Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 29, 2022

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The latest on the Flames and Bruins plus the market value of Andrew Copp in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes the Calgary Flames won’t waste time starting contract talks with Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk. Gaudreau, 28, is slated to become an unrestricted free agent this summer while the 24-year-old Tkachuk is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights who is a year away from UFA eligibility.

Friedman believes the team will approach negotiations quickly and aggressively to find out where things stand with both players. That will determine whether they can re-sign them or what their next course of action will be.

CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: Steve Mcfarlane reports Gaudreau sounded like he’d very much like to remain with the Flames during his end-of-season press conference on Saturday. He spoke of how much he and his wife enjoy living in Calgary and admitted he could have a considerable legacy if he remains with the Flames. The winger indicated he’ll sit down with his agent sometime this week to discuss what’s best for himself and his family.

Calgary Flames winger Matthew Tkachuk (NHL Images).

Flames general manager Brad Treliving said earlier this season he’d move heaven and earth to retain his club’s best offensive player. During Saturday’s presser, he reiterated his intent to sign Gaudreau.

CALGARY SUN: Wes Gilbertson and Daniel Austin report Tkachuk is open to a long-term deal with the Flames. “Absolutely,” he said. “I’ve loved it here. I’ve grown up here.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The cost of re-signing Gaudreau and Tkachuk will take a big chunk out of their salary-cap payroll for years. It could end up costing a combined $20 million to keep them in the fold.

Cap Friendly shows the Flames with $55.575 million invested in 12 players for 2022-23. They can afford to sign Gaudreau and Tkachuk but won’t have much left for Mangiapane or to fill out the rest of the roster and address their roster weaknesses, such as bolstering the blueline depth.

As I’ve said before, Treliving will have to shed salary to make this work. Sean Monahan is frequently mentioned as a trade candidate but his $6.35 million cap hit, 10-team no-trade list and the ongoing decline in his performance due to nagging hip injuries make him difficult to move.

Mikael Backlund has been suggested as a trade option. He’s signed through 2023-24 with an annual average value of $5.35 million and a 10-team no-trade list. The 33-year-old’s age could be a concern but he’d still have value as a middle-six center.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Nick Goss believes the Bruins’ top-three offseason priorities are finding a top-six center, adding a scoring winger and bringing more young players into their lineup.

The Bruins will desperately need a center if captain Patrice Bergeron retires. If he returns, it’ll still be a pressing issue for their second line. Neither Erik Haula or Charlie Coyle are legitimate top-six centers. Free-agent options include Claude Giroux, Evgeni Malkin and Nazem Kadri but the Bruins would have to clear cap space to add one of them.

What happens with Jake DeBrusk could affect efforts to add a scoring winger. DeBrusk intends to take some time to determine if he’ll withdraw last November’s trade request. The Bruins can’t afford to move him unless they get a similar player in return.

THE ATHLETIC: Fluto Shinzawa points out the Bruins need to clear salary-cap space if they intend to add a center. He proposed trading Mike Reilly ($3 million through 2023-24) or Craig Smith ($3 million through 2022-23) or buying out Nick Foligno ($3.8 million through 2022-23).

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy wondered if the Bruins will consider moving blueliner Brandon Carlo in a deal for a top-six center. He also noted Bruins fans clamoring for the club to shop Matt Grzelcyk. Murphy indicated Connor Clifton was “out there in the trade market” at various points this season so it wouldn’t be surprising if he is again.

If the Bruins aren’t going to go all-in building up their depth at center, Murphy suggested bolstering their top-four defense. Dallas Stars rearguard John Klingberg could be worth looking into in the UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This summer will be challenging for Bruins general manager Don Sweeney. He faces the potential retirement of first-line center Patrice Bergeron, first-line left winger Brad Marchand will miss the opening two months of the season recovering from hip surgery, and he must free up cap room to address the roster weaknesses.

The Bruins are screwed at center if Bergeron retires. That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if he returns for one more season to buy the club time to shore up their depth at that position.

DeBrusk or Carlo could be used as trade bait to add a center or a winger. However, interested clubs could insist the Bruins included a decent draft pick or prospect in the deal.

Trading Reilly or Smith or buying out Foligno will help clear cap space. Those savings, however, are no certainty that Bruins management can find the right players to address their roster needs in this summer’s trade and free-agent market.


SPORTSNET: Jeff Marek examined the possible contract comparables for Andrew Copp. The 27-year-old forward was a great trade acquisition by the New York Rangers. He’s slated to become a UFA in July.

Marek speculates Copp’s next deal could be somewhere between what Phillip Danault got from the Los Angeles Kings last summer and what Zach Hyman received from the Edmonton Oilers. Danault got six years and $33 million while Hyman’s was seven years and $38.5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Danault and Hyman are each earning $5.5 million annually. Copp’s current contract pays him $3.64 million this season.

