NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 17, 2022

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Golden Knights fire head coach Pete DeBoer, Patrice Bergeron sheds light on his future, Mitch Marner was the victim of a carjacking, Islanders name Lane Lambert as their new coach & more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

LAS VEGAS SUN: The Vegas Golden Knights fired head coach Pete DeBoer on Monday after less than three seasons in the role. The decision comes after the club failed to qualify for the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

Former Vegas Golden Knights coach Pete DeBoer (NHL.com).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Critics suggest DeBoer was made the fall guy for the club’s inability to clinch a postseason berth. He had a number of his core players sidelined by injuries this season as well as management’s inability to suitably address that problem because of limited salary-cap space. The club’s messy split with goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury last summer was also a factor, as was the cost of acquiring Jack Eichel and his late addition to the lineup due to his recovery from neck surgery.

Speculation has already started over DeBoer’s potential replacement. Former NHL coaches such as Barry Trotz, Paul Maurice and Joel Quenneville have been mentioned, though the latter would require the approval of league commissioner Gary Bettman due to his role in the Kyle Beach scandal.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron shot down rumors he could sign with the Montreal Canadiens as a free agent in July. He indicated he’ll either re-sign with the Bruins or retire.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That rumor was fueled in part by NBC Sports Boston analyst Tony Amonte claiming Bergeron grew up as a Canadiens fan, as well as pointing out his former agent was now the Habs general manager. In fact, Bergeron grew up as a Nordiques fan plus the Canadiens’ limited cap space would’ve made it almost impossible to sign him even if they wanted to.

I believe the Bruins will bring back Bergeron for at least another season. The 36-year-old remains among the NHL’s elite two-way centers and his departure would leave the Bruins quite thin at that position.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs star Mitch Marner was the victim of a carjacking at gunpoint in Etobicoke on Monday evening. Three suspects armed with two handguns and a knife robbed Marner of his black Range Rover at the Cineplex Theatre on The Queensway.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Marner and his friend were shaken up but unhurt in the incident and didn’t have guns pointed at them. The suspects apparently didn’t know who he was and were only interested in the vehicle.

TSN: The New York Islanders announced Lane Lambert has been named their new head coach. He served as an associate coach under former bench boss Barry Trotz for the past four seasons.

NHL.COM: New York Islanders defenseman Zdeno Chara, Philadelphia Flyers center Kevin Hayes and Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price for this season’s finalists for the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy.

THE ATHLETIC: Tampa Bay Lightning forward Brayden Point is “highly doubtful” for Game 1 of the second-round series with the Florida Panthers. Point appeared to injure his right leg during Game 7 of their first-round series with the Toronto Maple Leafs. However, he could potentially return later in the second round.

NEW YORK POST: Rangers forward Barclay Goodrow might return at some point during their upcoming second-round series with the Carolina Hurricanes. Goodrow is believed to have fractured his foot or ankle in Game 1 of their first-round series with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

SPORTSNET: Golden Knights captain Mark Stone will likely undergo back surgery on Wednesday. He’s expected to be available for the start of training camp in September.

TWINCITIES.COM: Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba confirmed the upper-body injury that sidelined him for 12 games in April was a punctured lung and a dislocated rib. He returned for their first-round series against the St. Louis Blues but admitted being less than 100 percent in that series. The Wild were eliminated by the Blues in six games.

THE ATHLETIC: Los Angeles Kings winger Viktor Arvidsson will undergo surgery on Tuesday to repair a herniated disc. The injury kept him out of the Kings’ series with the Edmonton Oilers. They were eliminated by the Oilers in seven games.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Bruins defenseman Matt Grzelcyk will undergo surgery for an injured right shoulder that nagged him most of this season.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Pittsburgh Penguins forward Brian Boyle underwent surgery on his left knee on Monday.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators forward Tim Stuetzle suffered an injured left leg playing for Germany against France during a World Championships game on Monday. He left the game and there’s no word yet as to the severity of the injury.


