NHL Rumor Mill – March 18, 2022

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Check out the latest on Claude Giroux, Mark Giordano, Hampus Lindholm and Jordan Binnington plus updates on the Bruins, Coyotes and Red Wings in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun expects trade talks to escalate today for Claude Giroux after he played his 1,000th career game with the Philadelphia Flyers last night. The Colorado Avalanche and Florida Panthers continue to show interest. LeBrun doesn’t see any sign that a third team is getting into the bidding though that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: Adrian Dater reports it’s his understanding the Avalanche have made an offer for Giroux and haven’t been told they’re out of the running. He also indicated Avs management isn’t sweating whether they’ll get the Flyers forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Avs and Panthers are among the handful of this season’s Stanley Cup contenders. Both already made significant moves to bolster their respective defense corps and are now looking at boosting their forward lines. Whoever loses out in this bidding could set their sights on more affordable rental options before Monday’s 3 pm ET trade deadline.

Seattle Kraken defenseman Mark Giordano (NHL Images).

TSN: Chris Johnston reports Seattle Kraken defenseman Mark Giordano is among the Toronto Maple Leafs’ trade targets. The Kraken seek a first-round pick, something Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas said he wouldn’t part with for a rental player. San Jose Sharks blueliner Jacob Middleton is also on the Leafs’ list but they don’t like the Sharks’ asking price.

DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli reports the Leafs are Giordano’s preference. He wondered if the Kraken might accept a second-round pick from the Leafs. Giordano has a 12-team no-trade list so he has some control over this situation.

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports the Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues could be options for Giordano. Like the Leafs, however, Blues GM Doug Armstrong doesn’t want to part with his first-rounder for a rental. For Giordano to land with the Leafs, LeBrun believes it’ll have to be a second-rounder and a prospect. He also said Giordano wouldn’t stand in the way of a deal to a contender.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t blame the Kraken for seeking a first-round pick for Giordano. They could get it but might have to accept a second-rounder and a prospect or young NHL-ready player if they can’t find a bidder willing to part with a first-rounder for the 38-year-old defenseman.

DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli reports of little progress in contract extension talks between the Anaheim Ducks and defenseman Hampus Lindholm. Ducks GM Pat Verbeek isn’t willing to offer up a seven- or eight-year contract, something Lindholm’s camp believes they can get elsewhere. Verbeek is gauging the trade market but Seravalli doesn’t rule out the Ducks GM circling back to Lindholm before deadline day. The asking price is said to be a first-rounder, a top prospect plus another asset.

TSN: Pierre LeBrun suggests Lindholm could be a fit with the Bruins or St. Louis Blues but it’ll take a high price to pry him away from the Ducks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lindholm also lacks no-trade protection so Verbeek could have a wide range of potential suitors. Those could include non-playoff clubs willing to acquire the 28-year-old defenseman if he’ll agree to a contract extension. Something to keep in mind if the Ducks don’t get any suitable offers from postseason clubs.

DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli reports Blues GM Doug Armstrong has contacted clubs in the market for goaltending help and pitched Jordan Binnington as a solution to their woes. However, there’s not much interest in the 29-year-old netminder due to his declining performance and his contract, which includes a $6 million annual cap hit through 2026-27 and a full no-trade clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I can’t blame Armstrong for trying but Binnington’s contract alone makes him almost impossible to move at the trade deadline.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Boston Bruins showed interest in Josh Manson before he was traded to the Avalanche and in Ben Chiarot before he was shipped to the Panthers. They’ve shown interest in Jakob Chychrun but it’s not clear if the Arizona Coyotes will move him based on the current offers. LeBrun also reported acquiring Chychrun in a “hockey trade” remains the Bruins’ priority.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Nick Goss reports the Coyotes’ asking price for Chychrun could include a first-round pick and a top prospect among other assets. The Bruins, however, don’t have a lot of premium trade assets.

THE ATHLETIC: Fluto Shinzawa reports whatever the Bruins are offering is unlikely to outdo other clubs interested in the 23-year-old Chychrun. He believes the Bruins would have to part with a top prospect such as Mason Lohrei or Fabian Lysell as part of a package to entice the Coyotes. The Los Angeles Kings are also making a pitch for Chychrun and their prospect pool is much deeper than the Bruins.

