NHL Rumor Mill – July 16, 2021

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The latest on Ryan Suter, Darcy Kuemper, Zach Hyman and Tyler Bertuzzi in today’s NHL rumor mill.


DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli reports of growing interest in Ryan Suter after the 36-year-old defenseman was bought out earlier this week by the Minnesota Wild. He could be an affordable option for cap-strapped contenders such as the Vegas Golden Knights, Tampa Bay Lightning, and New York Islanders. Seravalli also thinks the Boston Bruins could be a landing spot.

WASHINGTON HOCKEY NOW: Sammi Silber reports sources suggested the Capitals and the Los Angeles Kings are two clubs that could pursue Suter on July 28, when he can officially sign with a new team.

Former Minnesota Wild defenseman Ryan Suter could draw lots of interest in the free-agent market (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Suter could be a reliable second-pairing left-side defenseman for a contender on an affordable short-term contract. NBC Sports Boston’s Nick Goss believes the veteran rearguard would be a good addition to the Bruins.

NBC Sports Washington’s J.J. Regan points out the Capitals have three left-side defensemen in Michal Kempny, Dmitry Orlov and Brenden Dillon plus two promising left siders in Martin Fehervary and Alex Alexeyev. He feels adding Suter would make sense only if they shed a left-side defenseman via trade or the expansion draft.

THE ATHLETIC: Michael Russo speculated over which players the Minnesota Wild could pursue to replace Suter and Zach Parise, who was also bought out earlier this week. Defense options could include Alec Martinez and Alex Goligoski. Forwards could include Nick Foligno and Paul Stastny.


DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli reports the Colorado Avalanche and Toronto Maple Leafs have contacted the Arizona Coyotes regarding goaltender Darcy Kuemper. Both clubs are considering the goalie market at large. The Avalanche’s Philipp Grubauer and the Leafs’ Frederik Andersen are slated to become unrestricted free agents on July 28.

The Seattle Kraken is also believed interested in the 31-year-old Kuemper, who has a year remaining on his contract with an annual average value of $4.5 million. His camp has informed the Coyotes they’re not interested in a contract extension.

AZ COYOTES INSIDER: Craig Morgan also reported the Avalanche has an interest in Kuemper. The netminder’s performance for Canada in this year’s World Championships improved his trade value after being sidelined by a knee injury in March. Morgan suggests shopping him to a contender for a late first-round draft pick, proposing Colorado, Carolina and Edmonton as possible trade partners.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Picking up Kuemper would be a good short-term option for the Avalanche if they lose Grubauer. I guess Jack Campbell didn’t do enough this year to establish trust among Leafs brass that he’s ready to be a starter if they’re looking at Kuemper or bringing back Andersen. That’s not a knock on Campbell, by the way. I felt he played well enough this season to be their starter going forward.

The Hurricanes have a promising starter in Calder Trophy finalist Alex Nedeljkovic but could use a reliable backup. Kuemper would be an expensive option and would give the Hurricanes a 1A and 1B goalie tandem. The Oilers are reportedly talking to Mike Smith about returning for another season. Unless they shed Mikko Koskinen, there’s no room for Kuemper. The Edmonton Journal’s Jim Matheson reported they’re trying to do just that.


TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports the Maple Leafs gave permission to Zach Hyman’s agent to speak with other clubs to explore trade possibilities for the 29-year-old pending UFA winger.

Suitors are believed lining up for Hyman. If a suitable deal can be found, the Leafs would trade his rights to another club before July 28 in exchange for a player or something to improve their depleted draft stockpile.

The Detroit Red Wings have been speculated as a destination. It’s believed the Leafs would prefer shipping Hyman out of the Atlantic Division, preferably to a Western team.

THE PROVINCE: Patrick Johnston cites a report in the Toronto Star indicating the Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks are front-runners for Hyman while the Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins, Florida Panthers and Red Wings also have an interest.

