NHL Rumor Mill – October 9, 2021

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What are the chances of the Ducks shopping John Gibson in the near future? Does Rangers goalie Alexandar Georgiev want a trade? What’s the latest on the Blackhawks and Canadiens? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC: In his latest mailbag segment, Eric Stephens was asked about the chances of the Anaheim Ducks trading John Gibson in the near future. If this turns into another long season for the rebuilding Ducks (and it very well could be), Stephens suggested they investigate the goaltender’s value on the trade market.

Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson (NHL Images).

At one time, Stephens said he was certain Gibson would be with the Ducks to start the 2022-23 season. “I’m not nearly as sure now.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gibson, 28, is entering the third season of an eight-year contract with an annual average value of $6.4 million and a 10-team no-trade list. His somewhat lukewarm response to the possibility of a lengthy rebuild sparked the questions to Stephen about the netminder’s long-term future in Anaheim. The Ducks could explore trade options by next summer if Gibson becomes unhappy over the pace of the rebuild.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Alexandar Georgiev hopes to put last season’s disappointing performance behind him. The 25-year-old Ranger goalie was the subject of offseason trade speculation but he denied rumors claiming he asked to be traded. “The rumors were false, I don’t know where they came from,” he said. Georgiev is expected to be Igor Shesterkin’s backup this season.

THE ATHLETIC: Scott Powers expects the Chicago Blackhawks will place forward Alex Nylander on waivers. He cites a league source saying he’s heard the Arizona Coyotes might put in a claim if Nylander hits the waiver wire.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Powers pointed out the Blackhawks’ lack of waiver-exempt players limits how they can get cap compliant to start the season. He suggested they could put sidelined Wyatt Kalynuk and Caleb Jones on offseason long-term injury reserve and then put Andrew Shaw on LTIR to tap into his cap space. Regardless of how they do it, Powers said he still believes Nylander will go on waivers.

SPORTSNET: Eric Engels recently speculated the Montreal Canadiens could turn to waivers or trade to bolster their injury-depleted blueline. With Shea Weber expected to miss the season and Joel Edmundson sidelined to start the season, an injury to Jeff Petry or Ben Chiarot could derail the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That report was filed before we learned goaltender Carey Price had entered the league’s player assistance program. His absence is the biggest factor that could derail the Canadiens’ season. Perhaps it will also provide further motivation for the Habs to go shopping for another defenseman.


  1. 1/3 of the teams have too many players signed,a number over by 4-6.
    Ottawa will be over once Tkachuk is signed and slightly over the cap floor.

    There will be around 20-25 players released or waived in the next few days, some of whom worth a hard look

    • Some, of course, will be placed on IR, others won’t require waivers – as is the case if and when Tkachuk signs in Ottawa since, to remain at 23, they’ll likely send waiver-exempt goalie Mads Sogaard to the minors.

      Be curious to see what fans of these teams think will transpire to get to 24

      Dallas – 27
      Vegas – 24
      Minnesota – 26
      L.A. – 24
      Columbus – 29
      NYR – 25
      Seattle – 24
      Arizona – 24

  2. I’ve got $5 that says the Habs will win the draft lottery and select Shane Wright with the 1st overall pick.

    • I take that bet SOP. Not that I disagree the Habs are in trouble now. I just like the extreme unlikelihood of picking the lottery draft winner.

    • That’s just crazy talk SOP.
      It’s like the word shank, never to be spoken.
      DET is due.

    • Ya Arizona should have never made that first round pick with the habs top 10 protected.

    • Generational player? Put your money on the pens. It’s science

      • Same science that has Eichel winding up with the Bruins?

      • What science is that? Pens have a 40 year record of getting a generational player when they need one. I’m choosing to ignore a couple years in the early 2000’s. Only thing I can think of as science in Boston sports is cheating.

  3. Yeah that’s the problem with going all the way to the cup finals without a cup finals roster. The team never meets expectations moving forward. It usually means a change in management.
    I think the Habs will end up like Ottawa did after they got to the cup finals a few years ago, then went on a downward spiral.
    However I give Ottawa credit at least they recognized they would just stay in the mushy middle if they didn’t tear it down and start over.
    Some how I don’t see the Habs ever tearing it down, I don’t think their fan base would allow it.

    The Flames are in that spot right now, the mushy middle, and to make matters worse Treliving keeps trading away our draft picks. This could be the last year for him. ( at least I hope it is)

    • No question now that the Habs will take a step back, FlamesFan.

      Yes their Cup run was lightening in a bottle, but let’s be fair: the step back is a result of Weber’s unexpected season long departure, Price’s unexpected situation, and injuries – principally Edmunson out for a month. That’s two of their top 4 d and their starting goalie out. What team could absorb that?

      I think the Habs right now are actually a nice balance of good vets and promising young guys. Not many teams can claim the ultimate type of roster, a lineup populated with good players who are battle tested and still in their prime.

      • Habs are a long way from exclusively having this. Their regular season was probably more indicative of their abilities than the playoffs

    • FlameFan, what is the general feeling in your area surrounding how the GM will handle the Matthew Tkachuk situation? Will he qualify him at $9 mil per? If not, will he be dealt at the trade deadline?

      What happens there is almost sure to mirror what is going to happen with Brady. Of course, while Brady has remained at an 82-game average of 52 pts over his first 3 seasons, Matthew showed a steady increase in production over his first 3 (52, 59 and 79 pts). Then again, I guess it can be argued the Flames were a much better team overall when Matthew was in his first 3 as opposed to bottom-dweller that was Ottawa.

