NHL Rumor Mill – September 15, 2021

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Should the Golden Knights pursue Jack Eichel? Could the Leafs risk losing more key players next summer? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.

VEGAS HOCKEY NOW: Steve Carp recently wondered whether the Golden Knights were among the clubs to re-engage with the Buffalo Sabres regarding their interest in Jack Eichel. He believes they should be in the mix for the Sabres captain.

Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel (NHL Images).

Carp acknowledged the questions and uncertainty over which medical procedure Eichel could undergo for the herniated disc in his neck. Nevertheless, he feels the 24-year-old center is worth the risk. He’d become the bonafide No. 1 center the Golden Knights have lacked since Day 1. He’s also an elite star who’s still young and the chances of a full recovery from whatever procedure he undergoes are in his favor.

Acquiring Eichel would probably mean moving two players from the current roster to free up the cap space for his $10 million annual average value. It could result in getting a third or a fourth team involved to make the dollars fit. The Sabres will also insist on first-round draft picks and a top prospect such as Peyton Krebs as part of the deal.

Despite the expense, Carp feels Golden Knights owner Bill Foley could go for it if he believes Eichel can help the club win the Stanley Cup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sabres’ asking price from the Golden Knights earlier in the offseason was reportedly Krebs, winger Reilly Smith, defenseman Nicolas Hague and a first-round pick. Whether that still stands is unknown at this time.

I believe Eichel could be that final piece of the championship puzzle for the Golden Knights. Absorbing his cap hit could be difficult but not impossible to sort out.

The Golden Knights have surprised us with significant acquisitions such as trading for Max Pacioretty and Mark Stone and signing Alex Pietrangelo. It wouldn’t surprise me if they pursue Eichel during this season or next summer.

TORONTO SUN: Michael Traikos wonders how many more players the Maple Leafs could lose because of their limited salary-cap space. Zach Hyman and Frederik Andersen departed this summer as free agents. Morgan Rielly could follow them out the door next summer.

After that, who knows?”, asks Traikos. “Maybe it’s Ilya Mikheyev or Jack Campbell. Or someone even more important, like William Nylander.” He also pointed out it wasn’t just money and term or a chance to play alongside Connor McDavid that prompted Hyman to leave the Leafs. “After five years of post-season exits, it sounds like Hyman wanted out. Like he needed a change.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a fair question. How many other good players currently on the Leafs’ roster today won’t be there this time next year due to cap constraints? It’s also fair to wonder how many could get discouraged with the club’s direction if they once again come up short in the playoffs.

Those questions aren’t something the Leafs have to worry about right now. They’ve got a full season ahead of them. Nevertheless, those concerns will dog this club, especially if they slump at any point in the upcoming schedule. Another disappointing playoff exit could lead to big changes and not just on the roster.


  1. For the past few years its been a broken record for the TML. If they don’t win this year they need to break up the core. Dubas will never admit a mistake, so the core is not changing.

  2. ““After five years of post-season exits, it sounds like Hyman wanted out. Like he needed a change.””

    Then why did he sign with the Oilers?

    • Great call, Gregsy!!!

    • I can think of 38.5 million reasons!

      • Half of which Dubas couldn’t give him

  3. “Acquiring Eichel would probably mean moving two players from the current roster to free up the cap space for his $10 million annual average value. ”
    As per cap friendly the Knights only have $37k in cap space and they only have a roster of 20 players! Good luck to the Knights in acquiring a third goalie let alone a number 1 centre.

    • He has a NTC but WillieKarlsson to the Rangers would be ok by me and frees up cap space for Eichel to Vegas

      • W Karlsson on a line with Mika Z would be quite awsome!

      • I read that wrong on Cap Friendly. The Knights are actually over the cap by $37k and only have 20 players on their roster. This gives the Knights zero room for injuries as a team dresses 20 players for games (12 forwards, 6 d-men, and 2 goalies). They had this issue near the end of last season when they could only dress 19 players in a game due to their cap issues, and it cost them the top spot in their division.
        By trading Karlsson that will free up under $6 million in cap space. If it’s just for draft picks and prospects then the Knights are down to 19 players on their roster and still don’t have the $10 million to add Eichel.
        The Knights need to trade two or three of their top salaried players for younger players on their ELC’s in order to get to the 23 man roster. The problem with that is all of their top salaried players all have a NTC of some kind, with two exceptions in Reilly and Theodore.
        To me the math just doesn’t make sense on how the Knights can add a high quality player with their current cap issues, let alone Jack Eichel.

