NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 29, 2022

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The Rangers defeated the Hurricanes to force Game 7 of their second-round series, plus the latest on the Oilers, Avalanche, Lightning and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines

NHL.COM: There will be a seventh and deciding game between the Carolina Hurricane and New York Rangers.

New York Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin (NHL Images).

Igor Shesterkin made 37 saves and collected two assists to backstop New York to a 5-2 victory over Carolina in Game 6 on Saturday night. Filip Chytil tallied twice and Adam Fox picked up two assists for the Rangers. Hurricanes goaltender Antti Raanta got the hook after giving up three goals on 13 shots. With the series tied at three games apiece, Game 7 goes Monday, May 30 at 8 pm ET.

The Rangers also got an unexpected boost as versatile checking-line forward Barclay Goodrow returned to the lineup. He’s missed the last 11 games with a suspected ankle fracture.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shesterkin also received a minor penalty for interference. With the win and the assists, he had what one pundit called a “Tom Barrasso hat trick.” He’s been outstanding for the Rangers in this series, frustrating the Hurricanes’ leading scorers.

The Hurricanes’ road woes in this postseason continued in Game 6. While they’ve been unbeaten on home ice in these playoffs, there’s a good chance that streak could end on Monday if Raanta has another shaky performance and Shesterkin remains on top of his game.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: As Connor McDavid prepares for his first-ever Conference Finals, the Oilers’ captain acknowledged the need for everyone on his club to step up. “It takes everybody. Everybody up and down the lineup and all the people behind the scenes. The staff and everybody. It takes an absolute army. That’s the mentality we have,” said McDavid.

THE DENVER POST: The Colorado Avalanche’s roster depth was crucial to the club’s second-round victory over the St. Louis Blues. It could take a bigger role as they face off against the Oilers in the Western Conference Finals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This series is being hyped as a showdown between McDavid and Avalanche superstar Nathan MacKinnon. Roster depth, however, will make the difference here. The Avs certainly made the most of theirs to overcome the Blues. The Oilers also got contributions throughout their lineup thus far though they were overshadowed by the offensive exploits of McDavid, Leon Draisaitl and Evander Kane.

Goaltending could determine the outcome of this series. The Oilers’ Mike Smith and the Avs’ Darcy Kuemper have given up questionable goals but also rose to the occasion with crucial saves. It’ll be interesting to see whether that trend carries over in this upcoming series.

NHL.COM: Tampa Bay Lightning center Brayden Point is said to be progressing in his recovery from a leg injury suffered in the opening round that sidelined him for the entire second-round series with the Florida Panthers. Head coach Jon Cooper believes Point is closer to playing in round three than he was in the previous round. However, Cooper could offer no timetable for his return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Point’s absence didn’t adversely affect the Lightning in their second-round sweep of the Panthers. However, they could use the proven postseason performer as they face what could be tougher competition in the Hurricanes or Rangers in the next round.

THE SCORE: Calgary Flames defenseman Chris Tanev said he played Games 5 and 6 against the Oilers with a dislocated shoulder. He suffered the injury in Game 6 of their first-round series with the Dallas Stars. Tanev will undergo surgery this week and will require four-to-six months of recovery.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what NHL players are prepared to physically endure to skate in the Stanley Cup playoffs boggles the mind.

SPORTSNET’s Eric Francis reported Flames winger Milan Lucic played with a sprained ACL. Nikita Zadorov had two broken ribs, Andrew Mangiapane had a bad wrist and Matthew Tkachuk had an injured hand.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Another reminder that if an NHL player seems to be “underperforming”, it’s sometimes because they’re trying to play through a serious injury that’s hampering their efforts.

THE PROVINCE: Vancouver Canucks defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson suffered a fractured foot playing for Sweden on May 15 at the IIHF World Championships in Finland. He will require four-to-six weeks of recovery.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ekman-Larsson missed two games but returned to play against Canada in the quarterfinals. The Canadians eliminated the Swedes in that game.


  1. Lyle

    I totally agree with your statement regarding what an nhl player will put himself through just to play in the playoffs. The list of injuries after a series is over is usually quite high. Most people would not go to a regular job with such injuries let alone play a pro sport. Still believe nhl is the hardest league to win a championship

    • So true. And you had to know Marchand had to be in severe pain in their series. Gutsy little bugger.

