Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 12, 2022

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In this installment of the Sunday NHL rumor roundup, a look ahead to the Rangers offseason plus the latest Oilers speculation.


ESPN.COM: Greg Wyshynski examines the keys to the offseason for the New York Rangers following their elimination from the Eastern Conference Finals. They have some intriguing free agents heading into this summer.

Ryan Strome and Andrew Copp are slated to become unrestricted free agents on July 13. Copp is a more versatile forward but Strome has better chemistry with winger Artemi Panarin. They’ll need to find a creative way to free up cap space to retain both on multi-year contracts.

New York Rangers forward Andrew Copp (NHL Images).

One way could be signing restricted free agent winger Kaapo Kakko to a low-cost bridge deal. Another could be bringing in a backup goalie making less than what RFA netminder Alexandar Georgiev will make this summer.

Late-season pickup Frank Vatrano played well enough to earn an affordable extension. Fellow UFAs Tyler Motte and Justin Braun could depart this summer. Wyshynski also recommends adding a veteran defensive blueliner if they have sufficient cap space.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks acknowledged there will be questions hanging over the Rangers’ roster this summer, namely that of Strome’s contract status. However, he considers the performance of their young players may have changed that puzzle.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Rangers have $13.5 million in salary cap space with 14 players under contract for 2022-23. Sammy Blais is another of their noteworthy free agents. The RFA winger spent most of this season sidelined by a knee injury.

Acquiring Copp cost the Rangers their first-round pick in this year’s draft. That could be an incentive to re-sign him over Strome if they can’t free up sufficient cap room for both players. It could cost over $5 million annually to re-sign Copp while Strome will seek a significant raise over his current $4.5 million AAV.

Rangers coach Gerard Gallant raised some eyebrows by making Kakko a healthy scratch for Game 6 of the Conference Final against the Tampa Bay Lightning. That could prompt some speculation over his future with the Rangers, perhaps even generate talk of him becoming a cost-cutting casualty.

However, Kakko’s coming off his entry-level contract and lacks arbitration rights. As Wyshynski speculates, they could simply sign him to a low-cost bridge deal to give them some wiggle room for another signing or roster addition.


SPORTSNET (via KUKLA’S KORNER): Elliotte Friedman reports the Edmonton Oilers have asked Mike Smith and Duncan Keith to inform them by July 1 if they intend to return next season or retire. Smith was banged-up during the postseason while Keith didn’t say much.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kurt Leavins believes Smith and Keith can still help the Oilers next season. Based on what he’s been told, Leavins would be very surprised if Keith hangs up his skates, adding the veteran blueliner might try to extend his playing career beyond 2022-23.

However, he can see Smith retiring. While the veteran goaltender’s talent and desire remain clear, age and injuries may be wearing down the 40-year-old.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Smith’s $2.2 million cap hit would come off the Oilers’ books if he retires. If he can’t physically play, they can place him on LTIR for the season. Keith’s cap hit is over $5.5 million but his actual salary is $1.5 million.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson looked at possible options to upgrade the Oilers’ goaltending next season. St. Louis’ Ville Husso, Colorado’s Darcy Kuemper and Toronto’s Jack Campbell are among the netminders potentially available via this summer’s free agent market. Anaheim’s John Gibson is a possible trade option.

SPORTSNET: Rory Boylen included Husso among his list of six potential value goalies for the Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs to consider. He also listed Pittsburgh’s Casey DeSmith, San Jose’s Kaapo Kahkonen, Detroit’s Alex Nedeljkovic, Winnipeg’s Eric Comrie and New Jersey’s Mackenzie Blackwood.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Husso, Kuemper and Campbell all have their strengths and weaknesses. I still expect the Leafs to re-sign Campbell while it’s perhaps 50-50 that Kuemper and Husso remain with their current clubs. The Oilers could face a bidding war for their services given the limited goalie options among this summer’s free-agent class.

Gibson is signed through 2026-27 with an annual cap hit of $6.4 million and a 10-team no-trade clause. He could be reluctant to waive it to join a Canadian team. The Sharks recently acquired Kahkonen so he’s not going anywhere. Neither is Nedeljovic after being acquired last summer from Carolina. Blackwood has been battling injuries and inconsistency over the past two seasons. Comrie could be an affordable backup signing.


  1. Keith “retires” and becomes special consultant to the team with an undisclosed salary ($1.5M)

    • Holland: “Duncan, if you retire now we’ll give you a job in the organization at $1.5 mil to function as a special consultant …”

      Keith: “so, let me see if I have this right … you want me to walk away from $4 mil for a vague job that pays $1.5 mil and which might last for about as long as that of Pierre McGuire in Ottawa …. hahahahaha”

      • Walk away from $4M? Keith’s SALARY next year is $1.5M, hence the suggestion that he take a $1.5M office job.

