NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 13, 2022

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The latest on the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning as they prepared for the Stanley Cup Final, the Rangers sign Vitali Kravtsov, the Panthers fire two assistant coaches, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

SPORTSNET: Colorado Avalanche forwards Nazem Kadri and Andrew Cogliano could return to action at some point in the upcoming 2022 Stanley Cup Final. Both were sidelined by hand injuries during the Western Conference Finals against the Edmonton Oilers.

Colorado Avalanche center Nazem Kadri (NHL Images).

  THE SCORE: cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman saying Tampa Bay Lightning center Brayden Point is “extremely probable” to play in the Stanley Cup Final. Point has been sidelined by a lower-body injury suffered during Game 7 of the Lightning’s first-round series with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: The Avalanche are considered the favorites to win the Stanley Cup according to most sportsbooks. They’ve been the favorite for most of this season.

THE DENVER POST: The Avalanche are preparing for the challenge of facing the defending back-to-back Stanley Cup champion Lightning. “To be the best you’ve got to beat the best,” said Avs captain Gabriel Landeskog.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ric Flair couldn’t have said it better. The oddsmakers may have the Avs as the favorites but the Lightning are still the defending champions. Take them lightly at your peril.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: The Lightning’s smothering defense was key to their elimination of two of this year’s highest-scoring teams in the Florida Panthers and Toronto Maple Leafs.

TSN: Vitali Kravtsov is reportedly returning to the New York Rangers after spending this season in the KHL. The 22-year-old right winger’s agent said his client signed a one-year, one-way contract with the Rangers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates he’ll earn a base salary of $800K with a $75K signing bonus. Kravtsov was the subject of trade speculation earlier this season for refusing to report to the Rangers’ AHL affiliate in Hartford. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s with the Blueshirts next season or ends up getting traded now that he’s signed an affordable one-year NHL contract.

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: cites a report by ESPN’s Kevin Weekes indicating the Panthers have relieved assistant coaches Ulf Samuelsson and Derek MacKenzie of their duties. Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek has also reported the Panthers will likely bring back Andrew Brunette as head coach with a coaching staff of his own.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: A source claims the Bruins have been in contract with former Providence Bruins head coach Jay Leach and former NHL coach Jim Montgomery about their vacant head coaching job.


  1. Mmmnnnn. Play in war time Russia or play for the New York rangers. Tough decision.

    • Kravsov lost all his teammates’ respect when he walked out on the team. I say the chances are high that he’ll be traded this summer

  2. Not sure what’s happening in Boston but if I sold my Ferrari and went shopping for a Pontiac Acadian or a Kia Sportage people might start wondering.

    Just sayin.

    • Jacob’s is all about saving money, and the bottom line. If he can save a few million on coaches, he most certainly will.

  3. If these rumors are true that players we’re running to Neely complaining about Cassidy and Neely had BC fired because of it then Neely should be fired … Bad move, just a guess here but I’ll bet DeBrusk was one of those players complaining

    • Joe, it wouldn’t surprise me that, following some deep thought, the decision has been made to let next season just “flow by with minimal additions” (a nice way of saying tank) and hope for luck in the 2023 draft lottery.

      The early consensus seems to be Connor Bedard of the Regina Pats in the WHL who’s been putting up ridiculous numbers … but to say he’s “diminutive” would be putting it mildly. Then there’s the big C from Chicago Steel of the USHL, Adam Fantilli, projected to go 2nd.

