NHL Rumor Mill – September 1, 2021

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Check out the latest on Tomas Hertl, Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Kirill Kaprizov in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Kevin Kurz suggests it might be wise for Tomas Hertl and the San Jose Sharks to wait a little while before engaging in contract discussions. The 27-year-old winger is entering the final season of a four-year, $22.5 million contract and is eligible for unrestricted free agent status next summer.

San Jose Sharks forward Tomas Hertl (NHL Images).

Kurz feels the direction of the Sharks could determine Hertl’s future in San Jose. This isn’t a “go-for-it” year as the club is attempting to remain competitive while restocking the roster with youth. Shopping Hertl and his expiring contract could help to accelerate that reset if general manager Doug Wilson seeks more draft picks and prospects.

Hertl could seek a deal comparable to the eight-year, $62 million deal Sean Couturier recently signed with the Philadelphia Flyers. Despite his obvious talent, he’s also been sidelined by multiple knee injuries throughout his career. With the Sharks already carrying several hefty contracts, adding another could be risky.

Kurz indicates Multiple sources say he’s among the Sharks players unhappy over how the club handled Evander Kane’s poor conduct last season. Hertl might not want to stick around if the Sharks don’t improve their team culture but Kurz said there’s no sign he’s on the trade block.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hertl’s popped up in internet speculation linking him to the Ottawa Senators but the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch was told there was nothing to that conjecture. Nevertheless, the versatile Sharks center could start appearing more frequently in this season’s rumor mill if his club is out of the playoff chase by this season’s NHL trade deadline.


TVA SPORTS: Louis Jean doubts the Montreal Canadiens will match the one-year, $6.1 million offer sheet Jesperi Kotkaniemi signed on Saturday with the Carolina Hurricanes. He believes the Canadiens already have a strategy and a really good idea of what they intend to do but will keep the Hurricanes waiting until the last minute.

Renaud Lavoie concurred with Jean while Felix Seguin considers that offer way too much for a player like Kotkaniemi. It feels it would be unreasonable for the Canadiens to match it.

Lavoie feels this is a difficult decision for the Canadiens but also wonders how nervous the Hurricanes front office feels. He said the Canes offer was a joke and believes they were 100 percent certain the Habs would match it.

Jean, meanwhile, believes Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin and his staff are still considering their options. They need to see what kind of return they could get for the compensatory draft picks (the Hurricanes’ first and third-rounders in next year’s draft) if they don’t match the offer.

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien examined the Canadiens’ options. Among them is using that compensatory package to acquire a replacement for Kotkaniemi via the trade market.

O’Brien cited recent speculation floated by Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman and Eric Engels suggesting Arizona Coyotes center Christian Dvorak as a possible target. He also proposed hanging onto to those picks and use them to select some quality talent in what’s expected to be a deep draft next year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt Bergevin is exploring all his options, including swapping those Hurricanes picks for a potential immediate upgrade over Kotkaniemi. I think he’s also trying to make the Canes sweat a little by waiting until the last minute to make his decision.

Bergevin could also keep those picks and sign a short-term replacement like Eric Staal or Tyler Bozak to fill in this season as a third-line center. The Habs GM could also decide to match the offer though it would blow his salary-cap structure to pieces for this season and next when Nick Suzuki, Alexander Romanov and Jake Evans are restricted free agents.

Lavoie’s comment about the Hurricanes is interesting. Most of the coverage of their side of this story played up the revenge angle for the Aho offer sheet two years ago or praising the clever scamps in their PR department for trolling the Canadiens on Twitter when this signing was announced.

Some reports speculated Kotkaniemi signed this offer sheet with the understanding he would ink a longer-term deal with the Hurricanes next summer for an annual average value lower than $6.1 million. But what if that’s not the case? What if the Canes believed the Habs would match and it doesn’t happen?

It would be an interesting twist. We’ll just have to wait until the end of this week to see how this all plays out.


THE ATHLETIC: Michael Russo reports the KHL season is underway in Russia with no indication Minnesota Wild winger Kirill Kaprizov will sign a one-year deal with CSKA Moscow as rumored earlier this summer. He played with them for several years before joining the Wild last season. In recent days, CSKA Moscov indicated they don’t intend to bring Kaprizov back.

