NHL Rumor Mill – February 16, 2022

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Check out the latest on Marc-Andre Fleury, Claude Giroux, Ben Chiarot and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli reported the Vegas Golden Knights expressed an interest in a reunion with Marc-Andre Fleury, who was shipped to the Chicago Blackhawks last summer. Sources claim Vegas goaltender Robin Lehner has a torn labrum in a shoulder that will eventually require surgery, forcing the Golden Knights to shop around for a netminder.

THE SCORE: cites Las Vegas Review-Journal’s David Schoen reporting Golden Knights general manager Kelly McCrimmon denied he was looking at bringing back Fleury. “There is absolutely no credence to that rumor at all,” said McCrimmon. “I wouldn’t normally speak on such things, but there will be so much racket about this, it’s important to let people know that’s not going to happen.”

Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury (NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For a couple of hours there yesterday, the notion of Fleury returning to the Golden Knights created considerable buzz in the rumor mill. McCrimmon stepped on that speculation pretty hard so that should be the end of it.

If Lehner is hurt, however, he could be forced to seek some help between the pipes. The options are limited. Seravalli reported the Golden Knights expressed interest in New York Rangers backup Alexandar Georgiev, but I think the Blueshirts will keep him around as insurance for the remainder of this season.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports there haven’t been a lot of serious trade discussions yet on Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux because there’s still lots of time before the March 21 trade deadline to work out a deal. Giroux’s agent, Pat Brisson, had permission to speak with other clubs and compile a shortlist of destinations for Giroux (if he’s willing to be traded) within the next several weeks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brisson may already be canvassing clubs. Colorado Hockey Now’s Adrian Dater claimed Giroux’s preferences were the Avalanche, St. Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild. Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli also indicated the Blues could be a suitor.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes to keep an eye on the Florida Panthers regarding Giroux. “No guarantees, but it makes a lot of sense for everyone involved.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Reports out of Florida have claimed the Panthers are in the market for a top-four defenseman such as Arizona’s Jakob Chychrun and Dallas’ John Klingberg. If that remains the case, I wouldn’t expect them to get into the bidding for Giroux.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports the Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadiens discussed doing a larger deal that would’ve included Ben Chiarot going to Calgary before the two sides swung Monday’s deal that saw Tyler Toffoli head to Calgary. However, it got a “little rich” for the Flames. Dreger believes the Canadiens will seek a first-round pick for the 30-year-old defenseman.

Pierre LeBrun believes the Canadiens could trade Chiarot within the next seven-to-10 days. The blueliner is currently sidelined for a week with a minor injury and the Habs could try to unload him rather than risk him getting hurt again. The Florida Panthers, Boston Bruins, New York Rangers and St. Louis Blues are among the suitors and the Flames could circle back. LeBrun believes the Canadiens could get a first-rounder plus another asset.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes Chiarot’s injury won’t scare off the interest in him but could accelerate the Canadiens’ plans to move him. He also included the Carolina Hurricanes and Los Angeles Kings among the interested parties.

THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple reports the asking price for Chiarot is believed similar to last year’s David Savard deal (a first and a third). He also said the Rangers had shown some interest in Canadiens winger Artturi Lehkonen. Staple speculates the asking price could be a first-rounder.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Canadiens fans should temper their expectations about what their club could get for Chiarot and Lehkonen. There’s been so much speculation Chiarot could get at least a first-rounder that Habs fans could end up very disappointed if the return is less than that.

Habs management will deserve praise if they can get a first and a third. Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if it’s a second-rounder and a prospect if they feel the urge to move him sooner rather than later.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Washington Capitals are looking for forwards. He believes they’ll look to the Seattle Kraken and Vancouver Canucks for options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Their biggest need is between the pipes but (as previously mentioned) suitable trade options are limited. If they can’t land Fleury (who may have nixed a trade to Washington) they might have to address other issues and hope for the best with their goaltending for the remainder of the season.

Friedman mentioned his earlier report of the Leafs trying to trade Nick Ritchie and how important contract term is for San Jose Sharks center Tomas Hertl. He’s also heard Arizona Coyotes center Johan Larsson and forward Christian Fischer being out there in the rumor mill.

TSN: Darren Dreger reports Buffalo Sabres defensemen Robert Hagg and Colin Miller and center Cody Eakin could draw interest in the trade market. All three are slated to become unrestricted free agents this summer.


  1. I would imagine there will be a lot of Islanders players available now. Bailey, Martin, Greene, Varly,Parise , Chara, Nelson, Mayfield and Clutterbuck just to name a few. Time to restock the draft picks and get younger and faster. Let the rumors begin.