    • Tanev didn’t play with a dislocated shoulder, but continued playing. After dislocating his shoulder. You cannot use your arm if it’s dislocated, I’ve dislocated mine lots unfortunately and am very aware of how it works.

  2. Holy Toledo! Finally got our power back at 5:30 am this morning. Heading into our 9th day without power.

    Ottawa really got dinged bad by that storm. They had Hydro crews working round the clock since a week ago Saturday, including crews from Toronto and even Alabama (!). Lost about $500 worth of food and never got to see a frikken game in that stretch.

    Now Florida knows what it takes to be a winner in the playoffs – just as Tampa had to discover that when they lost 4 straight to Columbus 3 years ago.

    Edmonton over Calgary didn’t actually surprise me but I thought, of the 2 Canadian teams left in the hunt, the Flames stood the better chance of winning it all with better goalkeeping and overall D.
    But McDavid and Draisaitl were not to be denied I guess and apparently Smith stood tall.

    One thing for sure, if Kuemper had some bad moments against St. Louis in that series, he’d better be ready for the dynamic duo!

    As for the Rangers-Hurricane series, ALL the pressure is now on Carolina. They haven’t won a road game or lost a home game in these playoffs so one of those streaks is due to end. This could be the one.

    • Florida may have learned too late; they were more configured for a one-year-wonder run than most, and went with Bob, their aging and expensive option, not S. Knight, their future hope, in goal.
      A few core players will keep knowledge, but next year may require a step back for re-tooling.

      • Good points Richard. Bobrovsky, with a $10 mil cap hit still with 3 years to go, turns 34 in September and doesn’t figure to get better, and with $78,570,999 invested in 16 next season, they have just $3,929,166 to sign 7, including 2 RFAs and a slew of UFAs, including Giroux who, I expect, will be looking elsewhere.

        Looking back, Tampa, when they lost to Columbus, had cap issues, but nowhere near this level.

      • Yes but Bob was not the reason they scored 3 goals in 4 games. Maybe Florida can turn around like Tampa did when they got booted before the Cups.
        Team leadership is lacking

    • George O. Glad you got your power back, that’s a long time without basic necessities!!! Maybe you can settle back into some sense if normalcy and enjoy the rest of the playoffs? GO AVS!!!!!

    • Dang George. Didn’t know about all that. Hope you are staying safe.

    • Did that job for 44 years and enjoyed every minute of it

  3. Can the Canes or Rangers give Tampa a run?
    Rangers have the Igor factor and luckily the Canes would still get home field.

    win or lose do the Canes re-up Deangelo? Not sure his antics fit in with Rod the Bod

  4. Bruins news for BM with major hip surgery is not good, this is just the start of a disaster offseason for the B’s, a hockey player with a 6 month recovery from that type of surgery is being hopeful and he’s not getting any younger
    Sweeney has some major decisions to make, band-aid what he has and maybe make the playoffs or just try to turn the roster over get younger miss the playoffs get higher draft picks. I guess the next big question is will PB even think about coming back knowing that Marchand won’t be around for at least half a season ……losing a Chara,Rask,Krejci,Bergeron and possibly Marchand all in 3 years is a gut punch

  5. Watching the teams that are left in the playoffs all have something in common ……Big,( or play big ) tough,mean, able to move the puck DMen …..no comparison between regular season hockey and playoff hockey which is at another level …..

    • Joe I have a feeling Sweeney and Neely have already agree on a new contract, only because of public backlash they are not going to make it public til they find out about Bergy and throw up one of their infamous smoke screens like signing Pasta ( that ought to quite down the maddening throng)All over Boston they want Neely and Sweeney’s head on a platter. With March out for the first two months of season. They are gonna have to move quickly to secure talent. There is always a way despite what some pundits have said about their assets. There is always a way to get what you want and need Although I don’t believe Sweeney can do it. He just doesn’t have the right stuff. But if they start the season without Bergy & no Brad I for one will not be watching unless Sweeney somehow pull a rabbit out his ying yang

      • If the Bruins resign Berg for a fraction AND todd is out for months they might be able to sign another center…. but with todd out that long do they fall too behind and miss the playoffs anyways?