The Rangers are believed to be interested in re-signing him but he could price himself out of their market. They’ve got $12 million in cap space with Ryan Strome also slated to become a UFA while winger Kaapo Kakko is coming off his entry-level contract and backup goalie Alexandar Georgiev is an RFA with arbitration rights.


  1. Carlo and Debrusk for Schiefele.
    NYR: IMO, Strome isn’t back. They’ll prioritize Copp, Blais, and maybe Motte. The latter 2 won’t cost much, especially Blais having been out all year with injury. Kakko will get a modest bridge deal. Trade rights to Gorgiev. Not sure Vatrano back, unless he takes less than he’s getting now. Interesting comparison to Danault deal. Would’ve preferred signing him last year and trading Strome.

  2. Fligno to the Leafs for a 1st rounder….

    oh wait..


  3. Foligno for a practice jersey. ???

    • Marchand out 6 months hip surgery,.Bergeron will h wont he retire, management not sure with Cassidy..
      Interesting off season in Boston

  4. I think Johnny will get an 8 year 80 million dollar contract. Tkachuk will probably get in the range of 9 mil.

    They can open up cap space by moving Lucic. He is owed a 3m bonus then a salary of only 1m. This is the perfect contract for Arizona and it would cost them nothing.
    Another player the flames could move on from is Toffoli. He has a very reasonable 4.25m contract. I’m sure someone would give up a 2nd for him.
    That frees up an additional 9.5m in cap space to go along with the 27m.
    That would be plenty to sign Gaudreau, Tkachuk, Mangiapane, Kylington.

    Treliving never likes to sit still so who knows if he makes a deal with The Jets, Bruins, or Preds

    • You think lucic is putting Arizona on his 8 team trade list flame fan ? Come on now .

      • Craig,

        It may not be Arizona but it will be some team as the Flames have to move a contract. I only pointed that out as from Arizona stand point it would be a perfect contract as they will be looking to be at or around the cap floor with actual spending much less.

        I would also like to know how you know Lucic has a 8 team trade list that is in effect after waiving his no trade to come to Calgary?
        Like most posters in public forms they pass on hearsay like it is factual.

        As we now know, teams are not even sure what players no trade terms are.

      • You ever hear of cap friendly flame fan ?
        It was 8 team , july 1 becomes 10. He carried it with him to Calgary , waived only for expansion for Seattle so they could protect others and still has the protection . Lucic doesn’t want to go to no bottom feeder , why would he ?
        File it under wishful thinking .

      • Flamefan, sorry, but as I showed a week or so ago, Arizona will have NO problem making the cap floor without taking on the contract of a Lucic or some other albatross contract.

    • Your optimism is abundant, Flamefan. Are Gaudreau and Tkachuk the impact players to carry the Flames to a Cup?

      Witness the problems the Hawks, Leafs and Oilers have had by having so much tied up in a few players, leaving constant cap management and the release of good secondary players who are essential to a roster balanced enough to win the Cup.

      You can also look to the Habs’ signing of Price to 10 million, along with Weber, as further examples of how such big contracts can render a team uncompetitive, irrespective of the health of those two.

      IMO, signing Gaudreau and Tkachuk to extensions at the price suggested will freight the Flames for years to come.

      • Gents,

        All very good comments, even the bad sarcasm from Craig.

        Point is the Flames have some very good options to deal with cap issues so I don’t see that as an impediment to signing top players.
        I pointed out some examples that could happen of course everyone has their own opinion.

        I will be very interested in the direction Treliving takes this team, but for now it is pointing in the direction of him signing all his top free agents.

      • I have to agree with LJ ,,, and I really think it’s starting to sink in among all GMs – i.e., top-heavy caps where a team forks over in excess of 50% of whatever the cap may be in 5 or 6 players has become a recipe for cap management nightmares. Especially when break-out RFAs blossom or pending UFAs have just enjoyed a banner year and they’re left with the option of trying to move other cap-heavy contracts of those they think they can survive without to teams coming to the same conclusion – or dealing for long-term IRs to try and manipulate the cap which, unfortunately, is also dawning on several other teams that might be willing to give up more to obtain them.

        At some point the league itself will have to sit down and try to formulate a plan to address the problem which is growing each year while the cap goes up by inches. It might be tempting for some team to fork over a huge deal for a Gaudreau or a Matthew Tkachuk but the wise GM will calculate the possible effect on any up-and-coming players in his system soon to be looking for their first big deals.

      • Lucic has only one year left on his contract so it is not really an albatross.

        Gaudreau and Tkachuk are stars so they must be signed unless a ufa can be obtained that is either close to as good and cheaper or better for the money .
        Trading Mangiapane is likely the best way to acquire assets and capspace.

  5. Copp signed, Strome walks to Bruins.
    Either Matty or Johnny Hockey signs in Calgary, not both. Matty has the edge…..

  6. No wonder the BRUINS have no depth at C. They finish close to the top every year and they keep trading away their first round pick.

