NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 8, 2021

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Check out the latest on Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci, Mark Giordano and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: Tracey Myers reports the Boston Bruins have discussed a contract extension with Patrice Bergeron. The 36-year-old Bruins captain has one year remaining on his current deal with an annual cap hit of $6.875 million.

Boston Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bergeron’s eight-year contract turned into a long-term bargain for the Bruins. He won two of his four Selke Trophies during the term of that deal and helped them reach the Stanley Cup Final in 2019. Despite his age, Bergeron remains among the best two-way centers in the league. He won’t get another long-term deal but I expect he’ll sign a short-term extension for perhaps $6 million annually.

Speaking of the Bruins, general manager Don Sweeney said there’s a possibility for David Krejci to return. The 35-year-old center recently announced he intends to finish his playing career in his native Czech Republic “We’ll see if somewhere down the road Krejci opens the door back up,” said Sweeney. He indicated it would be a family decision and there’s no timeline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Krejci could return to the Bruins this season if he signs before the trade deadline. According to Boston Hockey Now’s Jimmy Murphy, he’d have to sign before Dec. 15 to avoid passing through waivers. 

TSN: Salim Valji reports Mark Giordano is adjusting to his new team after being selected by the Seattle Kraken in last month’s expansion draft. The former Flames defenseman said he’s turned the page on his time in Calgary and looks forward to taking on a leadership role with the Kraken.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: How well things go for Giordano with the Kraken will determine how long he plays in Seattle. The 37-year-old blueliner is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

THE SCORE: Pittsburgh Penguins GM Ron Hextall has full confidence in his goaltenders heading into next season, especially in Tristan Jarry. He expects the 26-year-old Jarry will bounce back from last season’s inconsistent performance in his first campaign as the Penguins’ full-time starter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was plenty of speculation the Penguins would pursue a more reliable starter via trade or free agency this summer. Perhaps they would’ve if not for salary-cap constraints. A recent change in goalie coaches could help Jarry regain his form. If he struggles again, however, Hextall could end up shopping for help before the trade deadline.

CITYNEWS 1130: Player agent Kevin Epp released a statement on behalf of client Jake Virtanen questioning why the complainant who accused the former Vancouver Canucks winger of sexual assault chose to file a civil lawsuit over criminal charges.

Epp said the way the accusation unfolded was “unusual and troubling.” He added Virtanen learned of the accusation via anonymous social media postings, claiming it led to a negative impact upon his client’s career and family.

Kyla Lee, a criminal lawyer at Acumen Law Corporation, said it’s not unusual for a person claiming to be a victim of sexual assault to file a civil suit without contacting the police. She cites the long process of a criminal charge often boils down to a “he said she said” situation making the pursuit of criminal charges challenging. There’s also the perception allegations won’t be taken seriously which prevents victims from reporting the sexual assault to police.

TSN: Edmonton Oilers signed Brendan Perlini to a one-year, two-way contract worth $750K at the NHL level. Perlini last played in the NHL in 2019-20 with the Detroit Red Wings.


  1. Patrice is one of the best bruins of all time I only mark Orr, Ray, Espo Shore & GeorgeO ahead of him. Nothing longer that 2 years. Sweeney still needs a second
    line centre what they right now isn’t it.

    • Congrats ray and George for being top of the line Bruin alums. And you both still mingle with the little people and post on here.

      • Not any more. In fact, I wasn’t going to post anything following the removal of a bunch of posts two days ago because “they were insulting and off-topic …”

        But I do read the site for the most part and will continue that, and only decided to submit this to show why I decided to stop commenting.

        There was NOTHING in the way of insults – not in my posts or Ray’s anyway – which dealt with the unrealistic expectations of cap increases and increased crowds in the face of continuous development of Covid variants and the rise of a 4th wave all over the globe, including both the U.S. and Canada (100,000 new positives in the U.S. yesterday and Alberta removing all restrictions – including the need to isolate for anyone testing positive), as millions continue to refuse vaccinations.

        If it was so “off topic” why then, yesterday, was there was a whole item of discussion in Lyle’s opening blurbs on that very topic?

        But they were deleted while continuous crap like Rick’s above is tolerated.

        So, I just decided to hell with it, who needs that every day?

        I’m sure there will continue to be lively valid back-and-forth exchanges of opinions.

      • First of all, George, your post was removed because it veered far off-topic. It was other posts from another individual that were removed for being insulting.

        Second, you started out that deleted post reasonably but then you went off on a lengthy discourse about vaccination rates and comparisons to different countries which had nothing to do with hockey or the NHL. It resulted in responders replying in kind, to the point where the discussion had nothing to do with hockey.

        The rules for posters here on my site are straightforward. Stick to hockey and be respectful of other posters.

      • I was traveling and missed the deleted exchange.
        Thanks for the recap!

      • Rut row.

      • Lyle, this was in your headlines thread yesterday:

        “The Score: Speaking of concerns over rising COVID numbers, The Athletic’s Michael Russo tweeted out the league has issued a memo to its 32 teams prohibiting the players from all corporate, charity and community-based interaction with fans.