      • @DB
        the idea is more that WK is a better 2way center than their other options so you can run Zib 1C, Karlsson 2C and Chytil 3C

  4. Steve Carp goes through the list of what Eichel brings to a team, what it could cost. leaving it to McCrimmon to get it done without presenting any realistic options.
    Lots of people have been putting out puff pieces about Eichel and Carp links to Sportsnet reporter extraordinaire Elliotte Friedman’s puff piece.

    The only hint of a downside is this beauty:

    “Let’s also remember that Eichel is only 24. The chances of his recovering from whichever procedure he undergoes is in his favor. There’s no reason to believe he can’t continue to be an elite player in the NHL.”

    He makes this flippant comment and moves on as if it puts the danger/risk to bed.

    There’s every reason to believe he may not be an elite player or any kind in the NHL.

    • That is a bold statement, Habfan30. Had you said there is every reason to be cautious, then sure.

      We know a number of teams have been interested in Eichel. It surely must be that these teams have done their due diligence by consulting medical experts on Eichel’s situation first.

      That so, the prospect of Eichel being able to recover must be likely enough that teams would find out what a trade looks like, and evaluate Eichel’s chances of recovery with the price they would have to pay. The only fair conclusion surely must be that the price isn’t worth the risk, not that the risk is of itself too high.

      • LJ,

        Every surgery has a chance of failure before the first cut is made.
        His surgery, whichever one is chosen is particularly serious, it isn’t a standard torn meniscus.

        We have no idea who has been in on Eichel talks or how serious.or what if any conditions were involved other than pundit speculation.

        Considering that the Sabres haven’t allowed any teams to speak to Eichel or have their Doctors examine the player there hasn’t been any actual due dilligence.

        You can split hairs over “every reason to believe he may not” and “every reason to be cautious” if you like, but considering I was responding to “no reason to believe he can’t” I think my word choice was accurate.

        There is no way to determine the results of either surgery before it’s done and he has gone through the recovery period and has played in game conditions, so yes the risk is of itself too high.

      • Your comment that no teams have been allowed to see Eichel’s medical records surprised me.

        Here is what a Buffalo columnist has written:

        “And two other NHL sources say no team has come close enough to satisfying Adams’ trade demands to the point the Sabres have yet to provide Eichel’s medical records to another club for review because they didn’t feel they had received any legitimate offers.”

        I hadn’t considered the Sabres taking this stand, so you are correct on this point.

        I am not interested in splitting hairs on this specific aspect, I am more interested in the situation as a whole. But this also surely means that once the Sabres do get an offer they deem worthy they will let the interested team look at the medical records. That team would surely then make an assessment as to the risk/reward.

        And as you are a Habs fan, there is in the article still speculation about Eichel going to Montreal. The article is a few weeks old and the KK/Dvorak situation may have finally put an end to such speculation. But if you (or others) are interested, here is the link:


      • LJ,

        There’s nothing in that article (re Habs )other than speculation regarding Brisson’s relationship with Bergevin which totally ignored his clients Duschene and Tavares ignoring the Habs when they were UFA,…..though he may have been doing his buddy a favour lol.

        Bergevin is supposedly the James Brown of GMs in the NHL so is it possible/likely he inquired to see what’s possible? Maybe

        As I have said before, the Sabres are below the cap floor without Eichel’s salary so they need to take back $10 million or close to it in any deal, not prospects and picks.

        What is Eichel’s value today? Zero
        What is Eichel’s value tomorrow? Nobody knows.
        Why would any team make an offer the Sabres deem worthy for a pig in a poke????

      • I offered the article on a for what it’s worth basis, the same as I offered the Yost article on Reilly. I didn’t endorse either.

        You are entitled to say Eichel is worth zero, but we know that certain teams have inquired about Eichel and wouldn’t have done so if they thought that. The pig in the poke comment is appropriate for any team who doesn’t do their due diligence, which would be astonishing.

  5. That Redmonsters is why Dubas needs to go. If he can not trade one of the big four, he should not be GM. Without success, what was the answer becomes the problem.

    I have criticized both Marner and Matthews. In another hockey space, I have advocated trading Matthews. I still feel that way due to length of his contract compared to the Leaf window….if they have one.

    • True Leaf fans!
      Take the best pure goal scorer in the league and get rid of him.