Shinzawa also reports Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk’s trade request still stands. His agent hopes a deal can be found by the trade deadline. Shinzawa also dismissed the possibility of a Bruins reunion with Zdeno Chara at the trade deadline, suggesting Chicago Blackhawks blueliner Calvin de Haan would be a more suitable rental option.

DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli included the Bruins among the clubs with interest in de Haan and the Kraken’s Mark Giordano.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bally Sports Midwest’s Andy Strickland doesn’t rule out the Coyotes’ moving Chychrun by the trade deadline. However, he said it’s looking increasingly likely that it won’t happen. If it does, I don’t see the Bruins winning a bidding war with the Kings. The latter has far too many assets to draw upon as trade bait compared to the Bruins.


TSN: Chris Johnston reports the Arizona Coyotes have informed other clubs they’re willing to act as a third-party broker in deals involving high-salaried players and are receiving plenty of interest from other clubs. The Buffalo Sabres, San Jose Sharks and Seattle Kraken could do the same.

MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Marco D’Amico cites Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reporting the Coyotes have an interest in acquiring the remainder of Shea Weber’s contract. The Montreal Canadiens defenseman is on long-term injury reserve amid speculation injuries have ended his career. They could use Weber’s $7.57 million cap hit to reach the cap floor next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes could ask for a second-round draft pick or a prospect to be included as part of the price as a third-party broker or to acquire a permanent LTIR contract.


DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: Bob Duff weighs in on recent speculation suggesting the Red Wings could peddle winger Tyler Bertuzzi. He believes the 26-year-old winger’s anti-vaccination stance didn’t sit well with GM Steve Yzerman, who could be willing to entertain offers for Bertuzzi.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bertuzzi is in the first year of a two-year contract. If Yzerman intends to trade the winger, he can wait until the offseason if he doesn’t receive any suitable offers before the trade deadline.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the Red Wings held defenseman Nick Leddy out of the lineup for Thursday’s 1-0 win over the Vancouver Canucks. That appears a clear indication Leddy could be moved before Monday’s trade deadline.


  1. Nice ceremony for Giroux last night.

    • Agree

      I think his eldest was oblivious to most of the event and was mesmerized by his own mini stick

    • Didn’t see it. I assume it involved police officers twerking in a circle around Claude?

      • With Hanna Montana singing?

  2. Leddy is still playing 21 minutes. Good depth guy who does have a decent first pass and some wheels

  3. Leddy would be a nice depth add for a contender. With salary held of course and even maybe a third team involved
    I would like to see him on his way to Edm , Calgary or Tbay

    Giroux after his silver stick presentation is also sitting out against the Sens and is a goner. Not sure why Florida has such an interest.

    If Chiarot garners a first a fourth and a prospect Lindholm certainly would command a lot more

    Gio a Leaf makes sense. He is NOT worth a first.

    • Silver,

      Leddy was a healthy scratch last night so you may be right and hes on the move.

  4. A couple of days ago The Hockey Writers Shane Sendy actually pondered “Kapanen and Pettersson for Bertuzzi “

    WT Fuddle Duddle ?

    How is that possible?

    To me that’s a huge stretch to believe Yzerman would break from reality and would go for that… 1st would need to be in deal

    If Yzerman were to part with Bertuzzi (and accepting Kappy and Pettersson…. BTW I just can’t see it)….but if he (Stevie Y) was somehow incapacitated and Sendy is on track (don’t count on it , LOL) ….

    Kick in Pens 1st and O’Connor…. and up the ask to include Staal and Gagne (both at 50% retained )

    Kappy, Pettersson, O’Connor , 1st… for

    Bertuzzi , and Staal and Gagner (both at 50%)

    7th for Psyk (Sabres)

    Sid Guentz Rusty
    Gino Bertuzzi Carter
    ERod Heinen Gagner/JZ
    Blueger McG Zoho/ZAR/Gagner/JZ/*Psyk
    Depth: Boyle/Zoho/ZAR/Gagner/JZ/*Psyk

    Tanger Dumo
    Marino Matheson
    Freidman Staal
    *Psyk P-O J

    DeSmith or Domingue

    *Psyk can (and does) play RW and RD equally well

    Sendy also pondered if it would be Marino instead of Pettersson….