    • Pens could use Martin, Clutterbuck & Mayfield. Not one, all three.

      • I’ve always wanted to see Matt Martin in a Pens jersey

    • Have to agree though I’d be less sure about Mayfield. Really going to depend on the offers they get. I wonder if Boston wants Chara back for another playoff run?

  2. “Habs will deserve praise if they can get a first and a third. Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if it’s a second and a prospect”.

    If it’s not a 1st, it`ll be a recent 1st like Bolduc (STL) or Kravtsov (NYR)… Same for Lehkonen if he goes this year.

  3. They may be available from a fan’s perspective (as a closet Isles fan) For me there isn’t a single untouchable on that Isles team, including Mr. Pass n Possession Barzal. But lou is lou.

  4. Vegas can pop Lehner on the IR til the playoffs and add Valarmov or Korpisalo …or Greiss

    • Greiss for Dadonov.
      Then Stevie can flip him with retained salary for a 2nd and a 4th.

      • I could see Greiss going to LV, but I am leery of being able to get anything of value for Dadonov. I am not a fan of him, and doubt there is a market out there. It may take sweeteners to get rid of Dado.

      • Vegas does not need to dump salary with all these IR issues. they can keep Dadonov and deal with cap issues over the summer

      • ds…on Vegas keeping Dadonov…..please do.

      • I second that.

  5. thank you Lyle for pumping the brakes , some Habs fans are delusional re: return expectations

    Canadiens fans should temper their expectations about what their club could get for Chiarot and Lehkonen. There’s been so much speculation Chiarot could get at least a first-rounder that Habs fans could end up very disappointed if the return is less than that.

    • I think it’s okay for the fans to hope to get something interesting and since teams are willing to do crazy things for a run at a cup you never know. If David Savard was worth a 1st rounder you could have suprises, specially if multiple teams are trying to get the same player. I don’t know why it bothers you to the point that you have to thank someone about tempering Habs fans expectations.

      • Lots of Perceived values on players and lots of opinions of player worth, At the end of the day the GM’s get paid the big bucks and know player value way beyond a couple of rumor site commenters or Capfriendly experts.
        Habs will blow everyone out of the water with this seasons roster re-tool. How many times does a Gm have to say this isn’t a rebuild. We are not tearing it down. They want a young fast team built on Offence. Not really missing that much with the prospects coming up the pipeline.

    • Chiarot and Lehkonen (1/2 salary retained on both) to the AVS for 2023 1st, Jost, Compher

    • According to hockeydb, Chariot is – 43 over his last 85 games – roughly a full season – played. I understand the argument about playing first pairing minutes, but – 43? I wouldn’t overpay if I were a GM in the league.

    • They might get a first for Chiarot, Fergy22, no one knows for sure until it happens.
      What I do know, is D-men are always in demand at the TDL historically, to Mike’s point about Savard.

      Lots of teams could use a veteran guy like Chiarot, he played really well last year in the playoffs, just like Savard did for CLB previously. We’ll see what they are willing to pay soon enough, but those are the types of guys who become more valuable when the games get tighter and more physical.

      Pick a contender, most would be better with him in the lineup.

      • not saying they won’t get a first for Chiarot all I am saying is people need to be prepared to accept the return whatever it is and move on. Some fans are expecting Hughes to work miracles. The rebuild will take time.

      • They could get a 1st for Chiarot – but if it’s to be a 2022 1st the field is really narrowed as none among Vegas, Florida, Carolina and Colorado have a 1st this year, nor does ChIcago.

        Then add in any team with a definite possibility of finishing low enough to get in on the first 10 picks of a deep draft, depending on how the rest of the year unfolds, such as Arizona, Seattle, Ottawa, Buffalo, Philadelphia, NJ, Columbus (who could have 2 in the first 10 picks), Vancouver, NYI, San Jose, Winnipeg, Detroit – and you’re down to 14 teams. Then you eliminate those that are simply not in the market for a player like Chiarot.

      • True that Fergy, there are some B’s fans that expect the miracles as well. All teams I suppose.
        Didn’t know about 4 of the top teams with no firsts this year George, that’s a bit of a wow moment.
        Kind of changes the dynamic doesn’t it?
        Prospects or next year’s if you want a higher end rental I suppose.

    • Don’t forget that Savard was the more coveted right handed RHD.

      I can’t see Lehkonen getting a 1st round pick. He’s not overly big. Doesn’t score much but is good defensively. He also has a $2.3M cap hit. I guess he nets either a 2nd round pick or a 3rd and b-level prospect.