Hyman would reportedly stay with the Toronto Maple Leafs on an eight-year deal worth $5 million annually with a no-movement clause. He’s already received offers higher than that. The Canucks are also believed to be interested in signing St. Louis Blues winger Jaden Schwartz.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If those reports are true, I must question the sanity of the general managers making those offers. Hyman’s a good player and deserves a raise over the $2.25 million AAV of his recent contract. Something like $4 million annually on a four-year deal is reasonable. I also don’t fault him and his agent for trying to get the best deal they can.

However, Hyman’s not worth over $5 million annually on a long-term deal. He’s just not. To offer well over that when the salary cap is flattened for the next several seasons is irresponsible management.


THE ATHLETIC: Max Bultman cited colleague Craig Custance reporting teams believes Detroit Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman is open to trading Tyler Bertuzzi. However, he’s not in a hurry to move the 26-year-old winger. Bertuzzi is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights. So far, there have been no contract discussions but that’s not uncommon among their notable RFAs right now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was speculation the Maple Leafs had an interest in Bertuzzi as a possible replacement for Hyman. Detroit Hockey Now’s Kevin Allen doubted he’ll be traded unless the Wings get an offer too good to refuse. He’s expecting the Wings will re-sign him.


  1. This Zach Hyman situation is a curious one. The Leafs hope to get something tangible in return (perhaps a pick to replace one of the many they’ve relinquished this draft year) by dealing his negotiation rights to another team – according to one reporter’s speculation preferably not to a team in the Atlantic Division but, rather, “out west somewhere.”

    But here’s the rub: Being able to negotiate is no guarantee he’ll agree to the offer when it’s quite possible he could get a better offer once he becomes a UFA, AND in a location more to his liking – including a team in the Atlantic. Since that has to be evident to any other team who cannot – within the rules anyway (unless there’s some wink-wink going on in that area as well) – feel him out as to his preferences – what GM in his right mind is going to offer up anything tangible beyond, maybe, a 6th or 7th round pick or an unwanted body from their minor league system?

    And who knows? Maybe he’s not interested in relocating himself and his family anywhere south of the border. Similar to speculation in here that Suter perhaps feels the same way about moving north.

    • Reports are that he has been able to seek out a team of his choice, that will increase the chances he signs there. Historically a 3rd round pick..Leafs arent giving anyone rights to talk for a 7th rounder.
      Never understand UFA market with players like Hyman Goodrow Coleman, the allure is that they play on cheap deal, once they get raises allure is gone.
      He isn’t getting an eight year and even 5 mill is too much- just doesn’t bring enough to the table with a flat cap, 29 years of age and recent injuries.

      Arizona will be interesting to watch

      • Hadn’t seen that report, Sam, where he’s been given the OK to seek out a team. Can you post that speculation?

      • Found it – well that’s a bit of a game-changer in that such permission will enable he and his agent to get a better feel for the market for his services. Should he not get anything close to what they think he’s worth, he could still wind up back with the Leafs at a modest increase over his expiring deal ($3.1 mil?).

        Maybe there’s method to his madness and Dubas already knows what he’s going to discover re the market.


    • It’s simple George. The team that gives up more than a 6th round pick for Hyman discusses a contract extension with him. No wink wink. Toronto has given Hyman the OK to do just that. Hunan’s agent tells Toronto what he has agreed to regarding his client and the new team. Toronto then negotiated the return in cost. No guarantee but you burn a team the other GMs take note.

      I understand Lyles’s angst about signing Hyman to more than 4 but to me he is worth more than that. Going over 5 is pushing it but if you can structure your cap and fit it in over paying for a guy who can play up and down your line up may not be a bad thing especially if you can reduce the term. Hyman will have many suitors, someone will have to up the bid over the rest if they really want him or simply make their offer and walk away from negotiations. Take it or leave it kind of thing.

  2. nil teams may be willing to open their vaults to sign hyman but they need to consider who his linemates are in toronto and who they have to play him with.he could be a star somewhere else or a $ 7 million boondoggle.

    • CC, yep.
      Good player, but the #’s I heard on the radio here of 7 x $6M seem inflated.

