NHL Rumor Mill – July 7, 2021

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A look at some of this summer’s potential buyout candidates in today’s NHL rumor mill

DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli listed 10 buyout candidates who could enter this summer’s free-agent market. The first window for contract buyouts opens 24 hours following the completion of the Stanley Cup Final and closes at 5 PM EST on July 27.

Tony DeAngelo is expected to be bought out of his contract later this month (NHL Images).

Topping his list is New York Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo. The Blueshirts have reportedly finalized plans to buy out the final season ($4.8 million annual average value) of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: DeAngelo has played his final game with the Rangers. While his defensive game needs work he’s a skillful puck-moving blueliner. Given his personal baggage, however, the question is whether another NHL club will take a chance on him. Rumors linked him to the Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadiens before the April 12 trade deadline.

Edmonton Oilers winger James Neal, Colorado Avalanche defenseman Erik Johnson, Florida Panthers blueliner Keith Yandle and San Jose Sharks goaltender Martin Jones were among the top-five candidates.

Seravalli pointed out Oilers general manager Ken Holland has hinted at buying out one or two contracts this summer. The 33-year-old Neal has two years with an annual average value of $5.75 million.

Johnson missed all but four games this season to injury but Seravalli observed he wasn’t on the list of players exempted from the upcoming expansion draft due to injury. He suggested placing Johnson on long-term injury reserve might be the better way to go for the Avs. Johnson has two years left at $6 million annually.

Yandle was a healthy scratch during the Panthers’ playoff series against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The 34-year-old has two years remaining on his deal with an AAV of $6.35 million.

Seravalli suggests the Sharks buy out Jones and use the cap savings to put toward his replacement. The 31-year-old netminder has three years remaining at $5.75 million AAV.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Holland could buy out Neal but there’s also talk of shipping him to the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for Duncan Keith, whereby the Blackhawks would buy him out.

Putting Johnson on LTIR sounds like a better option. However, a buyout might be the only choice if it appears he’ll be healthy to return next season. The Avs need cap space to re-sign Cale Makar, Philipp Grubauer and Gabriel Landeskog.

Yandle surfaced in the rumor mill back in January when it appeared he would become a healthy scratch to start the season, putting his Ironman streak in jeopardy. That talk died down when the 34-year-old blueliner never missed a game during the regular season.

There might be a trade market for Yandle if he agrees to waive his no-movement clause. However, the Panthers would either have to absorb part of his cap hit, take back a bad contract, or try to work a three-way deal.

Jones has really struggled over the last three seasons. The Sharks need more consistency between the pipes. Buying him out, however, would result in six years of dead cap space (stick tap to Cap Friendly) totaling over $12 million.

Minnesota Wild winger Zach Parise is No. 6 on Seravalli’s list. He suggests they “bite the bullet” and use the savings for next season to re-sign Kirill Kaprizov and Kevin Fiala.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A Parise buyout seems unlikely. It’s eight years of dead cap space. They’d get a $2.3 million cap hit for next season, but it jumps to over $6.3 million in 2022-23 and over $7.3 million annually for the following two seasons. The only real cap relief would come in the final four years at over $833k per season.

Vancouver Canucks winger Jake Virtanen, Dallas Stars goaltender Ben Bishop, Montreal Canadiens forward Paul Byron, and Anaheim Ducks winger Sonny Milano round out the top-10.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks tried to trade Virtanen but couldn’t find any takers. A buyout seems likely given his on-ice struggles and off-ice issues.

Bishop missed all of the 2021-22 schedule recovering from knee surgery but Seravalli indicated he worked out with the club toward the end of the season. He could be bought out if healthy but they might not go that route if Anton Khudobin is selected in the expansion draft. Seravalli suggests a buyout of Bishop would enable them to protect Khudobin as Jake Oettinger is exempt but that might not be in their plans.

Seravalli pointed out the Canadiens put Byron on waivers three times during the regular season. However, his performance in this year’s playoffs probably means he’ll be back next season. The Habs could consider other options to free up some cap space.

Milano only played six games last season with the Ducks. With a year left on his contract at $1.7 million, he could become a buyout candidate, though the savings ($500K) are minimal.