    • I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the Bruins should rebuild around McAvoy.

      Bruins fans think this is unlikely. But I think it would be catastrophic to not start a tear down now on managements part.

      It’s a tough decision, and I get that. But management needs to look at this roster realistically.

      Is this team anywhere near truly being a contender?

      No #1-2 center, players aging. I don’t see this as a quick fix.

      If NY and Chicago can take that plunge, why can’t Boston?

      • Bruins won’t do it They need to pay the piper and get a true 1 ctr. Call Winnipeg and make the deal whatever it takes asking as pasta mcavoy Lindholm lisell and Lorne I are not included.

      • Co I don’t have an issue with that; I’ve proposed it several times.

        I read one comment Boston was 26pts ahead of the next playoff team and when the last time you heard of a playoff team blowing it up. They haven’t and won’t.

        All while acknowledging this isn’t a cup contending team.

        Bill Bichick don’t it successfully and often.

        Boston has McAvoy, Lindholm, Pastrnack

        Marchand will have to wait until the trade deadline hopefully fully recovered and playing at a high level.

        Properly done it wouldn’t be a long rebuild. Keeping McAvoy, Lindholm, Carlo and Pastrnak in the fold.

        However, I suspect some moves and trying to sign a Andrew Copp as a 2nd line C and bringing back Bergeron on a 1 or 2 year deal.

  7. Slick I’m thinking Boston might have to top that offer up slightly but that just might be a Jets fan’s opinion.
    The Jets do need a RD for sure. I’ve seen Carlo a few times but have no idea what he should fetch. The $ and length of contract seem to fit.
    DeBrusk would battle for playing time with Conner, Ehlers, Perfetti and even Wheeler to be a top 6 player on the squad so mark him down as a middle six winger.
    It’s going to be interesting to see this summers moves from both clubs

    • No. Other teams will top that offer with the current weak center market.

  8. Thinking that the Bruins problem beside some age and PB a UFA is that most of the players they have are depth players after the top 5 forwards and top 3 Dmen …. a tear down would take probably 3 years … don’t know if the Jacobs would go for that

  9. I personally am hoping that the contract talks with Lou and Dobson aren’t going well and some type of MS for Dobson deal can be stuck

  10. I wonder at the sentiments that pb will come back to help the bruins bridge a year. Come back for money? Sure. Chance to win a championship? Sure. Chase some kinda hof milestone? Maybe. Sorta patch up a mixture of bad luck and poor asset management? Never seen that before. Maybe in return they agree to do what ever it takes to move him to a contender of his choice if out of the playoffs hunt? Hold salary. Take back money. Whatever it takes to meet pbs choice. That would be a fair handshake deal.

  11. 🍁 Signing Johnny Gaudreau The Fan fav in Calgary will cost the flames around the $10. M P.A. for the
    8 years=$80.M …. He may take a home town discount maybe its $9.5Mil
    but he has been a top 5 scoring wingers for the past 5 years… Flames fans would loss it if they let him Walk for free ⁉️

    Signing the 24 yr old Tkachuk to an extension…?.
    keep hearing he would like to go home to play with the blues he gos back there every summer,
    he is probably looking for similar to Gaudreau money
    $9-10 Million Range

    The Highest paiyed play on the flames is the Goaltender at $6.M So they have
    Room to take on 2 big salary’s….⁉️✔️

    The 25 yr old Andrew Mangiapane is probley looking at bridge deal 2 years at $5.Million…untill they clear cap space like,
    >Luccic, $5.2,
    >Monahan $6.
    >Mikael Backlund’ $5.3
    A Saving of $16.5 Million and the cap should go up bye then in 2024 $85-$86 Million…?

    The most likely Trade to clear space Very Soon is Monahan, Sean and his $6.Million salary for
    one more year,
    Boston may be the most logical Trade partner there they need a 2 nd line Centre

    The other team is Maple Leafs may look to move Centre John Tavares…❓😝
    3 more years at $11. Million….. he has Not got it done in Leaf land..
    places who could take his salary on with a 1st round pick as a sweetener are…
    The Ducks,
    Red Wings,
    All have between $35.M to $44.M in Cap space…
    The leafs GM just said he has 3 untouchables ….
    and Tavaris is NOT ONE……🤔

  12. JG and MT needs to get paid, but if it starts with a 10 its time to move on.
    Lack defensive speed was evident vs the Oilers so Big Z should be gone. EG might stay if the contract is fair at 1-1,3m. If JG and MT stays they need to find a 2nd line C, Backlund is great as a 3rd line C but just wont do on the second line, if SM comes back to nearly what he was it would help a lot.
    Interesting to see what happens to TT and CJ, neither did enough after they came to the team.
    I dont think Trev will have a problem moving Lucic, at 1m he actually has value as long as the other team has the cap to spare, Detroit or Ottawa comes to mind