      • Well, Yes guy, trading Matthews seems crazy and I wouldn’t move him. But I can’t think of a painless fix for the Leafs. Can you?

        I am not sure what either Shanny or the Leafs’ ownership define success as. If only by sheer statistical chance the Leafs will win the first round of the playoffs this year. Is that proof of concept by itself? If they win two rounds is it? Does anyone outside of Dubas and Shanny see the Leafs as being legitimate Cup contenders for several years? If not, what is the path forward?

      • I think on any team, in any sport. You take your best player and build around them.
        Matthews is by far the best player on the Leafs.

      • “Get rid of” and “get quality in return” are miles apart.

    • I do not see them trading any of the ‘big’ 4 next year either.
      If Matthews isn’t signing an extension in 2023 then you unfortunately have to move him. It would be a terrible day for Leafs fans but it would need to happen.
      I believe that date is also the reason why Marner won’t be traded, they can’t lose both Marner and Matthews.
      If Matthews were to be traded I imagine a lot coming back to the Leafs – whatever that is, along with Marner and Nylander would be enough to build on.
      There is absolutely no reason to trade Nylander at this point.

      Looking at Arizona, they will make a killer pitch to Matthews in 202 when he is a UFA given the amount of young talent they will have at that time. Similarly, should the Leafs wish to trade Matthews, the first call would be to Arizona in 2023 for those assets.

    • Hi OBD

      I agree that term on AM contract sucks

      Re trading him… again IMHO… Window ends 1/7/24…. No Cup is forthcoming in ‘22 IMHO; so iv no Cup in ‘23…. trade him for what they can get, off-season summer ‘23

      Agree with others here… build around your best player

      However; 4 Fwds taking up 1/2 Cap…. There is nothing keft to build with

      If they won’t change the model and perhaps they conclude they can’t win by 24…. would Leafs move him (it wouldn’t be Dubas; would have to be his replacement)????


      If an unhealthy Eichel; with surgery uncertain; and with dressing room/attitude/ ego issues; is worth “4 firsts or equivalent”; then what is AM worth right now…. 6 1sts or equivalent? Or more?

      Rangers…. Zib, Laffrennierre; Blais; 1sts in ‘22 and ‘23?

      LA….. Byfield; Vilardi; A-squared; Clarke; 1sts in ‘22 and ‘23?

      Ducks….Rakell; Comtois; Steel; Drysdale , 1sts in ‘22 and ‘23?

      • Lol, get a grip on reality Pengy, holy christ man.

        I got a better idea for LA, keep all those assets and sign AM for FREE when he’s a UFA, which happens to be the year Kopitar is also off the books.

        And yes AM would salivate at the chance to play in a market like LA with all those great young players they got.

      • Hi CK

        Sorry if my Kings offer was interpreted as at 2 years from now;

        Agree…. for Kings….better to wait and enter bidding war 1/7/24

        I was stating what Blake might be ASKED to give up right NOW; to acquire AM for 3 seasons ; and of course that retains their rights to re-up him for 8 years on 1/7/23

        That package was comparing Adams demand for Eichel (injured and uncertain) NOW; at equivalent of 4 1sts

        AM certainly worth more NOW…. Hence the package I equated from Kings

        What I’m fairly confident on is …. barring a cup appearance in ‘23 by Leafs…. AM will not be a Leaf on 1/7/24 (and perhaps sooner)

    • HF30, is it James Brown or Charlie Brown? Asking for a friend.

  6. VGK even moving Smith or Karlsson will not be enough . Gets you half way there . To land Eichel it would have to be both no ? Maybe Buffalo holds a little a third team a third. A lot of stars need to align. I don’t think Vegas should mess with their current mojo. See if Roy continues trajectory and Patrick lives up to his junior hype.

  7. If the pieces coming back were good I’m sure Buffalo would eat part of his salary. The better the pieces the more they would eat.

  8. Hmm
    Is there anyone who would take Tavares? Im a closet Isles fan – and I can’t stand him for leaving, but he still can play, albeit at a slower pace.

    • At $11 million a season for the next four seasons? Hard to do. But, if there is an argument for the Knights going after Eichel at 10 million, perhaps there is an argument for going after Tavares, the extra million being offset by the lack of risk Eichel brings. Don’t see it myself, and I don’t see it this year so any movement will surely not be in the first half of this season.

