      • George it’s not subjective the stats are there. When Matthews is on the ice against Danault the play is in Montreals end Google it it’s so one sided it’s not even funny. Those are facts not opinions or the eye test of people who have no clue. 4 points and a plus 2 compared to 0 points and a minus 3 is pretty obvious on its own but its over 70 percent possession in the Habs zone when Matthews is on the ice against Danault. Sorry that’s not subject to opinion it’s a fact.

      • Not only that George Matthews is first in shots, 3rd in hits, 1st in staels and near the bottom in turnovers. Pretty dominant if you ask me. Just because he’s not scoring 5 goals a game doesn’t mean that his line isn’t the most dominant of both teams. By the way since Danault is on the ice with Matthews I imagine you pretty much have to reverse Matthews stats so not so good. Only thing that matters is the score though and we’re going to game 7. Quit flip flopping. One second it’s the leafs are dominating the next post it’s they disappeared. The Habs won 2 games in a row that’s all that happened. They both went to overtime on top of that. I’m every team in the league win 2 in a row at some point lol.

      • When the Hell did I EVER flip-flop OR say the Leafs were “dominating?”

        I have repeatedly said I think the Leafs will win this series because, on a comparative, there is no way the Habs are in the same ballpark talent-wise.

        IF Matthews and Marner are dominating but not scoring there has to be a reason the pucks are not going in the net. Goalposts? Cross-bars? Blind luck by that “over-the-hill grossly overpaid stiff goalie Price”?? For 6 straight games plus OT sessions?

        Talk about condescending “lol” !!

      • It’s only 6 games George Matthews went on a stretch where he only got 1 goal in seven games during the regular season. Why make such a big thing out of it, it happens. Like I said he’s leading the series in shots so they’re just not going in, it happens. Toffoli only has 1 goal in the series. The point is you’re making way to big of a deal out of it and even though the puck isn’t going in the net for Mathews during these short 6 games doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been a factor. Again look at Mathews stats and the Danault. It’s not even close. Actually put Matthews stats against Danault. Actually Matthews would be tied for the lead in points on the Habs. Danault would be at the very bottom on the leafs. Again facts are fact and I can’t say thus enough the only thing that matters is the score and who wins the series. The leafs are the better team and should win this. If they don’t then come here and make up stuff on Matthews and Marner ect.. whatever you do though use your supposed eye test and not the actual facts because it’s pretty one sided.

      • Roger , is it danaults job to score in this series or to limit the leafs top line ? I think if you told the habs fans prior to series through 6 games danault would have zero points but Mathews marner would combine for 1 goal they would take it all day everyday and twice on Sunday’s . Would leaf fans have taken danault kept off the scoreboard as long as the possession numbers were strong and a combined 1 goal from m and m ? The answer is no . Danault is doing his job , Mathews are Marner are not . 11 million doesn’t pay for good possession or underlying numbers , it’s paid to produce , and produce on the biggest stages

      • Enjoying your exchange with Roger, George?

        I particularly like this comment:

        “People need to relax It’s a game.”

      • Craig Danaults line gas been dominated so I don’t know what you mean. It’s that lines job to outperform his line. Danault Is failing miserably. Over 70% of the offensive zone time is in tha habs end when Matthews is on the ice, Matthews leads the series in shots and is 3rd in the series in hits. Mathews has 4 points in six games and is a plus 2. Danault has 0 points and is a minus 3. Matthews lhas won most of the face off against Danault as well. Other than opinion where is Danaults line doing anything against the Matthews line It’s not defensively as he’s a minus 3. Matthews has more hits so its not the physical play. He’s not outscoring them. Danault is playing over 70% in the defensive zone because the Matthews line is driving the play so where is Danaults line having any affect on the outcome of the game exactly. Lj the problem is I’m correct and you’re wrong that’s why there’s no point in arguing with you see our first exchanges before the season started then look at your comments 3/4 of the way in to the seasons. You did a complete 180 and started posting the exact same stuff I was saying about the Habs. Plan and simple LJ I’m right and you’re wrong sorry.

      • What am I wrong about, Roger? I didn’t state an opinion. You have an ongoing habit of rebutting comments from others here that were never made. It is like you inhabit a reality exclusive to yourself.