    If Marino in deal Pettersson out…. May not need 1st …

    Marino, Kappy, O’Connor …

    For Bertuzzi and a 4th

    If that worked …. Then use the 1st with Sabres

    Pens first and Wings 4th for..

    Miller and Psyk (both at 50%); and Sabres 3rd

    Sid Guentz Rusty
    Gino Bertuzzi Carter
    ERod Heinen JZ
    Blueger McG Zoho/ZAR/*Psyk
    Depth: *Psyk/Zoho/Boyle/ZAR/Simon

    Tanger Dumo
    Miller Matheson
    Freidman Pettersson
    *Psyk P-O J

    DeSmith or Domingue

    NOTE…. The above started with Sendy’s (not mine) musings of Kappy and Pettersson for Bertuzzi

    Would I like the above…. Absolutely…. Happening….. Nyet

    • @Pengy
      Namestnikov would be an affordable pickup for the Pens and can play both wings.

      • Hi ds

        VN would be a good add to the third line. HexBurkie seems fixated on not giving up anything in early rounds for UFAs unless they are game changers

        Not sure Stevie Y would go for a 5th…thoughts?

        The trouble is that Pens are about 90% assured that the opening round is v Rangers

        Opening in the Big Apple or Steeltown yet TBD

        Rangers are a good team; Shesterkin can individually win a series.

        I’d personally rather play Canes than Rangers. Shesterkin is that scary…. and Rangers still have ooodles of add space

        Pens path to winning a first round and onward is far from guaranteed…. So I understand HexBurkie’s reluctance in adding UFAs

        Now, if they could add a player with term that will have an impact this year and at least next…. Worth it

        I can’t see Pens affording Rusty next year…. So if a first and prospect (definitely not named P-O J) and maybe more, is needed to bring in a top 6 winger with term…. Good to go

        Who would that be? What’s the actual cost

        I love Sendy’s dream, but that is what it is…. A dream

    • Detroit needs LD, RD is good. Marino would be a NO, unless Stevie is flipping Marino to say…Trono, or elsewhere.

      • Hi JZ

        As I said…. This was Shane Sendy’s musings

        I highly doubt Stevie Y would acquire Marino just to flip him

        Outside chance he has interest in Pettersson….

        Pettersson for Staal?

    • I agree Pengy….that was one of the lamest proposals I have read all year, even though there are so many to pick from. Mr. Sendy must have flunked Hockey 101.

      • I am not even sure if Sendy was accepted into the course enrolment

        How hard would they need to knock Yzerman on his head to make it happen? LOL

        Bertuzzi up with Gino would be nice…. That deal as proposed by Sendy ain’t happenin’ tho

        Lower grade deal with Wings…. Pettersson for Staal?

        Late rounder for Psyk

        Not much room to maneuver and Pens need to break through the Shesterkin wall to move on

    • “Sendy’s” musings & that post, ain’t worth the letters that were typed up.

      “WT fuddle duddle” is something Ned Flanders would rant on about

      Ned also starts posts by: “Me Thinks” I bet…

      • Lol, my first thought when I read that earlier was Ned Flanders!

        Oakley doakley!

  5. Still have trouble understanding why Cats would be interested in Giroux

    Of course he would be a great add…. But Cats have no issues on offence. They made a move on D

    Their risk is in goal. If Bobo goes down for a while, or falters…. Knight just doesn’t seem ready yet to take on that task

    If Cats had to start Knight in a series… it may prove costly

    Instead of all the assets they need to give (to outbid Avs) for Giroux; maybe they should focus on trying to shore up depth between the pipes…. Not much out there, but it should at least be explored

    Knights also need to be picking up the phone re back-ups…. Who knows re Lehner’s injury

    • Pengy,

      Over 61% in the faceoff circle (top 5 in NHL) he kills penalties and is still a decent point producer.