Seravalli also suggested keeping an eye on Oilers goalie Mikko Koskinen, Panthers defenseman Anton Stralman, Detroit Red Wings blueliner Danny DeKeyser and Los Angeles Kings rearguard Olli Maatta.


  1. Byron was signed to his contract precisely because he’s the type of player Bergevin loves on his team and the guy has an A on his chest.

    His contract allows him to be put on waivers for cap purposes as others don’t see him as a $3.4 million player but he’s a keeper.

    • Agree, a number of players were in and out of waivers this season not necessarily due to performance issues, but purely because of the cap gymnastics that came with the Taxi squads.

    • But with no taxi squad (as far as we know) next season waiving him means actually sending him to Laval … at least on paper (i.e., he could sit home in his apartment, but not practice with the habs) … and he still counts $2.235 against the cap … his CONTRACT remains a problem

    • If Byron is such a keeper, why did he go unclaimed on waivers three times???
      I guess none of the other 30 teams think he’s a keeper?

      • one of the reason that players were not picked up on waivers was because many teams did not have cap space to add

    • Habsfan,

      Agreed, value is in the eye of the beholder.

  2. Lyle,

    What about Andrew Ladd and Thomas Hickey of the Isles? Ladd hopefully will be bought out can’t imagine why they wouldn’t?

    • A buyout for either guy is possible. Ladd is healthy so they can’t put him on LTIR. A buyout, however, will only result in minimal savings for the next two seasons.


      Hickey has a year left at $2.5 million. They could get $1 million in savings by burying him in the minors if need be rather than have two years of dead cap space.

  3. Just thought of a unique opportunity for Knights… they are exempt from Krakken…. Couldn’t they use this as a negotiating advantage

    Say a team wants to protect a player but Francis’ asking price is too high. Trade that player to Vegas for commensurate pick(s). This is a handshake (nudge nudge wink wink deal). Vegas can go over the cap by 10% right now (needs to be Cap compliant by start of next season). After Exp draft and before reg draft ; do a multi asset deal with the original player going back; and picks + (or a better trade) coming back to Vegas. Player is effectively back on same team; protected from Krakken; and price paid is less than Krakken asked for

    I can’t come up with an exact situation or players but I will manufacture a scenario to show how Vegas may take advantage of this. Let’s say both Ottawa and NJ each have two players they want to protect but only have 1 “available” protection spot left. Krakken has pushed for a first and a prospect , in each case, to “ignore both Sens and Devils desired “protected” players. Both teams feel the price is too stiff

    Sens flip their preferred player of the two (temporarily) to Knights for the 29th pick (Knights); Devils flip their preferred player (temporarily) to Knights for 35th (NJ’s original 2nd rounder)

    Post expansion draft, but pre reg draft… 3 way trade

    Knights get PK Subban at 25% Cap…. $2.25 M, $500 K cash; and their 29th overall back

    NJ get their player back; retain 50% of PK (his SB already paid; and they have space, so cost is just $1M); keep the 35th overall pick; but give up a 4th (goes to Sens)

    Sens get their player back; retain 50% (of 50%) of PK… they have space; so just $500 K; and get a 4th from NJ

    Knights get their 29th pick back; and PK at $2.25 M on cap; only $500 K cash

    Net effect

    Sens protect the two players they want; gain a 4th; cost is $500 K

    Devils protect the two players they want; get back their 35th overall pick; cost of a 4th and retaining $1M on PK. Devils; with their “own” pick back then also have the ability to do offer sheets if they want (must have own picks; so w/o their own 2nd … limited offer sheets [if they actually wanted to] they could make

    Knights get PK at $2.25 M cap hit for the 35th overall pick. Worst case they move him at TDL for a late 2nd in ‘22 (risk of moving from 35th in ‘21 to say mid 50’s in ‘22) best case, he strengthens the team ; helps them get back to SCF; he replaces Martinez at 1/2 they would have to pay Martinez (for arguments sake; set aside the rightie/leftie situation and who the players are… just a made up example to show how Knights can participate)

    Again these are just non likely examples; I just wanted to show that Knights COULD be participants in the expansion draft game

    Just sayin’

    • Pengy,

      Knights won’t make any deal for P.K. Subban as long as Pacioretty is there.

