NHL Rumor Mill – March 14, 2022

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Will the Avalanche use LTIR to help them land a player or two before the trade deadline? Should the Rangers wait until the offseason to make a big move? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Peter Baugh wonders if the Colorado Avalanche will use long-term injury reserve to their advantage at the upcoming NHL trade deadline. Captain Gabriel Landeskog will undergo knee surgery today while defenseman Samuel Girard is sidelined for four weeks with a lower-body injury. Landeskog carries a $7 million salary-cap hit while Girard’s is $5 million.

Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog (NHL Images).

The Avs could simply try to accrue cap space before the March 21 trade deadline but that could be affected if they call up players from their AHL affiliate to replace Landeskog and Girard. They could put those two on LTIR and use the combined $12 million to go shopping at the trade deadline but would have to become cap compliant if one or both return before the end of the regular season.

A third option could involve placing Landeskog on LTIR. There’s no timetable yet for his recovery from surgery. If he’s not expected back until early May they could use his $7 million to exceed the cap ceiling and pursue a player such as the Philadelphia Flyers’ Claude Giroux (if the Flyers agree to retain some of his salary) or the Winnipeg Jets’ Andrew Copp.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see what Avalanche GM Joe Sakic does here. I expect he’ll wait and see what the timeline is for Landeskog’s return and perhaps put him on LTIR if he’s out for the remainder of the regular season.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks suggests Rangers general manager Chris Drury should hang onto his trade chips until the offseason if pending free-agent center Ryan Strome isn’t signed to a contract extension by the March 21 trade deadline. He feels Drury will need them to replace Strome this summer as their second-line center, with the Winnipeg Jets’ Mark Scheifele and Vancouver Canucks’ Bo Horvat as primary trade targets and the Chicago Blackhawks’ Kirby Dach as a secondary target.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An interesting suggestion by Brooks, who acknowledged the Rangers’ ongoing need for a scoring right winger and how their third line will need to be rebuilt from scratch this summer. Horvat is due to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of 2022-23 while Scheifele is signed through 2023-24 and carries a 10-team no-trade list. Dach is completing his entry-level contract.

Horvat could be the easiest of that trio to acquire as he lacks no-trade protection and could prove too expensive for the Canucks to re-sign. The Jets aren’t in any hurry to trade Scheifele given his contract status but perhaps a core shakeup could be coming if they miss the playoffs this season. I don’t see the Blackhawks trading Dach as they’ll want to rebuild with young players like him.


  1. George.
    I’m thinking the Sens should trade Thomas Chabot. I’m looking for an elite forward who needs a change of scenery or a team that needs a minute eating D man.

    Talk me out of it.

    • Boston will take him for Jake even up ….okay throw in Nick and one wobbly tender Ullmark and Mrbruin I pay for his ticket… got to be one way to anywhere.

      • Another smile to start the day

    • Send him to Boston right away.Carlo and a first round pick for starters!

      • Don’t need a D coming back, nor is a late 1st round pick of much use right now. As Dark G says, a return would have to be/include a very good F (with term).

    • You know, Dark G., I mused about that a few months ago and with some of the reaction you’d think I was suggesting they jettison JC.

      If such a deal could bring back an elite F (with term) I think they could live with what would be left of the D with Bernard-Docker and Thompson (both playing very well and gaining the necessary experience in Belleville), coming in full-time next season, joined by Jake Sanderson, to go along with Zub, Brannstrom, Holden and Zaitsev.

      And depending upon the cap hit of the F they’d get, there could be a decent chunk left of Chabot’s $8 mil per to spend elsewhere. With just 2 years left at a “modest” $4.5 mil per, perhaps Zaitsev could be moved as well.

      The big problem would be the reaction from the rank-and-file fan base, many of whom never go beyond (in terms of thinking about the big picture) their paint-your-face in team colours, logo-tugging hero-worshiping, put’em-on-a-pedestal devotion. And their money is just as important as anyone else’s. Many have STILL not been able to get beyond the Karlsson deal – despite evidence that they should.

      And if I’m dealing him, the target would be a western-based team.