      If so, the 1year of sanity last year is gone.

  3. Lyle, I hope this isn’t the first time you’ve questioned the sanity of NHL GMs. That being said, Hyman has size, plays a physical game and adds offense (28 goals, 55points pace per 82 games over the past three seasons). Those type of players are in high demand. I can see him getting $5m. AAV, though far short of 8 years. Remember how many teams were inquiring as to Josh Anderson last year.
    The main concerns about Hyman is that he’s missed a fair amount of time to injury over the last couple of seasons as well as the worry that his point totals are inflated playing with Matthews and Marner and he won’t be able to duplicate this offense elsewhere.
    One other thing to keep in mind. Over the last couple of years, and certainly last off-season, the hot market for players didn’t develop. Several players, such as Taylor Hall and Mike Hoffman, didn’t get anywhere near the lucrative, long-term offers they had expected. With a flat cap, perhaps all this talk about huge offers now will, once again, not develop into reality.

    • Good points Howard. Of course, things change drastically if, as Sam indicates, there are reports that he’s been given the green light to seek out a location to his (and the team’s) liking.

      I wonder if any dickering with Dubas stated his preference for an 8-year deal at around $5 mil per. That would be a big mistake for the Leafs (or anyone else for that matter).

      He’s coming off a cap hit of $2,250,000 so, if true, he’s looking to double his income. That’s understandable – but for no more than 3 years.

      It’s said the Leafs have some interest in Bertuzzi – but he’s coming off a $3.5 mil cap hit so, if Hyman can demand (and get?) $5 Mil, what is it going to cost to ink Bertuzzi? And how long a term will he be seeking? (he’s an RFA).

    • Before I pull a Pengy and paste my post from this mornings news page, I think Lyle is right that Hyman is around what he said with a max of $4.5m which is still too much for what he brings. Just because he’s one of the only ones that plays rough and tough you don’t break the bank for him alla Clarkson. The guy played with two over a point per game players and did not really score that many points playing with them. Sure he helped generate a lot of scoring opportunities but as Montreal showed you in the playoffs once you shut down the two offensive guys the third guy being Hyman a.k.a. Stone hands couldn’t score, couldn’t finish and the least offensively dangerous line mate was the one with the puck on a stick all the time. Personally I would preferred someone with just a little bit better scoring touch a little bit more of a threat so if you did shut down those other two guys the third guy would make you pay. Hyman wasn’t that guy so I’m not paying him 5 million per no way.
      As for how they can match an offer if so desired:
      Re : Hyman and possibility of Leafs matching BO….. how does that happen??call it .01 % chance??
      I can help you with that. It’s quite simple very very simple actually it’s a matter of wanting to do it or not but it is very possible. Let’s say Zach gets what most have read or heard that he might be in the neighborhood of 5×5M per. The total value of that contract is $25 million. The leafs can propose sign him for say eight years, dropping that $5m cap hit to $3.1M something per year. They also can frontload the contract so he can receive most of his money within the first two or three years like they’ve done with all the other big contracts. After two or three years I don’t expect them in the top six, after five years I don’t expect them in the top nine 3 million on a fourth liner in five years from now is that horrible? Will he be retired or on LTIR by then because of his play style? Who knows but the important question is how long do you believe Zack will be his effective self? Two, three, maybe four, i don’t know with any certainly but you better make sure that you will be getting that Hyman those two-three years is worth paying him that money.
      I think the Leafs will try to see if they can find a fit unlike with Anderson situation who seemed to make a poster here question the motive of the team, it’s simple too. With Anderson, his age and position as well as a pretty defined need, ie a goaltender that can post at least league average s% and x amount per year. That’s a position that doesn’t age very well at all as well as it seems the team wants to have a lot of flexibility at that position and not be tied down. So either the offer made to him already wasn’t to Andersons liking or the offer made to him is something he’s going to think about and see what he can get on the open market before he agrees or disagrees to the offer. I think it’s quite simple and there’s nothing nefarious going on as some wish you to believe.