      • George,

        As much as we all hate these contract struggles it really depends on this year. If Matthew returns to form by being a pest and scores 30 goals I really don’t think the Flames would mind paying him 9 or even 10 million. Matthew was born with natural leadership abilities, where Brady was not.
        I would fully expect if Matthew has a good year and the Flames want to lock him up long term at 10 million he will want 11 million. However 10 would be the max in my mind.
        If he has a bad year and does not return to form then a short term contract at 9, then see if you could trade him.

        Just my opinion could be way off the mark

    • Take a step back from what. The Habs don’t even make the playoffs the last 2 seasons without covid. We’re talking about a team that only had 1 win more than Ottawa last season. Price has nothing to do with the Habs success in the regular season at least not in a positive way.

      • What eludes you, What the Heck, is that while Price did not play like Price last year he was then and remains better than any other goalie that the Habs had then or now, not named Allen. Thus he put up more wins last year than any of the others did or would have.

        True this is, sadly, faint praise but it is also a more accurate assessment.

        His absence of any length this year significantly diminishes the Habs playoff chances.

      • You mean Price played more games than the other goalies so by default he won more. Prices non playoff numbers just haven’t been that good for a while. We all know what a great Carey Price can do but that Carey Price hasn’t shown up in the regular season for a few years. To say that Montreal will not make the playoffs because of that is silly. Just out of curiosity instead of me saying why Montreal won’t make the playoffs explain to me how they make the playoffs. Who are they beating on their division. Boston, Tampa, Florida, Toronto. That alone has them fighting for the second wild card spot. Last season the Rangers would of had that. What happens if Philidalphia has a bounce back year and how improved will Ottawa be. They only had 1 win less then the Habs last season. So let’s say that all of there players are healthy and everyone on the Habs is playing well. Who do they beat to make the playoffs with there current roster. How would they have made the playoffs last season and the season prior without Covid rules and realignment. I’m honestly curious because the team really isn’t that good so maybe I’m missing something.

      • No, WTH, It means that Price would have won more games last year than Primeau, or Lindgren, had they played. Surely that is not a shock to you?

        It also means that the same thinking applies this year.

    • Maybe Brad’s dad can get him a job on Dragon’s Den

  4. I’m not concerned about the Habs, pre-season has little relation to the regular season and the playoffs are a different beast altogether.

    This team as constructed is better than last year. Paquette and Perreault will surprise people who are unaware of their abilities.

    Jake Allen has to repeat his performance from last year, which was far better than the numbers showed.

    There’s a tendency to look at who is gone without recognizing who has stepped in.

    • I have another $5 that says the Habs finish outside of the playoff picture at the conclusion of this regular season.
      Are you in, or out?

      • And I’ve got $5 that says the Leafs won’t be playing Vegas in the Cup finals.

      • To be specific (the Toronto-Vegas final prediction comes from NHL.com as reported in the Headlines thread), I’ve got $5 that says the Leafs won’t be in the final against anybody.

      • Naughty, naughty, SOP. I am wise to your trying to cover a bad bet with a favourable one.

        I reluctantly do not share Habfan30’s optimism. The Habs’ goaltending is not as good right now as it was last year; Savard admits he is struggling to adjust to a new system and Edmunson is hurt. Suzuki, Dvorak and Evans are not as strong as Danault, Suzuki and KK were last year. Perreault has shown nothing so far, Pacquette is hurt, and Poehling looks unremarkable. The only chance the Habs have is if other teams’ injuries hobble them in a similar fashion. And that is not solid ground for a bet.

        Thanks, SOP but I will content myself with my forthcoming $5.00. Any chance it is US funds?

      • Absolutely, LJ. I will gladly accept USD.

      • I’ve got $5 bucks that says you actually don’t have $5 bucks so this exercise is pointless

      • Yep. You’re probably right. I’ll check under the couch cushions as soon as I get home on Wednesday.

      • Can you cover off SOP for me then, Habman67? SOP is already trying the under the couch cushions ploy.

      • Habman67 has plenty of money, LJ. It’s all in his wife’s purse…….right next to his balls.

  5. Chris Wagner and John Moore on waivers.

    I say they both clear.

    • Wagner might not clear. Arizona or Anaheim might take a flyer on him. Montreal needs a decent defenseman. Maybe they snag Moore.

  6. I wonder if Pitt D Juuso Riikola will clear waivers?

    • Hope not for his sake. Not a bad player. Just no room for growth on pens d.

  7. Logan Brown has been placed on waivers by St. Louis – no more luck making their roster than he did in Ottawa. Wonder if he’ll clear?

  8. The NHL has released a document hitherto unseen, the governors voted to change the playoffs two years ago and the realignment of the divisions for the express intention of doing Geoff Molson a favour and granting him a playoff appearance followed by a Stanley Cup appearance under the guise of Covid relief.

    May as well go all in 🙂

    Boston has a rookie and oft injured goalie tandem, lost its 2C and has Reilly and Forbort as starting D??????

    TBL lost its entire 3rd line and a D-man they traded a 1st round pick for.

    TML lost Hyman and has 2 career backups as a goalie tandem not to mention a core of players who choke repeatedly when it counts and don’t learn from it.

    I don’t pretend to know who will win the SC or be in the playoffs but I look forward to an enjoyable season.

    • Top half post clever and enjoyable habby