  1. There was a brief exchange late yesterday in the Rumors thread about DeBoer’s sacking in Vegas, where I commented about their seasonal record and the long list of key personnel missing significant time

    “Stone misses 45 games, Pacioretty 43, Hague 30, Smith 26, Whitecloud 23, Karlsson and Janmark 15 each and Lehner a whole lot – yet, under DeBoer, they finish with 94 points – a solid 0.573 pace – 3 back of Nashville, 4 back of Dallas and 5 back of L.A., while compiling a +/- team aggregate of +18 – 4 better than Nashville, 26 better than Dallas (who were -8) and 15 better than L.A.”

    BCLeafFan responded by pointing out DeBoer throwing Lehner “under the bus” and AZWingsfan reminding of his less-than-stellar results in NJ and SJ.

    I’m no DeBoer fan in any particular way, but it seems to me Lehner has done a good job over his career of throwing himself under the bus.

    And as Lyle points out above, management’s poor handling of the cap prevented them from making adequate moves to shore up when key injuries hit, the horrible treatment of Fleury (not to mention Gallant before him), and the assets costs to obtain Eichel.

    Bottom line, they weren’t that far out when a difficult season ended despite all of the above – but they chose to make DeBoer the convenient scapegoat to deflect attention from themselves.

    • This is the second time that the Knights have jumped the gun by firing a coach who had done a pretty good job for them. Management doesn’t seem to be very patient. As suggested above, they’re looking for a scapegoat. Quick success in their first year may not be doing them any good now, as management seems to react rather than actually stick to a plan. Not sure that grabbing the big shiny object that is Jack Eichel will work out in the long run.

      • Howard, their early franchise success – aided and abetted by the best expansion draft availability in the history of the NHL, and some dumb decisions by opposing franchises (hello Florida!) all handled perfectly by Gallant – gave them such visions of grandeur that they probably looked upon themselves as the next long-term powerhouse.

        And when some obvious cracks began to appear they showed their own failings in their ability to address the problems – aided and abetted by their own stupidity in the way they handled Fleury and Gallant.

        I, for one, hope the pretentious morons sink to the bottom – and stay there ’til Hell gets a franchise.

      • From The Hockey News article from June 21st, 2017.
        “Foley set the timeline for a Cup at six years. It seems his goal for the Golden Knights has accelerated a bit considering back in 2014 he told ESPN’s Scott Burnside his “dream plan” was “hoisting a Stanley Cup within eight years.”
        These may be the reason for inpatient. The Golden Knights are looking at going into their 6th NHL season with their 3rd coach in franchise history. I mentioned this in today’s rumour page, who is going to want to coach this team with their history of firing their coaches as quickly as they have? Especially seeing the mess they have with their cap.

    • Its an absolute stroke of genius that McCrimmon and all of his “Liberal” use of the LTIR this season and his Cap Gymnastics, steered clear of any trouble by firing DeBoer.

  2. Do not sign Sweeney!Av’s win the cup. Cal over Ed.
    Rangers beat Canes, Av over Blues, lighting over Panthers. Oh and the bruins are built for the playoffs. Leafs and bruins clean house.

    • Bruins are built for playoffs but unfortunately they lost in game 7 by a score of 3-2 boy they suck. Rick please cheer for another team your embarrassing to call a Boston fan. Let me explain what a fans job is to an organization it’s to cheer and cheer and support your favorite team. You unfortunately believe it’s to criticize the organization my line I use is I don’t own the Bruins I just cheer for them. Bergie take your time I will respect your decision you deserve to be happy best two way player ever Go Bruins Go

      • Obe

        Finally someone besides me hearing the garbage spewed by RWM

        Go Bruins. Fire RWM as Bruin fan.

  3. If Bergeron retires ok, if he doesn’t ok. Either way the quicker the decision the better.

    Boston resigned Jakob Zboril yesterday and i’m one fan who is happy to see it. Zboril was playing solid hockey before his injury and is one of the better passer on the Bruins d, which was missed during the first round.

