NHL Playoffs: Underdog Canadiens Face Uphill Battle Against Maple Leafs

by | May 18, 2021 | Soapbox | 6 comments



  1. Playoffs are a whole new season, the games are played differently, no more gimmicks and carnival shows like 3 on 3 and shootouts.

    It’s a grind with depth and goaltending being the difference makers and explains Kotkaniemi and Caufield not starting and Josh Anderson being on the 4th line and feasting on TML bottom pairing D.

    All subject to change of course, but it looks like the Danault and Evans lines shutting down the Matthews and Tavares lines.

    That leaves, the Toffoli, Suzuki, Armia and the Perry, Staal, Anderson lines against the Kerfoot and Spezza lines.

    I like the strategy and feel the Habs aren’t the underdog as described.

    With that being said, Mike Tyson is famous for saying everybody has a plan untll they get punched in the mouth.

    • HabFan30,

      Not sure if I agree with everything you said, but the regular season between the two was closer than the resultant records indicate. This series will be close (6 or 7 games) and I suspect will have 2-3 overtimes. This is a bit off the board but I think the difference will be in coaching.

  2. Surprised that so much space is given to what the Habs must do and almost none about the Leafs. Guess that comes with the Leafs being heavy favourites.

    This isn’t the year for the Habs to take a step forward in the playoffs. Way too many things have to go right that didn’t in the regular season. That plus the fact that it doesn’t look like Weber will play, and if he does he will be playing hurt. Without Weber at 100% the 5-6 D is thin and inconsistent.

    Not the Habs’ year.

    • I’ll have plenty to say about the Leafs tomorrow…;)

  3. I LOL’d at jugger-not. Couldn’t be a better description for them. Hockey is played 5on5 in the playoffs too and the Leafs were way better at it than Montreal. I haven’t heard anyone say it will be a cake walk for the Leafs but the year should beat the Habs. Will they, I hope so but my magic 8 ball is saying to check back later.

  4. I would be happy to see the Habs take the Leafs to overtime in game 7. Taking them through a couple of overtime periods would be even better.
    That might put Leaf fans in shell shock enough to temper the noise if they beat the Habs.