NHL Playoffs: Maple Leafs, Canadiens Set To Clash in Game 7

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  1. Great series from both teams. It’s nice when an underdog which was vastly underestimated brings it this far. As for my Leafs, thank you for game 4…re my post on the news page!

    Hope it’s a tight contested battle. Better team wins.

    • Yo! Ronny!!!

      Nylander coughed up the puck like a machine… or figure skater. Someone threatens his space (15ft) and it’s here… have the puck.

      Nobody nailed him… perhaps next year… if the Leafs make the playoffs.

      And the Leafs are stuck with that contract… ROTFLOL.


      • What about Marner and Mathews
        Or did U even watch the series !!!!!

      • Ken,

        Marner wasn’t much better than Nylander. But Nylander was far and away the biggest pussy on the ice. Zero grit… zero man… if that is playoff effort… ROTFLOL…

        Matthews was at least aggressive… played like a man… but sure got his ass whipped taking the draw.

    • Ron,

      How’d Nylander do?


      They should have kept Kapanen… someone with grit… and let Nylander go somewhere else.

      Oh well.

      Better luck next year.

      • Nylander was the leafs best player in the series zim , by a good margin . I do agree he shies away from contact for sure , and will throw the puck to avoid a hit , but he was good to really good this series overall

      • Craig,

        Go back and watch the games. He had one hit… and coughs the puck up every time someone gets close to him.

        No sacrifice at all… but nice figure skating.

        And… if he was the Leaf’s best player… ROTFLOL… expect more playoff losses.

  2. “We need to be tougher to play against” Well Kyle you have been outhit over 90 times more so far.
    “This is a great opportunity for our guys….” Well Sheldon if losing the past two to a weaker opponent makes for great opportunity, have at it.
    This powerplay continues to be the worst and yet our answer is to put the same players out there expecting different results?
    Joe Thorton is a HOF for sure but his level of play is sooooo glaringly weak he is not even NHL caliber but we dress him for every game including back to back down the stretch for meaningless games?? Puck skills incl. retention/recovery/ possession is none existent. No hits. No scrums. No skating. One tap in goal. The man is lost out there so what do we do? Put him out for the powerplay and OT!!!! Hey Sheldon stop the hero worship and start to coach to play to win.
    Reilly Nash brings a specific skillset to the table but sits because a 42 yr is out there playing like a 42 yr old?

  3. Leafs won’t do zip nobody will get fired or traded it’s just the way they do things.

  4. 1. No power play.
    2. Point men on D that never shoot the puck.
    3. Players who pass the puck
    too much.
    4. No one in front of the net ever on the power play.
    5. GM does nothing to help the power play because half the teams salary cap tied up in 4 players.
    6. Outhit. Players terrified.
    7. More turnovers than a local bakery.
    8. Nash plays one game.
    9. Foligno couldn’t gel with a non-Tortorella team. A non-Tortorella team is a soft team.
    10. Matthews and Marner produced zip, although Matthews was solid defensively.

  5. Well I think the old guys experiment is over they couldn’t keep up time to play some young hungry guys. Goaltending is an issue still, Nylander scored but plays terrified. Austin didn’t score and Marner is not built for playoffs in my opinion. Time for Scuba kid to get some help and make some huge moves but I doubt that happens. His stamp is on this team and he won’t change it. If I’m Leaf fan the smirk on Nylander face when he knew game was over would bother me something fierce.

    • I agree with the Nylander take… it’s as if he is afraid of getting injured.

      I watched enough Elite Series games (Swedish League)… and he would fit in there. They let guys prance through the slot unmolested.

      I remember talking to a buddy watching my first Elite Series game, and being astonished. Told my buddy that if we allowed guys to float around the slot in Bantam like they did, we’d be benched.

      Nylander plays like a Swede in a No Hit League… problem is, this is the NHL. And it’s the playoffs.

      This guy sat out to make big bucks… and that’s what he delivers when it matters most? ROTFLOL… lame…

      The should have kept Kapanen.

    • The stat that shocked me was reading that Marner doesn’t have a goal in 18 straight playoff games! I mean, there’s “bad luck” and then there’s …. what? And they pay $10 mil per for that?

  6. 10.9 to be precise.

    He wanted to be paid what he’s worth.

    The 41 yr old with the beard has more playoff goals than him in this series.

    Nylander was the only one generating any offense. However, it’s clear he is a disaster defensively. No clue where he is positionally, just looking for the puck to take off just like the kid in pee wee that was exempted from defensive responsibilities so he can score goals.

    Enjoy golf season boys. What an embarrassment.

    Sittler would never allow this carnival.