    Bergeron retires, then Boston has to look at Beecher (signed yesterday) and Studnicka; with that said, Cassidy just can’t sit them after a bad shift or bad game. Have to allow them to make mistakes without the worry of going to the 9th floor.

    Still with the improvements of Buffalo, Ottawa, Montreal and Detroit the Bruins will be in a fight for a wild card spot. If being honest I see them teams trending up and Boston trending down.

    Boston finished with 107pts followed by Buffalo with 75pts. The gap would say different then what i’m thinking. I think the gap is much closer and if no suitable #1 C plus an injury to any key player, well see.

    • I think #37 comes back to hit 1000 points.
      And yes problem is even if he signed for a Chara million there is still not enough cap to sign a legit #2 or future #1 center.
      How do you restock the cupboards quickly when you have McAvoy as a stud for the next decade back there and Pasta?

    • I think Bostons best bet is a strip down. With the assets they have, they could certainly make it a quick rebuild.

      Ny did it being 1-2 points out of a playoff position at that years deadline.

      Trading Zuccarello, Nash, Mcdonagh, Miller, Grabner etc.

      Marchand would certainly bring back a nice return. Age aside, I see him recouping multiple assets.

      Hall, would get a decent return.


      Debrusk has some value.

      Build around Mcavoy, Pastrnak, Swayman.

      I don’t see another realistic option out there.

      • You can make that argument Captain, and I kind of agree as a fan. But playoff teams never do that.
        The way I see it the B’s aren’t good enough to win a cup, but if Bergy comes back they are likely a playoff team again barring the type of injuries Vegas had last year.

        What some folks seem to forget is that Sweeney and Neely have a boss, Mr. Jacobs. No different than ownership in SJ, or Vegas, or most markets it is a business.

        He owns the Bruins to make money, and that means a competitive team and playoff dollars. If Jacobs doesn’t want to do a tear down, they won’t be doing a tear down.

        The B’s finished 23 points ahead of 9th spot. Not a small amount. They are still a good team, not a great one, so no rebuild yet even if Bergy retires.

      • Ray Bark in other words “No man’s Land”

      • Yep Caper, AKA the dreaded middle, purgatory etc.
        One more go next year for sure, see what happens with Bergy, Pasta and a whole slew of other guys. Evaluate annually in the short term.

        If I wanted to shake it up and give it a go next year I would:
        Trade Grz for middle 6 forward FWD or asset to use to get a forward – Lindholm makes him expendable, Zboril re-sign adds the depth. (was nervous about this one as he could have been a UFA).

        If DeBrusk still wants out try and accommodate
        for a return that makes sense. If not keep.

        Prefer – DeBrusk wants to stay and trade Taylor Hall to one of the 16 teams not on his list. While still productive, I don’t like his game, no longer drives the play like he did earlier in career, turns the puck over too much, not a quality finisher. Still a good player because of his wheels and his salary isn’t crazy, but I prefer DeBrusk come playoff time.

        Use the assets from those deals to get quality up front, or young assets and use that space to pursue Giroux who likely only has a couple years left so fits B’s timeline. I think he will be looking at a chance to win more than $. Depends how it goes in FLA I suppose. Can also see COL making a pitch to replace Kadri.

        Palat, Forsberg, Copp, Kadri are some other options to use that space if successful on above.

        Problem is, it is way easier to type it, than actually do it. So isn’t happening, but dare to dream.

    • The biggest issue for me is Sweeney. How can one expect the man to retool, what he signed?

      Pastrnak, Marchand, Hall, Coyle, Foligno all have some sort of nmc, ntc

      Foligno, Smith, Haula and Nosek have 1yr remaining.

      Pastrnak has one year remaining and I think the home town discount is done.

      Coyle at $5.25 is over paid for a third line C and that is what he is. He does not distribute the puck well.

      D with Lindholm, McAvoy and Carlo are fine.