        Derp much?

      • Ahh, thanks Gargles … and Sorry Johnny Z … I was only looking at CapFriendly’s site and saw the cap hit without digging to see if that was his actual take-home. Now it makes perfect sense … unless his age factors into it and somehow they’d still be on the hook for the full cap hit.

      • If Keith retires, I believe there is some kind of adjustment made since the total cap hit over the life of his contract will be different from the actual payout. Does that hit the Hawks or the Oilers cap? I am unclear.

      • It would be Chicago that gets hit with a cap hit. Not Edmonton. It’s the team who signed him I believe.

      • I kinda figured it had to be convoluted in some way. Thanks Curious and Travis.

        So, if I’m the Hawks I mail him a cheque for an additional $1 mil to play out the string 🙂

      • This has been discussed at length on several blogs. The upshot is if Keith retires this offseason, Chicago as the team that signed him to his last deal takes a sizable Cap recapture penalty due to his contract being heavily front loaded, and Edmonton as the team holding his rights s the time of said retirement, not only saves 5.5M in cap hit from the AAV on the contract but actually receives a multi million dollar BONUS in the cap recapture “penalty” calculation, I believe it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-3.5M in bonus if I am not mistaken.

      • Hey George, Keith is only owed $1.5M in salary next year….here I thought you knew everything.

      • Lol. Hardly, Johnny Z … and I did apologize above.

  2. For those that don’t live in the NY media area, one of their studio analysts (Valiquette) was talking repeatedly how the Bolts were the dirtiest team in the league for years and how it helped them win the cup. I never saw/thought that. After this series and seeing the play of Laf and Trouba, I think it can be said the Rangers were the dirtiest team in these playoffs.

    • Red monsters. Can you post a link of Vally calling Tampa dirty? ( I have seen him critical of their obvious attempts to make contact with Shesterkin, which happened agiain with Maroon running over him) Your takes on Trouba and Laf havnt been backed up by refs and player safety office. Like most in NY area, I don’t really care what Devil fans think.

      • Slick, no personal attack and sorry if I offended. I do not hate the Rangers, I did however not appreciate Valiquette’s take on the Lightning. I wish the Rangers the best in the future and honest reporting. Not sure if there is a link, but as a Ranger fan I am sure you watched the pregame show and saw for yourself. I believe the hit by Laf was dirty last night, if you believe otherwise you are entitled to that position.

      • Red monsters. Not offended. Maybe just figured as a Devil fan you where taking a shot. I admit in my younger days I had no love for Isles or Devs, but age has mellowed me out. I think both NY and NJ have bright futures and looking forward to renews rivalry. Lol good luck. As far as Laf, just YouTubed hit. As George points out a lot, hard to judge in full speed. Watching slow mo he does make contact with head and could’ve been penalized. Maybe if Hedman had gone down and was hurt it would’ve helped Tampa. In fairness though, I don’t think this was dirty or that Laf can be labeled “dirtiest” player. As he comes in Hedman kind of lunged forward at last second as he was reaching for puck.

      • Trouba is without a doubt DIRTY.

      • He is absolutely filthy! Thank god NY has Paros and Bettman on the payroll to turn a blind eye! Thanks for those lotto ball drops too! 👍 . You’d think all this favoritism would lead to a cup though? Maybe they’re holding out for NY to win 10 in a row? Fingers crossed!

        And Trouba needs to find a way to skate away from these players and just let them walk into the zone with their heads down! It’s not fair he doesn’t let them off the hook!

        I hate when players just go out there and play hockey! Disgusting! They should take hitting out of the game entirely! What everyone really wants to see is an 82 game all star type season. Followed by 3 moths off all star post season!

        While we’re at it, I think every team should win the cup every year! It’s only fair.

      • Thanks Slick. My intent was not to insult. Just heard that comment from Valiquette twice and was surprised no one called him on it. I love watching hockey, even the Rangers, but when I see something said I believe wrong I point it out.
        That said I think the Rangers lost to the eventual champs, no shame in that. I think we are going to have an awesome Finals, can’t wait!


      • Randino,

        Well thought out and articulated. Thanks for the contribution!

        This should put a lot of arguments to rest today.

      • Is the literary genius statements from Penguins fans never ending?

        This was just one “nanny nanny poo poo” from Pulitzer Prize material!

        I surrender my username to you kind sir!

        We were all arguing if NY still had a chance this year until you showed up.

        It will be nice in 2-3 years when the Pens are mediocre, fans once again disappear and the organization goes into bankruptcy for a record 3rd time and move to another city.

        Now THAT’S funny!

      • Nah. There might be a lean year or two but then the pens will get the next generational talent and be right back on the horse. The precedent doesn’t lie. The hockey gods reward the fans that deserve it the most.