      You are right the Panthers should be wary of over paying though.

      • Ron, did you see video of Gireux telling guy in face off circle he was top 5? Pretty funny.

      • Im pretty sure that was Steve Ott, telling Claude how good he was in the dot.

    • Pengy, why wouldn’t Panthers add Giroux? It’s playoffs. They’re one of best teams and have legit chance of winning cup. Why not go all in? Read they plan on having Giroux as Barkov’s wing. Also, Tippett has been held out of AHL games and is assumed he’ll be part of deal. Sounds like this could happen if Av’s don’t up the offer.

    • Hi Slick and Ron

      Absolutely no question CG would be a great add

      My point is that they would have to win the bidding war (Avs); overpay…. and offence is certainly not a priority with Cats

      Absolutely dynamite on face-offs … key in playoffs

      My point….They could blow their assets out and acquire CG, only to have Bobo be out for an extended period and/or falter… then all is on Knight… who can (and has) have/had stretches of really bad goaltending… potentially costing Cats an early out in the playoffs

      Cats should be “all in “ with the team they have and knowing that next year they are sitting with $6.6 M in dead Cap …. But to me…. All those extra assets to win the bidding war on CG, could potentially be useless with a possible Bobo downturn

  6. Hi Lyle re Yotes and Weber and

    “ The Coyotes could ask for a second-round draft pick or a prospect to be included ………….or to acquire a permanent LTIR contract.

    To me, Habs would be doing Yotes the favour (they need to reach the cap floor)

    Habs can use that LTIR themselves and are being reimbursed by insurance company (LTIR) for what they pay to Weber …. So they aren’t out $’s

    To me, it’s Yotes who would have to pay a pick and/or prospect to Habs to acquire Weber

    • Pengy, it’s more difficult for the Canadiens to carry Weber’s LTIR hit because it hampers their cap flexibility as they cannot accrue cap space over the course of the season. Being over the cap is a problem. Merely reaching the cap floor, however, is an entirely different story, especially for a team like the Coyotes that’s spending as little as possible on actual salary. Weber’s cap hit is over $7.57 million over the next four seasons, but in actual salary he’ll be paid $6 million total. So it’s much better for a budget club like the Coyotes to take on a permanent LTIR contract to reach the cap floor than it is for the Canadiens to be over the cap with limited flexibility to add players as the season progresses. That’s why the Coyotes will ask for a draft pick or prospect as part of the price to take on Weber’s contract.

      • Thanks Lyle

        I see your argument but it seems counterintuitive

        Yes Habs have limited flex; but certainly not hand-cuffing them; and Yotes get big gain in having Weber eat up such a large chunk of Cap (by keeping him on roster and not LTIR) for low cost actual cash

        It certainly will be interesting to see what transpires on this

        It’ll be off season anyway

      • I am with you Pengy. I’ll through this out there…the Wild will be hit with cap issues the next two seasons…I see them being very interested in acquiring LTIR space just to keep their team from a complete cap meltdown.

  7. Teams that trade for players days before the trade deadline are smart or it’s just seems that way …..

    • Pengy when you consider the hit that Price is taking up the closest you could get to a clean slate to work with is by sending Weber to Arizona. It fits for both teams as arizona needs to add to their cap but the point is it becomes a bigger cleaner slate for the Habs.

      Think of it like this..you just got re- married but your ex is still living here off you. Whatcha gonna do? You send her to the dog pen to live. haha

      • Not so sure why the Weber issue is so hard to understand. If the Habs keep Weber, based on the Cap going to 82.5 next season, then Montreal will have 11.75 in Cap Space, with the 10% cushion, this summer to sign or resign players. Currently they sit at 12 players signed for next season and at at roughly 79 million, 1.5 in actual cap space.
        If they trade Weber, they have 10.5 in Cap space for next season, and that gives them the flexibility to spend roughly 19 million in the off season, again with the 10% cushion.

