NHL Rumor Mill – July 13, 2021

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The latest on Vladimir Tarasenko, Matthew Tkachuk, Pavel Buchnevich, Reilly Smith and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli added some new names to his NHL summer trade targets list.

Debuting at No. 3 is Vladimir Tarasenko. Seravalli reported last month the 29-year-old St. Louis Blues winger provided the club with a list of preferred trade destinations. It’s a mutual parting of the ways. After two botched shoulder surgeries, Tarasenko is now fully healthy after a third surgery conducted by doctors outside the Blues’ organization.

STLTODAY.COM: Jim Thomas wondered if the Blues might package their 2021 first-round pick (16th overall) with Tarasenko. He believes the Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, Washington Capitals and possibly the New York Islanders might have an interest in the former 30-goal scorer. He also pondered the possibility of the Blues bundling that first-round with defenseman Vince Dunn and another sweetener to the Calgary Flames for winger (and St. Louis native) Matthew Tkachuk.

THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple cites two sources claiming Tarasenko would be open to a trade to the Islanders. He also said the winger’s list of teams he’s willing to be traded to is “double digits.” Find room to absorb Tarasenko’s $7.5 million annual average value won’t be easy for the cap-strapped Islanders.

St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko (NHL Images).

It won’t be as easy as trading winger Jordan Eberle and another player, as Eberle has three more years left on his contract. Acquiring Tarasenko post-expansion if Nick Leddy is traded or selected by the Seattle Kraken would make more sense. A package of Tarasenko and Vince Dunn to the Islanders would also be difficult as there would be a lot of moving parts.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tarasenko will draw interest in the trade market. However, a limited number of clubs can comfortably afford his cap hit and have sufficient assets to interest the Blues. I’m not suggesting it won’t take place but finding the right fit could take time.

As for the Blues acquiring Tkachuk, reports out of Calgary denied rumors he wanted a trade to St. Louis. It could take more than Dunn, a first and another sweetener to pry him away from the Flames.

Vegas Golden Knights winger Reilly Smith checks in at No. 6. Seravalli believes the 30-year-old winger could be shopped to improve the Golden Knights’ depth at center. He has a year left on his contract with an annual average value of $5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vegas will be seeking someone to center one of their top-two lines and improve their power play. Finding such a forward won’t be easy. Those willing to part with one could prefer Alex Tuch rather than Smith in return.

New York Rangers winger Pavel Buchnevich is No. 8. Sources claim Blueshirts GM Chris Drury is talking about the possibility of moving the 26-year-old winger. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights coming off a career-best 20-goal, 48-point performance in 54 games. Seravalli anticipates he’d get more than $4.54 million via arbitration, which would also take him up to UFA status next summer.

THE ATHLETIC: Rick Carpiniello reports it’s uncertain if Drury is shopping Buchnevich or if teams are making inquiries. The Rangers have over $22 million in projected cap space and will get more when they buy out Tony DeAngelo.

However, Drury must spend that cap room wisely because he must ensure he has sufficient space over the next couple of years to re-sign Mika Zibanejad, Adam Fox, Kaapo Kakko and Igor Shesterkin. Carpiniello also suggested the possibility of acquiring Jack Eichel from the Buffalo Sabres but dismissed the notion of swapping Buchnevich for Vladimir Tarasenko. They also have two promising wingers in Kakko and Vitali Kravtsov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Drury is willing to examine all his options with Buchnevich. Moving him now while his value is high could fetch a solid return for the Rangers. The deal would also make room for Kakko and Kravtsov to move up on right wing. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Vancouver Canucks defenseman Nate Schmidt comes in at No. 12. The Canucks denied a report claiming the 29-year-old blueliner wanted out of Vancouver, but Seravalli notes his first season with the Canucks didn’t go well.

Detroit Red Wings forward Tyler Bertuzzi is No. 15. If not for a season-ending back injury, Seravalli believes there would’ve been plenty of suitors for the 26-year-old. His back surgery in April and his RFA status (with arbitration rights) could scare off possible suitors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman recently said the Leafs had an interest in Bertuzzi before his back injury. Perhaps they’ll revisit that option if they lose Zach Hyman to free agency.