      I don’t think there is much value in Haula, Smith and Nosek on the market. With 2 of the 3 in their 30’s and Nosek 30 in September.

      Team needs an infusion of youth, we will how the off season goes.

      • Cappy you’ve nailed it how do you trust a guy who blew an opportunity of a lifetime in 2015? A lot of gm’s would have been fired just for that. Also look at the poor free agent selections Forbort, Reilly, and The guy who never accomplishes anything on the ice but, is a locker room presence Foligno. The got to get Sweeney out of beantown and fast before he screws up something else and take Sea Bass to keep him company on the unemployment line.

  4. Calgary over Edmonton
    Tampa over Florida
    St.Louis pushes Colorado to 7 and takes it…
    Carolina stomps the Rangers in 4

    Tampa over Carolina
    Calgary over St. Louis
    Calgary over Tampa in v.2 of this final.

    • No way Dark G! Avalanche beat the Blues in 6! As long as Kuemper is healthy and the Avalanche play our style of hockey where we have the puck and the other team dosen’t, we will win. Landeskog, the Captain, will lead us. GO AVS!!!!!!

    • I didn’t see NY as a playoff team this year.

      Down 3-1 against Pittsburgh, I certainly didn’t see them getting out of the 1st round.

      But do you really think Carolina sweeps NY when it took 7 to get by Boston?

      I don’t think NY gets by Carolina, but 4?

      Are you saying Boston was a better team than NY this year?

      • And I thought the Canes forward depth would make the Bruins series quick.

        LEts see how Gallant runs the ice time. He cannot tire out the top 6 again against the Canes.

      • Captain Obvious, the Rangers are a lot closer to your heart than mine and so your attention to detail is much more pronounced.

        But going way back to when I began following the NHL closely, and although the Habs were then my team of choice (living in a mostly Francophone part of Ottawa it was either that or risk a fight every day – 🙂 – I used to tune into their games over WNBC radio in the late 1940s/early 1950s and they became a second choice.

        That really hasn’t changed much over the years and when I looked at a team with the likes of Panarin, Kreider, Zibanejad, Fox, Trouba, Strome and Lafreniere, along with a fairly decent supporting cast (better than a LOT of teams with perhaps better top players), I figured they’d be in the mix. I had NO idea as to how good Shesterkin could be but as that developed it became apparent that they were going to be nobody’s pushover.

        Carolina is about to discover that.

      • Hey George,

        I do tend to be a bit hyper critical of this team at times.

        But, I don’t think it comes without merit. I’ve been talking about their tendency to sit on 1-2 goal leads. And their tendency to have to come from behind. 27 times in the regular season, and 3 in the playoffs against Pittsburgh.

        On one hand, you could say WOW, 30 come from behind wins is incredible! I take it as a stat I’d rather not see. Especially against teams like Carolina, Florida, Tampa. They’re just pushing it thinking this is the way to win games.

        Sheterkin and to a lesser degree Georgiev have been forced to stand on their heads to win games. I think it’s asking too much.

        I said last week that this team gets ousted this year, and I see them regress (temporarily) next year. Losing 2 of Strome, Copp and Vatrano or possibly all three will hurt for sure. To which some people including Lyle disagreed.

        A lot of this offense was carried by Kreider (can he have another year like this? Doubtful) Panarin, Zibanejad and Fox. Adding Copp and Vatrano have helped, but as I said they’re probably losing one of them.

        Kakko, Laffrienere , Chytil and Schneider have looked pretty solid. But they’re all still a work in progress.

        Could NY go further than i think? Maybe. But I don’t see it. Could they be as good or better next year? Possibly if they can fix the Kravstov situation, and Othmann is brought in and instantly has an impact and offset the ufa losses.

        But I think they have growing to do.

        My guess is they’re 2-3 years out from maturing, growing and getting rid of some dead cap.

      • They have some issues to resolve as you point out Captain Obvious – but them so do the other teams in their Division – in some cases much more critical decisions, led by Pittsburgh who, in addition, are getting OLD. So, too, are the Capitals, while NYI, Columbus, NJ and Philadelphia are all some time away from becoming bona-fide contenders again.

