Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 9, 2022

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John Klingberg addresses his contract standoff with the Stars plus the latest on Evander Kane and Jakob Chychrun in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Matthew DeFranks reports John Klingberg admitted he doesn’t feel like he’s been appreciated in his stalled contract negotiations with the Dallas Stars. The 29-year-old defenseman made the comments while speaking with the media yesterday following the Stars 3-2 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Dallas Stars defenseman John Klingberg (NHL Images).

Addressing a rumor that he requested a trade, he said, “I don’t think that’s entirely true,” explaining that general manager Jim Nill agreed that he and his agent could speak with other GMs and see where they were at. “It’s not like I’ve been going out there and asking, ‘I want to get traded now’, or something like that. It’s something that’s been going on with the negotiations and stuff like that.”

Klingberg said he wants to stay in Dallas and indicated to management after last season that he wanted to negotiate right away. He pointed out other players had signed right before the season began and he wanted to do the same. However, he’s grown frustrated in recent years feeling that he’s had to prove himself. He also indicated things have gone quiet on the Stars side “negotiationwise.”

THE ATHLETIC: Saad Yousef reports Klingberg said he got one offer from the Stars “way back” but they haven’t really moved at all. He said he and his agent have been trying to come up with different numbers and years to meet them. The blueliner added he didn’t know if the club intends to sign him.

SPORTSNET: Jeff Marek reports he spoke with Klingberg’s agent, who said in late November or early December that he asked if a trade could be accommodated for his client if an agreement on a contract extension couldn’t be reached. Marek also said Klingberg seeks an eight-year, $63 million deal.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes we can add Klingberg to the “endless list of potential marquee rental properties” who will be linked to the Rangers leading up to the March 21 trade deadline. He pointed out GM Chris Drury has the cap space and prized prospects “to get anyone (any two?) he would want.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Klingberg acknowledged the business side of this situation and understands the Stars already have a lot of money invested in their blueline corps. Nevertheless, he also has to look out for his best interests.

Yousef pointed out the Stars have sufficient cap space for next season to re-sign Klingberg but they also have to account for future signings of players such as Roope Hintz, Jason Robertson and Denis Gurianov. Ponying up $8.5 million annually for Klingberg would take a big bite out of their cap space next season.

As I noted yesterday, I don’t see the Stars shopping Klingberg unless they fall out of playoff contention before the trade deadline or if he forces the issue. However, I don’t think he’s a fit with the Rangers as they already have Norris Trophy winner Adam Fox and Jacob Trouba as their top-two right-side defensemen.


SPORTSNET: Jeff Marek said he can confirm at least 10 teams have contacted the Arizona Coyotes to inquire about Jakob Chychrun. “A couple of offers have given the Coyotes cause for pause,” he said.

Marek said the Coyotes seek a young player, a high-end prospect and a first-round pick. Teams with the assets to do that who could be interested include the Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues and the Anaheim Ducks, who might lose Hampus Lindholm this summer to free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That return sounds more reasonable than the recent reports claiming the Coyotes want something comparable to what the Vegas Golden Knights gave up to the Buffalo Sabres last fall for Jack Eichel.

It’s still a significant haul for the 23-year-old defenseman who led all blueliners last season with 18 goals. His production has suffered this season as a result of the depleted depth around him on the Coyotes.

Bear in mind the Coyotes aren’t under any pressure to move Chychrun. With the blueliner under contract for three more years at an affordable cap hit of $4.6 million, they can take their time and wait for the right offer. We’ll find out soon enough if there’s a rival club willing to make that move before the trade deadline.

Elliotte Friedman believes there are teams who will want to sign Evander Kane if the San Jose Sharks successfully terminate his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s been speculation since late November suggesting there were teams interested in acquiring Kane if the Sharks would either absorb half his $7 million annual cap hit or find another team to become a third-party broker to further spread that cap hit around.

Kane has considerable personal baggage and a growing reputation as a dressing room cancer. Nevertheless, there could be some playoff contenders willing to take a chance on him because of his power-forward skills, especially if they can get him on an affordable one- or two-year contract.


  1. Good morning Lyle and Happy New Year. Question. How long do you think the grievance process will take for Kane’s case? Also, is there a cut off date to sign free agents in season?

  2. Good morning, Slick62 and Happy New Year to you as well.

    I haven’t heard how long it will take. We could learn more once the PA files the grievance but it could take several weeks.