      • Have to agree LJ. Looking at it purely pragmatically and not as a “fan.” on the plus side you see 6′ 1″ 215 lbs C who is consistently in the 75-80 point range and say “hell, yeah ….” But on the minus side you see that he turns 31 in September and still has 4 years to go at $11 mil per off the cap, at the end of which he turns 35. Then, for almost any team where he might agree to go to in a trade, it becomes a question of “how the Hell do I fit him in without gutting myself somewhere else?”

  9. Has Hyman actually checked out the OIlers’ playoff record over the past few years?

    • There is a better chance he can make it out of the first round with the Oilers than with the Leafs.

    • Im sure he checked out the best player on the planet that he’s likely to line up beside.

  10. It is not that I do not value Matthews. I think goes on to win a number of Rocket Richard trophies. If one believes as I do…1) he will not resign with Leafs and 2) the Leafs will not win in the next 3 years you have no choice to get value for him. He also has a no trade in the 3 rd year.

    The short length of his contract is a firing offense to me.

    • OBD: Here is an excerpt from Sportsnet when Matthews was signed:

      “The shorter deal is reminiscent of the five-year deal Tampa Bay Lightning star Steven Stamkos signed after the expiration of his entry-level deal in 2011, and the six-year extension Matthews’s current teammate John Tavares inked with the New York Islanders that same year. Both players, for various reasons, forwent longer deals so they could hit free agency at a younger age.”

      As much grief as I think Dubas deserves, he may not have been able to get Matthews to sign for longer.

      • LJ I think that is true. There was a supposed max % if cap offer sheet for Matthews from Arizona and a offer sheet supposedly from Columbus for Marner. So I think that at least Dubas gets better value than picks if he signs and trades either of these guys. But he has to trade them to get value. None of this 0wn rental nonsense. IMO.

  11. Vegas isn’t getting Jackie! They don’t have the cap space.

  12. Oilers lost in the first round last year and missed entirely the previous 3 .
    Maybe Hyman is betting on futures.

  13. Would a healthy Eichel make Knights a top Fav for the Cup? Yep

    But…. He is not healthy right now; decision on surgery still up in the air; and Eichel reportedly has dressing room/ego issues

    So with that knowledge…..Krebs, Smith, Hague ; 1st …. Is too much

    Knights are already expected to Win the Pacific ; and are favoured with Avs to be the West’s representative in ‘22 SC

    Trading for Eichel; with their current Cap situation…. Should NOT; IMHO ; be explored

    I’ve posted several times…. If Rangers are still interested and willing to take a gamble on him (this making Zib long term with Rangers nigh impossible)…, then a multiplayer multi asset three team trade (with Sabres retention) could net Zib with Knights and Eichel in the Big Apple

    Those moves; with a healthy Eichel; make Rangers Cup window much closer and s cup probability higher; make Knights the Cup fav in ‘22; and stockpile Sabres with picks/assets

    Likelihood…. slim

    • Not sure why the Rangers would want to get rid of Zib PLUS other young assets for Eichel at $10M and a neck injury. Eichel is 24 and has averaged about 1 point per game over 233 games the last 4 years. Zib is 28 and has averaged about the same 1 pt but over 267 games the last 4 years. I’d rather just keep Zib for a lower cap hit and retain my younger assets/picks.

      • Hi Dave

        I am with you… no idea why they’d have interest in him…. But they have been /had been? rumoured all summer as one of the potential suitors

        My contention is that IF (big IF) they were in on him…. Then paying Zib (on the re-up) what he is worth; is pragmatically a low probability option

        If they’re then not keeping Zib in 22/23++… then making him part of any trade now; lessons futures they have to part with to get Eichel

        I had proposed before …. sabres retain 20% and retain 50% on Zib on to-through to Knights

        Sabres get Smith (cap reasons for Vegas) and a collective haul in 1sts; other pics; prospects between Knights and Rangers

        Knights could do 1 1st with a 4th that becomes a 1st (conditional on Zib re-upping)

        Rangers give a 1st and 4th (that becomes a 1st if Eichel plays 50 games this year; or a 2nd if he plays 25-49 games)

        Knights throw in a prospect

        Sabres; with a healthy Eichel playing on Rangers; and Zib re-upping….

        Get Smith; prospect , 4 1sts (note retaining 25% of JE for 5 years, and 50% of Zib [1year]

        Knights jump to # 1 cup fav ‘22

        Rangers have bright future

        Now…. If Rangers interest in Eichel has waned? Evaporated? ….. forgggedddaabowdit

    • How could the Rangers window possibly get closer by trading Zibanejad and not knowing Eichels table to return, or knowing if the same player is returning ever?