        However, as fruitless as attempting an exchange with you is, you can declare yourself the uncontroverted fact champion of the “Matthews dominates Danault’s line” statistics.

        A pyrrhic victory for you and the Leafs so far, Roger. Games are decided on goals for and against. So you engage in another extended rant for no gain other than your deep seeded need to be right.

        What is my opinion on game 7? I think by superior offensive talent or eventual dumb luck the Leafs will win. It is extremely hard for any team to win three in a row, and Matthews and Marner are too good to continue to fire blanks.

        Now about your people need to relax comment ….

      • Spot on Craig. As for possession numbers (I’m not a stats guy so honest questions here) they seem off. Not in the ‘lie’ sense; in the not telling the whole story sense. Like how many quality slot chances do those possession numbers add up to? It seems to me Mattewes/Marner are given all the time they want on the outside but Price is not giving up rebounds. The result is lots of time with the puck in zone but few results. Price is part of the reason and so is Danault. The cross ice pass has been stuffed in the Habs zone so far. The Habs cannot win in a ‘fancy’ game; only a lunch pail way. I do think this series would look very different if Tavares had not been hurt. Two bone-headed plays (Matthews over the boards play and Keefe’s goal challenge were key, nt sure the Habs could have pulled it off without them.

      • Roger . Quite simply , dominating is not a combined 1 goal over 6 from your 11 million dollar guys . Possession means exactly nothing , Danaults main job is to limit goals vs the leafs top line , nothing more and that’s a win for the habs , he has helped do just that . Marner and Mathews main job is to score goals , not drive possession . Fail . It’s as simple as that , don’t try to complicate things with fancy stats . It’s the biggest stage , it is time to produce to earn that 22 million , not seek moral victories for fancy stats

  2. “It seems to me I’ve heard that song before
    It’s from an old familiar score
    I know it well, that melody”
    Great tune, tired of hearing it.

    • Half of Toronto’s salaries are going to four forwards. Dumb move. Bad defense, just good enough goaltending. Which means that the only question is, how many more decades until the Leafs finally advance to the second round of the playoffs?

  3. Agree , “wait to hear the rationale and/or excuses” because during the season a few Maple Leafs fans excited in so many words , Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup. Now Game 7 vs Canadians !

  4. George
    U R bang on with your above mentioned comment .
    Marner and Matthews – GONE – Missing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!
    Anybody See their Whereabouts !!
    Marner has “2” game delay penalties , flipping the puck into the crowd !!! WHY !
    I will be quite interested to see the views on here , regarding the status of management , player movement , if they blow this series .
    Another topic of interest is why Keefe would put Dermot into the lineup , an error prone defenseman , cost them the overtime .
    My prediction , another rebuild in Leaf land in a couple of years

    Ps – On another note – Previous Negative Bruin fans on here –
    How are are they doing !!’

  5. Still a chance Leafs move on and maybe M and M pick up the scoring. Not having Tavares should be at top of list for excuses if team loses.
    Recent reports in NY that Rangers could be waiting on decision about Sullivan. If Pitt let’s him go, he’d be a candidate for NY job.

    • To quote an old R&B tune by Joe Tex “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show” – losing Tavares hurts, sure, but no way can that be an excuse IF – and that’s still a big IF – they go on to lose this series (still don;t think they will lose it).

      But why Keefe decided to replace Sandin with Dermott is, to quote Yul Brynner in The King And I, “a puzzlement.” OK, so the rookie committed a gaffe in game 5 – rookies do that, but so far Sandin has played quite well and seems to learn from his mistakes. Dermott, on the other hand, is simply gaffe-prone.

      Again, IF the Leafs go on to lose this round, there will be the usual flood of “chokers who haven’t won a playoff round in XX years … yadda yadda.” And that will have less to do with the end results as opposed to a serious analysis of the TYPE of player the organization keeps gravitating to.

      During a long, draggy season there are players – not just with the Leafs but all over the map – who will get that element of their fan base excited (and a large element it is) who, while their money is just as important as anyone else’s, are not what you could call “deep thinkers” when it comes to seeing beyond the scoreboard results. They absolutely adore the type of player who will rack up goals/assists over the course of a season in lop-sided wins against tired or funk-ridden opponents – and then can’t understand why they don’t perform at the same level when the playoffs roll around and the dregs of the league are whittled down.