    • Hi Dark G

      I don’t think Sens would ever do this. They shouldn’t IMHO

      The return would need to be huge….H U G E

      Trading your top DMan in his prime with 6 + years left on his contract…. While nearing the end of the transitional “re-build”…. I would think it would be nigh impossible for Dorian to consider this

      • Not impossible (Karlsson went, as did Stone and Hoffman) but unlikely, I agree. But with Sanderson due to leave college soon, and Bernard-Docker and Thompson becoming full-time next season, along with the surprise steal of the season, Zub, and Brannstrom finally figuring out how to play with his size, and veterans Holden and Zaitsev, they could do it.

        NO ONE is indispensable – anywhere. Periods of adjustment, sure .., but as long as a GM gets full value in return and in areas needed most, why not?

        The graveyard is full of GMs who hung on and hung on a player or players for fear of fan reaction rather than examining in detail the potential overall effects of the proposed return.

      • Exactly what George said. He’s never going to be worth more than he is right now AND we have the same or better coming. I agree. Western Conference. Chabot for Draisitl? Too much. Chabot for Nugent-Hopkins…not enough. He’s almost too old for the group of kids he’s playing with. Chabot for a signed and traded Johnny Hockey in the off season? Sens need a sniper.

      • Dark G,

        Timing is everything, if you would have proposed that trade a year ago I would have been very excited to make that deal. Unfortunately Gaudreau is playing the best hockey of his career. (This is because of Sutter)
        The Flames will sign and keep him.
        So a no deal on that one.
        The Flames are pretty strong on the back end so are in no need of a defence man unless you would accept Monahan for Chabot

      • FlameFan, with Chabot involved I’d put Monahan in the same category as Nugent-Hopkins. Not enough. What you’d be getting is an elite minute-eating puck-moving D, Do the Flames have anyone better than that currently?

      • George O

        Yeah, I was being kinda facetious there is no way Dorian would trade Chabot for Monahan.

        In terms of Flames defence it is an unbelievable well balanced group.
        Just to reiterate the importance of coaching, Gudbranson who 4 teams dumped him is playing with Zadorov and those Two are playing very well. They are two big heavy guys that are playing very well defensively.
        Anderson and Hanifan are the second pair, again outstanding, then you have Tanev and Kylington as the first pair.
        For people that don’t see a lot of Flames games this group of six are arguably the best defensive 6 in the league and are a huge reason why the Flames are having such a good year.
        The top four are all big mobile and can move the puck very well.
        Then they have Valimaki on the farm.
        To be honest if Chabot was on the Flames roster he would be hard pressed to get into the lineup.
        Sounds crazy but that is just how good this group is playing.

    • You can have him Rick, plays zero defense and only offers offense. Hard pass

  2. I don’t see Scheifele or Horvat traded anytime soon. Especially Horvat, the captain and team leader. He’d be a priority to be signed to an extension. And the teams won’t be looking for prospects and picks in a trade. It’ll require NHL players of equal value. Once again, Brooks is dreaming.

    • Captains get traded. But is Horvat really an upgrade at 2C in NY?

      This year and the last 3 years 4 points separate the two players.

      By no means am I a Brooks fan but anything is possible.

      Not sure what direction Vancouver is going in, but I don’t necessarily agree that they’d want NHL players of equal value. This doesn’t happen often at the deadline.

  3. Rangers don’t have draft capital to trade with.

    They might have younger players to trade.

    The Rangers desperately need a center fir next season.

    In Chicago with neeGM, Dach might not be their man. If they trade him they will want something more than a late 1st

    Similarly in Vancouver with a new GM, stuff can happen.

    • Almost every 1st round pick dealt at the deadline is a late 1st. Top 10 picks never get dealt at the deadline. They may have been a year prior or prior offseason, but not in the modern era / cap era do I remember a top10-12 being dealt late in the season.

      Is the Rangers late 1st any worse than Pittsburghs, Colorados, Toronto’s, or any team looking to bolster their lineup at the deadline?

      Late 1st’s will be moving in the next week. Why not NY’s?

      • Didn’t ott trade like the forth overall ?

      • Not to my knowledge, if they did, it certainly wasn’t at the deadline of the same draft year.

        They did get San Jose’s 3rd overall. But it was San Jose’s push (Karlsson) the year prior.