  6. On Twitter

    Darren Dreger:

    The #STLBlues are heavily interested in Ben Chiarot, beyond that I look at Florida, I look at the #NHLBruins, I look at the Leafs, I look at #NYR. Montreal’s going to get a good amount in return for Ben Chiarot. As I said, a 1st RD draft pick and maybe a prospect as well

    Pierre Lebrun :

    Keep an eye on the Rangers and the Habs between now and March 21. I think Montreal covets some Rangers prospects. Habs could fill some Rangers needs. Montreal would rather add prospects over picks. Already have 12 picks for the July draft. Rangers’ pipeline drawing Habs interest

    • They need to end Laf home to Montreal! For Caufield and Chariot

      • gorton knows how good a player like Nils Lundquist can be.I bet his gets him

  7. Dear Chuck Fletcher :

    A little late to be tanking for McDavid dont you think?

    Your Flyers are brutal, absolutely brutal.


    Every Flyers fan ever.

    • they need to clean house Ron. His signing have been crap and i wouldnt trust him to make trades for the future of the team.

      What worries me is we have alot of assets we can move but this moron is going to screw it up.

      We could also put all these players on LTIR and sell some cap space at the deadline.

      • mp

        Im not a fan of Fletcher either. Never seen a Flyers team look so uninterested and pathetic. Half of them dont even need to shower after a game.

    • Too funny ron jull!!!. I always thought the Flyers screwed over Hextall, he was the only ex-Flyer who managed the team correctly and his draft selections I thought had the team headed in the right direction for once; pushing all those Flyer cronies out of the room even the legendary Clarke. Holmgren was terrible giving out those big contracts to Bryzgalov, Carter and Richard’s if my memory serves me correctly? Hextall was patient had a good plan IMHO. Now look at them, they’re even considering trading Giroux? GO AVS!!!!!!!!

  8. Habfan30, yesterday you responded to my lament on the Toffoli trade by asking me this:

    “You didn’t say it but an implication that either Pelletier or Zary should have been the prospect in the trade.

    I’d have liked that too but, but would you trade Guhle or Caufield in a package for Toffoli?”

    My answer is: Toffoli has been a consistent scorer with three different teams. He’s as close as one gets to a sure thing in this league. Prospects and draft picks are hope. We all know how few of them actually make the NHL, let alone with the consistent scoring of a Toffoli.

    So the question becomes: If you were offered 10K for the two lottery tickets you have for this Friday’s draw, would you take the money or hold onto the tickets?

    One could take the position that Toffoli’s scoring won’t contribute much given the shambles the Habs will be for several years. Ok, but then one needs to ask where the Habs pressing needs are. Goal, given Price’s career hangs by a thread, and D given that Weber is done, Chiarot and likely Petry will be traded, and Edmundson may be done as well.

    The returns the Habs got for Toffoli are forwards. What more is there to say about the value for the Habs in that trade?

    • LJ, personally I would take the $10k and run but to be fair, we would at least have to see what the winning lotto numbers are. Most will agree that the team that gets the best player wins the trade and therefore Calgary (for now) won that trade. So I get that you are not happy but my question is given the mess that GMMB left behind, how would you proceed next year? In the last 5 years, the core of this team has gotten 3 coaches fired. Next year, they have $79million invested in 10 players (according to cap friendly) and as you point out, a depleted defence and no goalies for the foreseeable future. How does Toffoli help next year? He scored 9 goals for us this year. He’s a very good player but not the type that puts a team on his shoulders. The HABS missed the playoffs in 2016, 2018, 2019. They were out of the playoffs in 2020 when Covid hit and were given a gift by being able to compete in a qualifying round – beat Pittsburgh and then lost in the 1st round to the Flyers. Last year if the season was 10 games longer, Calgary or Ottawa would have likely surpassed them – so again, another Covid gift. The only anomaly was how they performed last year in the playoffs – if they had lost to the Leafs in the first round, likely GMMB and DD would have been fired and likely we don’t sign Savard, Perreault, Paquette, Hoffman etc. Maybe we don’t lose KK to an offer sheet, maybe we resign Danault. The point is that there is less of a mess to clean up. But we had a great run and I enjoyed every minute of it and I would like to experience it again before I go off to greener pastures. IMO the only way that has a chance to happen is with a full rebuild – too many bad contracts on the books to try a retool … and besides how many more losses do you think it would have taken before Toffoli asks for a trade out?

    • LJ,

      “The returns the Habs got for Toffoli are forwards. What more is there to say about the value for the Habs in that trade?”