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Alexander Kerfoot is No. 20. It’s believed the Seattle Kraken could select Kerfoot if he’s left exposed in the expansion draft. Seravalli wonders if the Leafs will try to trade him elsewhere before the expansion draft.


  1. “Tkachuk for Dunn a first and a sweetener “. Maybe if the sweetener is Tarasenko

    • SS

      I think that the Blues would take the deal, but the Flames would want more.


    • No thanks

    • Tarasenko is more an anchor to that deal than a sweetener. Unless Gio is taken by Seattle, Calgary doesn’t have the cap space for Dunn and Tarasenko.

  2. The Blues have shown previous interest in Eberle. I wouldn’t be surprised if something with the Isles happens—maybe a package of Eberle and DalCole??

    • Perhaps Bellows instead of DalColle. Or Eberle & Leddy and get Seattle to take Bellows or risk losing Cizikas. Bailey could also get taken, with Wahlstrom moving to the 2nd line w Beauvillier and Nelson and Lou signing Parise for 3rd line w Pageau and Palmieri.

  3. As A Isle fan no thanks on Tarasenko. All those shoulder issues plus a hefty contract. Unless they take Leddy and the useless Ladd back. I like Dunn but Isles need offense not defense.

    • Tarasenko had one shoulder issue, that he claims wasn’t fixed until he went outside the Blues medical staff. He did come back last season. He’s 2 years younger than Eberle , who makes 2m less but has 3 years left on his deal. Buchnevich put up better numbers than Eberle and is 5 years younger. IMO, Tarasenko would be an upgrade from Buch and his 2 years left would allow Kappo and Kravtsov to continue to develop. Rangers are one of few teams that can take on the cap hit, especially if Buchnevich goes other way. Assumption is he could get at least 5m per in his next deal. Owner also growing impatient and has deep pockets to handle the actual salary of Tarasenko, which is 9.5m next season

      • Does Tarasenko+ Dunn+ Sanford for Buchnevich+Hajek meet everyone’s approval??

        From a Ranger’s fan, I would appreciate a “scouting report on Buchnevich.

      • Lemme help you two fellows.

        DeAngelo to Stl.

        Dunn to NYR
        I don’t even care if the number$ work anymore. Neither does TB.

      • Iowa prince . Rangers would already be taking on extra cap hit from Tarasenko. Besides the cat hits, left wing and left D are probably the least of their needs. Swap Kostin in there and you have a deal.

      • Iowa. Deal must include strome!

      • Yea Tarasenko for 2 yrs is worth more than Buch on his next deal in the 4-6 yr deal.

        Trading Buch on a high note (while not best for chemistry since he and Zib played well) it leaves more long term cap room( past 2 yrs) for Zib longer deal and the next deals for Kakko, Kratsov, Fox, etc.

        Buch is good but never broke 50 pts. DO you want to spend $5m plus on a mid term deal on a sub 50pt guy? I like Buch but not that much.

        Gives more flexibility.

  4. Why in the world would Calgary take the 16th overall & Dunn for Matthew Tkachuk??? Whoever this Jim Thomas is he should be stripped of his credentials …

    that’s like the Sharks taking Kerfoot for Evander Kane …

    • Cousin Eddie

      Thomas WAS a pretty good football writer (in the Rams days)—he is NOT as good with hockey. Probably can keep his credentials though….

    • Evander Kane can single handedly destroy any team, no matter how many goals or assists he posts – he’s just BAD NEWS no matter what team he plays for or where he goes.

      None of this is true for Kerfoot.

      • I think you should start calling him “Sugar” Kane Nasdaq. He seems to be giving you a tooth ache!

      • Kane single handedly destroyed the Sharks? Don’t think so.
        Before I got to Kane I would look at the 2nd most GA in the NHL and an expensive tender who couldn’t get in the way of a bus.
        Or the 3 high priced D-men who don’t defend.

        Kane may have his issues off the ice, and his mates didn’t seem to care for him in WPG which is telling, but in SJ he is their best forward and he shows up to play every night. That has never been an issue with him. The guy goes hard on the ice.