      • I think CAR wins as well, thought they would beat my B’s as well. Could very well get out of the east if they get Freddie back IMO.

        CAR is a really, really good team. Deep, fast, size, physical come playoff time, disciplined and tight defensively with 4 lines that can contribute.

        One of the best D cores in the league.

        Only question is in net as their starter is out, but even their 3rd stringer looked pretty good (2nd RD pick) when he had to play.

        They kind of remind me of the B’s in 2011 and 2013. No superstar offensive guys, but a deep, well coached team just hitting their prime.

      • You know what they say George, hope for the best but expect the worst.

        I don’t get to high or low about this team right now. Down 3-1 and every Pittsburgh fan (among others) here was slapping away.

        “Rangers are toast”, “karma for Sheterkin waiving Pittsburgh goodbye”, “not a chance”.

        I sit back and let them yap away. Whatever happens happens.

      • Heh. That always makes it sweeter indeed.

    • DG other then the Calgary pick. I’ll take the opposite.

    • Florida over T-Bay
      Colorado over St. Louis
      Carolina over Rangers
      Edmonton over Calgary… and here is why.
      In the last series.
      Archibald – 33 hits (Lead the Oilers)
      Kane – 32 hits
      Kassian – 28 hits
      McDavid – 21 hits
      Yamamoto – 20 hits (The smallest guy on the ice)
      Dube – 21 hits (Lead the Flames)
      Coleman – 20 hits
      Zadorov – 19 hits (he’s also hurting)
      Lewis – 18 hits
      Lucic – 16 hits
      Tanev – 3 hits (missed game 7 with an injury)
      Gaudreau – ZERO HITS.
      Tanev, Zadorov, and Kylington are all banged up. One thing the Flames haven’t had to deal with all season long is injuries. Now that they are starting to get banged up how will they deal with it?
      In four games vs the Oilers this season Markstrom has a 0.889 save percentage and 3.5 goals-against average.
      And the biggest reason I’m picking the Oilers is, I’m an Oilers fan 😀

      • Totally agree with your picks KevJam, although Markstrom is gonna make that battle of Alberta very interesting.

    • Picks using my brain:
      CGY over EDM – Draisaitl at only 50% sinks them, but still a close series.
      FLA over TB – Point injury sinks them. Still close.
      COL – in 6. Their time is now
      CAR – Too deep.

      COL smokes CGY
      CAR over FLA

      COL hoists cup in a tight 6 or 7 game series.

      My hope – EDM rolls.

  5. Beecher couldn’t make The Varsity Blues women’s hockey team. Bust. If possible he may be as bad as a selection as Senysyn.

  6. Get ready for the Sweeney annual season ending presser in which he says the same thing every year …. Got to get Bigger Quicker & Stronger on the puck got to improve the D zone play … then turns around and spends 10 million plus on depth players …. start by making Sway their #1 goalie sign a vet backup goalie and see if they can talk Ullmark into moving in a trade for center or D help… ring up #46 and see if he’s interested, sign #37 for a year and then shake that tree

    • I think Ullmark is better than a lot of Bruin fans give him credit for.

      But you’re not getting a defensemen or center that’s worth anything for Ullmark.

      And that’s no slight to Ullmark. It’s the reality of the return goaltenders fetch.

    • One of the biggest issues I see for the Bruins is their drafting. Going back to the 2018 draft they have ZERO NHL games played by their picks. Their last draft pick that has had any significant success with the team is McAvoy from the 2016 draft.
      The Bruins need to improve their amateur scouting and drafting.

      • Haven’t been around for the lean years, huh?
        The draft has been nothing to write home about since around 1985.

      • Thornton, Seguin, Hamilton, Kessel, Mcavoy, Lindgren, Pastrnak, Kreji, Bergeron,

        How they managed some of those picks is a different story.