      Subban has talent but its mostly in self-promotion and when they were teammates on the Habs the room was divided and management got fed up with both.

      Pacioretty fits anywhere, consistent scorer

      Subban is an acquired taste that wears off.

      • Hi HF30

        Agree to that likelihood

        I was just coming up with a quick scenario to show a move where Knights can gain from being “protectors” in the expansion draft

        The names (players) and teams were just “scenarios” to show that Knights could gain

        Maybe there is a move with Wild to “protect” Dumba??

      • Pengy,

        Your mental gymnastics make sense and something similar might very well happen.

        It wouldn’t surprise me and I’m assuming everybody else if Julien BriseBois pulls off something unforeseen.

        The only reason I spoke up is because you had mentioned Subban in the example the other day.

        Re Dumba, I wonder if his BLM stance has anything to do with wanting to move him considering how conservative the NHL is for the most part.

        IF that’s the case Montreal is a good destination for him

      • If Dumba is being moved for his BLM stance I will eat my own underwear.
        At the end of a hot day.
        After a run with my dog.

        If I had to bet it is because the Wild have 3 other D with NMC’s and want to protect 7 forwards.

      • With you n that Ray

        BTW…. just the visual thought of what you would do if Dumba moved re BLM stance…. was not a pretty picture in my head…. my breakfast is no longer residing in my stomach 🤮🤮🤮

      • HF30, does a $10 million donation to hospitals in Montreal count as self promotion? Just one reason why Habs fans went berserk when he was traded.
        Clearly you wanted no part of the guy, right?

      • BCLeafFan,

        “does a $10 million donation to hospitals in Montreal count as self promotion? ”

        As a matter of fact, YES.
        Subban didn’t donate $10 million to the Hospital in Montreal and he has done nothing to dispel the notion.

        Subban put his name to a Foundation that pledged to raise $10 million in donations from others.

        Jo Drouin established a Foundation too, but he donated $500,000 out of his own pocket.

      • BCLeafFan

        i was very happy with the trade, not because of Subban going but because of Weber coming.

        Weber is a quiet man who oozes leadership and is exactly what the Habs needed.

    • Aren’t agreements today to make a future deal to send the player back and reverse part of the trade … um … against policy? I hope every time that happens, they get caught and the league penalizes them just like the Devils when they tried to sign Kovalchuk.

      In the end, is it really worth losing a 1st and 3rd round draft choice (like the Devils) to try to cheat the system? Hopefully our GM’s have more integrity than to try this move (assuming it’s against policy).

      • HF30, thanks for the clarification and good on Drouin. So, were you upset when Montreal traded Subban like every Habs fan I know? Or did you have the foresight to see how it would all turn out? Ahead of time?

      • Hi Nasdaq40

        Devils did go against the CBA

        There is nothing (to my knowledge) in the CBA about (1) how long a team has to hold on to a player before being traded again (players have been flipped in the same day…. To through trades with retention…) ; or (2) not allowing a team to trade a player back to the team he was acquired from (exception is with expansion draft…. so only affects Krakken acquisitions in a couple of weeks) … players back to original teams has happened before

        So …. If not contravening the CBA, it is much like Bolts utilizing the LTIR clause to their advantage

        We may not like it; but if not contravening the CBA; then it’s legal and not cheating

        Botteril played the up/down game (with ELCs) daily to a T and maximized Cap space (Leafs learned from this and played this game this year)… not contravening the CBA…. So not cheating… although others (some here) claim it is cheating

        Again… may not meet the “kosher”/“moral” approval needle ; but legal

  4. After ADA, I think the most obvious buyout is Neal ; either by Oil or Blackhawks (after traded there; likely with Jones; for Keith)

    • DeAngelo and Virtanen are most obvious candidates here. Besides their off ice issues the cost due to their age is too good an opportunity to pass up. But Milano? He has 1 year left on a deal that pays him 1.7m. Does he have off ice issues that I’m not aware of? Ducks have cap space. This one is a head scratcher. Wouldn’t mind Rangers bringing him home in a cheap deal to fill a bottom 6 role.
      Do these players go on waivers 1st? Wonder if Krakken could add a couple.

      • Slick,

        Canucks may be able to void Virtanens contract due to violating the “code of conduct/morals” clause.