      • Try and convince LeafsNation of that.

      • A guy that doesn’t believe in God, believes in hockey gods? Well, that’s interesting.

        Yeah, it takes a lot of loyalty, courage and being a hard core fan and sit home and pout while ownership goes to the brink of bankruptcy because the team sucks. And the fan base feels “entitled” and “deserving “ of better.

        Real deserving group, of a time out for a temper tantrum.

        Hopefully, this team gone in 5. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fan base.

      • Say what you want about the leafs fan base George. Win or lose they still show up.

        Some fan bases would rather show up with paper bags over their heads, chanting fire the coach, GM, owner etc. rather than sit home crying about the state of their team. While others sit home crying.

        THEY, are true fans!

        Boston Red Sox (former) Cleveland Browns, NY Jets, NY Knicks, Chicago Cubs (former) etc. there’s actually a culture behind the losing.

        Showing up when your team only wins or competes is total fair weather fan bs. Zero loyalty behind it.

      • I don’t remember ever talking about my religious beliefs. That first statement isn’t entirely accurate. Talking about hockey gods was also brevity but once again you take this far too seriously.

        The most recent economic crisis the pens faced was handled very appropriately by the fans. The previous owners tried to sell a fan base that a group of barely nhlers was the next big thing. Come see Rico fata! Fans saw through that and stayed home. That’s a true fan base. I hate to type this but the rangers handled their rebuild with some dignity. Told the fans honestly it would be rough. Pens fans didn’t get that respect. And because they stood up for themselves they were rewarded by the lotto ball. And a solid new ownership group led by the greatest hockey player ever. It’s no wonder there is such dripping jealousy from non pens fans.

      • “ It’s no wonder there is such dripping jealousy from non pens fans.”

        “Yeah, we’ll all sit around and talk about how good you used to have it Clark “

        Uncle Eddie

        5 years, 1 playoff round won (5 years ago). Followed by 4 straight 1st round exits.

        But hopefully, they can reasonable the same exact team for another 1st round teeth kicking.

        All of this from the guy who only showed up to celebrate the exit of the team that took out Pittsburgh (both literally and figuratively) and again has nothing useful to contribute about the actual series or series to come.

        As usual. Zero outside that Pens bubble?

      • There was another comment in between that didn’t make it.

        I won’t rewrite the entire thing (because honestly I’d rather watch paint dry than argue with you)

        But to sum it up.

        “We’re not coming to games shortly after winning 2 cups because we don’t like the direction or have the ability to understand the financial crisis this team is in right now. We DESERVE better, and we didn’t get a fan letter explaining YOUR business decision “

        =fair weather fan that doesn’t really give a rats -ss unless your team is winning.

        5 years! Gone! Welcome new Houston Penguins team to the league!

        That’s the real hockey gods showing up.

        Can’t wait!

      • I do get a kick out of the fact that frequently after you post… you obviously stew about it some more then have to come back and post more. It’s supposed to be in good fun cap.

        I don’t actively try to troll. I like to tease now and then and my sarcasm is sometimes mistaken for sincerity. But pens fans don’t have to rent space in your head… you invite them in, drug em, then lock em in your basement.

        And with the new ownership group pens ain’t going nowhere. I believe they will understand that the fans are the most important member of the team and treat them with respect. They’ve made a good start too.

      • That’s more or less what I was alluding to, CaptainObvious, in response to Chrisms ” The hockey gods reward the fans that deserve it the most.”

        If any fan base – NOT the so-called insufferable “national” Toronto-based media but those long-suffering and fiercely loyal fans – deserves to be rewarded, it’s them.

      • “ I do get a kick out of the fact that frequently after you post… you obviously stew about it some more then have to come back and post more. It’s supposed to be in good fun cap.”

        Aren’t you doing the very same thing you accuse me of? Lmfao. Do you even think before you type?

        “ I don’t actively try to troll. I like to tease now and then and my sarcasm is sometimes mistaken for sincerity. But pens fans don’t have to rent space in your head… you invite them in, drug em, then lock em in your basement.”

        Says the guy that’s been waiting 3 weeks for this moment? Again lmao. I almost couldn’t make up your responses! You just continue to out do yourself!

        “ And with the new ownership group pens ain’t going nowhere. I believe they will understand that the fans are the most important member of the team and treat them with respect. They’ve made a good start too.”

        Yes, because most good businessmen make a living from throwing away money. And from sentiment, and what fans think? You really can’t those glasses off long enough to understand how the real world works, can you?

        Makes perfect sense. Invest until you bleed. To appease the fans . Said no owner ever.

        It’s hilarious that you think you live in my head. I’m just here pointing out what a bunch of classless fans support the penguins.