        The league and the NHLPA will continue observing vaccination rates and the spread of COVID variants during this offseason to determine whether similar measures will be required for training camp.”

        How, exactly, did my observations the day befite regarding vaccination rates and the consequential spread of variants – more of which can be expected if you listen to the experts – have nothing to do with hockey? Of course it will affect hockey if governments are forced to close everything down again in the face of a 4th wave – where even doubly-vaccinated can be (and are being as we speak) affected. That was my point in response to the suggestion that cap limits will start to rise again next season – albeit very gingerly.

      • I already explained why, George. And the piece you referred to is NHL news. That’s the difference.

      • So, although NHL news can hint at further restrictions based upon the spread of the virus – and while posters can speculate and offer widely divergent opinions on all aspects pf the game – that’s the one area where, if any of us speculate that, by ignoring the signs world-wide, it’s taking the ostrich-maybe-if-I-close-my-eyes-it’ll-all-go-away Pollyanna approach, we’re “off topic.”

      • No, George, you were responding to Frank Seravalli’s piece about the NHL cap potentially increasing by $1 million next season. To paraphrase, your response was, “Seravalli’s writing about the salary cap rate for next season when COVID numbers are rising again in North America”.

        Had you simply touched on that and left it at that, no problem. However, you went on a lengthy spiel about COVID numbers and vaccination rates, comparing those stats by province and by state and other countries. That had NOTHING to do with the topic at hand. Furthermore, it led to the comment thread being taken over by discussion on your topic which, again, had NOTHING to do with the topic at hand.

        Had your reply been about the NHL and COVID, as you’ve done in the past whenever that topic has been part of the NHL headlines for that particular day, it wouldn’t have been an issue. I have never deleted any of your previous posts – or anyone else’s – on that issue when it was on-topic with that day’s NHL headlines.

      • But, Lyle, that was the WHOLE point of bringing in what’s happening all around the world, and especially in parts of the U.S. (where hockey players are and will come from) and here, in Alberta, where they are now saying “if you test positive you don’t need to isolate” – in other words, we’re not differentiating in terms of strains and if, by chance, you come into contact with an unvaccinated individual and are carrying one of the more deadly strains … well, too bad, so sad for them. And the last I looked the Flames and Oilers play in Alberta. And it’s on the rise again in B.C., Ontario and Quebec.

        On top of that border restrictions are being eased (land and airports) – the only saving grace there is the current “work to rule” by Border Control which will certainly give pause for thought to travellers – and although, I assume, that anyone testing positive on international flights into Ontario, Quebec and B.C., such will not be the case in Alberta.

        How does all that NOT affect professional sports?

        That’s why I went into great lengths on the posts – i.e., the inevitable effects on live gates and travel into and out of the country.

        But, it’s your site and if you don’t want to see discussions going down that road, so be it.

        I, for one, always choose to take things head on and refuse to be deviated by hollow assurances – which we have now seen by our elected officials through three waves and are well into the fourth .

      • George, once again, I will explain this to you. The topic you originally replied to had to do with Frank Seravalli’s report on the salary cap going forward over the next five years. Your post deviated far off that day’s topic, to the point where subsequent discussions had NOTHING to do with the topic at hand, or even about the NHL or hockey.

        Had you made your post in reply to stories or reports directly related to the NHL and COVID-19, such as the report about the NHL sending a memo to its 32 teams to limit offseason interactions with fans because of the increase in COVID-19 in certain parts of North America, it would’ve been fine, though again, the subsequent discussion did veer far off-topic to the point where no one was talking about hockey anymore.

        That post was the ONLY one of your posts regarding COVID-19 that I have deleted, and again, it was because it had NOTHING to do with the topic at hand.

      • George–I don’think that Lyle would have put so much time and effort into responding to any poster but you. How much more conciliatory can he be? Be a good sport now, and save yourself some regrets later. Reconsider.

  2. If the Pens make the playoffs this upcoming year it will be another one and done … the major overhaul takes place next off season …

  3. Re Pens and goaltending…. Duby is still out there… at least call…. If he will sign for $1.5 M or less; I think that would be a good move

    As at now ; if Jarry gets injured for any long period…. DeSmith starts with D’Orio (12 AHL games) or Lindberg (I don’t think he has any pro experience) as back up….. and Pens , as is, are set to battle to get to 5th in Metro

    Pens still need to make a move (or two)…as they are over… I have seen some media rumblings re moving Pettersson …. If he exits and P-O J in…. That frees up $3.1 M in Cap space

    I’m still hoping for the miracle trade (with side parts) that ends up with Vlad replacing Zucker

    Pens who exited round one again; will be without Gino for at least 1/6th of the season; D got worse (Ceci gone); and Fwds much much worse (McC, Turbo, Gaudreau replaced by McGinn; Heinen; Simone); while Div opponents either got better or limited their losses much less than Pens

    • If Jarry gets hurt long term
      Then cap space allows for a replacement. Desmith is the least of the pens worries.