        Hes involved in a he said/she said sexual assault claim. The resolution of that will be a very strong determining factor in Virtanens future I think.

        Either way just based on his on ice performance a buyout is possible. Virtanen at his salary and results is pretty much untradeable.

      • Ron, I’m aware of Virtanen situation. Was asking why Milano is on this list?

  5. Hey Pengy,
    If anyone learned anything from the last expansion draft is do not overthink it. For example, any player on the bubble for the Devils is not worth losing for the 4OA and the PK savings (they have plenty of cap space).

    • Hi redmonsters

      was just using PK, Sens, and Devils to wildly come up with a “scenario” for protection and gain from all 3 teams

      As HF30 points out… Patches/PK on same team…. Unlikely

      I was just quickly hashing out something to show a possibility

      The players and teams aren’t relevant; the ability for Knights to take advantage of this “loophole” is

      Perhaps Dumba protection ?

      Some scenario where Francis is demanding Billy G to give up the farm to protect Dumba….. Knights to the “rescue” for a lesser price

      Again just an example

      Dumba temporarily to Knights for 29th pick

      Post Exp draft; pre draft…. 29th pick and Soucy to Knights for Dumba

      Again names/teams irrelevant…. Knights could take advantage of this

  6. Buyout period starts as early as Friday. Flames could use a PP defence-man. I hope it is not DeAngelo. I bet he doesn’t get 4.8 with his next team. Which could even be in the KHL

    Neal is done for sure at least with the Oil. Maybe his career.

    • Hi SS

      Don’t forget Dubas and his Grey beard hometown (sort of for Neal) acquisitions…. He’s just the kinda guy that ponies $800 K for Neal

      Dubas not the brightest of fellas

      Neal might get picked up by someone for League min

      • The guys with 20/20 hindsight are always the brightest.

      • I wish I had 5/5 hindsight

        Dubas in the 1/20 hindsight range…. cite… WW capitulation deal…. No thought by Dubas that that move completely gave upper hand to AM and MM camps in negotiations….. and look where that ended up

      • If you think Dubas isn’t too bright, well. That’s really more a reflection of you. Pengy another bad opinion for this echo chamber. Saying Dubas isn’t one of the brightest fellows, coming from you and others here that still cant see how the Leafs can get under the cap without trading everyone who’s cap hit is high, you know the saying about cutting off your nose…because that’s all you can come up with.
        You’re talking about people, love them or not, probably forgot more about this sport than you have acquired in your life. To think otherwise, other than being unrealistic, I’ll love to hear why that’s not the case.

      • It is true Ron, that no one posting here is NHL GM material. Bergy has yet to take my calls.

        It is also true that it is both fair and accurate to call Dubas’ judgement into question: look at how the Leafs have fared under him. Are you satisfied? Are you optimistic that, like Dubas, the future looks promising when Dubas continues to insist that he will deliver a winner while having their top 4 forwards consume 49.7% of their cap in a flat cap world? Hasn’t worked so far, has it?

        Perhaps you find progress in Dubas’ signing of Simmons to a new two year contract when this year’s “show me” contract showed … shall we say a lack of return? Kinder than saying failure.

        By the way, Ron, the lack of GM smarts applying to all here applies to me … and you too. Perhaps the go forward is to judge comments here on their merit and GMs on their results. Fair? If not I’d love to hear why that’s not the case.

      • Pengy,

        Be fair now….Dubas did get a 1st place vote for the Jim Gregory GM of the year award.

        Though, considering it was the only vote he got it most likely from a Toronto Sun or Star media lapdog, lol.

      • Brian Burke, Pengy, remember him? He more your type?

      • LJ you keep harping on the Simmonds deal. It is a contract that can be buried in the minors if it doesn’t work out. I tried explaining this before as well…

        When is the last time you said no to 0 risk for potential reward?

      • Taz: You keep harping on Simmons being a deal that can be buried in the minors. What eludes you is that it is not a zero risk contract.

        The money given to Simmons is money Dubas doesn’t have to spend on others. And if part way through the season Dubas assigns Simmons to the AHL it means that most other UFAs worth having will have been signed by other teams.

        So, at its simplest, money for Simmons is not just scarce money committed to him, it is opportunities to sign others forfeited. I didn’t think I needed to elaborate, but there you go.

