NHL Rumor Mill – August 11, 2021

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The latest Jack Eichel speculation and a look at what the Bruins still need to address in today’s NHL rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC’s Rick Carpiniello tweeted on Monday we shouldn’t be surprised if Mika Zibanejad “is in the deal that ultimately brings Jack Eichel” to the New York Rangers.

Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel (NHL Images).

That prompted a reply from THE BUFFALO NEWS’ Lance Lysowski. While that might make the money work, he wondered if Zibanejad would waive his no-movement clause to join the Sabres.

Lysowski believes such a move would require a third team getting involved “because it’s hard to imagine MZ waiving to come to Buffalo.” He pointed out Zibanejad has one year remaining on his contract with a cap hit of $5.35 million.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks dismissed the recent rash of “Eichel to the Rangers” speculation on social media as “no more than the ongoing blizzard of contradictory tales and innuendo posted on social media.” He added some of it was coming from “the account of an MSG-Network analyst” who is friendly with Rangers general manager Chris Drury.

Brooks pointed to his tweet last Friday, indicating Drury had been telling agents that he never expressed serious interest in Eichel. The Blueshirts GM apparently added he couldn’t understand why his club is being consistently linked to Eichel.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Oh, I dunno, Larry, maybe part of it is due to your reports since late June indicating the Rangers had an interest in Eichel. Just throwin’ it out there.

I’ve mulled the possibility of a three-team trade sending Eichel to the Rangers. My original idea envisioned the Vegas Golden Knights shipping a package consisting of Reilly Smith, Peyton Krebs, Nicolas Hague and a first-round pick to the Rangers for Zibanejad, assuming he’ll waive his NMC for Vegas. That package was the Sabres’ asking price for Eichel as reported by The Hockey News’ Ryan Kennedy last month. The Rangers would then flip that return to the Sabres for Eichel.

The main problem with that scenario is the Sabres reportedly want to send Eichel to the Western Conference. My alternate theory is Eichel to Vegas for Kennedy’s reported asking price, with the Golden Knights then shipping him to the Rangers for Zibanejad.

Eichel’s trade status continues to dominate the rumor mill with the trade market going quiet during the offseason dog days. Perhaps we’ll see a resolution before training camps open next month.

NHL.COM: Amelie Benjamin examined the Boston Bruins’ offseason moves and what still needs to be addressed before the season opens in October. David Krejci’s decision to return to the Czech Republic leaves them in need of a second- or third-line center. Their plan is to start Charlie Coyle in the second-line role, though he didn’t have a good performance last season. Benjamin feels they may need to upgrade at that position if they want to be serious Stanley Cup contenders.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Addressing that need could be easier said than done. The unrestricted free agent market has been picked clean so they’ll have to go the trade route. They’ve been linked to Arizona Coyotes center Christian Dvorak but those discussions appeared to be in a stalemate.


  1. Bang on Lyle on the Brooks takedown. he is one of the worst offenders of misinformation out there

    • Brooksie plays GM all the time.

    • In brooks defense it wasn’t he who wondered why rumours of eichel to the rangers was a thing.

  2. Any team with Charlie Coyle as your #2 centre isn’t going very far …

  3. The 3 team trade scenario implies that Zib. is the same value as Eichel. Maybe with the injury cloud but not healthy for healthy. Which by the way Zib has had his own issues on that front over his career. If the Eichel recovery is say 6-8 weeks the trigger has to be pulled fairly quickly and by the end of August

    Magiapagne Connor Zary and a conditional first for Nylander. Whose dad played for the Flames. They also love their Swedes in Calgary and he would be a good fit there.

    • That would be a serious overpay for Nylander and I doubt the Flames will part with Mangiapane and Zary for such a return.

      The Flames could have an interest in Zibby, but to make anything work (in a three way deal) a large contract would have to be sent back in return.

  4. zib to buffalo and then to vegas for eichel etc

  5. MZ is the real deal imo, & I’m not a Ranger fan. Also, there are teams that have the talent to go the other way, & have cap space.
    I think Eichel is going to be booed heavily in his own building this season, fans knowing his heart is not in it. I feel about Buffalo fans like I did with Isles fans not all that long ago. Hang in there Sabres fans, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

  6. It would not surprise me if Eichel sits out the start of the season. No way Buffalo gets the return they want. Only leverage he has at this point is to hold out. I also don’t see anyone with a NMC agreeing to go to Buffalo. Why would any player in that tier go there willingly?

    • Eichel trade speculation at this point is just chatter. No GM in his right mind would invest so much in a player with the medical issue Eichel has until the issue has been resolved. Not even worth talking about anymore.

  7. While the proposed three way trade would solve the problem, I struggle to see how Vegas gives up 4 strong pieces for MZ. His value is nowhere near Eichel’s.
    To me this type of trade ruins the Knights and hamstrings them for one year or MB.
    As a Vegas fan…no thanks.