      • Hi Chrisms

        No challenge with the fact that a Jarry injury frees up space to address… but then it’s in season and a trade…. Tough to do and likely too late

        Agree Pens have tons of major issues and HexBurkie are not addressing them

        I still believe a prudent move is calling Duby’s agent… if he can be had for $1.5 M or less … sign him

        They need to aggressively try to move Zucker and possibly Pettersson

        I’m still reeling over the HexBurkie move to protect a 4th liner (who would have easily been replaced cheaper I might add; with Gaudreau) to lose (for basically nothing) a 28 goal (82 game pace)scorer who plays CW; $2.9 M; 24

        That was Nuckin’ Futz

      • I agree about not protecting McCann. But I’d of let carter go unprotected. Teddy was one of their better 5 on 5 players

      • Hi Chrisms

        I like TB, I do!

        That said… the strategy for any team in an expansion draft is to limit the loss…. Done by a side deal or protecting in such a way that you force the expansion team to be selecting from bottom pairing D and 4th liners/depth forwards

        TB is good, but he IS a 4th liner

        Due to an absolute cataclysmic brain fart…. Pens lose their most tenacious/persnickety player AND a 28 Goal pace scorer that played both CW up and down the top 9 and was very adept at it. He’s 24, RFA after this contract AND at a measly $2.9 M in Cap hit

        Their first move should have been an aggressive side deal offer to take Zucker…. Offer up Pettersson and Laffy…. That would have freed up $10.3 M

        If that didn’t work; and seeing as they were going to expose Turbo anyway…. Zucker with side deals of Turbo and Laffy… just shy of $10 M freed up

        With that done … they should have been able to beat Zito’s offer (to Adam’s) for Reinhardt

        Can you imagine the Pens with Reinhardt with Gino/Kappy instead of Zucker??

        Now 28 goals (82 game pace) gone and $2.9 M Cap space saved…. There was no UFA out there that could produce those numbers AND play C for anything close to $2.9 M in Cap

        This whole trade to Leafs thing was a panic deal that Hextall made ….. with zero bargaining power… Dubas threw scraps and Hextall thanked him

        Dubas comes out a massive hero …. Only losing a 7th (‘23) and at best a careerAHLer ; due to the expansion draft. But the hero moniker for that move is very misplaced as the deal fell into his lap

        Pens should have protected … Sids line; Gino; Kappy; McC…. and then Carter

        Krakken would have picked up Turbo (as they did) and Pens still have McC

        If somehow Francis took Blueger … Pens then go to Gaudreau (who came in at a lower Cap hit. The difference between what TB and Gaudreau bring as 4C is neglible to the overall team performance

        Now Pens tight on Cap; no change in G; worse on D; far worse on forwards

        This is not looking good

        Fingers; toes; eyes crossed for a trade that has Zucker moving on out…. That’s $5.5 M in Cap space freed up

        HF30 (below) proposed a Zucker/DeBrusk flip…. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍… 5 years younger; $1.8 M + net cap savings👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞

      • Tb I think has potential to be a really good third line center. And pens wernt gonna send a first and a third for them to take zucker.

        And laffy has no value.

      • Hi Chrisms

        The 1st & 3rd was a media guess frenzy as to what “might” be the ask from Francis to eat a bad contract

        Zucker’s $5.5 M for 2 more yrs is definitely overpay but “bad” contract might be a push

        Either way…. Hextall confirmed that he didn’t even call

        Turbo and Laffy to take on Zucker really should have done it

        HexBurkie needs to do something and it needs to be quick

        This line-up would have been nice and definitely would have a good shot at 1st in Metro

        Sid Reinhardt Guentz
        Gino Kappy Rusty
        Carter McC Poulin
        TB, Gaudreau ; ZAR
        Rodriguez ; Zohorna

        Marino/P-O J


        If no Reinhardt… top two lines could be

        Sid Guentz Rusty
        Gino Kappy Vlad

        Both line ups fit in Cap

  4. I propose a trade to make Pengy and the Bruins followers happy, Zucker for DeBrusk.

    Why expect Bergeron to sign a short term 2 yr $6 million?…Taylor Hall money?

    He is considered as one of the best 2 way centres in the league and could easily make more money than that

    • Hi HF30

      F A N T A S T I C trade…. You get that done and I’ll buy you lunch next time I’m in Montreal

      Now ur talking

  5. thinking its going to cost the Bruins a lot of $$$$ next offseason for McAvoy who for 1 season will be the highest paid Bruin then comes the Pasta turn

  6. Shore…I saw your reply last night about the Bruins not needing the protection for its star players, might be OK for the regular season but when things get meaner in the playoffs a couple of players who play on the edge dont hurt ……..the last 3 playoff series the Bruins lost they had issues with the other teams toughness

    • Fair enough, Joe. Playoff hockey is generally much rougher and tougher than the regular season.
      Ross Johnston is one mean hombre, but he won’t help put up wins. I think Freddy can and will provide what you’re looking for.

      • Freddy does a lot of smiling and talking when engaged ……maybe hes getting offseason lessons