      IF they lose it, fingers will be pointed at two of the big-salaried Fs, and both Keefe and Dubas will go under the microscope. But there are others. One, for example, is Hyman. Back a while I figured he could be the type of player who could rise to the occasion and be a key figure throughout the
      playoffs, scoring key goals at crucial times. So far he’s been invisible. Is Keefe not using him in those situations?

      Any game 7 is gut-check time. Now we’ll see what both sides are made of.

      • George, I think Hyman is still not 100%. As for Dermott/Sandin, unless Muzzin can come back for Game 7, both of them will likely be in the lineup.

      • Yikes

      • The problem in Toronto is bad management and coaching. PP sucks Keefe no answer, everybody knew Montreal would come out like gang busters in game 5 Keefe no answer (Muzzin post game interview even said they weren`t prepared), Danault throwing a blanket over Matthews Marner Keefe no answer, Montreal getting the line match ups Keefe no answer. Oh wait Keefe doesn`t believe in line match ups doesn`t make a difference he says. Nylander best Leaf forward Keefe asked why he doesn`t get as much ice time as Matthews Marner Keefe (post game 5 interview) classic response he doesn`t play on that line. Somewhere Babs is killing himself laughing. Injures not an excuse every team has them Keefe is a different story a yes man that can`t coach

  6. The series isn’t over yet, but the short answer to the question is Phil Danault and a Habs team with four solid lines.

    I know some folks make fun of Suzuki and KK but Ducharme hasn’t hesitated to put them up against them from time to time.

    Matthews and Marner aren’t responsible for bonehead plays by Bogosian. Brodie and Dermott that resulted in goals.

    Brodie scores a lucky goal and he becomes Bobby Orr?, What’s he doing chasing Suzuki into a corner on a 5 on 3 pp?? Suzuki could pick his pocket and leave some change and he did.

    The playoffs are a different animal, no 3 on 3, no shootouts, no padding team and individual stats with carnival tricks so I don’t see the results as surprising.

    That Caufield kid is pretty good eh

    • @habfan
      Danault quietly does things. this Ranger fan hopes they grab him this summer.

      The coach is telling the kids to do what they do best….and they are. You dont see Caufield or the other young forwards playing tentative. its fun to watch..reminds me of the Canes kids last playoffs

    • Yeah, let’s put him in the Hall of Fame right now, doesn’t matter what he accomplishes …

    • habfan30, re “Matthews and Marner aren’t responsible for bonehead plays by Bogosian. Brodie and Dermott that resulted in goals.” – no they certainly are not.

      However, they are responsible for not doing what they are paid $22.5 mil to do – score goals.

    • Habsfan30, Ducharme better give more ice time to the Habs 5/6 D, and to Staal’s line, because the Habs got by without using their depth. Weber et al were gassed.

      Depth is no good if it isn’t used.

    • hf30,

      Please do not sign praise of Ducharme’s & Bergevin’s handling of this playoff lineoff lineup.

      They were forced to put Kotkaniemi in the line up due injury, KK would still be sitting in the pressbox. They refused to dress Caulfield until they were in dire need of scoring. They still refuse to dress Romanov, so insinuation of Ducharme is letting the kids play is all road apples. They refuse to utilize their best skating D-men, in fact scratching him last game & giving him less than six & a half minutes of playing time last night. They are burning the Hell out of Perty, as they leaned hard on him down that condenses stretch. Now they are relying on four D-men??? What kind of a winning strategy is that??? Unless the ONLY goal is to beat the Leafs, it will kill them next round, if they can even continue to handle that pace for another game.

      Why in the love of Moses would any intelligent coach put Weber, Staal & Perry out on the ice together during second periods or any other even numbered period on long bench changes, when lead footed Jumbo Joe can skate circles around all three??? But every freakin game, there they are all out on the ice at the same time in the second & first OT periods!!!!

      Bergervin & his puppet Ducharme & call him a puppet, because he is between a rock & a hard place with this GM, are more the problem than they are the answer for the Habs, in the opinion of this die-hard Habs fan.

      To quote Knuckles Nilan on Habs Lunch Friday about leaning hard on four D-men, ” You can’t play far into the playoffs with that philosophy, you just can’t”.

  7. Game commentators last night going on and on about how the 23 YEAR OLD Auston needed to conserve his energy.
    What was that all about

    • Conserve it for what? Next regular season?