      • That sums up my take on Simmons exactly LJ. And why two years? Did he say no to one year at $900,000? If so, I’d like to know who he thought was prepared to give him more than one. Meanwhile Spezza, who contributed a LOT more to the cause than did Simmonds, signs for one year at $200,000 less (or $1.1 million less looking at it another way).

        The way Dubas is operating, it seems the figure-filbert is hell-bent on proving his approach is the best, showing no willingness to deviate from that plan in the face of yearly 1st round flops. With some imagination this year, we could be seeing the Leafs in the finals.

      • Good point, George. The signing isn’t just an impediment for this year, but for next year as well.

      • Hi RJ

        Re Dubas and first place vote; per NHL the voting for this award comes from….

        “ NHL general managers and a panel of League executives, print and broadcast media vote for the Jim Gregory General Manager of the Year Award at the conclusion of the Second Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, with the top three vote-getters designated as finalists.”

        On the TSN telecast they mentioned that Shanny was also on that Panel….. so

        Either Shanny voted for him; Dubas voted for himself ; or an extremely misguided Toronto journalist voted for him but told his colleagues he voted for Bergevin

        Hi BCLF

        Yep …. Burkie …. And now he’s calling shots with the Pens… 🤬💩

        I was not (and am not) a fan of his tactics and roster build. He does however have a great deal more knowledge and experience than Dubas.

        I know for a fact that he would not have capitulated with WW. He has said so many many many times

        I seldom see eye to eye with him;

        but when he said on HNIC how crazy the situation was with Leafs contracts ; and blamed it directly on the Dubas capitulation on WW contract stating (I’m paraphrasing here but the gist is accurate)” If Dubas had made Nylander sit the year; Dubas has the upper hand in that (Nylander) final deal AND. with both Marner’s and Mathews contracts and the result was a collective $4M-$5M (cumulative for the three) annually against the Cap; that would have been much better spent on upgrading the D; and Mathews would have signed for another year….. I not only applauded but wondered if he had been checking in on Spectors because his diatribe on the situation on HNIC was extremely close to what I’d posted on here a few months before that. Extremely close.

        The 2 1sts and a 2nd (including Seguin and Hamilton) just because he (Burke) refused to put in an offer sheet (offer sheet for same contract… 1st, 2nd, 3rd… so Leafs would have had Hamilton) irked me

        His insistence on JVR over the bearded redhead (Phi was offering and at a better deal) by claiming he wanted JVR solely for his size and that he was a high draft pick and that “he puts up a bucket of points” was bogus. At the time of the deal Voracek was 10lbs heavier (he was and is 1/2” shorter than JVR). They are both 216 now. They are the same age; same draft, JVR 2nd; JV 7th.

        But ; at the time of the deal…. JVR had 131 points 188 GP. JV had 165 points in 190 GP; and JV was (and still is) more Truculent than JVR

        JVR is .65 PPG in his career; JV .76

        JV IMHO; sees the ice better ; and definitely plays more of a 20’ game than JVR

        Burkie’s insistence on longpants over skill is old school and out of date

        Skill levels basically equal , big man over small man I understand …. But the overall league make up has started to change (towards youth, speed, skill)

        I had called (amongst a couple of other suggestions) for Carter at 3C… not sure if that was Hextall or Burkie effectively on that

        If Burke can balance the skewed amount (Cap Wes) on LHD; and can move Zucker; jettison or bury Ruhweedel; and bring up P-OJ, Poulin; Legare…. Then perhaps he (Burke) starts to creep towards being in my “good books”

  7. Leafs should trade for Subban at 50% not for his hockey skills but just to have super alive games at the Bell Centre on Saturday nights when the Leafs are in town…..NHL teams have a responsibility to entertain….& that would guarantee some…

    George read your stuff about your Dad…mine was in from 1939 until the end of WW 2…impossible for them to come out normal….my Dad entered at 17 yrs old….I have Grandsons 23 to 25 I don’t think they can even imagine what their Great Grandads did…..good kids but just not the same life

  8. The only issue with Deangelo imo is he’s a right shot Dman. If he was a left shot dman i have no issue with him being a bruin.