  8. Who wants Binnington? All offers considered.

    • IP – what is his deal? How does he go from Conn Smythe consideration in their Cup run to “just pay the guy and you can have him?” Never really have gotten a chance to see him play in the past couple years but oh how the mighty have fallen… 😐

  9. For Boston there is no single ufa player that makes them a true cup contender.

    No to Debrusk for Paul unless Ottawa is including something else.

    Don’t give up your 1st, Lori or Lysell for a rental.

    If LA can out bid you so be it; however, they would want to first off.

    I don’t see Sweeney giving up his top prospects and draft picks for a rental.

    Aim for Leddy, De Haan

    • Agree on all that Caper.
      I thought a guy like Giroux might give them the scoring to compete for it all if they also added to LD, but that would have cost a lot, so perhaps better it doesn’t happen.

      B’s have been playing well for a pretty long stretch but when I compare rosters I think no way. But hey, get in and see what happens.

      They need D depth as every year teams need it in playoffs, and I like both suggestions below.

    • What does Leddy or DeHann bring that someone like chara doesn’t? I know people beat the drum of Chara should not come back, but the Bruins lack size and Grit and someone that can stand up for teammates on the back end, and Chara brings that.

      When I look at the comparison on the 3, all play on sub par teams, Chara bring more size, Chara is the only plus player of the bunch and really all we need him for is 15-18 min a game to kill penalties and be the shutdown guy he is. IMO for the cost it would take to get him he is the guy I would target and get him to replace Clifton.

      I would also get rid of Grez as part of any package (like Chychrun) if it would help get the deal done. To small for the playoffs.

      • GGonzo, I agree that all things being equal, take the bigger tougher guy.
        I don’t think standing up for you mates is the issue. IMO it is can you hand it out, and take it and keep playing a good game. Are trying to win after all.
        Everybody is gonna get hit, everybody is going to hit. Questions is how do you play when the games are way more intense.
        I like Grz, I think he has game and has balls. Problem is basic physics – when he collides with a big forward, he will more often than not lose that battle.
        But he brings a lot to the table. Mac and Grz have the best goals for vs against ratio as a D pair in the NHL. Real #’s, actual goals. And it isn’t a fluke as the expected ratio has them on top as well.
        Keep that and keep the 2 big guys Forbort and Carlo as they defend getting tougher minutes.
        I’m fine with Reilly, but could do better add a bigger guy for bottom pair with some jam. I appreciate Clifton’s battle level, but can improve that spot too.
        Big guy for bottom pair if available, but needs to be able to move. If not the guys Caper mentions will improve them as well.

      • RB, I agree with most of what you have said. To me Chara brings more to the table at this time. The guys in the room love him as a teammate, he costs less to acquire, and his cap hit allows the Bruins to make other moves, no brianer to me.

        As for Grez, to small and often injured and way to big of a cap hit for my liking. Playign with McAvoy i think his numbers are inflated right now and I would love to get rip of his cap hit and bring on another d man like Chyc.

        just my opinion.

      • That’s fair GG, and ya McAvoy drives it and is right up there (4th in expected) playing with Reilly as well. So is Reilly and Carlo actually which surprised me, 15th.
        Forbort and Clifton top half as well as Grz and Carlo.

        I guess the reality is Boston is a good defensive team when healthy on the back end.

        Think Chara wants to come back to BOS? I have no idea, but he wanted to stay and B’s said no, so maybe he has moved on and would rather go elsewhere.

  10. Dermott and a 2nd for Giordano? Lindholm for Dubas’s 1st and a 2023 2nd? Toronto’s 5th overall in the league – what is it – like a 40% chance that a late 1st rounder ever cracks an NHL lineup? I’ve thought all along that Toronto needs two D-men to shore up their issues more than a goaltender. The rook is calming everything down. Making saves that an NHL caliber goalie should make. He’s nice and sticky with eating shots and little rebounds. Doesn’t over commit – plays his angle well. Not saying he’s the second coming of Dryden/Roy but you gotta ride a hot goalie when you get one – doesn’t matter who it is (ala King Richard…lol)