        I cannot remember a top 10 pick being traded intentionally in recent years. San Jose just fell on their face the year after that deal.

      • Agree CaptainObvious. Picks 1,2,3,4 and 6 have never been dealt in the past 17 years.

        And you have to go back to 2005, I think, where the 5th pick went from Atlanta to SJ (who took Setoguchi).

      • Some bizarre circumstances behind that deal George.

        That #5 from Atlanta was traded in July (late draft because of the lockout) And coming out of a lost / lockout year for a 1st, 2nd and 7th.

        That 1st Atlanta received ended up being 12th overall, that was traded to NY Rangers the same day for the 16th overall and a 2nd.

        Atlanta whiffed on that #16 overall (Alex Bourret) but the overall return for #5 was #16 overall , 2-2nds and a 7th.

        Basically, if you end up with another teams top 10, it was an accident and totally unforeseen.

      • Bo Byram #4 OA, pick from Ottawa for Duchene part of Duchene deal. HOW COULD YOU FORGET????

      • That wasn’t a specific 4th pick deal – it was part of a conditional pick (top 3 excluded) which turned out to be a 4th through the lottery.

      • Johnny Z,

        We’re talking about intentionally trading a top 10.

        As George points out, that was a trade similar to San Jose trading away the 3rd to Ottawa.

        It wasn’t the intention, it was the unfortunate outcome.

  4. The Rangers have put themselves exactly where I feared they would. Still really a rebuilding team, (todays standings aside) but now will have serious cap issues starting next year. Stuck in the middle.

    They have some interesting prospects, but they should seriously consider holding on to them if they can’t get someone with term. Scheifele, Miller etc.

    They shouldn’t even consider selling their better prospects for rentals. Othmann, Lundkvist, Schneider, Jones, Robertson etc.

    Othmann and Schneider should almost be untouchable.

    As for rebuilding that 3rd line, Othmann and Kravstov would be a good start. Put Goodrow in the middle.

    It is going to be tough to add anything significant going forward (long term) while trying to navigate around Fox, Kreider, Trouba, Panarin and Zibanejads deals In a stagnant cap.

    They may have to find answers from within the organization.

    The last thing I want to see is another guy like Miller playing elsewhere and NY having basically nothing to show for it.

    • Kratsov is not going to ever be a Ranger again..shipped sailed.
      Some of their top prospects will be moved for a center this spring or summer. Nils L is ready for the NHL and there is no spot for him

      • On Kravstov, Neither side has shut the door on a return. They’ve both left that door open and NY is reportedly in no rush to give him away.

        A lot of folks suggested the same of PULJUJÄRVI in Edmonton.

        Controlling a player can sure make them play nice in a hurry!

        Lundkvist I agree, will more than likely be traded. But I’m saying probably not for a rental. Or should I say, it would be bad to trade for a rental.

        But I wouldn’t count on #1, many top 2 centers being on the trade market, and #2 , NY being able to afford anyone of significance. They have nearly 72 million committed to 17 total players.

        That’s 10 million to fill out 6 players including a backup goaltender and 2nd line center.

        If they hope to land a 2nd line center, more than picks and prospects are going to have to be headed out the door.

        Someone would have to go.

        Panarin, almost impossible to move with that cap hit / nmc.

        Trouba would be very difficult with his cap hit / nmc.

        Kreider NMC.

        Goodrow m/ntc and term make that difficult to move.

        Fox they shouldn’t even dream of moving.

        And most other players don’t move the needle much as far as the cap is concerned.

        I’d start tempering my expectations of landing a 2nd line center in the off-season.

  5. Trade Scheifele? I guess it could happen. Sends a shudder through Jet fans heart but it could happen I suppose.
    Many issues would have to happen in that case.
    1- DuBois signed long term
    2- The return would be huge and it would include at least 2 very highly thought of young prospects to start(add names off your choice)
    3- The club must be internally convinced that Perfetti could assume the 2 nd line center spot
    4- The club is out of the playoff hunt this year

    • After this season, I think A LOT of Jets fans want Schiefs traded, especially given he’ll be on the wrong side of 30 soon enough and likely wanting a huge contract. PDL is the true #1 center on the team anyway.

