NHL Rumor Mill – November 19, 2021

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Should the fading Canadiens start shopping players like Brendan Gallagher or Ben Chiarot? Are the Rangers and Panthers in the market for a forward? Check out the latest in today’s NHL trade rumors.


TVA SPORTS: Anthony Martineau and Nicolas Cloutier weighed in on which Montreal Canadiens players they’d attempt to trade if they were the general manager.

Montreal Canadiens winger Brendan Gallagher (NHL Images).

Martineau suggested shopping Brendan Gallagher. He felt the 29-year-old winger’s $6.25 million cap hit through 2026-27 could become burdensome for the Canadiens over the long term. The reporter also accused the hard-working winger of selfish play, saying the last few times Gallagher got angry was over missing an empty net, or at teammate Alexander Romanov for too intense coverage in a recent practice or sucker-punching New York Rangers forward Barclay Goodrow.

Nevertheless, Martineau feels Gallagher’s reputation for hard work would make him enticing for some clubs. He thinks the Canadiens would have to retain part of the winger’s salary but it would be worthwhile to make room on the roster and salary cap for younger players to build around.

Cloutier, meanwhile, suggested packaging defenseman Ben Chiarot with versatile forward Joel Armia for a first-round pick and a prospect. He considers them big players built for postseason hockey who could help a contender to reach another level. When asked who would replace them on the Canadiens roster, Cloutier proposed Jesse Ylonen and one of their many left-shot prospects in their system.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gallagher has definitely lost much of the spark that made him effective as an agitating, heart-and-soul top-six winger. Perhaps playing for a better club will rekindle that fire.

The Canadiens would have to retain part of Gallagher’s cap hit if they don’t want to take back a big contract in return. He also has a six-team trade list and a no-movement clause that prevents him from being demoted to the minors.

Some might chuckle at Cloutier’s suggestion of Chiarot and Armia fetching a first-rounder and a prospect. However, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman believes Chiarot alone could land a first-round pick. “He’s playoff-tested, he’s not a high maintenance guy,” said Friedman. 

As for the left-side defensemen in the Habs system to replace Chiarot, 2020 first-round pick Kaiden Guhle best fits that description. The earliest he could make his NHL debut is next season as they’ll keep Guhle in Junior hockey for this season.

Bear in mind there’s no indication the Canadiens are about to beat the trade deadline rush and engage in an early firesale of veterans. That likely won’t start until sometime in January leading up to the Olympic break in February. Time will tell if Gallagher, Chiarot and Armia become trade candidates. 


TSN: Darren Dreger reports the New York Rangers have been in the market for a middle-six forward for some time. It can be a third-liner or someone who can skate on the top-six. That search became amplified by Sammy Blais recently suffering a season-ending injury. The trade market is quiet right now but things could pick up around the American Thanksgiving holiday next week.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The trade market is slow right now with only three deals taking place since the start of the season. The Blueshirts’ search could extend beyond the end of this month.

This would’ve been an ideal opportunity for Vitali Kravtsov. However, he’s now on loan to KHL team Traktor Chelyabinsk and cannot return to the Rangers until the KHL season is over.

Pierre LeBrun reported the Florida Panthers aren’t in the market for a replacement center for sidelined captain Aleksander Barkov. He’s out for three-four weeks with a sprained knee that won’t require surgery. They feel they have the depth to compensate for his absence.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Panthers moved Sam Bennett into Barkov’s spot on the first line and rookie Anton Lundell into the second line spot, with the returning Joe Thornton sliding into the third-line center role.


  1. I wouldn’t mind Ben Chariot patrolling the b’s blue line . ( for bruins fans only) They desperately need another puck moving d and second line centre.Guten Hagen.

  2. I really like Gallagher as a player but he is overpaid and injury prone for the kina money he makes.
    He would be a nice add for many teams as a 2nd or 3rd line winger just not at 6.5 plus he has 5 years term on his current contract. Montreal would most likely have to eat some of that to move him.
    Chiarot will be a hot commodity , Armia was in the right place right time having a decent playoff last year that resulted in a 3.4 AAV x 4 contract , 2 years maybe but 4?

