NHL ProteauType: Dept. of Player Safety Is Toothless, In Need of Repair

by | May 5, 2021 | News, NHL | 6 comments



  1. I’ve heard it said that God often gives nuts to toothless people. In Parros’ case he gums them to death.

  2. I agree Lyle a lot of this is the CBA . Not saying he should not have been suspended but my suggestion would be make the fine a max of 10 %of the players cap hit . A guy like Wilson with multi fines would be a huge hit in the pocket book . Also is not a joke when guys like Ove and McD have got fined the $5000 . Hits home a bit

  3. Remember the days when Gentlem
    man Max Patches with no priors got 5 games for a hit on a player in possession reaching for the puck.It seemed harsh at the time but fair enough ,, if that is the standard.The cajones of the DPS have shrunk each year since then to the point where now the eunics are running the show.In fact that gives me a good idea put a woman in charge of DPS I know it will be better and more fairly run.
    We have seen numerous incidents this year that deserved far more punishment than the DPS deemed necessary ,too many to list here.If this trend is allowed to continue we will regress to the headhunting days of S Stevens and Lindros.
    Shanahan set a standard which should be the goal.
    Now we can only hope that the on ice officials will penalize Wilson everytime he touches an opponent forcing coach to sit him.

  4. I have been saying this over and over. This is a problem and it is because of the CBA, the players, the players union the teams and the NHL- looking at you Bettman.

    You watch, Bettman will not do anything about this except for fine the Rangers for making their statement condemning the actions of both Wilson and the department of player safety.

    This has nothing to do with player safety, folks. It is all about individual greed (CBA) and Revenue (NHL brass).


  5. As much as enjoy the occasional fight in hockey, which generally cause no real damage to either player, the extreme violence exhibited by Tom Wilson is unacceptable. Despite what I just wrote, I really hope that someone on the Rangers breaks their stick tonight by smashing it across Wilson’s face. If the NHL won’t teach him a lesson, someone has to.

  6. “the way he’s went”! Somebody get this guy an editor!