The Wild continue to hope that’s the case as they continue contract discussions with the Kaprizov camp. The Wild have come down from their desire to sign the 2021 Calder Trophy winner to a seven- or eight-year deal while the 24-year-old winger is willing to consider a deal longer than three years.

There’s no indication a deal between the two sides is close. Russo speculates the two sides could hammer out an agreement for five years with an annual average value of around $9 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The KHL contract threat seems to be Kaprizov’s agent attempt to use what little leverage he has to extract a shorter-term deal from the Wild. Most observers dismissed it as a bluff.


  1. I think speculation that it was a joke is sour grapes.

    • I think you’re absolutely right.
      Such a butt hurt look by the Habs and their local media.
      Simply fantastic to watch from my vantage point.
      Just hoping something rotten happens to the Leafs next. What a great way to cap a dull summer.

      • LOL. Glad I didn’t say that Shoreorrpark – a predictable few would be turning purple with terminal apoplexy for my having DARED criticize either franchise – however accurate and topical.

      • SOP: Some Habs fans think the local Montreal media isn’t worth a pinch of poop. I don’t speak French so I am stuck with the whining and moaning from the Gazette, where most of the regular columnists couldn’t analyze jello pudding.

        As for your wish for the Leafs, have you no heart man? How could you wish for more woe to befall the train wreck with Dubas as the engineer and Shanahan as the conductor. Next stop, another early playoff exit.

      • Don’t think there are many Tor fans left on this site, a ton of accusations of how bad all the fans are, not much of that actually on here. You really play up the anger all of the toronto fans have when you say something about them, but 99% of the time it’s just you guys saying how bad Tor fans are with no actual fans saying anything…like where are these angry Toronto fan responses today for that comment?

      • GeeWhiz – on a % basis of “regulars” I’d say there are just as many Leafs fans still posting in here as there are fans of any other one team with the possible exception of the Bruins who may have a couple more. There’s Pengy, Old Blue Dog, Ron Moore, BCLeafFan, you (?) and for two years we had to pout up with often incomprehensible prattle of Wendell17Higgins and, before him, Vinnie.

        Maybe those who have dropped out simply grew tired of trying to defend the indefensible – in terms of the constant tire-spinning results manufactured by their management structure.

        I mean, how can any fan – Leaf diehard or not – find overall positives in a 54 year cup drought, never mind the inability to win a playoff round in 17 years?

        Yeah, they have some nice pieces most teams would love to have – and they’ve had similar such quality pieces over the many years … but regardless who has been calling the shots, they just can’t seem to find the right supporting pieces.

      • “Put” not “pout” – although some may think that applies to my observation …lol

      • George, I get that. I’ve actually been reading the site for probably 7 or 8 years? Back in the shticky days anyway, and that did happen then. But now I read all the time about the angry Leaf commentors on here, but it isn’t really a thing anymore is it? I’m sure it makes some Toronto fans not comment, and likely made some leave the site completely. And I wasn’t talking about what pieces Toronto has, or whatever, but you guys talking about all the angry Leaf fans about your comment, why you can’t make that comment, etc…when I don’t see any wendell type commentors here for quite awhile now.

      • GeeWhiz, I don’t think I, anyway, ever commented referring to “angry” Leafs fans. Disagreed plenty of times and often replied to the question “why are you, an Ottawa fan, commenting about the Leafs?” with the stock answer “why can’t I if they are the topic of the day (which they frequently are in season) … are only Leafs fans allowed to comment about them?”

        But that’s about it. Hell, with reference to a grandson and daughter-in-law in Scarborough who are both devoted fans I was actually pulling for them to go deep in this year’s playoffs, and when they went up 3-1 in games on the Habs with game 5 at home I thought they’d actually do it. Then Keefe showed why he still has a lot to learn about coaching at the NHL level by blowing that game with his curious technique and approach to line changes. A coach hired by a GM put in place by an uber-boss now heading into his 8th year of a re-build.

    • Agreed. Especially since Kotkaniemi is a Finn and the Canes clearly have predisposition to Finnish players. i believe they want the player and plan to resign him to a multi-year contract at a lower number before next summer.

  2. I don’t see Hertl being traded anytime soon. He’s young enough to be a cornerstone of the Sharks rebuild. The only scenario I see where he is traded is if the Sharks are out of playoff contention at the deadline and contract talks aren’t going well.