  7. Bergeron NOT signing with Habs

    I’m not 100% confident he plays next year (retiring is a possibility)… but if so… back with Bruins

    Knights….. ya, let’s deflect and blame the coach for top mismanagement and tons o’ injuries…. Doh

    Wow… re Dumbas injury…. Broken ribs and punctured lungs

    Picks…. 1st round was a little easier…. Luckily went 7 for 7 ; and tossed a coin (fortunately won ) on Blues/Wild

    Avs is the easy pick 2nd round

    If Bobo plays like he can… Cats; if he implodes (which he can) …. Bolts…. Going to gamble and pick Cats

    Canes overall a much better team…., but Rangers have Vezina/Hart Shesterkin…. I’m going with Shesterkin for the win

    Now …, battle of Alta….. love the super play of McD; offence seems sound; Smith doing fine; but Smith is not Oettinger; and Leon hobbling; and I expect Markstrom to be on point( and Flames peppering the 40 yr old Smith). Going with 🔥

    Looking forward to the Battle of Alta; and Battle of FLA

    • If a weak offensive team was able to get 28, 39, 35, and 31 shots against Markstrom (that’s not including the 28 shots against in OT game 7), what do you think one of the strongest offensive teams in the NHL will get against Markstrom? There will be no easy 16-shots shutout in the BOA. Leon may be banged up, but so are Tanev, Zadorov, and Kylington. The Oilers dealt with injuries all season long. The Flames didn’t. They were one of the healthiest teams all season long.

      • Excellent points Kevjam

        My heart would pick Oil; but I’m picking Flames…. I believe it will be a high scoring affair…. and my gut feel is that Markstrom out-duels Smith

        Will be exciting

        What’s the over/under on total goals in the series??

      • In my hope that a Canada-based franchise can get to the finals – and maybe even bring home the bacon – I have to think that, overall – but especially on D and in goal – Calgary stands the better chance. So, Go Flames.

  8. Just a Homer comment about the Masterson. Its an absolute shock that Price was named a finalist over Tarasenko.
    Dont get me wrong, Price coming back to the ice for 5 games this season was surprising, however the fact that Tarasenko went thru multiple surgeries over the past 2 years, his career in jeopardy, no one wanted him in a trade before the season, Seattle passed on him in the expansion draft, and the guy responses by having his best season in his career, 82 points in 75 games. Not sure I would have put Price over Tarasenko in this case.

    • Totally agree.

    • I was also wondering how Price was made a finalist for the Masterson. I think they may have put him here a season too early. They should have waited till next season. If he has a bounce-back season then he would have a really good chance at winning it.

    • Agree. Don’t get the love of Price. Seriously don’t get it.

      Also not a fan of Bunting for the Calder.

      I mean, it’s something his grandkids will always cherish, because they’ll clearly remember him receiving it!

      No seriously, he’s too old.

    • Excellent point

      Note: “finalist” is a misnomer… there is no second vote

      “finalists” announced for any award… are just the top 3 vote getters

      Price would have been the Habs nominee; Teresenko for Blues

      After votes tallied… Price got more votes than Tarasenko

      Also…. It’s possible those voting are weighing more heavily on what/how the individual players battled back to return to play; over their individual performances (and how long returned/played) ince they return

      I’m still baffled Jossi was not in top 3 for Hart

  9. If you’re Barry Trotz, Paul Maurice, or Joel Quenneville, do you bother interviewing with Vegas? Why risk your reputation just to be scapegoated in a couple of years?

    If Vegas lets Reilly Smith and Mattias Janmark walk in free agency, they’re still about $2 million over the cap. How do you convince management to remake the roster when you’re already that far behind the 8-ball?

    • fikshun (welcome aboard), if any see other opportunities bypassing them, they’ll jump at the chance for an NHL job if they still have the passion.

      But I agree – signing there I’d try and get a NF clause (no firing) for at least 5 years 🙂

      There’s a whole boatload of great big IFS associated with Vegas.

      • Haha. True about the NF clause. That would be a must have.