    We all have different views in life, i don’t know his, nor do i care; but, i dare say he must have learn to keep his thoughts to himself, or maybe had a reflection and changed his views.

    His talents will guarantee he gets another NHL opportunity.

    • Yup! I agree! The NYR ditched him because he’s a right shot Dman. Ha! Ha!

    • @caper
      Deangelo is not good in his own zone. Bruin faithful would turn fast on him

    • Caper, agree that folks shouldn’t get turfed due to opinion.
      I also agree that the NYR are a brand as well as an NHL team, so if they did it for that reason OK, I guess, but I am very skeptical that is the reason, or at least only reason.

      The Rangers put up with it for a long time until there was an issue in the dressing room. Reports of a scrap.

      My guess is either the leadership group of players or every player on that team was interviewed by MGT before they decided to pay him millions of $ to not play. And he is a decent player.

      If I had to bet it is about more than tweets.

      People learn and grow up, and I am guessing he will as well.

    • Caper, I only know what I read about D’Angelo, but what I read about his banishment from NYR was about his treatment of teammates, not some social media hoo ha about his personal views.

      The only other player I can think of who got the boot from his team for being too difficult to get along with was Sean Avery. It is therefore almost unheard of to get kicked off a team for one’s personality. Surely that points to particularly egregious behaviour on D’Angelo’s part. He was, apparently, warned by Gorton several times about his behaviour before he got the boot.

      You will have read quotes from many players on different teams during this year’s playoffs about how tight team members feel. Chemistry is important. Clearly D’Angelo was as much free radical as free agent.

      • Let’s not forget about Evander Kane and his departure from Winnipeg. Certainly there were more in the past when media members were more differential to team p.r.

      • Fair point, Mike.

    • ADA can play both sides, not an issue there.

  9. Oiler fans. What ever became of James Neal?

    • Not sure what you mean Yes Guy? Same as he was when in Calgary, too slow. They dumped Lucic for him if you recall.
      Neither was good, Neal a little better (got 19 last year), but he is a cheaper buy out than Lucic as well.

      6 of 1, half dozen of the other.

      • Calgary won that trade only because Lucic can still fight and is a tow-the -line presence . If he and Neal had a race they would have to use a calendar

  10. Hate how this comment section randomly posts some comments and some not. So annoying. Pengy,as usual, your comment is gold – exactly what comes out of my dog’s butts. Calling Dubas not bright is rich. I don’t care to argue the point because it’s about as affective as proving the earth is a globe not a plate to a flat earther.

    • So, only your gold plated opinion matters?

      Part of this forum is to express ones thoughts, opinions and ideas. You dont have to agree with them but theres also no need to offer up personal attacks on those commenting.

      I dont always agree with Pengys opinions but do enjoy the effort and process used to get them.

      Lighten up, theres enough nonsense going on in the world already.


      • And while I don’t always agree with RJ’s opinion, sometimes I do and this is definitely one of those times. Especiallythis part:

        “Lighten up, theres enough nonsense going on in the world already.


        It’s the personal attacks I do not agree with.

      • i like pengy consistency around here—i like different opinions too lol—let the comments fly lol

      • Mr Moore if you feel the need to attack RJ based on a opinion then, then you sir need to grow up.

        I like others don’t always agree with what’s said or expressed, however just because i don’t agree doesn’t mean they don’t have THE RIGHT TO THERE OWN OPINION, learn this please.


      • Wait…. Isn’t that a personal attack on someone’s opinion mp?

        Mind blown.

      • Thank you all for chiming in although the point was missed. I agree to everyone having their opinion nor should anyone tell anyone tell someone they can’t criticize someone’s opinions. I really feel if you have a dumb opinion it’s in my right to call it out and my opinion, even in an echo chamber like this one (same old crap over and over again) will obviously find objectors, shouldn’t be attacked for my opinion of a truly poor one

        I like to think I still live in a place where when someone is stating opinions that are flawed or I just incorrect that I can call out that person and if I wish, berate them for having that opinion or their opinion itself. I don’t mean this in an unfriendly manner, it just comes off that way through type and the fact you don’t know my mannerisms.
        Say dumb things, I’ll tell you what you said is pretty dumb and the more you repeat a dumb thing, I’ll say its still very dumb and now your just starting to sound dumb. If that offends you well stop saying dumb things over and over again unless you have something that adds and builds your case.Easy.