      • As Habsfan pointed out I did not mean front loaded but pay up front as in signing bonuses.
        Habsfan, I said front loaded I misspoke. The way the Leafs do it is via signing bonuses since all bonuses signing or performance ones count against the cap and as a Habs fan you ought to now be painfully aware but you do recall reading or seeing how on July 1 X player gets X million dollars signing bonus?
        So in Zach Hyman’s case, the leafs can sign him like I said where the average is $3.1 million however the first two or three years he will receive a signing bonus of somewhere of let’s say $8-10 million July 1 because the contract is for $25 million so however they give him the money is up to the team and that’s how a team with deep pockets can do and should take advantage of that. I said frontloaded which was wrong. Now this should be clear.

  4. Agree Lyle anyone offering Hyman that contract, well good luck to them and I certainly hope it isn’t Boston.

    • Caper…Many reports say he is asking north of $ 5 million good grief who gives him that ?

      A solid. gritty, two way player but he is asking alot.

      Who signs him ? He is just what my Pittsburgh Penguins need but at 55 – $5.5 nope..

      They will move Zucker which is $5.5 uuggghhh. I like Hyman but $4.0 to $ 4.5 sounds better.

  5. Can’t see Hyman joining the cash strapped Pens and see the Red Wings as a smokescreen … much like Ron Hextall, Dubas ses the need to bolster his goalie situation … two things about Jack Campbell … you can’t expect him to play as well as he did last year, and he’s more like a 1-A or B and you can’t expect him to stay healthy, he breaks down … a lot

    I read somewhere than when Guerin called him and told him about the buyout Suter hung up on him … if true very unprofessional move … I wish I were 36 years-old again and a multi-millionaire …

    • Maybe that’s a clue as to why they bought him out. If true, and big if.
      Based on his play, the cost to do it now vs future and having all that dead money, it was surprising.

      They do get to protect Dumba now though, maybe that’s all it is.

    • Do you wish you were shorted out of millions of dollars (no matter what your current income is/was)?

      It’s always funny to me how people criticizes the best athletes, ceo’s, etc., in the world because they make a lot of money. A pay cut is a pay cut whether you make $20k or $20mil.

      • Fair point Nasdaq, but buyouts are part of the game and Suter knows that. Not like he hasn’t been around.
        Get mad all you want but hanging up on the guy isn’t professional. We have all had bad news in business. If accurate.
        He may end up making more $$ as he can still play and will get another deal and will likely make more if he plays the same amount of years.
        His choice now.

    • Well said ! That was reported by a reporter from the Athletic that Suter did hang up on Guerin halfway through the call.

      Where do you think Hyman ends up ? Maybe in Detroit to replace the highly rumored to be moved Bertuzzi ?

      they have the cap space.

  6. The Zach Hyman talk reminds me of Martin Lapointe’s UFA signing from a few moons ago.

  7. Are Hyman’s numbers comparable to Connor Brown’s?

    • Dark G, their stats this past season are comparable, with Hyman potting 15g 18a 33 pts in 43gp while Brown had 21g 14a 35 pts in 56gp.

      Of course, Brown wasn’t skating alongside a Matthews or Marner.

      Also, Brown hasn’t missed any time due to injury over has past 5 seasons – unlike Hyman.

      • Brown is a wonderful player and a terrible throw in to rid us of Zaitsev and his bad contract. I believe you win more with guys like him on your team than don’t.

  8. There are GM’s who’ll think Hyman is the “final” piece of the puzzle, and will cough it up if they’re in a position to do so. The guys with a lot of cap space have the capability, but teams closer to cap have to unload a contract just to make room. lots of teams want him. Oilers can’t afford him, but might forgo signing Larsson to make room? Pens can’t afford him unless they unload Zucker?

    • Unload Zucker? That’s a lost cause. Do you think there are any teams with no cap space prepared to unload a contract to make room for him at $5.5 for 2 more years – never mind those that have lots of cap space?