    As for the continued Kotkaniemi buzz, I maintain my belief that the Habs will match if they cannot work out a trade for a player who can be a legitimate #2 Center. Signing guys like Staal or Bozak wouldn’t be terrible, but I’m not sure either player is more than #3 right now. And unlike KK, they’re not 21 years old and will not progress at this stage. That’s why a true #2 is needed.

    As to any subsequent long term extension, that will depend how well he plays. Whether he stays in Montreal or goes to Carolina, if he fails to progress this season, he’s unlikely to get much of an extension from anyone.

    • go ahead montreal sign blozak—lol
      mmmmm negative plus minus–lol
      never more than a 4th line center-
      if you like to yell at your tv screen sign blozak

    • Howard….Do you think KK is worth $6.1 million ? Montreal has scratched him a lot during regular season and playoffs doesn’t make sense.
      Yes he is young but I’m not sure the organization tinks he is worth it..

      They have Suzuki, then Matthieu Perreault can be number two, (he is talented), then Paquette and Byron can battle out 3rd / 4th line center..

      Take the picks…

      • KK is certainly not worth $6.1m. now. But he’s only 21 years old. Had this happened with, say, 5 seasons behind him at age 23 with stats similar to what he’s had so far (unlikely he’d be offer sheeted in such case) I’d say take the picks. But he’s still young enough that he could develop into a star and it’s too soon to let him go for a first rounder that will likely be in the mid 20s and a third rounder that may never develop into anything.

        The Matthieu Perrault of 5 years ago would have been a decent #2 Center. Of course, he’d cost a lot more. He’s no that anymore. He’s a 4th line winger at best. Byron is better at wing than center and he’s out till at least Christmas. Paquette is a fringe player. There really are no sound internal options.

      • I hope they take the picks… nothing against KK, but 6.1 is ridiculous. I think the Canes will soon realize they are the dog who caught the car…

  3. but will keep the Hurricanes waiting until the last minute. ohhhh, reallyI can just see the Hurricanes sweating it out; not really.

    I thinks the fans maybe be anxious as they wait; but management, not.

    I don’t see Dvorak being moved unless an overpayment and i first round pick plus a third isn’t enough.

  4. Drury cmon make a move for Hertl …skip Jack…


    • Goodrow not Coleman….

    • Poor Strome is the new Rodney Dangerfield. NO respect.

  5. I am pretty sure that Hurricanes management could care less how long it takes for Montreal to decide. We have no clue what is going on in the background but I do know that no matter the outcome the Canadien media conglomerate will make Carolina look bad. I remember sitting next to a Canadien fan the year Carolina won the cup. Montreal won the 1st 2 quarterfinal games in Raleigh and the fan sitting next to me and the wife stood up at the end of the 2nd game and announced that Hockey would never survive in the south. We won the next 4 games against them. Sweet. Well guess what….we are still here and by the way south – Tampa Bay has won 2 in a row. Go figure !! Someone please drop the puck !!

    • Snuffy not sure what you mean by Canadien media conglomerate. The Habs specifically or the country?
      Just as an FYI, most Canadians cheer for other teams and not the Canadiens.

      • Say what? Every born and bred true American cheers for Rochester! Duh!

  6. NJ Devils have 2 #1 overall centres, Hischier and Hughes who will keep their positions long term.

    I would hope Bergevin is in talks with Fitzgerald for Pavel Zacha.

    He’s RFA at the end of the year and at $2.25 is expensive for his role with NJ but fits nicely as a #2 in Montreal

    Zacha was a #6 pick in the great 2015 draft class

    • So you want a bottom six center to play as your 2nd line center?

      Or are you saying a bottom six center fits in well as a second line center in Montreal because you have nothing better or that’s the best they can get for an equal value they were going to pay KK?

      I’m not sure anyone sees Zacha as a second line center at this point.

      • TheFlyingV

        I’m saying Nico Hirscier was a #1 overall pick.
        I’m saying Jack Hughes was a #1 overall pick.

        I’m saying any other centres will be behind them on the NJ Devil’s depth chart.

        The inferences you make are yours and yours alone, not mine.

        Kotkaniemi 5G/15A

        Dvorack 17G/14A

        Zacha 17G/18A

        I’m saying Zacha has pedigree and makes for a good 2C option that isn’t mentioned by the pundits.