        Don’t know the guy and I’m not in the room, but I think SJ has bigger problems than him. And if he is that big a problem they can do what the Rangers did with ADA or trade him for a small return. So far they haven’t and I haven’t heard any rumblings of issues with him in the room.

        Maybe the news doesn’t get up here to EDM.

    • JIm Thomas is one of the Blues reporters in St. Louis. Everyone in St. Louis knows that Tkachuk is coming home and its just a matter of time. MT’s Qualifying offer next summer is 9 million. After that he is a UFA. In any event MT is in St. Louis in the next 2 years one way or another.

  5. This summer is either going to be explosive with action or rather boring. It’s hard to tell which one at this moment in time. But each week it seems we have more and more interesting names being thrown around, add the expansion draft, uncertainty over scouting, and the flat cap. Lots of opportunities opportunities teams to change their look.

  6. Ovy is unsigned. strange.

    What are the chances he ditched the Caps and signs a very cheap deal with the Lightning to win another Cup?

    • Not strange at all. Why sign him to lose another player to expansion? If they don’t have to protect him, it allows them to protect someone else. I don’t believe he’s going anywhere.

      • that’s the same with Landeskog; everyone keeps writing he’s on the market? The Avalanche will do the same as the Capitals do with “the great 8”. Gabe the heart and soul of the team, not going anywhere!!! GO AVS!!!!!!!!!

  7. I suppose if we mention trading Eichel and Taransenko enough times some team will be foolish enough to take the bait. I would not touch either one for whatever reason. Give them a year or two to see how the medical issues work out.

  8. Ny would be helping themselves by trading Buchnevich and acquiring Tarasenko how exactly?

    This is not a move NY should even remotely consider. Tarasenko has 2 years left , has a lingering issue going on year 3 and costs 7.5 against the cap.

    Buchnevich has progressed nicely every year of his career, is 4 years younger and could end up signing a short (same 2 year deal) for less. He’s not getting 7.5 per.

    I do believe NY will pursue trading Buchnevich, and with Laffriere , Kakko, Kravstov, Kreider and Panarin, it’s probably not a bad idea. However bringing in a guy for more, and like Eichel, who knows what you’re getting is just a horrible idea.

    Ny needs to focus on the bottom 6, not an aging damaged goods winger making almost 10% of the cap.

    Coleman, Goodrow, Glendening should be on the wishlist.

    I could almost understand taking the risk if they were in win now mode. They’re not even in playoff mode as of today. Their window hasn’t even opened yet.

    • Window? Easily the most tired phrase used on this site. Montreal had worse record than Rangers. Adding a bunch of grunts won’t make them any better. I’d rather have Tarasenko for about 2-2.5m more than Buch than wasting that space over paying for a Coleman. Tarasenko is over his shoulder problems. He came back 2nd half of season and played decent coming off layoff. Had 2 goals in playoffs which is 2 more than Buch had in bubble last year. Or for his 8 career playoff games. He’s 3 years 4 months younger and maybe becomes a consistent 20 goal guy? Maybe hits 50 points? Reminder. McDonaugh had 2 shoulder separations, a broken foot, broken hand and at least 1 concussion before winning 2 cups. Who is to say Buch doesn’t get injured next year?

      • And what Mcdonagh went through was also prior to 30. And even if it was, that does not mean Tarasenko will have the same results. This issue is heading into year 3. Did Mcdonagh miss anywhere near that amount of time? Or back to back seasons?

      • Slick62 – not only a worse record than NYR, but just 8 points ahead of Ottawa who got off to the worst start of any of the 31 teams.

        Here were their records after 15 the first games:

        Mon 9 4 2 20pts 52 39
        Otta 2 12 1 5pts 32 63

        Their records over the last 41 games

        Otta 21 17 3 45pts 125 127
        Mtl 15 17 9 39pts 107 129

    • And Tampa bat win the cup with those same grunts. Tarasenko is over the shoulder problem? How could you possibly know that?

      You keep saying Buchnevich hasn’t hit 50 points. He had 48 in 54 this year with 20 goals. Are you saying it would be a stretch to hit 50 points in a normal season with 28 more games?