      • Hi George…. Your depressing me…. A guy has to have hopes and dreams you know

        In my dream… there are takers for both Zucker and Ruhweedel (not the same team; just that there is a dream with Pens w/o both JZ and CR

        Joking aside…. I don’t see a team trading for Zucker with nothing (Cap wise) coming back

        I don’t see Hextall either doing this or (if he wanted to do it) accomplishing this but….

        Vlad (25% retained) for Zucker PLUS two pieces works for both teams… Blues add two pieces

        Pens then have Gino/Kappy/Vlad…. which is (regardless of his shoulder issue) far far better than Gino/Kappy/JZ

        What’s the 2 pieces though? I would expect 1 to be ZAR. The other??

        Production numbers for the two not far off…. Change of scenery trade for both just might be a boon for both players

        Alternately…. Get Billy G drunk and reverse the original trade… sort of…

        Zucker & ZAR for 1st and Addison coming back to where they belong


      • George O….I get you point on Jason Zucker but I disagree with you to some extent.

        Jason Zucker has scored 20 goals 6 times and 30 at least once. He never got going in Pittsburgh due to injuries, co vid and other things. We never saw Zucker at his best.

        Teams with cap space can use a 29 year old skilled and fast player in their middle six lines. The commitment is only two years and to teams like Ottawa, Detroit, Anaheim that need scoring and have cap space….could be a good fit.

        He just didn’t work out in Pittsburgh even though in his time his overall average was 15 G 15 assists.
        Pretty sure Buffalo who can’t score use him.

    • Vincois, the Oilers can afford him as they have another $4.1 with Klefbom LTIR.
      So $15.3.
      Need a RD (fingers crossed it’s Larsson at around $4M- $4.5M) and a tender plus up front.

      Roster at 19 now.

      Rumors of a Neal and/or Koskinen buyout still out there as well.

  9. Darcy Kuemper played for Team USA? Wha?

    • Ooops

      Sorry Brock

      Just read this now after I had posted similar below…. We’re on the same wavelength though

      • @ Pengy..Tarasenko is damaged goods. Your idea of Zucker Plus for Taransenko with something retained…not awful.

        Just three shoulder surgeries with the physicality of the NHL and ow teams lean on players. uugghh

        I would rather see Penguins go for another top4 defenseman to give us a big three.

        To Nashville—-Jason Zucker 29, $5.5 million plus a third round pick.

        To Pittsburgh—-Mattis Ekholm 31 $5.0 cap hit $3.5 actual money.

        Now you have Dumoulin, Letang, and Ekholm gives us a big three which every good team seems to have like Tampa etc.

        Oh yeah Rob Rossi writer for the Pittsburgh Tribune posted a Penguins protective list based on his sources from Pittsburgh.

        Crosby / Malkin / Rust / Kappy / Guentzel / Tanev / Blueger

        Dumoulin / Letang / Freidman


        notables left off Mccann / c]Carter / Jarry

        Zucker Petersson expected to be unprotected.

        thoughts ? not my list his he covers the team..

      • Hi BnG

        Still would take Vlad (even if both shoulders had had surgery) over Zucker

        Can’t see Predz even staying on the call once Hextall mentions Zucker…. They are already stuck with two highly over-paid/under producing forwards

        Re protection list for Pens….

        If Rossi is guessing… that’s nuts

        If his “source” is speculating…. That’s nuts

        If by some cosmic intervention of lunacy, Hextall is planning that list as protected….. ABSOLUTELY nuts…. A B S O L U T E L Y N U T S

        The goal of any protection list is to lose “the bottom man on the totem pole”

        I kind of understand the D thinking…. Matheson won’t be touched due to contract; Ceci is UFA; Pettersson (if lost) can be an affordable risk (replaced by P-O J) and does free up Cap space

        Now protecting DeSmith over Jarry…. Absolutely crazy…. Lose him (Jarry) …. Hextall then has to go to a bidding war over a starter.

        There is absolutely no chance Francis picks up DeSmith… why protect him and lose the much better (and starter) goalie?