      • Nearly a point a game at a hair over 6 per is disappointing? He’ll be 30 when that contract expires in 2 years.

        If NY could clear 3 + million going back the other way, load it with picks and prospects, I’d love to see that deal!

      • Yes, because hockey is more than just points, it’s about winning games and it’s a wash as to whatever Schiefs is doing that for the team. At 6 million he’s a value for sure, but at 8-9 for 7-8 years? Not a good idea for the Jets to go there.

      • Well that cap won’t be a problem for 2 1/2 more years. And in the NHL, I don’t think GMs think that far out.

        Heck, Gms sign 7-8 year deals knowing they’ll be ugly in 4-5. But don’t really care. Never mind deals they’ve yet to sign.

        I can’t say I watch a lot of Jet games. But clearly they’re not losing because of Scheifele. I’m sure it’s a combination of many things.

        I’ve seen a lot of people pointing to the d for their lay this year. Again, not watching this team with any type of regularity I don’t know.

        Hellebuycks numbers / win loss record sure look suspect this year.

        Is he part of the problem? Or the team / d in front of him?

      • His defensive game is basically non-existent.

  6. Losing the captain almost puts the writing on the wall for a Girioux pick up for the Avs. It seemed to make the most sense before this happened but now the Avs got to be a little bit desperate to fill that big gap and I don’t think it is going to take long for that trade to occur. If not,..I think they might go for Miller. He’d also be a good replacement to Land

    Leafs going to lose Matthews soon for who knows how long but the playoff race is tighting up and Dubas must be feeling the heat now for sure.

    I tried to think of a more simplistic trade in order to shore up the Leafs D and maybe attract Fleury here by doing it but no matter what Dubas does…it is going to cost draft picks and it might hurt the eyes of fans and leave scars.

    My target is the Kraken with Oleksiak and Soucy.
    trade Holl, Dermott, Durzak, 2022 2nd, 2023 1st .

    This would give the Leafs D a look like this:
    Rielly- Brodie
    Oleksiak -Soucy
    Sandin -Lybushkin.

    Hopefully that would entice Fleury to waive and a trade could look something like this with Chicago.

    Fleury for: 2022 1st Kerfoot, Mrazek 2023 2nd.

    • Hi DJ

      I’m not confident that Ronny would do the deal but you had me wetting my pants thinking of Oleksiak -Soucy as second pairing

      Giving up futures OK in your proposal as they (Oleksiak -Soucy) both have term…. Even with Oleksiak -Soucy-Fleury on team this year…. Still must go through at least 2 of Cats,Bolts, Canes … then likely Avs

      Leafs still then with 1/2 Cap on 4 Fwds

      Perhaps instead, after season is over…. 1st and WW for Oleksiak -Soucy;

      Then maybe Leafs can boot Mrazek to Yotes by giving them Holl and Dermott as well … return …. Latest of Yotes 2nd rounders

      Then Leaf’s have a load of space to get a solid goaltending duo

      • Pengy
        I guess if Ronnie wouldn’t do that deal well add a little more to it to ensure it gets done.

        It would seem like a harder team to score on and at least it would give everyone some relief for this years playoff run. Sure it’s a hard long climb but at least with this team you’d be better off going into the battle plus knowing next year we at least have a better structure for our defensive end and could throw WW on the trade block to ease up the cap.

        I can’t wait for next year to unload Mrazek. as a matter of fact Peng maybe scratch the initial fleury offer for fleury and go this root.

        Fleury, Hagel for Nylander, Mrazek, 2022 1st and 2023 2nd.

        That gives us cap control galore and a great contract with term in Hagel plus the two giant D-men.(O-and Soucy)

        I was just trying to concentrate on two trades that could totally revamp our backend and give some stability. And I’m not attatched to wee willy if that is what it takes to turn the sinking ship afloat.

        It is the type of team that could compete against all teams mentioned imo anyyways lol cheers!

      • Certainly a big shift… your proposal of:

        Holl, Dermott, WW, Mrazek replaced by

        Oleksiak, Soucy, The Flower, and Hagel

        At the cost of 2 1sts, 2 2nds, Durzak ….

        Certainly strengthens the team tremendously this year…. But then next year MAF needs to be replaced (re-signed?)