      Last year he had 46 in 68 games. Progression! Every single year he has progressed. Tarasenko hasn’t put up 20 points in two years. But is more likely to return to a 60-70 point guy at 30 after missing 2 seasons?

      Sure , Buchnevich in the bubble put up 0 points in 3 games. Which exactly matched Tarasenkos total in 4 last year in the bubble.

      The only more overused statement or idea of “window” is bounce back. Like as I. Tarasenko or Eichel coming out of these issues cleanly.

      • Tampa won cup with those grunts, but what was their cap hits? As I said, I’d prefer not to over pay. I like Glendening but I don’t see him leaving Detroit. I’m happy with Rooney at $750K per. I don’t dislike Buch, but he’s not Tarasenko. I didn’r keep saying Buch can’t hit 50 points. Playing with Zib he should. Fact is he hasn’t yet and what I did say was “maybe” he becomes a consistent 20 goal, 50 point guy. Tarasenko isn’t going into 3rd year of shoulder issues. He had 2 seasons (both shortened) where he wasn’t fixed and he has already returned from 3rd surgery. He played 24 games in 2nd half. Added 4 playoff games and played in World Cup for Russia in summer. He’s not happy with team and their medical staff. I don’t blame him. Somehow you want to project Buch over a full season but ignore fact that when Tarasenko is healthy, he’s a consistent 30 goal player. As with Eichel, who I admit is bigger risk right now, I’m confident team isn’t trading for damaged goods.

      • Like the Ranger fans arguing. Not joking, it is actually a good debate.
        IMO the TBay grunts are getting paid, likely too much. And the team that gets them will be happy for a couple years anyway, and then not so much as they will get too much term as well.

        I would roll the dice on Tarasenko if I was BOS and instead of Hall, not if I was the NYR. Not what they need.

        If Eichel is healthy (which he isn’t) I would go after him all day if I was NY. Wait for a couple months and store some cap $ away.

      • Tarasenko played 24 games and had 14 points .58 per game. If he played an 82 game season puts him on pace for 47 points.

        Buchnevich played 56 games with 48 points. .85 per game with 20 goals. In an 82 game season puts him on pace for 69 points.

        Not sure why Buchnevich couldn’t break 50, but somehow Tarasenko could?

        Buchnevich has progressed, while Tarasnko has regressed.

        There is certainly no guarantee that he comes back near the same player. Sure Buchnevich could get hurt next year. So Could tarasenko. Or he not come back near the same player he was. I’ll take my chances on Buchnevich considering he doesn’t have an issue going into the season.

        As I said above, I don’t think NY needs either to be honest. But I see absolutely no point moving Buchnevich out, and bringing Tarasenko in. Based on what we know today, Buchnevich will more than likely put up the same numbers or better for cheaper . Unless we’re going to dive into hypothetical and unknown.

  9. Tarasenko to Jersey makes entirely too much sense. Just saying. He slots in immediately with Hughes or Nico. They have the cap space and young players to deal. Or that NYI 1st round pick this year.

  10. Now we can add Paris’s and Suter to free agents

    • Suter in NYR for 2m-3M for 2 yrs ?? better option than Hajek. Smarter player and can help the other younger players.

      • I don’t think we agree often, or at all. But I like Suter on a short term low dollar cost in NY.

    • Wow

      Billy G …. I didn’t think BOTH would be bought out…. Dead cap closing in on $5 M this year; then near $13 M in 22/23; then two years of almost $15 M…. Wow…. Leaving no space to compete in 22/3 to 24/5…. So all in this year and then rebuild ?

      Billy G…. Big move !!

      Both players lost $3.3 M gross… but would have had to play 4 more years to get that

      Parise 37 in 2 weeks; Suter will be 37 in Jan

      They should get picked up for reasonable contracts….. note both are 35 + contracts , so if 2 or more years… won’t be SB in 2nd plus year(s) and won’t be front end loaded

      My guess….