      • Some just can’t get past the “what once was” scenario.

      • Hi CO

        I had prefaced the expectations ed outcomes with “ with a healthy Eichel playing on Rangers…”

        Again, I wouldn’t do the trade (setting aside that I’m not a fan of Eichel due to his reported attitude; the odds with a healthy Eichel playing on Rangers; re successful surgery and COMPLETE return to pre injury form and production ; has too much uncertainty for my liking )

        That said…. a healthy (and back to form and production ) Eichel on the Blue Shirts… certainly moves team up; even then without Zib

  14. Re : Leafs and potentially losing more players…. Yes unfortunately

    4 Fwds taking up 1/2 the Cap is not working; and won’t work

    Here are two (of many) potential outcomes for Leafs come June/July ‘22…,

    Leafs miss playoffs and/or out again first round…. Dubas ; and maybe Shanny gone

    Leafs somehow get past first round; ousted 2nd round…. Dubas either gone or inches away from being so

    Those two above…. Solution…. Move away from the 1/2 Cap on 4 Fwds model !!

    I’m hoping for the solution to be instituted much much sooner than later

    Again…. Window is definitely gone come 1/7/24 when AM walks (runs ???) into the UFA bidding war … at 26 years of age

    • Why “maybe Shanny?” – he’s headed to his 7th or 8th year with – in terms of ultimate success – absolutely nothing to show for it. If they falter again, he’d be the FIRST out the door.

    • I think, if Reilly has another good year, the Leafs will think long and hard about trading Nylander or Marner to keep him in the fold.
      Nylander’s the most likely choice at this time.
      Let’s play and find out.

      • Hi BCLF

        Agree re WW as most likely to move if keeping Reilly

  15. Eichel to the NYR is inevitable. They’re in a much better position to make a deal than Vegas.

    • Hi Slick

      If so… ur thoughts re my proposal above to Dave?

      • Pengy. Your proposal is a bit elaborate for me. I’ll start by saying I don’t think Rangers are trading Zib. Regardless of Eichel availability. He’s their #1. I think they’ll extend him 8years at about 8M per AAV. Truly believe there’s mutual interest to get this done. I’ve also been saying for awhile I think Buffalo will need to retain about 20% on Eichel salary. Not only do they need to get to cap floor, but they’ll maximize return. Eating 10 mil out of remaining 50mil shouldn’t be a big deal. They won’t be bringing in any big ticket players in next few years. r end of day, Rangers aren’t swapping Zib for Eichel. Plan is to have both.

      • Pengy and George.
        To Buffalo: Lundkvist, Gorgiev, Othman, and next years 1st round pic+ Logan Brown from Ottawa
        To Ottawa: Ryan Strome
        To Ny: Eichel Buffalo retains 10%. Ottawa retains 10%.

      • Maybe NY sends a 3rd rounder to Ottawa

  16. This is from yesterday. I never got a chance to reply to HabsFan.

    Hi Habs Fan, I am no expert or betting guru.
    But I can read the tea leaves in the Atlantic.
    Are the Habs better than Boston, Tampa or Florida?

    I happen not to think so.
    I also think the Leafs are better, so that puts Montreal in the # 5 spot.

    In order for Montreal to make the playoffs, only 3 teams in the Metro would have to qualify.
    Unlikely at best!
    Will Montreal have more points than Pitt, Wash, Carolina or the Isles?
    Philly and the Rangers are “maybes”.
    I think that you should beat the Devils and Jackets in points.

    You had a great run, bolstered by a once in a lifetime circumstance.
    Absent the Covid restrictions, the Habs would not have even made the playoffs in the last two years. That’s just reality.

    Your team had a great playoffs. Enjoy it!!
    I just don’t see the Habs duplicating it again this season.

    Just MY opinion. Feel free to dispute any or all of this.

    • As a Habs fan, I can’t dispute it. The Habs caught the wave and rode it further than expected last year. Remember they basically fell backwards into the playoffs.

      They have 6 new players (counting Caulfield) and I think it will take perhaps 20 games for them to jell. If so they might be out of the race by November. That said, Hoffman, Dvorak and a full season with Caulfield with Toffoli, Anderson and Gally will give them more offense than they have had in a long time.