      • habfan30,

        I agree that Nico and Jack are a fantastic 1/2 options teams…

        …and I am saying that Zacha is not a 2C and maybe that is why he isn’t mentioned by the pundits?

        You are just looking at the point totals from this last season and not his actual impact. He is an OK fill in but not an actual 2C. He id fill in at 2C with Hughes out and that is why his points went up but he didn’t make his line mates better, he made them/stats a little worse. They made him/stats better.

        He is a bottom six option that can fill in if needed but should not be considered a 2C.

        He might be skilled with the puck but his 200ft play is actually pretty bad. There is a better chance of opponents scoring when he is on the ice than when he is not. That doesn’t sound like a very good option as a regular 2C to me which again, like I said, is likely why he is not mentioned by any pundits as a possible replacement.

      • *correction. I meant filling in when Nico was out, not Jack.

      • TheFlyingV ,

        You read one bloggers analytics assessment of Zacha which was from the previous season.

        You and Howard make a good team.
        He says he’s too good, you say he isn’t good enough.

        Both of you can’t be right 🙂

    • Hey habfan30, if I was Fitzgerald and I had those two players as my first and second line centers, Pavel Zacha to me would look great on either one of those two centers wings and he can play center if one of those two get hurt he’s a great depth option, right? So, with that in mind, what can the Habs offer the Devils to entice Fitzgerald into trading a very valuable and good player?

      I don’t see it happening but great choice.

      • Ron Moore

        The Devils signed Tomas Tatar for 2 years $9 million, so I don’t think they plan to put Zacha on the wing.

        They also have Sharangovich and Mcleod as centres who can play wing.

        The pundits talk about Dvorak, Monahan, Hertl, Bozak, Staal….I’m choosing a player not being talked about who I think is more attainable and a better fit.

        I don’t know what it would take but I believe it would be less than a 1st and a 3rd.

    • Sorry habfan but I don’t see Zacha happening. There’s no such thing as too many good young centers. The Devils are not exactly tight to the cap and they have Subbans huge hit coming off the books after this season. Undoubtedly one of the 3 young centers may eventually be traded, but it would be for a very good young winger or D-man with NHL accomplishments

      • Howard,

        Some teams can’t find a goalie, some a D-man, some a centre.

        You’re expressing a very Habcentric point of view about centres.

        You want a good young winger or D-man with NHL accomplishments and TheFlyingV calls him a bottom 6 player who’s a poor option as a 2C

        Interesting that you both dislike my suggestion for opposite reasons.

        As I said the other day, one thing we have learned about Bergevin trades, we never see what’s coming.

      • We can each have our opinions. I just think Zacha is a good bottom six player. Yes he can fill in for a top six player but even then he is better on the wing than at C when filling in. And I don’t think he makes his line mates better at this level of play, I think they make him better.

        I’m not saying he is some horrible huge drag in the top six, I just think he brings the bottom six skillset up much more and brings the top six down a notch.

        It makes him a good value for his contract in the role he has now; good bottom six and adequate enough to fill in the top six when needed.

        I just can’t see him as the answer for Montreal and to be honest, I know you think this is just me trying to disagree with you, it is not.

        I think the reason other pundits have not brought it up is because I think they believe MB is going to make a much bigger play than a move like that.

        I’m not an MB fan as you know, but I also know that he can pull of a good trade and just for the very reason that this is a ‘but mom, he hit me first!’ storyline I think MB is going to do just that and try to pull off something much more of a wow factor.

        He can wheel and deal, that’s for sure, and I think he will do just that. He has the picks and the pieces to do something big and this situation gives him the opportunity to do so.

    • Zacha played the latter part last year at LW , I believe the plan is for him to flank Hischier or Hughes

  7. The Canadians need to take the picks and include them as part of a trade for some kind of replacement.

    Good record on recent trades, bad record for recent drafting and that one year is not just bad for this year but makes things worse if it needs to be qualified.

    More likely that the Canes sign him to an extension when allowed that has a much better AVV than the likelihood that the Habs can do the same doesn’t seem to be a discussion that Montreal or the media is entertaining.

    Montreal seemed more focused on a short bridge deal of around 2.5 and no one seems to be discussing Montreal matching and then trying to make a long term extension like that. All they are talking is that if they want him to stay they will need to qualify him for another year instead.