      1 year each…. Both get League Min Sal plus

      Suter… add $750 K SB…. Cap hit $1.45M
      Parise…. Add $300 K SB …. $1.0 M Cap

      This would be a smart pick up for GMRF….. just cash…. Flip both at TDL for picks…. Incentive for both… stay team-mates…. Get tax adv while with Krakken… are signing with Ronny with verbal promise of being traded to a contender at TDL

  11. gutsy move by Guerin buying both Suter and Parise out at the same time , lots of dead cap next year and the year after …. but had to be done as part of the bigger plan.
    Going to be interesting to see what they do with Kaprizov. I would listen to offers on him, they fact he reportedly turned down a massive offer already would worry me . Sure he had a great first year but it sounds like this could be a headache.

  12. Waits for the Parise and Suter to the Leafs rumors to start….

    aaaaaaand go!!!

    • Suter would help them Ron.
      I think he would help my B’s as well.
      Or the Oilers.
      Oh yeah, that’s right.

      He’s a US guy, likely wouldn’t have come up here.

      • Ray,

        For the right dollars (2million or less) and term (2 years or less) Suter would definetely be a good add in Toronto, NYR or Philly amongst many others.

        Parise is trash, not worth dime one.

  13. Lightning defenceman Victor Hedman has a torn minuscus that will require off season surgery.

    Possible 82 game rehab on LTIR with return just in time for the playoffs?

    Cap circumvention? Nahhhhh, that would be lowlife scumbag cheating and we all know the Covid Champs would neeeeeeever do that…..

    the 18.5 over the cap Champs should have an “*” beside their name on the Cup.

    oh wait a minute!!!

    • It’s not cheating if you’re following the rules.

    • Torn meniscus can be weeks or up to 6 months. Given that he played likely somewhere in between. Even if the full 6 months, he will be back in season, so not the same thing as Kuch.

      Heck, he may be back in time for the first game depending on the issue.

      • 4 weeks – he’ll be back for camp according to the Bolts

      • Had torn minuscus was out of work 2 months then back climbing poles…….same knee was a TKR 10 years later

        Not a hockey player but had to use my legs a lot

      • Didn’t have bucket trucks back in the day Joe?
        There are some areas we deal where they still climb all the time due to the terrain. NWT for one.

        Don’t mess with a lineman and don’t try to out drink one either.

        So they say.

    • Why does everyone keep saying 18.5? Are we counting Gaborik now too? As good as he was for Tampa (he should have got the Conn Smythe).

      But seriously. Why isn’t this a concern when it came to Pronger, Savard , Horton etc.? Why did nobody worry about dead space : LTIR then? I believe it was “cap gymnastics “ and “brilliant moves “ when a few other Gms did this.

      If Kucherov didn’t play all season, his cap hit is zero. All things considered , Tampa was nowhere near 18 over the cap.

      Oddly enough, when Chicago did it, Tampa complained and not ONE other team went along!

      Too bad!

      • By the way. Tartar and Drouin made Montreal over the cap. And the Islanders were also over the cap. Anyone complaining?

  14. Late to the game again

    Personally I would love Teresenko on Gino’s wing

    Zucker must go out the door …. I doubt (it’s possible but I doubt it) Blues accept Zucker directly as part of the deal

    Whatever he (Zucker) could garner in trade; is part of the package going to Blues

    Ideally , as I’ve posted before… it’s Teresenko (25% retaned) for

    Zucker , + ; +

    What is the + ; + needed from Pens?.

    • Highly doubtful Hextall moves picks or prospects to add 7.5 million dollars of the brittle Tarastinko.
      Penguins should be trying to unload some of their anchor contracts (Krissy LeTurnover for starters).

      Adding Tarasenko does little to address the minor league defence and goaltending the Pens ice every game.

      Is Pittsburgh good enough to make the playoffs? Most likely yes. Good enough to win a Cup? Thats a resounding no.

      Windows closed, boarded up and nailed shut.

      Out with anyone not named Crosby for picks and prospects. Rebuild time in Pitt. Rutherford left the cupboard bare, only time and good roster moves can replenish it.

      • Hi Ron

        Agree re $7.5 M in… that’s why I said 25% retained

        I fully believe shoulder injury or not; and paired with Gino…. Big diff (from Zucker) on Gino line

        That also checks the “get bigger” check box of Burkie

        The big question is what would the extras be to make that deal happen?