        Now the worst….. protecting not one but 2–TWO fourth liners over (1) the newly acquired 3C— Carter; and (2). The far superior (and way more flexible —- winger or Centre; who can and has jumped up to wing on top two lines) … McC

        The goal in the draft protection is to lose a 4th liner ; bottom pairing D; or back-up goalie

        Carter and McC have very very reasonable cap hits

        The absolute ideal thing is to protect McC and Carter and leave Blueger exposed

        Blueger is not ; and I don’ see him ever on Pens; a 3C

        Perhaps Francis could try him at 3C !!

        I thought the signing of Blueger just before the draft list was Hextall doing exactly what he did when he was with Flyers.. with Bellmare…. He signed him just before Vegas expansion draft to a reasonable contract…. Exposed hm (more or less seducing that Bellmare be picked) And Knights took him

        The ideal thing of course is Francis taking Zucker….. and that is not happening without a substantial sweetener ( reported to be 1st AND a 3rd… or similar in assets)

        Absolute nightmare if that protection list ends up being the official protection list…. As most assuredly one of McC, Carter, Jarry …. Will be gone…. Assets Pens canNOT afford to lose

      • I think they go strong after maf if Jarry taken. But he won’t be.

        Carter, I believe but obviously don’t know, has probably made it clear he retires instead of playing outside of the team he agreed to get traded to.

        I don’t get McCann though.

  10. Zach Hyman = Louie Eriksson

    Buyer beware.

  11. Hi Lyle

    Re “ Craig Morgan also reported the Avalanche has an interest in Kuemper. The netminder’s performance for Team USA in this year’s World Championships improved his trade value after being sidelined by a knee injury in March. ”

    Keumper is a proud Canadian from Saskatoon; won Gold for Canada

    • The price New Jersey paid for 26 year old physical defenseman Ryan Graves was nothing. He would be a perfect fit for the Pittsburgh Penguins second defensive pairing. He only makes $ 3.18 million.

      A prospect and a 3rd round pick…..where the f***k was Hextall. He is exactly what we need on defense. major miss there..

    • @ Pengy..He bud Jason Zucker has been more productive than Johansen & Duchense by far and ihe is $ 3 million cheaper.

      Just saying! Zucker also skates and plays the game hard not like the Johansen and Duchense. Johansen has 3 years left at $ 8 million and Duchense has 4 years left at $ 8 million and he is 30,,,so

  12. “Irresponsible management “

    I think you meant

    “Business as usual”

    Collectively nhl gms are as predictable as they come.

    • Chrisms, every year I think it will change, and every year I am wrong. (well kind of last year)
      Looks like I am pretty predictable too.

  13. Hi Lyle

    Re “ Craig Morgan also reported the Avalanche has an interest in Kuemper. The netminder’s performance for Team USA in this year’s World Championships improved his trade value after being sidelined by a knee injury in March. ”

    Keumper is a proud Canadian from Saskatoon; won Gold for Canada

    • Kuemper would look pretty good in an Oiler jersey.

    • Fixed, thanks Pengy

      • YW 😀

  14. Article in the Vancouver Province declares theCanucks are the “frontrunners” to sign Hyman.

    Classic Benning move, going to grossly overpay in dollars and term for a 29 year old glorified 3rd line winger.

    Benning should be focused on spending what little cap room he has on getting Pettersson and Hughes resigned not dropping another bag of money on Louie Eriksson part deaux.

    Hyman managed a whopping 43 points playing with two of the best players in the league. Whats he going to come up with playing beside Horvat and Miller?

    If this article is accurate then we’re about to see yet another classic Jim Benning megamistake.