    Why is no one saying that the Habs could do the same extension idea as the Canes? I’m reading between the lines on that one that Montreal and KK appear to be mutually dissatisfied with each other and this is likely the end of their relationship.

    • Agree Flying V, not that I was in the room. But the idea that it was a joke or they assumed MTL would match seems far fetched to me.
      Because if it is true, than I am 100% wrong in my assumption that Dundon isn’t a moron, because that would be moronic.
      The offer seems designed for them not to match IMO. If you just wanted to cost them some $ as payback, make it for 1 year at $4 or $4.5

    • FlyingV: there has been much discussion about the negative downstream effects of signing KK after this season. Most commentators have pointed out that Suzuki, Caulfield and Romanov have to be paid after this season. This can’t happen while paying KK anything that will cause him to re-up in Montreal.

      • I agree with you LJ but my point was the Habs could also sign him when eligible to a longer term contract with a lower cap hit as it has suggested that is what might be the plan with the Canes.

        If the Habs get him to sign a contract like that, then it won’t affect the other players he needs to sign as much but if it can’t be worked out…and this is where I was going.

        It seems no one thinks it likely that he would sign a long term deal like that with Montreal but that he will/might with Carolina because none of the pundits seem to be bringing this up as an option.

        It just seems no one is talking about that as a possibility.

    • Because the player holds the cards in this situation… If the Canes have already worked out a 2nd contract with him then they are in tampering territory and trying to get around the rules. If not, then why would KK take significantly less over the following 2-3 years? If his agent is really working for him he could refuse to sign an extension and force the Canes to qualify him at 6.1 or let him walk. What do the Canes do if he puts up 50-60 points? All this talk that KK will sign an extension in CAR that will allow them to lower his AAV over a few years is ridiculous.

  8. Someone yesterday suggested that the one year limit on a offer sheet is a loop hole that would soon be closed. By whom? It is a collective agreement that by definition would need both sides to agree. If this new use of it helps one side ( the players ) they would not agree to closing the loop hole. Rather, if it is legal and advantageous you will see more of it not less.

    My memory tells me Bettman has out that he can do something if the good of the game is under threat. Imagine if Carolina doesn’t like the Hab’s management reaction like the childness written today out of Quebec and decides to do one of these a year Suzuki then Romanov. In that case Bettman may have to intervene.

    But closing loopholes is not something to done lightly in a collective agreement

    • This makes sense obd but your talking about a union. The players union traditionally (like all unions) tends to eat their young. If older players want a concession and the nhl countered by asking to close this “loophole” then the union would do it in a heart beat

      • It’s a “union” in name only, like all pro sports “unions.”

        Name another where the employer can put a cap on the total “company” salary costs (or apply “penalties” if exceeded), and the individual workers negotiate their own salaries AND, in some well known cases, negotiate such top-heavy deals, that others have to leave the franchise because the cap has been reached?

        Union my ass.

      • Chrisms, your bias against unions is causing you to make ignorant comments.

        I don’t have the inclination to launch into a long rebuttal but your first, and obvious, error was the trite “eat their young” comment. Young players have seen a steady increase in their base pay over the last several agreements.

        Here is a link that charts the increase on minimum salaries since 2005:


        Do you think this happened due to owner philanthropy?

        Indeed, in one of the last collective agreements the NHLPA held off signing to extract more money from the cap to cover more entry level players. The position by the negotiating team was that it meant 30 more players and their families would be saved from the disruption of having to move or get cut. To their credit, it resonated with the owners’ bargaining team and they agreed to more cap $.

        Surprised by your comments as well, George, for while the A in NHLPA stands for association there is clearly a collective agreement in place with multiple terms and conditions covering all players who get to ratify the agreement. If the NHLPA isn’t a union the term has no meaning.

      • Really lj…. My bias is based on fact. Unions for non skilled labor may be ok. Skilled labor it’s a crock. But nhl wise. Why do the older players get the privilege of ufa? Why do younger players have elc salary caps? Do upcoming stars get to sit at the table and have a voice? Nope it’s the established players that subject many far more talented younger players to play for pennies on the dollar so they can ensure their future. Unions build themselves on the backs of the young to prop up the old.