      Pittsburg and the Caps are in decline. I think Boston is vulnerable as well. The Isles, the Canes and the Bolts are locks. Florida and Philly are contenders. A few good teams are going to be on the outside looking in at the end of the season.

    • Only problem I have is including the island in this. They have become the land of oldylocks and his slightly younger bears. I think ll still thinks thirty something is young. And it will show this year with how slow they will be.

  17. Florida Panthers are my dark horse. Maybe a little on the grey side as their roster is loaded Only need the hockey gods to afford some puck luck and Spencer Knight starting the playoffs . My pick to win the division maybe the east

    • With you SS

      Panthers looking good

      If Bobo plays at even 60% of his Cap and the youngster plays like he can…. Yes, first in East is a fair odds wager

  18. nevinsrip,
    TBL, TML and Boston have all taken a few steps backward.

    Tampa lost their entire 3rd line and a big D addition at trade deadline.

    TML search for toughness lost it instead, Hyman’s gone, Foligno wouldn’t stay and Campbell/Mrazek will be an adventure, career backup and an injury prone batterymate.

    Boston lost Krejci and haven’t replaced him. a rookie and an injury prone goalie duo, Forbort??? Taylor Hall hasn’t hada good year since……whatever.

    Habs can finish ahead of one or two of them.

    Two areas that cost the Habs in the regular season were powerplay and OT and the addition of Hoffman and Dvorak change that dynamic.

    My team had a great last season and is stronger this year. Nobody picked them to go to the ScF last year or this year, but they’ll be a fun team to watch and I know I’ll enjoy them.

    • Habsfan, You kinda glossed over losing Weber which is a HUGE piece of your Defense.
      Who eats up his minutes?

      Losing KK for Dvorak is a wash, I think.

      It’s nice to see you looking optimistic and It would make me happy if you knocked out any of those teams.

      But I just don’t see it.

      • nevinsrip

        Weber had a very pedestrian regular season, misplays with puck, slow on the turn and getting beaten on the outside, many of us were wondering all season if he was hurt.

        The playoffs came and all of a sudden he was a beast again.

        David Savard was the D everybody wanted at TDL, he will replace the defensive minutes, the pk minutes and the heavy hitting.

        Dvorak had more goals than Kotkaniemi and Danault combined while playing heavy defensive minutes and powerplay.

        Habs had a total of 29 pp goals last year, Hoffman and Dvorak had 15 between them.

  19. Ok, big armchair GM plans for the Flames to re-tool on the fly:

    First, get rid of Sutter and reform the dinosaur antics of this organization once and for all. Hire a coach for the modern game.

    To Stl:
    L Matthew Tkachuk
    C Mikael Backlund
    R Andrew Mangiapane

    To Cgy:
    C Jordan Kyrou
    F Robert Thomas
    R Vladimir Tarasenko
    2022 1st Round Pick

    Then to Bos:
    C Sean Monahan
    2022 Conditional 2nd (becomes 3rd depending on Boston’s performance)

    To Cgy:
    L Jake DeBrusk
    C Jack Studnicka
    2022 1st Round Pick

    Then to NJD:
    L Johnny Gaudreau
    2022 Conditional Pick

    To Cgy:
    L Jesper Bratt
    F Pavel Zacha

    St. Louis would become stronger in the short term to go for another cup with O’Reilly’s current contract – Boston gets a top six center and gets rid of troublesome DeBrusk.. NJD gets Gaudreau, I mean come on..

    Flames forwards look like:

    Coleman – Lindholm – Tarasenko
    Bratt – Zacha – Thomas
    DeBrusk – Kyrou – Dube
    Lucic – Pitlick – Ritchie

    4th line is still meh, but not a bad re-tool lineup at all if you ask me!

    So how far from sanity have I strayed? Let’s hear it 😀

    • Pretty friggin far, Augustus.
      Fun read all the same.

      • Let me know when you want to sell your car Augustus, I am likely interested.

      • Lol, loved both of those responses. Win to sparky.

  20. Too much paperwork .

    I like the Blues deal for the Flames and stop there .

  21. Why in the wildest imagination would Eichel be of greater value than Krebs who hasn’t played with any regularity.

    Krebs has a bigger upside than JE, it may not happen overnight, but he’s healthy and has unlimited potential.

    Me, I’d give PK a test drive first, then decide to ship him out. His brand of hockey and talent would make him the target of any trade I’d make as a GM.

    He will make them forget JE within two years !