        Your moves for sure give Leafs a boost and much better chance this year….. not sure if I’d do it (if possible at all to get it all done) … but would be an interesting roster and certainly built to stem a load of the offensive juggernaut outputs by Cats, Bolts, Canes and Avs (I don’t want to count out Flames as representing the West, but still think it’s likely that it’s the Avs)

        I’m still thinking Leafs true window now is June of ‘23 and June of ‘24; and strat moves off season (to get the likes of Oleksiak-Soucy et al) will move the needle a long way

      • Hmmmm….I think that, if Toronto wanted to trade Mrazek, Holl, and Dermott to anyone, they would need to add in multiple draft picks, and the return would be “future considerations”. I doubt anyone is looking to trade for any of those three TML duds. Mrazek is playing like a mediocre AHL goalie, and Holl and Dermott are 6/7 defensemen. If they were any better, Toronto would keep them.

      • Have to agree there Iago when it comes to Holl, Dermott and Mrazek.

        Not that I don’t think some team would take Holl and/or Dermott (probably not as a tandem by any team), but the returns would be commensurate with the value of a 5/6 pairing capable of playing 3/4 minutes when called upon. At $2 mil and 1.5 mil per respectively, each with 2 years to go, their value in a tight cap market can’t be overlooked.

        Where Mrazek is concerned, I think the evidence is in that he not a # 1 and at $3.8 mil for 2 more years, at the end of which he turns 33, that’s a bit steep and short-sighted for a back-up with any expected longevity.

    • What do you think it would cost to get Miller out of Vancouver? He’s 9th in the NHL with 70 points, he has 134 hits and he’s won 53.4% of his face offs?

      • Chabot?

      • A boatload Gored. But I have a very hard time believing that Vancouver moves him for the reasons you list.

        Why not keep him and revisit a potential trade next year.

      • @ lago

        Question for you…

        If Holl is only worth “future considerations” why do many people believe that Ben Chiarot would be worth a 1st round pick? Holl’s career +/- is better than Chiarot. His advanced stats are also better than Chiarot. As George O mentioned he’s signed to a very fair contract at $2M for another season while Chiarot is a UFA.

        I’m not suggesting that Holl is worth a 1st round pick but he’s definitely not a 6/7 defenceman as you suggest.

        The Leafs would definitely not be able to trade Holl, Dermott, and Mrazek in one trade.

        As I’ve mentioned previously the best thing they will get is cap flexibility.

    • I guess it should be said anyone that thinks “ Leafs going to lose Matthews soon” that we know exactly what to make of anything else said… like is it jealousy or something else?

      Any solid evidence or just a feeling or hope or desire. Whatever, good luck with it.

      • I’m pretty sure that was meant as a reference to Matthew’s upcoming suspension, which has since been announced as 2 games.

      • Yes I think you’re right there. Thanks.

  7. Brooks is in fantasy land, but interesting over-reaching proposals. Any GM’s read this guy for ideas?

    • Torts was always great putting Brooksie. In his place during the media scrum

  8. Anyone still think the Leafs dont need a goalie? 2 defencemen? A forward with testicles?




    Aaaaaanyone? Helllllloooo?!?!?


    • I don’t think they need a goalie Ron, unless Campbell is out for more than the 2 weeks Keefe said. If Daryl is right below that it is longer, than sure get a guy like Anderson on the cheap. That makes good sense IMO.
      Forward no. Always want to get better, but better served elsewhere.
      D – man, yep, them and everyone else is the problem, but especially the Leafs. No depth.

      • @ Ray Bark

        Gotta agree with you Ray.

        I didn’t like the Mrazek signing in the summer and like it even less now.

        Not sure what Freddie Andersen was looking for from the Leafs but that $700K savings sure looks bad now.

        As for D-men I believe that George O is correct. Dermott and Holl may not get more than mid round picks in return but the true value is in the cap space they would free up. If they could each get a 3rd they could use the $3.5M in cap space for Soucy (SEA $2.75M) and Peeke (CLB $788K) or Middleton (SJ $750K). All likely superior to Holl/Dermott and Soucy and Peeke signed for another season.

        It’s time to rock the boat for the Leafs core…they’re a little too comfortable.