      • Chrisms, with respect, you are not having a good day IMO.

        Yes, it is traditional (and IMO not unreasonable) that the longer one learns his craft the more wages go up. Tradesmen make more than apprentises, surgeons make more than GPs.

        A generalization, but a 5th year player is more experienced and often has developed his skill more than those in their first several years in the league.

        But have you not noticed that it is not the older players who are making the big bucks now? It is the McDavids, Matthews and Marners, a trend that caused some to observe that this has left less for the older, non-superstar but still good veterans.

        Further, as George noted, after the RFA period, players negotiate their own salaries individually.

        Finally, some of the rules around pay – the RFA – in particular – are designed for the benefit of the owners: they provide the new players with coaching and development and in return get a lower salary during at least the first three years of their investment.

        Even if none of this were true, under what circumstances do you see entry level players getting the big bucks before lacing up a skate in the league.

        You are entitled to your opinion but do not continue to call your opinions facts.

      • Sorry lj. Poor argument. I’m having a great day by the way. I’d try rolling to the other side of the bed tomorrow if I was you.

        Using mcdavid. He deserved more money than most nhl players before he laced up a skate for the nhl. Marketing proved it. His rookie year proved it. But he is an outlier. I get that. Just like he is an outlier in the Rfa signing period.

        In sports many many players do not need the apprentice period. Look at the Norris last year. Fox. Maker. Why were these players subjected to playing for peanuts?

        It amounts to the pay your dues attitude, both in play, and for the union and those getting rich off of it, in cash that dominates the union model.

        New members and potential new members (who have no choice but to join) are denied representation. And they get taken advantage of.

        This is a fact. Not an opinion

      • I was part of a union for exactly 3 months when a youngster.
        Hired as a sales trainee out of college, worked in warehouse first to learn the biz. Union charged me dues as it was union work. Wouldn’t let me vote as sales isn’t part of the union.
        Which is stupid, so I challenged it, and they let me vote because they wanted the $. Then I wasn’t in it anymore after the 3 months.

        I’m not anti union. I am anti some unions and their tactics. I am anti some corporations and theirs as well. Looking at you Amazon. Some union deals where there is profit sharing and a seat at the table, like some in Germany, work well.

        Any pro sport comparison with other industries is apples and oranges.
        Makar is going to make $9M coming out of entry level. Fox will get his $ too out of entry level. He stayed in school longer which is why he is older and still on it. Giving rookies that have proven nothing big money out of the gates seems way too risky IMO. Agree with LJ, it takes a while for most of them.

  9. that is true Chrisms….unions do protect the old compared to the new….but they would need a comparable concession….and while they would do it in a heartbeat….they will take their time finding a favourable concession….as it is management suffering…

  10. “Bergevin could also keep those picks and sign a short-term replacement like Eric Staal or Tyler Bozak to fill in this season as a third-line center.”

    And who will be the 2C … 5-11-16 in 60 games Jake Evans … if it weren’t for the depth on the wing that would be a “Fight for Wright” lineup

  11. Re Kotkaniemi, one must remember that the Habs brought this on themselves by overseeing Aho.

    Montreal has possibly the worst center depth in hockey and even though Kotkaniemi is unproven he was still a top 3 pick and is only 21.

    Finding did what he had to do and sent a message that needed to be sent. It’s expensive but necessary and whether or not Montreal matches the effects will teach other teams that Dundon is not one to toy with.

  12. Here’s the bruins lineup after December

    Patrice March, and Pasta
    Eichel , Hall and Smith
    Coyle, Foligno, Huala
    Nosek, Lazar Frederick

    D McAvoy, Forbort!?!
    Carlo Matt,
    Zobril Clifton

    G Swayman

    Swayman will be the bruins number goalie

  13. I see Lou has made official what a lot of pundits suspected (except Praise). They currently sit over by about $4m.

    Will all know this Saturday on the path forward with K.K.

    • Boychuk and 6 his million will be going on LTIR. Isles still have some wiggle room.

    • Parise just confirmed he’s signed as well

  14. “He said the Canes offer was a joke and believes they were 100 percent certain the Habs would match it.”

    That is a very simplistic translation of:

    ” Cette offre est une blague et ils étaient certains à 100% que les Canadiens allaient égaler l’offre.”