    • I like any deal that involves removing Dermott off the team. Giordano will be an impressive addition as Lindholm would be. I still think Toronto needs to subtract to gain. For example, they desperately need to remove Liligren, he is detrimental in D zone. You can check the stats, out of last 50 goals against the Leafs, im pretty sure he is liable for at least 30 of them, and most of them are direct result of his poor play in the D zone. Another is Muzzin, his glory days are long gone. He can’t keep with speed, thus he is very vulnerable against speedy skilled players, and the most unfortunate part of his game suffering dearly as well due to his deteriorating speed is his ability to hit or pin down guys along the boards as they cross the the blueline. This was his trade mark in the past, but now he is slamming into the bare boards which only results in him getting hurt. Subtract: Dermott, Liligren, and Muzzin. Add: Giordano, Lindholm, that will definitely improve the BUDS chances of going far in the playoffs. I really like Libushkin they got from Coyotes. He plays the game simple and physical. That is what we need from our d core consistently every night and leave scoring to our saviours Mathews and Marner. Go Leafs Go, Dubas do not waste another glorious year of Auston Mathews with a first round exit because you fail to see the obvious. Get rid of the 3 stooges and add real defensemen for sake of our all mighty Auston Mathews.

  11. I’m just hoping if this “gio to the Leafs” is true and dubas refuses to give out the first I think there could still be a first handed out to Seattle but only if Soucy was involved as well.

    For Gio & Soucy give them 2022nd, 2023 1st, 2024 2nd for Holl, Dermott, Duszak

    then try to land fleury and hagel w/

    Nylander, Woll, 2022 1st, 2023 2nd, 2024 2nd if Fleury resigns or they win the cup.

    Those draft picks should help the hawks rebuild and might be enough to do the deal imo

  12. Gio for a 2nd. For sure. I believe his shot is better than Rielly’s. This would put another twist to the leafs pp. As for goaltending, ride what you have. Other than Shesterkin(unproven playoffs) which team has a series winning goalie in the east.

    • Yes Guy – You are right w/ gio on the powerplay but then again, our power play produces (yes there use to be dry spells *wink) But the Leafs seem pretty capable.

      What has me over-thinking,lol, is, who pairs w/ Gio if he came. Do we once again just throw Morgan another D man if reuinting Gio and Brodie? Where does it go? or…Gio himself is the only trade we make for a D man and run with it?

      • I like Reilly and The Bear (leave them and see if it keeps working), Gio reunited with Brodie and Lindholm and Sandin (or Muzzin if / when he’s back)…

    • Teams with series winning goalies in east:
      TB, FLA, CAR & TOR

      So the top 4 all have a tender that has won a playoff series in the past.

      If that is what you’re asking.

      • I’m a Leaf fan. Don’t see how Andersen fits into that answer.

      • I understand your pain Yes guy, but he did win a couple series with the Ducks. So he is/was capable. Just the facts.
        If he wins series or 2 with CAR, or even more, perhaps Leaf fans will think Freddie wasn’t the problem?

  13. Giordano to NYR for Nemeth and a 2nd. I’ll throw in Hajek!

    • I don’t think another Ranger fan has been as critical as I have about Nemeth this year. And I’d say for the most part, deservingly so. But he looks like a completely different player lately.

      I’m on the fence about how NY handles the deadline. On one side I think they should go as is. On the other side I’d be okay with grabbing a few rentals as long as it doesn’t cost Kravstov, Lundkvist, etc.

      If they’re giving up on any of these young prospects, it should be for a young player with term or at least cost controlled. Preferably a center.

      I think Scheifele and Miller are off the table. Who knows?

      I like the idea of adding Jack Mcbain for the future. Don’t think it would cost more than a 2nd or 2. Possibly a 1st because a few teams are showing interest.

      • Supposedly Nemeth had same brain fog from Covid that many had. I knew nothing about him before he played for Rangers. Still don’t think much of him but he’s a big bodied, experienced dman. My trade proposal was more of getting out of his 3 year deal. I like Jones and NY has more guys we havnt seen yet. But yeah, if they’re sticking with him there’s no need for another LD. Not one that’ll cost us assets we’ll need in off season. Wouldn’t mind adding a RD like Miller Ifrom Buffalo. As much as I like Schneider, he is still a rookie and sometimes plays like one. Thought he had a rough night against Ducks. Could use depth on that side

    • If I were Seattle’s GM, and I’m not and never should be, I would take Nemeth back from the Rangers for Giordano, but it would also cost New York their 1st round pick and Kravtsov to get it done.

