NHL Rumor Mill – August 27, 2021

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What next for the Hurricanes after signing Andrei Svechnikov? What else do the Lightning need for this season? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: With Andrei Svechnikov finally under contract, Luke DeCock believes the Carolina Hurricanes still need to add one more skilled winger. He points out they have around $4.5 million in cap space to address that issue.

Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Jake Gardiner (NHL Images).

DeCock wonders if the Hurricanes will invest that money now or save that flexibility for the trade deadline later this season. He also believes they could have more and better options if they can find a way to shed defenseman Jake Gardiner, who’s earning $4 million annually for two more seasons.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hurricanes general manager Don Waddell could target a cap-strapped club looking to shed salary before the start of the season. However, those pickings could be slim. He might have better odds waiting to see how things shake out over the course of the season, especially as rival clubs fall out of playoff contention and become keen to sell by the trade deadline.

DeCock isn’t optimistic about the Hurricanes’ chances of offloading Gardiner’s contract. The 31-year-old defenseman hasn’t been the same since suffering a back injury in 2018-19. Doing that kind of deal during the season is difficult. DeCock pointed out that stranger things have happened. Nevertheless, they could have better luck attempting that move next summer when teams have more cap space and Gardiner has just one year left on his deal.

NHL.COM: Tom Gulitti believes the Tampa Bay Lightning could use more forward depth for this season to replace departed forwards Yanni Gourde, Blake Coleman, Barclay Goodrow and Tyler Johnson. Signing Corey Perry helps but they might need to acquire another veteran if their younger players fail to adequately address that loss of production.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That will take considerable creativity on the part of Lightning general manager Julien BriseBois. They’re already sitting in LTIR country with their cap space courtesy of the permanently sidelined Brent Seabrook’s contract. It could take a dollar-for-dollar swap to add a veteran forward unless BriseBois can find another way to free up some cap room.


  1. Re Bolts and Cap strapped… they have already gone the LTIR “creative” route with Seabrook…. why not go to the trough again!

    Many top level teams are near/at/over the Cap with moves they would still like to make

    I’ve posted many times before, why is there no talk about Kessler?

    Anaheim certainly does not need his LTIR space. He can be traded to 23 teams without his permission; and I would highly doubt he has blocked (on his 8 team NTC) the likes of Bolts or Knights as they have no state tax (so his LTIR take home paycheque actually goes up with a “move” to either team). Kessler technically would not need to move from his home for even a single day; it’s just paperwork .

    Kessler as an asset is completely useless to Ducks; a trade nets them at least something; anything.

    $6.9 M in valuable Cap space and there has been no talk re MacCrimmon or BrisBoise showing interest?

    It’s very puzzling to me.

    • Pengy…..John Gibson and Josh Manson for Jason Zucker / Marcus Petersson/ a first round pick / and second round pick.


      • Hi BNG

        I’d love to get rid of Zucker but Pens can’t be giving up 1sts anymore…. Rebuild should start next year; but Note… if HexBurkie continues with doing squat; chances of Pens playoffs are slim … and if that is the case, (that is them OK with finishing out of playoffs) then the rebuild should have started this year

        Manson in is a big improvement but that puts Marino at 3RD…. and at $4.4 M …,Too much

        Pens don’t n’t need Gibson with $6.4 M for 5 years AFTER this year (too much during the rebuild)

        What might work

        Zucker, Petterson

        For Manson Kessler

        Now basically netting $5.5 M in Cap; AND getting $6.8 M in LTIR (on top of the Gino LTIR)…. Now Vlad is accessible

        Marino for Vlad…. and Blues then have to kick back something in trade (they are saving Cap and getting a good young DMan)

        Take the extra gained above; plus Laffy and O’Connor … to Dallas (with it’s goalie overage) for Holtby

        If they don’t get Holtby…. Sign UFA Duby

        When healthy

        Sid Rusty Geuntzel

        *Gino Vlad Kappy

        *Carter McGinn Poulin

        Blueger ZAR Rodrigues/Heinen

        Rodrigues/Heinen; Zohorna



        Freidman/P-O J

        7th/8th D: Fedun or Reilly or Maniscalco at RHD; Riikola (LHD)

        Jarry/ Holtby or Duby

        *Gino out minimum of 1/6th of year…. 36 year old Carter moves up to 2C until Gino is back healthy…. so vet UFA 3C alternative needs to be picked up…. At max $2M…. here are available vet C’s (Czikas is going back to the Island):

        Bozak; Zajac ; Anisimov; Staal are all available and all will come in less than that

        The above line up much much stronger than current line up… the above line up could challenge for tops in Metro

        HexBurkie…. Wake up!!!!

  2. I will continue to propose something like Tarasenko and Sanford for Gardner and Neiderreiter (and maybe a pick).

    The dollars are a good fit, and some needs are met for both teams.

    The teams have been trading partners—make the call,

    • The blues don’t want trade dollar for dollar with Tarasenko or retain on him, they need to resign RFA Robert Thomas and open up cap space to sign Colton Parayko. Getting Neidereiter and Gardner in a trade doesn’t help that, in fact it hurts them. That trade ONLY helps Carolina. Iowa prince you totally misread the situation. Armstrong hoped to use Tarasenko’s trade request to open up cap space not lose some as your suggestion would do.