      • George …..#1.1 pick for the Boston Bruins in the entry draft dont happen often, since 1963 the Bruins have only had the 1.1 pick 3 times…if I’m wrong please let me have it

        1966…Barry Gibbs
        1982..Gord Kluzak
        1997..Joe Thornton

      • LOL – you’re not wrong Joe … but they’ve had more # 1 picks than most since the draft was implemented in 1963

        # 1 Picks by franchise – year established
        Montreal – original 6 – 6
        Edmonton – 1972 – 4
        Quebec/Col – 1979 – 4
        Detroit – original 6 – 3
        Boston – original 6 – 3
        Minn/Dallas – 1967 – 3
        Pittsburgh – 1967 – 3
        Buffalo – 1970 – 3
        NY Islanders – 1972 – 3
        Washington – 1974 – 3
        Tampa – 1992 – 3
        Ottawa – 1992 – 3
        NY Rangers – original 6 – 2
        Toronto – original 6 – 2
        KC/Col. Rockies/NJ – 1974 – 2
        Florida – 1993 – 2
        Atl Thrashers/Wpg – 1999 – 2
        Chicago – original 6 – 1
        Los Angeles – 1967 – 1
        Philadelphia – 1967 – 1
        St. Louis – 1967 – 1
        Wpg Jets/Arizona – 1972 – 1
        Columbus – 2000 – 1
        Vancouver – 1970 – 0
        Atlanta Flames/Calgary – 1972 – 0
        Hartford/Carolina – 1979 – 0
        San Jose – 1991 – 0
        Anaheim – 1993 – 0
        Nashville – 1998 – 0
        Minn Wild – 2000 – 0
        Vegas – 2018 – 0
        Seattle – 2021 – 0

      • Nice job George

    • Would like to see Montgomery get another shot.Popular in area,U Maine national champ and fighting a battle that many of us can identify with.Most of all he did a good job in Dallas.

  4. Here’s a interesting turn of events …… Bruce Cassidy sits down DeBrusk a 2-3 times during season because of his lack of play, DeBrusk or his agent may or may not have ran to /Sweeney Neely complaining about it, DeBrusk and his agent puts a statement out that he wants to be traded but instead of trading him they give DeBrusk a new contract and DeBrusk is not traded … Niw at the end of the Bruins season Bruce Cassidy is fired ….. I could be all wrong but it’s interesting say the least

  5. I think it would have to have been a lot more then Jake Debrusk complaining. Or sharing feeling on the season. Steen played well enough to stay. But didn’t. Blidth. Complained saying he was a better option on 4th line vs some teams but was not used. Foligno never sat 1gm and was by far the worst Bruin. Cassidy. Did the screwed. Backes in finals. And went with Kulman when Backes would have brought the. Forecheck they were missing in gm 7 Like Bruce as coach. But something went on that has not yet been shared

    • Mrbruin4…..I just put out DeBrusk as one player I’m sure there were more and other things going on in that locker room….DeBrusk never came out in the press and he didn’t want to be traded anymore so as far as we know he still wants out so it will somewhat telling if he stays or goes and BC is the one that had to leave.

      • The way I understand the issue with some players is what Cassidy would say about certain guys in a press conference.
        As a reporter or a fan you like it because he would give open and honest answers. Cassidy also said it isn’t any different than what he said to the player in private. So to him all good.

        Out here, in the normal business world being direct, open and honest is best approach. But in the pros sports world and click generation the new way some media organizations make money.

        So saying “we need player X to be better” is then tweeted out “Cassidy throws player X under the bus” and starts trending. Player X reads and now feels like he has been thrown under the bus.

        The statement is still true, in order to win this or that player needs to be better.

        Perhaps more mundane ambiguous answers at press conferences is all he needs to change, and save the personal critique to the in person. Doesn’t sound that hard to accomplish.

      • I still think Debrusk gotta go in a pkg for a ctr

  6. Good read Ray …. Just saying if I’m making 3-4-5 million a year I probably deserve to know when I’m not doing my job …feelings get hurt to easily nowadays but it’s where we are at ..

    • Agree Joe, IMO it doesn’t matter what you earn you would want to know.

      The example I read was was Swayman and not DeBrusk, but agree MB4 if DeBrusk still wants out, move him, if the return makes sense.
      The other piece would need to be pretty significant to get a 1 or 2C.

      Is there a young C prospect out there with enough talent to be a top 6 C you could get for DeBrusk on a connder or up and coming team that needs help now on the wing? NJD?