    Teams have until the March 21 trade deadline (3 pm ET) to sign free agents and still have them eligible to participate in the playoffs. They can still sign them after that date but they would be ineligible for postseason participation.

  3. Zadina,2023 1st, and Albert Johansson for Chychrun

    • I don’t think Zadina is enough to move the needle. Also, I hope Yzerman doesn’t trade Zadina before Varna comes back (or before the next coach gets his hand on Zadina).

  4. I think the Stars are ready to let him go. After all, they let Modano go, and he was willing to sign for relatively little.
    Klingberg sparked interest from the Bolts,Preds and the Oil.

    Klingberg would look good on the Preds. They have the cap and assets to get him. The other two teams would be tricky.

    • Johnny Z..why are the Stars not willing to extend him? He is a top 4 d-man!!!

      Would love him on the Penguins 😀

      • ” reports indicating that he was looking for a new eight-year contract in the range of $62-66MM. That would represent a substantial raise, but not one that would put him ahead of teammate Miro Heiskanen, who signed an eight-year, $67.6MM deal last July.”
        Stars have $26M invested in their D, they don’t want to push it to $29-30M.

    • Thanks..He is a top 4 dman but 8 years at 30 years old wow big ask for sure.

      Nashville seems like a landing spot they have $9 million in cap space..

      Will be interesting to see where he goes.

  5. I cannot believe any GM would be that desperate to go after Kane.
    The guy is bad news which is a shame because he has serious talent.

    Just a note, it seems like the Rangers have supplanted the Leafs as the team that will go after and sign every available player on the market.
    Once again lazy journalist that just want eyeballs on their story.

    • Hi FF

      As I posted in morning coffee …. it’s basically only a cash risk up to $1.08 M annually (that amount can be buried)

      @ $1.08 M (annual rate); @ TDL (about 1/3rd year left) ; after escrow…. The money that a team is actually forking out for him… is less than $300 K

      Compare that to teams that have retained (in a to-through trade) $250 K and only netted a 4th (a long shot NHL player, at best 3 years down the road)

      Franchises worth $700 M, $800M…. $1B…. have no problem whatsoever on $300 K (it’s a rounding error)

      The downside with signing him @$1.08 M… 1 year… $300 K if he doesn’t play a single game for your team; with the added bonus of the fact that he is not playing for a competitor , then he’s not scoring AGAINST your team

      Compare that to the potential upside…. He plays like he can; his off ice issues are over; he plays top 6 and produces like he can; and he’ll be doing the same for you come playoffs

      Above is on the assumption that his contract CAN be terminated… the lawyers are now pouring back Tim’s and Red Bull shots and rolling up their sleeves on this

      If Sharks lose…. Almost impossible to trade him then without 50% retention AND a bonus payment ; OR buyout in summer

      If they succeed…IMHO , it’s not IF Kane gets an offer; but much more likely , how many give him an offer

      It is in Kane’s best interest to prove himself with a 1 year (well technically a 1/3d year ) contract so that he can sign a much better contract in the summer

      If Sharks succeed… Kane is UFA, free to talk to whoever

      If I’m a GM…. I invite my top 3 or 4 leaders (vets) into a meeting ; let them know you are considering the move; see if those leaders are open to meeting with Kane to see if he can convince them that he is a “changed man”

      There is no challenge re his on ice talent

      If those leaders are convinced… make an offer that fits into your cap space and enough to beat out any other team in your Div (at least) perhaps your conference

      For Pens… if Sid, Tanger, Gino met with Kane AND we’re convinced… Kane in and Zucker out….. that could be an extremely powerful 3 lines

      Sid Guentz Rusty
      Gino Carter Kane
      E-Rod Heinen Kappy

      Burke loves pugnacity

      It certainly would be worth a chat (HexBurkie with Sid, Gino, Tanger) IF Sharks case a success

      The troika says no… no harm no foul…. and cone of silence on the meeting… if they say yes… the new owners could end up investing relatively very little with the possibility of a very high return

      From what I’ve read yesterday and today… contract termination is by no means certain… quite a few hurdles first…. Including the NHLPA legal challenge

      Interesting times

      • Hey Pengy,

        There is no disputing his talent. My issue is with his character, thinking he is above the law and above his teammates. It’s a very bad look for the NHL and any team that signs him.

        NHL players talk and he has been run out of 3 teams because of selfish bad behaviour, if a team signs him the GM is just giving the finger to his own group.