        Bruins have been a solid contender for over a decade. Might be rebuild time even when you have pasta and mcavoy in their primes

  6. Just maybe the Bruins can bring in Deangelo,Kadri & E Kane … shake things up a little

    • Lyle, yes I like your analysis of players who seem to be not playing up to their potential in the playoffs. Like Tanev having separated shoulder. I mean I could barely get out of bed with a separated shoulder after a skiing fall I had back in the day , let alone play a hockey game? I was wondering about Rantanen, he seems to be MIA in these playoffs, do you think he is nursing some undisclosed injury? Usually, he is a real difference maker for Avalanche. I’m concerned about him going forward. We’re going to need him big time! GO AVS!!!!!!

    • Joe, your observations above brought to mind something the late Bryan Murray once said

      “When you reach a certain level and then don’t go further, you have to make some changes. You don’t want to rock the boat totally, but you have to tell players you are not satisfied. As management you also have to convince them you are trying.”

  7. In discussion about the Rangers, I was told they shouldn’t have gotten pass Pitts.

    Carolina is out playing them.

    I want them out of the playoffs the only reason their still in, is because of Shesterkin.

    I also hear the only reason the Oilers are still in is because McDavid is carrying them on his back and he may carry them to the cup.

    Interesting if a goalie is leading the charge the team is no good and should be eliminated.

    Forward is leading the charge great; maybe he can carry them all the way.

    • Mcdavid is driving the bus , but he has lots of help .
      Mike smith gaffes and all has a .927.
      Draisaitl , breaking nhl records and 7-19-26 +7.
      Kane 12-3-15 +7
      Hyman 8-4-12 +6
      Nuge 4-7-11 +1
      8 tallies from the back end . Game winners from ceci , Barrie , Hyman .
      Nurse and ceci facing the top lines and contributing 10 points with tidy +9 and +11.
      Yamamoto hasn’t produced as many points but has been a hound nightly playing well .
      Bouchard and Keith steady save for maybe 1-2 nights and Bouchard a threat on the offensive nightly .
      Barrie and kulak reliable third pair playing very solid together.
      Far from a one man show .

      • Graig your 100% Right….❗️

        The Edmonton Oilers 🍁 have been getting it dont bye all 3 d parings Especally young Evan Bouchard playing with Duncan Keith has helped him develop his skilll set 100% and playing with calm.
        and Brent Kulak has fit in very well, he is very steady back there in the 3 paring I hope the Oiler sigh him as he could replace keith when he retires at the end of the 2023 season and maybe young LD man Broberg will be ready for full time action❓

        Kane has been what the Oil needed to play with 97 sandpapper, Tough, Skater who can shoot & Score

        What can you say about #29 Leo would be the MVP on any other team

        Zack Hyman is Mr Happy…👍he can do everything
        and Nuge is being Huge…..👍

        Fun time to be an Oilers Fan…

      • Williew, as I say elsewhere if St. Louis Fs – good as they are – gave Kuemper some bad moments, he and the Avs D had better be ready for McDavid (unreal) and Draisaitl, nor can he be out-duelled by Smith. As Canada’s last hope for a return of Lord Stanley I am pulling for them all the way.

    • Craig, as is Adam Fox, Zibanejad, Kreider, Copp and Panarin.

      Shesterkin can’t score goals.

      One could correctly ask how goals would Kane have without McDavid?

      Anyway wasn’t the point of my discussion. My point was we are ok with a forward carry the load for the team but we don’t with the same credit to the team if its the goalie carrying the load.

      • Shesterkin is getting lots of help too . I don’t understand why it’s a surprise two mvp candidates are doing what they have done all year . Neither are doing it alone , both have help or wouldn’t be where they are. One man shows don’t go anywhere in the playoffs is my point . NYR or Edmonton. I’m
        Not in the crowd discrediting NYR because there best player is playing like there best player .

  8. the oil/avs series will be must see tv!…the biggest edge to me for the avs is in the d core…but no lead will be safe