      • Golf

  8. Bruins sensationell bringen eis es. Despite some heavy hitting they never lost their composure. As for leafs Price is bringing it Campbell is starting to fade. At the beginning I thought the leafs would steamroll through Montreal and win over the oilers. I don’t think they have enough to get by Montreal. Goaltending & d in the playoffs is the name of the game. When you’ve got a team down 3-1 break them. Do not let it it go to seventh game.

  9. Canadian didn’t win yet. Series changes from one to another.

    With that said I got the 7 game series I wanted. The Jets will have over a week off, heal some wounds be well rested.

    The more they play more chances for injuries ie Muzzin; how long will he be out?

    I suspect the first game of the North final will be Thursday to lineup with a Saturday night tilt.

    • Caper,

      IMHO, neither team will be ready or willing to play the kind of game the Jets are going to bring in the next round.

      • Agreed. Regardless of Monday’s outcome, last meaningful game of the season for Mtl on Monday….imo

  10. Really Bad Mistake , Putting Dermot in for Sandin …
    Carey Price vs Campbell – No Contest …
    Marner – There isn’t enough “mustard “ for that hot dog
    Matthews had a pretty easy time, in the weakest division .
    It’s playoff time , the mindset is all together different .
    Some players take it up a notch or 2 -Money -Passionate of Lord Stanley !
    Others Go Missing, No Where to be Found !!!
    Shanahan has been signed on, for 5 more years ..
    Will he “suck” it up and realize the decision to hire boy wonder to be his GM , was indeed a “blunder” , or will he stick with him ….
    I just don’t know , the ideal person , to get them out of this mess ….
    Think about it, Marner and Tavares -$22 Million alone tied up – Waisted space !!!
    Ps.. Foligno , for a 1st rounder

    • A 1st and a 4th!

    • Ken, not much room around my waist – how about you? Or did you make a mistake there, Ken, as crazy as that must sound to you?

    • I’ve got co worker who is a diehard leafs fan And I told him the leafs would go far in the playoffs. I feel bad for this guy and all leaf fans right now, because this is easily fixable if they can get Tavares back and play Anderson I think they will win game 7.if not start Anderson Monday that will fire up the team and Anderson could play the game of his life Campbell “stick a fork in him,.

  11. Love watching the Maple Loaves wilt … and I thought the Penguins blueline was bad …

  12. I’d guess that the odds of Dominique Ducharme’s title remaining “Interim Head Coach” lessen with each Canadiens’ win.

    • I would say so he`s out coaching Keefe but then that`s not a huge accomplishment

    • Francis,

      I certain hope NOT!!!

      I have had enough of Bergervin & his minions.

      Nine years in, I am ready for a change in management & philosophy for this franchise.

  13. Re Leafs….. it brings back to me an ad jingle of my youth…. “Uh Oh…. Spaghettios!”

    Did I believe pre series that Leafs would win…. yes strong belief but not “absolutely sure”

    Did I envision a 7th game…. nope…. absolutely not

    To me, pressure is ALL on Leafs now

    Leafs were heavily favoured to win this series…. Button called for a sweep (Note… I rarely see it as Button does)

    Now a 7th game after losing 2 in OT….. If Leafs win game 7… it was what was fully expected (series win)…. before puck drop game one; they lose….. another game 7 loss and to the ‘21 playoff team lowest in this shortened seasons’ standings. Habs were not expected to win this series and can prepare (in temperament and stress) for game 7, in the words of Grapes… “ Loosy Goosy”

    Whereas each and every Leaf player, Leaf coaches, Leaf management, Leaf owners; Leaf fans (moi aussi ) , have their sphincters puckered purple and bruised; air-tight shut

    Uh Oh Spaghettios

  14. Good players perform during regular season great players get it done during Stanley Cup Playoffs it has always been that way. Great players make no excuses good players make excuses. Remember great players get it done on both sides of the red line and are on the ice when the team needs him most. NHL playoffs are the reason I watch hockey a completely different game than a regular season game it’s so awesome to watch and hear.

    • Obe–Your comment reminded me of what Wayne Gretzky said of Sidney Crosby in 2016: “(He) has proven over and over that he’s the best player in the game today. And it seems like the more important the game, the more impact that he makes on a game.”