      • Hi FF

        No challenge on that… that is why I suggested GMs talk with their leaders… if they are uncomfortable with the suggestion… don’t do it; no harm no foul

        If they believe in him and/or believe there will be no issue… GM can make the call

        It comes down to a minimal investment that just may pay off

        They’d only be signing him for 21-22; and Kane ABSOLUTELY must now prove he is worth a contract (from some team) come summer… he must be on his best (absolute best) behaviour for the balance of this year…. Or he can forget about playing in the NHL next year or after

        His agent better be saying the right things to him now

        Again , this latest news has two reports…. One saying he broke protocol (Covid rules) and therefore possibly eligible to have his contract terminated; with what seems an equal number of sources saying that he just may have had the approval/authority/permission to travel to Van… so if that is true… contract can’t be terminated

        There is no challenge to the fact that he has financial issues

        No challenge that in the past (not 100% sure now) he had a gambling problem

        However… he was accused of physical abuse of his girlfriend …. Investigation found nothing to support that

        He was accused of gambling on Sharks games…. Investigation once again found nothing to support that

        He DID use fake Covid fax cert…League found that NOT a legal way to invalidate his contract

        If it turns out he did have valid authority/permission to travel to Van…. Then I can’t see how his contract could then be terminated

        If it is terminated… I truly believe he will have multiple offers…. They may not be big offers, and almost for sure will be 1 year offers; but as I said…. Low risk (basically just cash) for a potential high return

        Will be very interesting to see how this pans out

  6. If Kane becomes a free agent I can see a playoff team offering him a 1 yr deal. Someone like Canes Vegas. Or even TML

    • Probably but he has now had a second co vid violation, he is a cancer, plus other major baggage.

      The team that takes a chance better have a strong leadership, locker room and coaching staff..

      Also hot rumors Ckaude Giroux will be moved but he has control over where he goes to..he wants playoff contender..any thoughts?

      There was an article Pittsburgh because hextall lives him and he and Crosby after hating each other for years have formed a friendship playing together in the Olympics how odd would that be.Lol

  7. Bruins need Chychrun to fix the left D.
    Can it be done without giving up Lohrei Swayman or Lysell.
    Debrusk, Vaakanienen Senyshyn and a first. Probably not enough, would have to add more maybe Beecher or Studnicka.

    • Maybe 1st. Vak. Studnicka and Reilly. Still think someone will offer more

    • I think I would give up Debrusk & Senyshyn (2 unhappy Bruins with reasonable talent) Studnicka (considered high end talent but can’t seem to break the Bruin lineup which seems surprising) and a first, I don’t think Vaakanienen would move the needle.

      • Is a cup worth all that? HELL YEAH!!

      • Stop offering trash,include Carlo as part of the package to get it done.Please no bargain basement offers.

    • Throw Carlo into the deal to get it done.

  8. Klingberg ain’t worth $8.5 at least to Dallas.
    That’s why Chychrun has so much interest- age and reasonable salary with term . He is absolutely worth a first, good prospect and a roster player in a competitive bid situation

  9. Seems like a fit for Boston Mr. Bruin. Hey everyone hates the image of this guy but he has the talent. There’s going to be 6-8 teams seriously looking into signing him imo. It’s just what happens time and time again

    • I would like nothing more then. Kane wearing the spoke B would really add some pop to our offence

    • He’s earned that image Isotopes, and I wouldn’t sign for anything mora than I could bury in the minors.

      Maybe if he didn’t get any offers and had to sit for the rest of the year he may look in the mirror and get his act together. How many chances does a guy need to figure it out?

      Reporting a week late to the team? Ya fuq it, don’t feel like it. Whatever.

      He’s 30, not 20.

  10. If Kane losses his grievance
    They’ll be a number of teams wanting him for a playoff run.

    Yes I hope its Boston.

  11. My bet is Vegas Pitts or Boston is where Kane will sign a one year deal if the buyout is allowed .
    Klingnberg is a great Dman but not worth what he is asking . My be 7 years 7 mill in the off season .

  12. Going by the D contracts handed out, 8×8 for Klingberg is what it costs.

    As for Kane, I think the big front runners if he becomes UFA are, Tampa, Vegas and Carolina. He will most probably sign a one year deal to set himself up for a better contract this summer and the best way to do that is to play for a contender and those 3 fit that bill. I dont think he wants to play in Canada and I think Florida would be more weary than the other three about locker room problems.

    • That’s okay, Canada doesn’t want him.