    • No way I trade Gallagher. He can still be the teams heart and soul. You can’t judge his play so far this year when the whole team has been a mess. The Habs need a new start with new management. But some veterans will have to be kept even during a rebuild. Gallagher is one of them. I’d look to move Chiarot, Armia, Lehkonen and Drouin for starters.

    • Fergy agreed…. I would take Gallagher if Montreal ate some money and we swap Zucker who is off to a good start 3 goals 8 assists 11 points.

      They are the same age, but Montreal would get a shorter contract, in return for say eating $1.5 million of Gallagher’s deal..

      Chariot I loved a couple years ago when he was available before he went to Montreal….he will be in demand

  3. Not drinking Elliotte Friedman Kool-Aid; no Ben Chairot is not worth nor will he get you a 1st round pick.

    Nor will packing him with Joel Armia get you a 1st round pick plus a prospect.

    No doubt Chairot will be a wanted commodity at trade deadline and being a Ufa, Montreal will definitely be moving him if they don’t start to climb the standings.

    Armia is a good defensive forward who won’t bring much return.

    For Montreal fans Josh Anderson must be frustrating to watch; He has the skill set to be an elite forward but for some reason is extremely inconsistent and disappears for some length of time.

    • Everyone would have said that about Goodrow and Coleman before Tampa paid it too. Never underestimate what a GM will pay for a piece they think will put them over the top.

  4. Hey Lyle, all good on the site and Microsoft Edge …

    Chiarot is worth a first because someone will pay it … that dictates worth … but are we really ready to dismantle a team that went to the finals a few months ago? Carey price will be back soon, if I am Bergy I stand pat right now, plenty of time down the road …

    • I would agree with that statement 9 out of 10 times Ed. My brain does agree.
      The MTL situation feels different. Most of the leadership is gone, they were also good players. The guys that came in? Meh.

      Feels like a black cloud hovering over them. My gut tells me something ain’t right in that room. Just a hunch.

      Maybe Price comes back and they get their mojo back. Big ask for one guy though.

      • Chrisms: I warned you about Karma yesterday. Oops! Turns out Karma came for me. What a Sh*& show last night in Montreal.

        Anyone: why does a taste of one’s own medicine always taste like a Sh*& shake with a little turpentine throw in?

      • I have been saying it is a cluster F of injuries and a hole at center, Ray, but things are such a mess there is something else wrong indeed. They Habs can’t manage basic plays and handle the puck like pez dispensers.

        With a GM who may be in his last year and might not be in a position to make bold fixes this is definitely a great year for Habs haters.

        As for Chiarot, the only hurdle for acquiring a first rounder for him is his pending UFA status. Those who put aside partisanship will acknowledge he is very under rated. He will be missed when he goes.

      • And, LJ, one of THE most frustrating things about injuries – when it comes to fans – is finding a FACTUAL account of the injury in each case and a FACTUAL prognosis for return to action.

        State secrets are more readily available!

    • Ed. A team that went to finals but, under very unusual circumstances. And they’re missing key guys.

  5. The “anchor” of Gallaghers contract? Don’t think he’s going anywhere. He’s gotten the snot kicked out of him in front of the net for years. He brings something to the table, but, at that price? I’m not saying it now because Habs not doing well.

  6. Kerfoot to the rangers for a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Gives the leafs some cap flexibility. Brink up Clifford for replacement in the roster.

    • Jeff are you aware the likelihood of your team being good and successful is by having good players on your team, not borderline players, picks and cap space, right?
      Am I wrong?

    • Have you watched any games this year Jeff?
      Kerfoot plays wherever he’s needed, leads the team in plus/minus, and is a top forward on the penalty kill.
      You might want to find another guy to trade.

  7. Montreal will face a dilemma; their 1st round pick is top 10 protected; if there not climbing the standings better off sinking lower and protect the pick.

  8. Gallagher hates to lose more than he loves to win, he isn’t paid for his talent, he’s paid for his heart and making others better.