      As for the Flames, I think they are done unless they want to add more depth on D, but I wouldn’t go for someone like Leddy who deserves to actually be in the lineup. The Flames have a great set of D in Hanifin-Andersson, Kylington-Tanev, and Zadorov-Gudbranson. Michael Stone can be called up as a right shot in the case of an injury, but beyond him they are thin .. a lefty like Dean Kukan could be helpful. Only trouble is it would probably cost the Flames yet another draft pick, which they are getting low on after their two pre-deadline deals.

      • Two 1st rounders and Nemeth for a pure rental? No chance NY re-signs him.

        Hard pass. If someone offers that for Giordano, Seattle should run with it !

  14. I will add this about Weber. Since the 2015-16 season, the Coyotes have a combined 74+ million in cap hit for guys that never played for them, where simply cap dumps, or where retained salary. Most years their actual salary is at the bottom of the league. Couple this with the Arena they are moving into, ownership, and arena issues, its just embarrassing for the league. Its been 25+ years and its just not working. At what point, do the other owners say enough is enough and move this team?

    • I have to agree, it is pretty sad.. but it would also be sad to lose those jerseys!

    • Here here! Well said Brian! The other owners need to stop skirting around Betman’s insistence that the league needs the Arizona market to have a team. Jeff Marek’s thought of the league buying the franchise back and selling it to the highest bidder but allowing that owner to move it where they want is a good idea. I know owners don’t like telling their counterparts how to run their franchises but it’s costing everyone money now and makes it a joke…

  15. Hagel to the Bolts ? Didn’t see that one coming.

    • For multiple 1st’s!!!

    • hagel worth two late firsts? can they resign him?

      • Hagel is under contract this year and 2 more @1.5 per.. Re-signing him isn’t an issue.

        Excellent pick up by Tampa!

      • ahhh first time i read said was a soon to be free agent….. this move is great for tampa

  16. Lindholm, Rakell (both 1/2 salary) and Gibson for
    Nylander, Dermott, Campbell and a 2023 1st (top 5 protected)
    Campbell because no one wants Mrazek and if the Ducks would rather have Holl, that would be better.

  17. Just looked at the Hagel deal. A lot going on there. Helps the Bolts on another run.
    Tbay Places no value on first round picks which have been like second round picks the last two years
    There will be some activity Monday I hope. I have never seen the level leading up as we have this year. Usually it is crickets

    • good deal for both teams , Hagel signed for 2 additional years @ 1.5 is a serious plus for TBay. I like Raddysh and Katchouk. they paid their dues in Syracuse I bet they will be decent players for the Hawks if they get more ice time.

  18. Toronto D core heading into the playoffs:
    Reilly – Lybushkin
    Giordano – Brodie
    Lindholm – Sandin

    Reserve – Holl

    Goalie – Campbell & Kallgren

    Bunting / Mathews (GOAT) / Marner
    Kase / Tavares / Nylander
    Mikeyev / Kerfoot / Engvall (Robertson)
    Clifford (Kampf) / Spezza / Simmonds

    2022 Stanley Cup Champion: Toronto Maple Leafs

  19. If Matthews the goat how come leafs play better without him?

    • Do not speak of our Auston Mathews in a negative light. You will be punished for your smart assssss comment by the hockey GODS. Auston Mathews was gifted to the hockey world for all fans to enjoy. It was the hockey GODS who decided to allow the lottery ball to land in Toronto’s favor for them to pick the most COMPLETE HOCKEY PLAYER of alllllll TIME. In Mathews we TRUST. He will bring the LORD STANLEY to Yonge & Dundas come June. We all need to prepare for that glorious event, but more importantly celebrate the son of HOCKEY GODS in Auston Mathews. Go Leafs Go and Long live our savior Auston Mathews.