      • Fd,

        By everything I can find, he seems to be fully vaccinated now.

    • Why wouldn’t he want to play in Canada? He’s a Canadian.

      • Hey Captain obvious..did you watch the Ducks last night outshot 40 – 12 think maybe zucker wouldn’t helo think again.

        Look the early stats offensively as you stated for Anaheim have been good. Now lets see when we head in to the meat of the season their depth idnt great.

        They are depending on rookies like milano Zegres, an aging slow Getlaf and under achieving guys like silverberg and Rakell.

        We will see.

      • So one game will force them to make an awful move? How does Zucker help? He has 81 shots and a 4.9% shooting percentage.

        Zucker in his last 14 games played has 4 points.

        Is Anaheim hoping for the good ole “change of scenery”?

        No team is trading a first pairing d-men for a struggling player. Not one.

        Zegras, Milano and Terry are looking pretty good. I don’t think Anaheim sees Zucker as a fail safe if one of them goes awol.

        You’re return expectations for Zucker are way off. The best Pittsburgh can hope for is another struggling player with a similar cap hit and salary.

        You’re not getting anything significant barring an absolute miracle turn around. If this guy can’t work with Crosby/ Malkin, how does he work with Anaheim?

      • Wasn’t expecting a huge return just unload the salary. If we did go after Manson I did say we need to sweeten the pot ( something you conveniently don’t acknowledge) we can add a 2nd round pick and a prospect which is fair for a rental they don’t intend to sign

      • Sweetener or not, I doubt Anaheim wants any part of Zucker.

        But for giggles, what’s the sweetener? O’Connor? If you say yes, try again.

        Who said they don’t intend to didn’t him? Post the link please.

      • If he isn’t vaccinated (I’m not certain he isn’t, I’m just saying if) he won’t be able to play in Canada.

      • CO, he is not vaccinated first and foremost so I am not sure how that will work out playing for a Canadian team.

      • Not intend to re-sign was what that was supposed to say.

        So they don’t want to sign Manson to a 5 per deal, but they’ll take Zuckers 5.5?

        Not a chance.

        If they do decide to part ways with him, they won’t be looking for a sweetener to take on a bad contract. They’ll have plenty of valid offers for him as a rental that won’t require taking a Zucker back.

      • Captain Obvious…Zucker is only under contract for next year so no long term commitment a d they have cap space.

        Manson will want at least 4 years at $5.5 or $6 million so they arent Resigning him..

        Yes we wiuld add a 2 d rou d pick and the teams would have to agree on the prospect and the teams have a history of trading together so???

  13. Kings really need Chychrun have the assets to not only pay but overpay for him.

    Start with a top-five protected ‘22 first and then let the Coyotes choose two from a list of Valardi, Kupari, Turcotte, Durzi, Fagemo, Faber…. basically anyone anunder 23 not named Byfield, Kaliyev, or Clarke. The price will be high but LA has the prospects to give up.

    • My thoughts exactly. The way they trounced my Wings last night tells me they could upset a lot of teams with a better left side Dman in their ranks!

  14. It’s looking more and more like Chychrun could soon be a bruin. I believe Debrusk. and a first from 2023 should do it.

    • Add more to it so the Bruins can do it.Not enough in your package,give Carlo,save Debrusk and Ullmark or Swayman for a big trade .

  15. A short while ago I mentioned the potential movement of a Hab to the LA Kings as rumor had Bergevin signing there after being let go by the Habs.

    There was a chorus of know it all postings by the usual protagonists which wasn’t unexpected.

    Who was hired as Senior Advisor to the GM of LA Kings announced by Rob Blake?
    None other than Marc Bergevin.

    • Here’s your biscuit hb30 .

    • I think I remember that. There’s a big difference between taking over as GM and being hired as a senior advisor to Blake. Blake will continue to run things in LA and Bergevin will get a GM job elsewhere this summer.

    • You didn’t. And your the best. Everyone here respects your opinion and waits with baited breath for your next Nostradamus like post.

      You sir are a winner.

  16. I am not interested in making a play for Klingberg. Going with lines posted in the story above…

    To have a player put out that he doesn’t feel like he’s been appreciated in his stalled contract negotiations? What is this, 2nd grade? Appreciated? And then he’s grown frustrated in recent years feeling that he’s had to prove himself? Um, yeah… that is EXACTLY what you need to do to get more money. That is literally how it works. The more that you prove yourself, the better the potential deal.

    Klingberg… pass.