    The “new” NHL that makes cross-checking in front of the net a no-no, should extend his career if it cuts down the attacks on him 🙂

  9. The Habs arE a mess without Weber, Price, and yes, Byron. MB talked about ‘attitude’ and people laughed….until they changed it made it too the Finals. Petry is not meant to be ‘the’ leader and is likely injured. Gallagher should be Captain but he is clearly still banged up from last year. He will not admit it ever but he needs to sit an recover not traded. Chairot is useless on MTL without Weber. Mtl does not currently have a Dman he can compliment. Another team might.

    Personally feel This season is a wash for MTL. Stu Cowan is right to suggest treat this year as a long training camp for next year.

    Also personally convinced MB has an extension offer on the table that he must sign/agree to by the end of the calendar year. Gives Molson time to find to new GM in time for the deadline. If a new GM is being searched for, they will be announced after the deadline so they can let MB be the ‘bad guy’ and trade who ever the new GM wants let go, IMO

  10. Chia rot is not good enough to get a 1st. He’s more 2nd+ value. The 2nd could be a 1st if team made final 4 and picked 29-32.

    Armia is lunch to get a 5 th given that contract.

  11. Habs are just not a good team.

  12. The Canadiens should shop anyone not named Primeau, Caufield, Romanov ,Suzuki and Norlinder. Everyone else on this current roster needs to go. I have been saying this for years now: we need a full blown rebuild. The first to go is the current management team. Then trade away everyone, retain salary if you have to and accumulate as many draft picks and prospects as you can. Suck for the next 3-4 years with the hope that after that you have a young team that can be competitive and eventually compete for the Cup. Last year’s playoff success was an anomaly (very enjoyable, though). In the last 5 years we have had 3 different coaches and have suffered extended losing streaks with all of them. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Enough – let the rebuild begin.

    • I did not see you saying that last spring.

      Tsk tsk.

      • Not in this forum but to my fellow Hab friends and family in my circle, I said I rather lose to the Leafs and have a full upper management house cleaning followed by a rebuild then beat the Leafs. As I said I did enjoy the playoffs but I knew this was the price to pay.

  13. I mentioned it in “headlines” and will mention it here, albeit slightly differently.
    Fans who don’t watch Habs games obviously have no way of knowing this but I am surprised by Hab fans who don’t see the attempted change and the commentators in both English and French who ignore it.

    The designed change-over to man on man defense isn’t working for 60 minutes. In fact a larges percentage of goals against come from broken coverage.

    I can’t be the only person noticing the D chasing over to the wrong side, leaving their “zone” wide open.

    Chiarot, Petry, Kulak, Savard get caught regularly in the wrong side of the ice and get burned.

    Romanov and Wideman are managing this system better for some reason, Norlinder actually looked good last night.

    The coaching staff clearly decided to leave zone D but not only isn’t it working, it isn’t improving.
    What’s even worse is that Edmundson, the expected “savior” is not good in the man on man D (Carolina) while he was very good on zone D (St. Louis).

    This change impacts the forwards who are caught back checking the “wrong” player and are visibly out of sorts.

    The Habs are supposed to play a physical shut down game and capitalize on fast breakouts, they are lost on the ice and that isn’t on the players, its on the new system on D

    • Has a man system ever worked well in a d-zone HF30? For a short stretch sure but the high end guys will burn you and as soon as 1 guy gets beat, dominos.

      Never understood it. There are places on the ice you score at a high % from, and those you don’t. We all know where those are.

      • Canadian WJC teams have been using Man D for a while now

        Might be the reason Ducharme and Letowski who come from that program are pushing it on the Habs?

        Has a man system ever worked well in a d-zone? I’m saying that not only isn’t it working, its failing miserably in Montreal for the time being.

      • we agree

  14. What is a man D or a man system? For those of us who are not hockey aficionados an explanation is required. Thanks.

  15. To MTL : Zucker & Heinen

    To PIT: Gallagher

    Then mtl should look to move chariot (money held to balance cap) and Armia to COL for Girard and pick

    MTL rebuild on fly create some cap room to make other moves