      Since I have no way of contacting Gretzy, I’ll ask for your opinion on what I think is a most perplexing contradiction to your similar propositions: Why has Crosby fizzled in his last three playoff seasons?

      • Because he isn’t a kid anymore he is aging faster than most because of all the games he has played over the years.

  15. Keefe’s postgame interview pretty much says it all …


    Montreal is not the better team , but will more then likely , win this series

    Keefe doesn’t believe in line matching , not sure what that guys skill level is …

    Right now , he is being out coached and should avoid post interviews

    Dubais loves being viewed on National TV
    Total Chaos !!

  16. Big night from the Bruins top six. Pretty uneventful when the bottom six were out there……..just the way I like it. Bergeron is the best all around players in the game and Marchand isn’t real far behind. They play in every situation and thrive in them all. Pasta is really benefiting from being raised by those two. His efforts are really starting to show. I enjoy when he backchecks, and goes out of his way to lay hits on the opposing defensemen on the forecheck.
    Solid game from all D pairings and Rask made the saves he needed to.
    Good game overall.
    I heard there was another game on as well. How’d that turn out?

    • Even as a Die-Hard Habs fan, I have no issues saying Bergeron & Bad Brad are the best duo in the NHL at this time. Even on the backside of their careers, not only can the coach successfully put these two out in any situation , the more heated the situation, the more they thrive upon it!!

      I hate it!!! :p

      • Put a Marchand and Bergeron on the Sens next year and you have an instant serious contender. They are gold.

    • Bruins looked good in game one SOP. Had a plan, worked the plan, executed. A professional win. Pasta is comfortable with the puck on his stick right now, confident and patient. We gotta a chance if we can stay healthy!

      MTL vs Leafs: if you watched the Habs this year you knew they would be a tough out. Deep, physical sound defensively. Islander like. IMO the question was always Price. Which one would you get. Looks like a focused, healthy rested one.
      Anything can happen in game 7. Leafs have home ice and last change, I would bet on them if Muzzin plays, if not coin toss.

      My prediction is they win 4-2 with Matthews getting his hat trick with an empty netter. Great player who is due.

      Always liked KK, defend him on here regularly. Just a kid. Plays hard and is no shrinking violet either. It’s why he takes cheap shots so often, plays with an edge. B’s will take him if Habs don’t want him, but I think they do.

      Go B’s.

  17. Here is a comprehensive list of all the centers in the history of the NHL who have scored more goals than KK before the age of 21.
    1. Gretzky
    2. Modano
    3. Crosby

    Facts are important.

    • * In the playoffs.

    • Yet he wouldn’t be in the lineup if it had not been for the injury of Jake Evans.

      I wonder if Romanov has another level to his game. Unless there is an injury, I guess we will never know!!!

      • Uwey,

        You should be happy that Jake Evans has grown far beyond expectations and is pushing others out of the lineup.

        He pushed Tatar out, Lehkonen has been lights out on a line with Byron and Evans.

        It’s a good problem and will allow for different options against the Jets.

      • hf30, that was not a knock against Evans, it was against management for sitting KK & playing Staal.

    • Had he not stayed in the second-best league (the QSHL) until age 22 with the Quebec Aces, Beliveau would certainly have accomplished that.

  18. It is quite obvious to me at this point. This series is pretty near irrelevant. Whoever wins is losing round 2.

    • JJB, I agree. With everyone who counts healthy, and especially with Ehlers back, the Jets are going to be a very tough opponent for either the Habs or Leafs. I wasn’t totally surprised that they beat the Oilers – but 4 straight? While completely neutralizing McDavid and Draisaitl from inflicting any serious damage? THAT was as impressive – just as is the neatralizing (so far) of Matthews and Marner from doing what they do best.

      The difference, however, is that the Jets are also a very physical team – much more so than Toronto.

  19. It’s a crap shoot for round 2
    No favourite
    We all know now .
    Leafs are poorly coached and severely , badly managed ..

    Facts are evident in this series

  20. Who the Hell is this George Matthews that Roger Laurin speaks of???

    • No one really knows what Roger is ever talking about.

      If the Leafs win tomorrow we can expect chaos in here on Tuesday morning.
      Its been pretty quiet today, outside of the regulars that is.
      Everyone is nervous.