  8. I just don’t see why NY would trade Zibanejad for Eichel. It makes no sense. Strome filled in nicely on the top line for about 10 games last year. And maybe he could while Eichel gets healthy. But who knows how long that will be? And what do the do for a 2nd line center in the meantime?

    Maybe Drury feels like a good fit for the role?

    Hopefully Drury is serious. Not only should NY walk away from that deal, they should run!

    • “TV analyst” was Steve Valuquette, who was a teammate of Drury when both played for Rangers. He sent out a tweet on Friday that had everyone, including me, thinking a trade for Eichel was close. He doubled down on Sunday and is still throwing out teasers. As far as Zib: He’s been a bargain with his 5.3m cap hit. He still is, but any team that wants him, will need him to be willing to waive and sign extension. Buffalo would only want him to flip at deadline, but Zib isn’t waiving to go there. Still think Rangers priority is signing him to team friendly deal. If he wants to test FA, then who knows. I’ve said before, the goal should be to have both. Step 1 is get Eichel but with salary retention. The longer Buffalo waits, the worse their position becomes.

  9. Also, I’ve also seen comments numerous times about Buffalo wants him out west and would prefer him out of same state as Rangers. Sure, out west would be preferable if you’re competing in playoffs there’s little chance you’ll plAy his team, unless it’s finals. Buffalo is further from playoffs now more than ever. Reminder, Risto went to Flyers, an East team! Same for Reinhart who was traded in division. As far as same state? Buffalo might as well be in another state. Whole different market as Rangers. There’s at least 5 NHL cities closer to Buffalo than NYC.

    • Good points S62

      Intra- conference play what ? 3 or 4 games? Compared to Eastern Conf v Western Conference …. Each team plays the other conference twice (1 H , 1 V)…. so for 1 extra game that HJ “may” play back in Buffalo; Adam’s is stringent on ????🧐🤪

      • Pengy. Rangers play Buffalo 3x upcoming season. Once in Buffalo,

      • Thanks Slick62

  10. The bruins do need to address the second line centre, anyone who Coyle, retreads Huala, or Foligno. Or draft bust Studnicka will fill that role. Must have bet on the sabres to win the cup. It ain’t gonna happen.

  11. Hi Lyle

    Re “ My original idea envisioned the Vegas Golden Knights shipping a package consisting of Reilly Smith, Peyton Krebs, Nicolas Hague and a first-round pick to the Rangers for Zibanejad, ”

    I have postured a similar move with MZ centering the top line in the desert

    Still a longshot

    That said; I’m 100% with SilverSeven on this… the trade proposal then has MZ = Handsome Jack…. and I’m not as confident that GM’s see MZ (only 1 year left under contract)= HJ

    Agree with your assertion that due to Adam’s reluctancy to flip HJ to an eastern team; it just might have to be him on to LV first then flipped to The Big Apple

    The net effect of Smith, Krebs, Hague and a 1st for 1 year of MZ is a big overpay IMHO

    3 pieces from Knights should suffice

    Rangers should be kicking something in

    Here is my thought

    To Rangers: HJ

    To Knights : MZ (50% retained in to-through by Sabres)

    To Sabres:
    1st (Knights)
    1st (Rangers)

    So HJ and 50% of one year of MZ= top 6 Winger; future top 6 C; 2 firsts

    and MZ (note only 1 year left; but 50% retained by Sabres) = top 6 Winger; future top 6 C; and a first

    * Retention needed as Knights over the Cap

  12. Holy cow Bruins didn’t sign Eichel last week?

    Holy mackerel, NYR didn’t sign Eichel by Sunday?

    Holy molly, TML are signing DeBrusk and Zucker for Kerfoot and Nylander

    • Eichel should a bruin before the end of the summer.

      • I’m predicting nobody signs Eichel! ( he’s under contract already).

  13. Bruins will win the cup this year the top line in NHL will carry the team Boston will get back Krech and Rask for run but Linus will carry the , Hall will have a bounce back year and Charlie will win the Norris. Studnicka will be the second line centre and Fabian will join team late and energize the squad for the run. Marchand will finish second in the hart trophy voting but will win MVP in Olympics and I will smile every night as I rest my head on my pillow. Goodnight you filthy animals.

    • I’m Shoreorrpark, and I endorse this message.

  14. If Dvorak is truly out there, he won’t land in Buffalo because other teams in need of a 2C just have more assets to work with.

    Teams like Ottawa for example have a greater wealth of picks & young players to draw on if the Yotes only want one NHL contract as reported.

    Teirney + Ottawa 1st + Defensive Prospect (not named Sanderson or JBD)

    Though I’d explore moving White in the deal and keeping Teirney for the season myself. Play this season with Norris – Dvorak – Brown/Teirney as your bottom 6 centers.

    Next season Norris – Dvorak- Pinto your top 3 guys.

    • Sorry, won’t land in Boston