    In this context its more like tirer la pipe, poking fun at

    • Flippin French folks.
      You have a different word for everything.

      • Some days it seems like they have their own language.

      • Ray Bark,

        The direct translation of any language, particularly when used idiomatically, often has little connection with the actual meaning.

        Cheesy,cold turkey ,old school for example

      • Hab. What do those examples mean. I’m asking seriously as I know sarcasm is often my mo.

      • Chrisms,


        Maybe somebody else can explain it

      • Cheesy means odd? Cold turkey is quitting a habit flat out. Old school means something established but usually refers to something older generations accepted but is now understood to be repugnant

      • Thanks LJ, I was nervous when I posted it, thought the humor might get missed and I would piss somebody off.

      • Chrisms,

        Now take the next step….if those terms were translated literally to another language….would they mean the same thing? No,despite what google translate says.

  15. My point yesterday about closing a loophole seems to have been missed. Of course any changes would have to be negotiated.
    The Aho offer was a sound business decision most teams would have taken that deal.
    The KK offer was not , no team would be interested in KK for 6 mil for say the remaining term of his RFA status which now seems a fair min term for offer sheets.
    The spirit of the offer sheet clause was to allow young players to get max/fair value for their services.
    The KK offer sheet points out the potential for teams to disrupt other teams cap management by throwing out unrealistic offers solely to screw up someones planning.
    Carolina may have its knickers in a twist about the Aho offer .but it was fair.
    Should they choose to retaliate it should be in the same spirit other wise we devolve to children battling over a Tonka truck in the sandbox.

    • Paying 6.1 mil for a former 3rd overall center on a 1 year gamble when you can afford the risk due to a solid system is not a sandbox battle. It’s a calculated risk.

      • Agreed, Chrisms.

        Everyone keeps asking the wrong question:
        “Did the Hurricanes do this for revenge”

        the real question should be:
        “why didn’t any other half-way decent team with cap space do this?”

    • Jorge,

      “The spirit of the offer sheet clause was to allow young players to get max/fair value for their services.”

      Where did you get this idea?

      Owners have never given players a benefit that didn’t serve their own interest or wasn’t a trade-off.

      Case in point no salary cap in the playoffs.

      The offer sheet was always a structured way to raid an opponent and sign a young players.

      The structure and rules made it onerous enough for owners to maintain control over players while developing them.

      There’s no accounting for sandlot behaviour and it can come in response to many things.
      The same “loophole” exists for UFAs a team with money and cap space can can hurt another team by “stealing” a player.

    • Jorge, the fact that most teams would have done it is exactly why it made no sense and why it was irresponsible, or stupid, or whatever term you choose to use. They knew CAR would match. And if they didn’t? Wow.
      Now CAR only has their best forward signed for 5 years vs 7 or 8. Or signed to a bridge for less, and then signed long term. Plus a massive signing bonus that would not have been required.
      I don’t know the reason MB did it, but he did. Now Dundon, did what he did. MB earned it. Totally predictable, even by some guy in Edmonton 2 years ago when it happened.

  16. KK is now signed by, and “property of” Carolina. Unless Habs match, fine then he goes back. Either way, he’s making 6.1 mil this year.

    Zacha will play in NJ he loves it there, and he’s buddies w/ Nino, Bratt, Woody etc.

    • No, he belongs to the Habs until they match or not…

  17. habs fans are Whiny babies if they complain about this, They chose to go after Aho, and the Canes went after Kotkaniemi, they have the Same option to match as the canes did with Aho.

    If they think its too expensive then walk away. seems to me that Habs fans just dont like that the were out played by dundon

    • Habs fans didn’t go after Aho the management did.
      No one is whining about the offer sheet but the trolling.
      The way Carolina went about it with the dollar amount and wording was low class and unnecessary, this is what upsets many people.
      It shows a lack of respect for the fan base of a whole organization and the organization itself.
      In my opinion they should be ashamed of the way they handled this.

    • Habs fans think Dundon outplayed himself… I am hoping the Habs don’t match. Let him overpay and see how this plays out over the next few seasons. IMO Canes fans wont be singing the same tune next year…

  18. KK shouldn’t have won the Calder as he wasn’t a rookie. As a rookie Jason Robinson was the clear Calder winner. But NHL is a little strange with stuff like that.