        This comment section has a lot of group thinkers and they tend to run a piss poor narrative when it comes to prominent teams.

      • That was pretty dumb.

      • Clearly

    • I don’t understand your comment, Ron Moore.

      Does this comment section really make its own posts? How does it manage that?

      If so, how do you know it posts some comments and not others?

      • LJ I’m talking about how you submit a post and it doesn’t post to the site. I’m guessing if an extra inadvertent space at the end of the name or email messes it up to not post.
        That’s what I’m talking about.

    • Hey Ron, do you mean the post above time stamped 12 minutes earlier than this one?
      Delayed sometimes.

      And agree with the others, disagree all day, all good. Cut deep if you like.

      Keep the personal attacks to yourself please.

  11. Deangelo absolutely plays in nhl next season… question him much. No doubt he could get a cheap deal that could be buried if he acts up.

    But I suspect he’ll get more on a deal due to competition

    Milano but out doesn’t make sense. Certainly there might be a team who would want him at 1/2 salary for like an exchange of 7 rounders.

    • the question is does Deangelo take a one year deal to reprove himself or try to get multiple for his own insurance?

      • Or will any GM even offer him more than one year, thinking that TDA needs to prove himself ?

    • Flyers will sign him, mark my words.


  12. Players opinions, political views, sexual orientation, race do matter whether its admitted or not.

    Hockey isn’t an individual sport and it depends on team cohesion, and a player obviously has the right to their opinion and they have the “right to profess that opinion loudly”

    That doesn’t exclude teammates from not sharing or opposing those opinions and they have the same right to profess it loudly.

    Or quietly, in the dressing room or not at all to avoid confrontation.

    Like it or not, this translates into negative vibes on the team, any team.
    In professional sport we have frequently seen top ranked players get bounced around the league on account of being “trouble”.

    Teams keep trying but the character rehab rarely works and the player keeps getting traded, released or whatever.

    The mere fact that a player will only be taken at a below value if at all contract and nobody suggests taking him at full cost per his talent, is proof in and of itself that it matters.

  13. Highly unlikely Yandle gets bought out. Makes no sense financially for the Panthers for two reasons:

    1) A buyout would save <1MM in year 2 precisely when they're trying to resign Barkov.

    2) His NMC becomes a Modified NTC after next season (12-team list) so the absolute worst case scenario is he gets traded for a bag of pucks after this season to free up the cap space.

    • Hi Matt

      your logic is sound but there is the possibility that Zito might feel that they did well this year and could use the extra $4M in Cap this year to strengthen the team

      Zito does have the option of trying to pressure Yandle to wave his NMC… Yandle; I’m guessing; would love to keep his Ironman streak going… Zito could threaten to sit him

      Now if he could get Yandle to waive his NMC; retaining 50% makes him tradable; and frees up $3.2 M this year and next

      If he could get Yandle to wave; could he strike a deal with GMRF for Krakken to take all of Yandle’s contract…. First and prospect (Gildon ??) for Krakken to take Yandle?

      Note… Bobby Looo’s $1.1 M comes off after this year (helping towards the Barkov re-up)

      • Hey there Pengy.

        Trading him with either retention or a sweetener thrown in (or both) is the more likely scenario by far. Rumor had it that the threat of ending his streak at the beginning of this past season was due to him rejecting a potential trade to Boston.

        I suspect (no knowledge here) that a deal was made with him to waive it for both the expansion draft and beyond because he will end up sitting as he’s been passed by on the roster by multiple options.

  14. Random thought, I read a comment earlier about Dubas getting a first place vote for GM of the year … No offence whatsoever to hockey writers anywhere, but I feel it would be a better assessment of the awards’ true winner if the players voted on all of the player awards, Norris, Hart (merge the formerly named Lester B with it), Selke … goaltenders vote for Vezina winner .. On the one hand, the hockey writers both observe and review statistics and analytics data to determine their choice .. at least with the skaters and goaltenders though, I feel they have the keener sense of how good a player really is by playing against them, they see the tiny, minute little things they do that perhaps only they can.

    • Correct that, players AND goalies vote on player and goalie awards….