  15. “I guess Jack Campbell didn’t do enough this year to establish trust among Leafs brass that he’s ready to be a starter if they’re looking at Kuemper or bringing back Andersen. That’s not a knock on Campbell, by the way. I felt he played well enough this season to be their starter going forward.”
    I agree he did but it would be awfully irresponsible (dumb) of the Leafs brass to go with Campbell who’s never been a starter without having someone else of at least equal or better ability than him. I’m sure for the Leafs brass they’d feel the same since this year Campbell wasEssentially by necessity given the starring role because there was no one else. I think the leafs brass owes it to the team to make sure that if Campbell does go down whether he’s a starter or not that there’s someone just as capable behind him. If that means going for someone who is ultimately going to be the number one guy, all the power to them.

    Plus wouldn’t doing that write so many stories of how dumb the Leafs management is for going with someone who’s never ever been a starter, who’s never been healthy over a full season, as a backup!, who’s never been shown consistency as their starter while they’re trying to make a cup run it’s a recipe for failure if anything and great recipe for many articles for people who love to point out foreseeable failures aka the hindsight is 20/20 folks.

    • Campbell wasnt good enough to start in Dallas. He wasnt good enough to be the starter in LA either. Yet the Leafs somehow think hes good to go for 50 games plus the annual one and done playoff run?
      Let alone his injury history.

      • Don’t forget he’s playing behind a bunch of cream puffs, Ron, surprised you didn’t find a way to get that in there.

      • BCLeafsfan :

        Marshmallows, lol

      • See?

  16. Keumper on Oil would be a difference maker IMHO

    Suter on Knights (replacing Martinez for lower hit); seems the most logical

    Suter’s incentive…. Going to a team that was two posts 3 posts shy of being in the SCF 3 out of it’s first 4 years; AND only team NOT losing a player to Krakken

    Suter lost $1.8 M in take home pay… would have had to play 4 more years to get that

    2 years @ $1.4 M each with knights…. He gets all that lost $1.8 M take home back

    $1.4 M Cap hit for Knights… much less than Martinez re-up

    Suter will get offered more gross on 1 year… but will be with clubs that are not BOTH …. cup contenders AND Tax havens (other Tax Havens…. Bolts… no space; Panther… good team not cup contenders yet; Stars…. Not cup contenders; Predz… not cup contenders; Kraken… upstart)

    Would he fit well on Bruins…. Yep…. But they’ll be losing a player to Krakken; and not a tax Haven

    Same re Avs

    If Knights come in at 1 year ; $2.8 M (so no take home loss for Suter; and did that in 1year)…. Still beats Martinez re-up AND just might be enough for Suter to sign with McCrimmon

  17. If I could get Coleman and goodrow for the same or close to the cost of Hyman I would prefer that to signing Hyman.

    Plus if you have have Matthews, marner, taveres and nylander as part of your top six and still have issues. I think you have other problems and one of the top 4 need to go. You should easily put anyone on those lines to be successful.

  18. Writing that gms are offering Hyman, way to much made me think of Benning straight away, please no, Please NO!

  19. What’s is wrong with the approach you go find the market rate and we will pay you that. RE: Danault and Hyman.

  20. “If those reports are true, I must question the sanity of the general managers making those offers.”

    If those reports that Hyman has received offers better than $5 million x 8 are true. I must question the sanity of Hyman and his agent not jumping all over it

  21. Pengy,

    If the Pens lose Jarry to the Kracken Hextall neednt get into a bidding war to replace him, far from it. Theres endless goalies available better than Scarey Jarry.

    I doubt Seattle would take him anyways.

  22. Lyle’s hesitation over a long term 5m deal for Hyman makes me think of David Clarkson … in a few years will Hyman be the same player, just as effective? Or will he turn into either an injury case or become a third line grinder with a light scoring touch worth 3.5?

  23. Brown wasn’t a throw in he was the prize to take zaitsev. He is a very good player that I wish they would have kept.

    Hyman deserves 5 million over five or 4 over eight with some paid in bonuses up front. The cap will go up and he may decline as a player but that is what LTIR is for. I don’t go for the Matt’s and Marner carry him. He was driving a third line and look at the short handed play.

    The grass is always greener other places but other players always look better when they are on other teams also.

  24. Zach hyman the David Clark’s on of 2021. I really hope the Canucks don’t go for him.