      The returns are a F, a F prospect, a 1st round pick, a 5th round pick.
      We have no clue who they will draft or their position.
      I’m guessing Pitlick will be gone for a draft pick.

      When trading for picks and prospects one has to wait before passing judgement.

      As for your money vs lottery tickets, the question is silly on so many levels as a comparable to draft picks and prospects.

      Lottery tickets are statistically worthless, 1st round picks and good prospects have statistical value.
      Nils Lunqvist, Rangers #28 RD would fit nicely on this team.

      Tankathon’s mock draft happens to have the Habs taking a 6’4 LD.

      • It’s not that I didn’t like your question from yesteday, HM67. And your points are fair – in fact I acknowledged above that Toffoli might be wasted, in a sense, during a rebuild. One of my beefs is that the return didn’t address goal tending or defence.

        Another aspect that groused me was that even on the way out Toffoli said he wanted to stay in Montreal. In that sense, he is a rarity for as you know Montreal is not a desired destination for many players.

      • HF30: Yes, of course we won’t know how the drafts and prospects will turn out for years. Which is my point, exactly: we have traded a solid performer for maybes.

        As for the lottery ticket comparison, try not to be so literal and ride the concept, that being that draft picks are a gamble. Here is an excerpt from a columnist on the topic:

        “The truth is that very few players taken in the NHL draft this weekend will ever play in the NHL. In order to get an accurate read of how many drafted players played at least 200 games in the NHL, a study by proicehockey.about.com looked at the drafts between 1990 and 1999. Of the 2,600 hundred players drafted just 494 or 19% played in at least 200 contests. 63% of first round picks played but less than 25% of second round picks survived and only 12% of third rounder selections. Former NHL general manager Doug MacLean said his math over the last decade showed that only 15% of second round picks ever become impact players.”

        The percentage of first rounders playing in the NHL is highest, but the statistic quoted is whether they ever play in the NHL, not whether they are an impact player.

        So again, something for maybe. You didn’t like the lottery analogy so let me put in business terms: what is more valuable to you: a good client with a contract to do business with you for several years (Toffoli), or a list of possible customers (picks and prospects). I know what the banks would say to the relative merits of each for collateral. So do you.

      • LJ,

        First of all I am on record as not wanting to trade either Toffoli OR Chiarot on the basis of being solid veterans who are happy in Montreal and should be part of bringing “the kids” along.

        You dislike the trade and your essential reasoning, which you dress up in different ways, is prospects and draft picks have less worth than established players.

        I’m guessing you’re happy with draft pick Romanov coming to the Habs
        I’m guessing draft pick Alex DeBrincat would look good as a Hab.
        I’m guessing you would like prospect Sergachev instead of regular Drouin.

        Trading regular players for draft picks and prospects is a regular part of life in the NHL.

      • I like your discussion here but instead of your example of a lottery ticket, it a mystery box with a 1in 3 chance of getting a younger cost controlled player like him or it could be nothing or could be a core player or you can take the money.

        That puts a bit more juice to the game. In short, I think you need bodies and picks when rebuilding, you can either use the picks or players or trade them for a player to round off your team when ready.

      • HF30: My purpose in replying to your initial question of me was to give you the courtesy of a reply . But i am not invested in trying to convert you to my way of thinking. You think differently, fine by me.

        My last word on this topic with you is: Please be fair: viewing prospects as gambles is not the same thing as viewing draft picks as worthless. I didn’t say or imply that.

    • Toffoli doesn’t fit future plans. He has a hard-nose for the net and is an opportunist, but his legs are starting to slow down. We also gained some cap room. I am sure Molson wants to spend a whole lot less for a losing squad.

  9. Chiarot isn’t a big enough upgrade from Nemeth that Rangers would give up Kravtsov. Besides, Gorton was GM 1st time Kravtsov went back to Russia. Certainly not trading Laf for him and Caulfield. Maybe a package for Suzuki. Montreal might end up with a top center in draft, making them pretty deep down middle. I think Rangers ride the rookie 3rd pair. Schneider and Jones. They’re looking real good.

    • What is Kravtsov worth? He is 22 now so clock is ticking before folks just go he is what he is vs potential. The talent is there, but some talented guys never carve out an NHL career.

      My guess is Rangers just keep him as GM’s won’t offer what his potential is/was.

      Could work out like Puljujarvi where he becomes a solid NHL player, or maybe just doesn’t click and he plays in KHL.

      What is the latest on this guy Ranger fans? Can’t say I watch KHL games.

    • My grandma would be a serious upgrade from Nemeth.