        If the extra was say ZAR; AND Lafferty and a mid…. Thatwould be worth it

        Some Pens media have hinted at the possibility of moving Guentzel and/or Marino t bring in size…. Not saying I agree… but if they did… Hextall should call Murray…

        Guentzel and Marino… for Manson, Comtois, DeLauriers

        That and the Teresenko deal…

        Sid Comtois Rusty

        Gino Teresenko Kappy

        Carter McC Poulin

        *Gaudreau Legare Turbo

        Manson/Matheson or Pettersson
        Ceci/ Matheson or Pettersson


        *Blueger likely lost to Krakken

        Above leaves $5M to $6M in space; much bigger team; 3 scoring lines; tougher D

        With $5 M to $6 M space…. The door is open a crack for DeSmith + for the Flower

        Will the above happen….sadly…. In my dreams only

        Hextall WILL be trading…. And the first move should be to relinquish Zucker of his Pens jersey

      • Let’s move a guy who was top ten in Norris voting on a great contract? That seems counter productive

      • lol Pengy

        Anaheim is going to trade you top 3 dman + leading scorer + 4th protector

        for geuntzel & marino lol lol lol

        Pitt doesn’t have the assets to make the trade for those players, Manson alone would cost you more than your offer.

      • To Chrisms and MP

        Chrisms…. That’s why I said “ Not saying I agree… but if they did… Hextall should call Murray…”

        I have read a few talk about the suggestion that Hextall should move skill/small for size… again… not saying I agree with the strategy, but came up with a proposal that I thought was not far out


        Marino (24 , one down year, promoting future, 5 more years at very reasonable contract) for Manson (29) …. Only one more year…. Similar Cap hit…. To me advantage in that trade is definitely to Ducks

        Comtois… 22, RFA, on the rise, 23-26-49 (82 game pace), for Guentzel 26…(already under fair contract for 3 more years)…. Is a PPG over last three years; has scored 40 Gs; last years 82 game pace…. 34-50-84

        To me…. Trading future expectations for proven current performance

        DesLauriers …. 4th line “long pants” to balance the deal

        As I said… I’m not advocating for moving Guentzel or Marino…. BUT… if they do…. It better be to get bigger…. The trade off is trying for 1 last crack; but not entirely divesting the future (Comtois)

        This deal doesn’t happen so the points are moot

        I wouldn’t be totally surprised if Hextall/Burke move ONE of them to gain size… both not happening

        Hextall has a Cap issue to deal with…. So first move should be to rid the contract with the lowest performance (or also combined negative team impact) to Cap hit ratio….. Zucker at $5.5 M…. Not good

        If Zucker’s $5.5 M went out the door replaced by $5.6 M for Vlad ($7.5 with 25% retained)…. Then that trade is worth something….. “+ ; + “

        But what is the “+ ; +” that Blues would ask for?

    • @Pengy

      What about

      To SJ: Zucker & DeSmith
      To PIT: Jones & Donato

      to fill the vet goalie spot to compete with Jarry.


      To PIT: Kane
      To SJ: Zucker, McCann & 2nd rd pick

      depth for SJ and less tied up long term in Kane, especially with other RFA and UFA on the roster.

      Kane fits Pitts window.

      • Hi IHC

        I wouldn’t do the first deal due to Jones

        The second deal would work great for his (Kane’s) performance on ice…, but I’m thinking Hextall/Burkie would be hesitant making that deal due to his “baggage”

        Moot point IMHO; as I don’t see Sharks miving on from their top goal scorer/top point getter

    • or @Pengy what about

      to ARZ: Petterson, Zucker a 2nd and conditional 2nd if they make the SCF

      to PIT: OEL to pair with Marino on 2nd line while Dumo & LeTang anchor the 1st

      ARZ will need some Dmen with their aged out UFA’s. Zuck is only signed for 2 yrs also and can be flipped to playoff team for a pick.

      • Hi IHC

        Pens already too many LHDs…. So one in one out (although strengthening the team) doesn’t solve the big issue

        I imagine Hextall will expose Pettersson perhaps to lure GMRF taking him over Blueger???

        OEL is good; not necessarily a game changer

        I like your Zucker to…. secenario though 👍👍


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