What Next For the New York Rangers?

by | May 14, 2021 | Soapbox | 7 comments



  1. Was really surprised by all the firings. To me, this was a throw away year to start. With youngest roster and shortened season playing only teams in your division, I didn’t really care if they made playoffs or not. Only to extent they’d get more games. They were arguably in the toughest division and I felt they actually did very well considering everything that happened. Zibs covid. Panarin’s off ice problems plus injuries. The DeAngelo debacle. Nobody complained about grit when they blew out Flyers 9-0. Seems like it all fell apart with Matt Martin hit on Trouba. He was out for year, Rangers dropped 2 crucial games to Isles, Kreider and Lindgren suffered injuries. Playing Washington without those 3, certainly made them look like weaker team. Does Brooks actually think Kreiders not that guy that he hints they need? Sorry. Too much being made about grit. Lineup is littered with guys that are 6ft 200 lbs. or more. Youngsters like Laf and Kakko aren’t pushovers. They drafted a bruiser in 2nd round last year, along with a big, physical d man that they took in 1st round. What did Dolan think could’ve been different this year? Absolutely no cap space.
    Is he mad he paid DeAngelo over 4 mil to sit home? Regardless of who is in charge, I think the plan was to go after Eichel anyways. As far as grit? I wouldn’t mind adding a 4th liner like Kirtis Gabriel. Maybe sign Smith at league minimum now that they’re out of that crappy contract. Useful as a 7th D/ 4th line winger. Locker room leader and well liked.

  2. If, as seems likely, Gallant becomes their coach, the Rangers could – and likely will – be back in the playoff picture next season, especially with a healthy Zibanejad right from the get-go. I figured that damned Covid hangover was a factor in his early struggles, but once he felt better he had a good season.

    With $57,724,801 tied up in 17 players, they have $23,775,199 to sign 6, None of their 3 UFAs (DiGiuseppe, Smith and Johnson) figure to be back, and of their 6 RFAs, only Buchnevich (20g 28a 48 pts in 54gp), coming off $3,250,000, and Shesterkin (2.62gaa – 0.916 save %), coming off $925,000 – and both with arbitration rights – figure to get big salary jumps. Buchnevich will likely settle at around $5.5 mil while Shesterkin will get a bridge deal at around $2.5. The combined $8 mil will still leave them with $15 mil to sign 4.

    None among the other 4 RFAs (Chytl, Gauthier, Howden and Hajek) had seasons that point to large jumps of any sort, and if all are re-upped their combined expiring $3,454,165 cap hit should be no more than $4 mil, leaving some $11 mil to go after a prime UFA and perhaps bring in someone through trade. And if they can find a way to get rid of Deangelo – even withholding a bit of his $3,675,000 cap hit if necessary (or buyout?), that’ll add a bit to the coffers.

    • Yep, they are set up for success George and Slick.
      Have the tender, have the D (with more coming over next 2-3 years. Have the #1C if they sign Zib. Boatload of skill on the wing.
      2C is the only question and Strome has been pretty good. Seem like COL a couple years ago, just need some seasoning. And Sign Zib.
      Well done Gorton IMO I could look like a good GM next year with that team. Methinks he will get offers but waits for the right one.

  3. Lets just hope Sather isn’t running this by proxy through Drury. We all saw what he’s done here during his reign.

    I don’t necessarily trust Drury here to stay the course, I believe he will cave to the pressure of Dolan’s impatient childish behaviors. Where I don’t believe JD/Gorton bowed to his pressures which ultimately led to the “culture change”. It’s funny to see how many culture changes the Knicks have had over the last 20 years, it would make the United Nations blush.

    I still don’t feel Eichel is the answer to this team, trading for him and the package it will cost to get him seems like a step back. Upgrading 2C is the better play.

  4. Gotta love that Trouba boat anchor contract.

    • How do? Signed before covid. 8m per cap hit for teams tip shut down dman? Currently in his prime, he enabled team to play a rookie on his left side. Almost half the total 56mil contract has already been paid in 1st 2 seasons. He’ll only be 32 when contract is up. Definitely not an anchor.

      • Yeah those 12 points he scored this season were clutch, totally worth $8 million a year