      • I’ve never seen your grandma play, but I would have to agree with your take on it.

    • I don’t think the Rags will give away Kravstov either Slick, also don’t think teams will give up much to get him, which is kind of what I was trying to say. Unless there is something I am missing in his results thus far? I know the #’s.

      Going to Russia may help his development, might not.

      But when guys leave like that in a bit of a huff, other GM’s take notice I would think.

  10. Five years ago, Pittsburgh favored Matt Murray over Marc-Andre Fleury. Murray is again playing like he did five years ago. If he continues to do so through March, maybe teams now asking about Fleury will be asking about Murray. I wonder what the Senators would ask for him.

    While checking Murray’s numbers on NHL.com, I noticed that his weight is said to be 202 pounds. Has anybody been close enough to him to assess that number? When playing his best, he weighed about 176 pounds and looked almost skeletal. He must be eating like a Senator.

  11. Kravtsov has 13 points in 19 gam s in one of the better teams. He only turned 22 less than 2 months ago. Khl shortened season and start playoffs after Olympics. As soon as his team is out, he’s available. I’m sure his name will pop up often. Don’t expect Rangers to give him away.

  12. Martin and Mayfield to the Bruins for starters and holding out hope #46 can make his way back to the Bruins in March

    • The Bruins despratly Need an Offensive d/man, to move the puck out the zone and help on the PP… for the playoffs……If not, they are out 4 in a Row……⁉️
      They have nobody after Chairle Mcvoy on there team to do this.

      They Also have NO Points from a d/man in 7 Games and Counting…..
      is Sweeny Watching this……❗️🤔

    NNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE get busy!!! This guy is laziest GM in sports he could fall asleep in the middle of a nap. The good news is that this year he’ll be taking a vacation from job he won’t have.

  14. Petry would love to go to Detroit. The problem is that Yzerman needs a LD and Petry is too old and too much term and too much salary.
    However, when Montreal come to their senses and realize that Petry is not going anywhere till they retain salary and offer a sweetener a well.
    Maybe Petry (retain$1M) + Lehtonen for Hronek would be more realistic.

  15. Could not see the Flames giving up two firsts. This ain’t the NFL. I am good with the team they way it looks right now. Could use depth on D but not mandatory like some other teams Edmonton Boston Toronto and even Florida. Because of that Chariot has potential to return a first. Take it and run. Winnipeg let him go for a reason

  16. I like Chiarot when he played for the Jets but the idea he could ever be worth a 1st round pick seems insane. That said some silly GM might get desperate, who knows…

  17. Please do something about our D-Core Mr. Kyle Dubas. Travis Dermott…needs to go. Rasmus Sandin…needs to go. Justin Holl…needs to go. Timothy Liligren…needs to go. Jake Muzzin…needs to go. Too SOFT, Too SLOW, Too BORING. We need HAMMER, We need THUNDER, We need ROCK at the blueline. Don’t waste another year of Mathews with first round exit because you want to build a BALLERINA team. DO US A FAVOR and bring in guys willing to HIT, willing to be little DIRTY, stop with these non sense of figure skating around opponents to make them dizzy. I can’t stomache another playoff round where the opponent unleashes their HOUND DOGS to eat Mathews and Marner alive everytime they touch the puck, and not one player on the Leaf’s bench is willing to do TIE DOMI or WENDEL CLARK on them. WAKE UP DUBAS!!!

    • I’m not saying I agree – or disagree – that all the D you list are as you describe them. But for argument sake let’s say you are correct. Don’t you think the other GMs would see the same deficiencies? And given that, why would they send the Leafs good D “willing to HIT, willing to be a little DIRTY” and “willing to do TIE DOMI or WENDEL CLARK on them”??

      Wouldn’t that be – by your reckoning – weakening their own team? And it’s obvious that all those trades would have to bring D back, otherwise who do they put out on the ice with Rielly?

  18. If Krech signs with Boston for last part of year and playoffs and is healthy look out. I’d take him all day every day before Claude or anyone else being rumored.

  19. They try getting a 1st rounder for Chiarot heaven knows what some of the others might be getting. It’s getting a little ridiculous the cost for some of these players. Some of these gm’s will have to come to earth very quickly if they want to get rid of some these players. The only d worth a 1st are Klingberg and Chychrun.

  20. How about nylander for chariot and Anderson?

    • “How about nooo, OK Scott..”

      Just wanted to say that. Interesting idea but Anderson is injury prone and when healthy is not as good as Nylander, and Chiarot is a rental.

    • Nylander and Holl for Chariot and Anderson and a 2nd.