      • Bill,

        Not really a “misread” You may be right. However, I’ve never read anywhere that Armstrong just wants to “dump” Tarasenko for cap space.

        I think that Gardner would help the LD which is a need that Armstrong has identified, and Nino N is going to add additional offense.

        My proposal would save the Blues $300,000 in cap space–I think they can fit Thomas in by sending Santini down (although it’s tight). They will have VERY limited flexibility–on that we agree!

        They will potentially free up another $3 million for next year with Clifford, MacEachern, and Bortuzzo. A lot can/will happen between now and 2022 season.

      • Niedereitter is a UFA next year so they could let him walk and use the space towards resigning Parayko. But you are right that does not help them get the coin they need to sign Thomas this year. Replace Nino with Fast and it works better.

    • Hi Iowa Prince

      I counter with

      Zucker and Vlad (both retained at 50%) flipped; Pens kick in Laffy and O’Connor

      With Laffy and O’Connor sent down…. Blues gain $1M in Cap and 2 prospects

      Pens lose $1M in Cap space but will have that covered with Gino on LTIR a minimum of 1/6th of the season (which is a minimum of $1.3 M Cap relief after allowing for a call up to get to 23)

      You know if push comes to shove; I am willing to regretfully ( 🤓😎) also add Ruhweedel to the deal

      • P,

        Think HARD about this—

        Vladdy + Bortuzzo— (nothing retained)


        Zucker + Dumolin + O’Connor— (nothing retained


      • Once Sunny goes on LTIR, Kerber on 101.1 ESPN in St. Louis, stated that the Blues would have 4.1 million in Cap space. More then enough to sign Thomas. If Tarasenko comes out healthy and post good numbers he will be moved and the cost will only go up. If things total fall apart in St. Louis this season you are going to see a move to a full on rebuild, and likely to see CP, Perron, Tarasenko, and others moved.

      • Hi IP

        Pens just can’t move Dumo…. Way too valuable to team

        Setting aside Cap hits…. Expected ‘21/‘22 Production wise Zucker and Vlad on very close par

        Dumo is far superior to Burtuzzo

        I’m sorry; but I must humbly decline

        See above where I posted a couple of minutes ago re another proposal

        I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Vlad in Zucker out on Pens…. there has to be a workable deal out there

        First…. HexBurkie tandem MUST wake up… team as is is heading towards a battle for 5th/6th in Metro

  3. I bet Carolina could pick up Evander Kane right now for 4.5 and a draft pick with the Sharks picking up the remaining 3 mil due on his salary, unless the Sharks are looking into void Kane’s contract in the near future, which is very plausible.

    • WHY would Hurricanes’ Rod Brind’Amour and Don Waddell want evander kane dividing THEIR locker room??? (The division could be kane on one side and the rest of the hurricanes on the other.)

      Brind’Amour and Waddell are intelligent men. They’re not idiots.

      • I agree but … this is the land of 5th, 6th & 7th chances … so there is a team out there who will give Kane yet another chance to be productive and a good teammate …

      • Hi Rock

        I’m with Nasdaq on this.

        I would think it would be a huge gamble for any team to trade for Kane until the investigation is complete.

        He is innocent until he is proven guilty but this is not a court of law; just a business; and to me, the business risk is too high

        Kane the player and his production…. True value to many teams

        His off ice issues (as at now and still with the presumption of interest) are too much “weight” to impose on any dressing room

        The Sharks are not starting the year out well (again)…. high (almost $27M in Cap) and lengthy contracts to 3 Dmen; and unknown if Kane will start the season; and no true change/upgrade in talent ; on a team that finished 6th last in the league…. Not a good outlook for 21/22

      • “Innocence” not “interest”… dang auto-correct

      • I would say canes and AZ could be trade partners…

        To AZ: Gardner, 1st, prospect

        To Canes: Kessel (50% retained)

        Gives Carolina a left wing and cap flexibility for moves later in the season in one shot.

        Gives Arizona yet another first round pick and another warm body to put on the ice.

      • Hi Pucks

        Not a bad deal 👍👍

        Of course as a Pens fan (Canes Div rival) …. Me no likey ..LOL

        I don’t think the prospect is necessary… B prospect at best; not an A prospect

        Again, as a Pens fan… I hope your proposal does not see the light of day

    • Wanna bet..?

  4. The Canes got lottery lucky moving up to 3 to get Svechnikov. Him ,Teravainen healthy along with Aho make one of the top lines in hockey . I like their off-season adjustments . They could win their division.They also made a very good decision in not signing Hamilton for $9m.

    • That Aho kid is pretty good, someone should have offer sheeted him.

  5. AZ has cap space to take on Gardner for CAR and will prob accepts picks to do so. Starts with at least a 2nd rounder

    • Hi IHC

      See Pucks offer above… not a bad trade IMHO

  6. Why would Arizona do this trade?
    Gardiner was a bust before Carolina signed him and continues to be.

    Any pick will be tail end of the round 50? 75?

    Kessel is a top scorer and they easily can afford. to resign him next year.

    He’s old, he’s pudgy, he eats hot dogs….but he doesn’t miss games and just scores goals.

    Arizona says no thanks