      • Ya Daryl, a quick exit in RD 1 again would be a tough sell to stay the course.
        Leafs got burned more than almost every team with the flat cap due to pandemic. Problem is, by the time the cap goes up by any significant amount, Matthews will be close to needing a new deal. I’m not in the camp of he is leaving for sure as I have no idea what he or the Leafs plans are. If he doesn’t sign an extension with a year left, might have to move him? Huge decision.

        I understand why they decided to keep the big 4 together long term, but pressure is mounting. They need to win a round, at least, or I can see changes.

      • Agree completely

    • Ron. You nailed it

  9. Sabres have been showcasing Craig Anderson (now that he’s healthy). With a 750k salary I would guess he could be had for a 5th or 6th round pick. Pretty good insurance for a team looking to make a playoff run.

    • HarryO
      lol the way Anderson broke up Dahlin from the Matthews scrum almost seemmede likke hehe knnnnnnew he wass getting traded to the Leafs. (hope not) real cheap fix for Dubas though but he best reach higher. Mind you I’d probably like to see Anderson in the crease more than Mrazek who is never in the crease 😉

    • @ HarryO

      I’d prefer the Leafs chose Anderson over Fleury. Lower acquisition cost for nearly the same GAA and SV%

      There is almost no chance tte Leafs forego getting another goalie. A rib injury only gets better with rest. It will take Campbell nearly a month in total to be fully recovered going back to when they first put him on the shelf.

      Don’t rush Muzzin or Campbell back. Keep Muzzin on LTIR until May 2 and go get another shut down defenceman…or two.

  10. apologies for the rolling of some letters up there. ^ When I type on this wireless it rollllllllllssss. (<that was an example haha)

    I will look before I hit submit next time. dang!

  11. I like Chabot for J.T. Miller. That’s is what I think it’s would take to get either. Not a log of sock tape and hand full of picks and a couple of suspects

    There is not one playoff team that could not use defence help. Including Col Flo and Car

    • I like the value side, but Vancouver currently has Hughes and OEL on the left side. Something has to give there or you have a very expensive 3rd pairing LD on your hands.

      Seems a bit overkill without moving OEL. I’d say zero chance they want to move Hughes.

    • The only caveat there, SilverSeven, is that Miller only has 1 year to go after this at a cap hit of 5,250,000.

      Two questions kick in – would he be happy with a trade to Ottawa? And, if he was OK with it, how much of an increase would be seeking and for how long?

      He is from Ohio and may be looking ahead to his UFA status as an opportunity to get closer to home. Columbus?

  12. Im thinking the Bruins making 3 moves with players who have at least a year left on a contract… dont think it will be for a 2nd line center they’ll leave that until the offseason…..could be 2 Dmen and a winger or if DeBrusk leaves 2 wingers and a Dman…

    • Do you think Stastn from WPG would be worth giving a shot between Hall and Pasternak? I can’t imagine the acquisition cost would be more than a second rounder and a mid-grade prospect.
      He isn’t putting up numbers like he used to, but still decent and winning 57% of face offs.

      • Don’t think they want to bring in a 36 year old pending UFA and how much of a upgrade is he over what they are using now ….. will take Brendan Dillon though

  13. Josh Manson traded to Avs.
    tommyboy should be happy.
    Exactly what they needed.

    Recent injuries helped to make this happen with COL up against the cap.

    • I just texted my brother saying “Well the arms race is officially on” .. solid pick up if he can be/stay healthy. Now the chatter on TSN and Sportsnet will ramp up regarding any Leafs pursuit of a D-man.

    • Good trade for both teams

      • Ya MB4, looks like a good prospect that could be ready sooner rather than later.
        Like George said good size, also skates well with high IQ.
        Not a star type potential, but solid D-man who seems to get it. Need those guys.
        Heard on radio Manson had all CDN teams on NT list.
        Aggressive move by Sakic but didn’t over pay. Wouldn’t want to play those guys early.

    • Good deal for both. The Ducks retain 50% of Manson’s cap hit and get Helleson, a good size D prospect out of Boston College (6’1 close to 200), taken in the 2nd round 47th overall and, I believe, a 2nd rounder from Colorado

  14. So what, Sweeney’s just signed Mike Callahan