        Nothing but excuses of silence since the end of the series with Pittsburgh. Until today? Have you nothing better to do?

        Again, I was shocked when NY got through the 1st round. Never mind beyond. Did you see me doing backflips when NY beat Pittsburgh or Carolina?

        Try to contribute something useful.

      • Yeah I feel bad for them george. Beyond my obviously mostly tongue in cheek stuff about being the most deserving fans… there are some fans out there that I root for. Toronto. Ottawa. Actually basically any Canadian team but Montreal. And maybe Edmonton. So long as it’s not the ny teams. Jersey. Boston. Dc. Or filthy. I’m good.

        Detroit was on that list but they’ve about served their sentence in this fans mind. Chicago almost has as well.

        I love the rivalry in the nhl. I love the playoff format that promotes it. Fan hate is fun.

        And cap. No it’s not the same thing cause I don’t stew on my own responses and then add to them some more without a counter post.

        Subtle difference I know. I apologize I didn’t explain better. I should have known that it would trip you up.

      • Chrisms,

        I kinda like your false sense of importance / self esteem.

        It really does make me chuckle. But the gods honest truth is I don’t really care about your opinions, ideas etc.

        I don’t know you, don’t care to know you. Your existence is only relevant in that head of yours.

        I’d like to think that I could have a beer and conversation with anyone on here given the opportunity. But there are some that I’d just choose not to, given the opportunity.

        Again, I don’t get that involved in sentiment. Whether NY advanced in this series or not, life was going forward. It wasn’t a crippling blow that has me on a state of depression.

        Nobody, was more critical of NY on this page as I’ve been. I didn’t really believe this was there time. I thought 2-3 years out, maintained that idea all year and through the playoffs.

        Did you see me coming up with bad officiating excuses, Karmic or supernatural excuses why NY lost (or was on the brink multiple times this year?

        Did you see me praying Tampa to lose, hoping for avs win to Richard (resident Tampa fan) here today?

        Have some humility once in a while. This goes for almost all Pens fans who “ contribute” here.

        Jeez, “hey, my team lost to the better team”

        Nah, it’s easier to just be a Homer and not really see the world as it is.

        Carry on with your baiting, taunting, bad jokes and unrealistic trade proposals.

        It suits you perfectly!

      • My team lost to a team with a vezina caliber goalie playing an ahl journey man and had their star either deliberately or negligibly knocked out. Watching Igor get chased twice! Was some of the most fun I’ve had as a pens fan in some time.

        You continue to insist you are not a homer (like that’s a bad thing?) but your posts are as homer as any other poster on this site. Look at your comments on the other page. Bragging about head hunting crosby. Hoping a generational star gets injured enough to end his career prematurely.

        The weirdest thing is being a homer and having fun with it is being a fan. You hate on that but also are the biggest perpetrator of it on this site.

        As billy g said about his teammates after the cup.

        “Some people shouldn’t chew gum and walk at the same time”.

  3. Marner and Mrazek(retain $.8M) to NJ for #2 OA Sharangovich and Bahl
    Torono signs Soupy for $4.5M x 4 or 5, drafts the big wnger or a center to take JT’s spot in ’23, signs a BU goalie for less than $2M per, 1 or 2 yr, and still have some cash to burn!

    • JT and soupy? We can’t figure out all these nicknames and initials? Homer!


  4. The Rangers made a surprise run. They have a young, world class, goalie and a young, Norris quality D-man. They have made a number of high draft choices. They have every reason for optimism.

    The rest of the League may not be worried, because they also have a history of bowing to a brutally tough media market and loud (but loyal) fan base by trying to “win now”.

    For years they seem to have traded assets they might have developed (in the company of a majority of other teams, to be sure) even during a long period of having an elite goalie.

    The Rangers lost to a group that has, first, been together for many years, and second, morphs into what is needed under good coaching. Some series Kilorn will score half a dozen, this one he didn’t have a point. Palat can be your best defensive player, or get you a game winner. Cirelli has a history of game-winner, but will do the dirty work of centering the checking line. Colton is a junior version of the same type of player- had a cup-clinching goal but this series played shut down fourth line. Why, again, did the Rangers need to let McDonough go? The worst enemy to the Ranger’s having a good decade riding a really good goalie is trying to win the cup every year instead of making the team better every year. In cap hell, you have to acquire assets that can fill a role very well at a fair price. A dozen good ones eating the cap and a half dozen to fill out the roster doesn’t work well. And the coach and GM have to be on the same page. I think in New York, and Toronto, doing the right things over time are harder than in a lower pressure place like Tampa. All the same, tho, putting that goalie in place is a great start.

    • Seeing Mcdonagh play with Fox or Trouba is something I think every Ranger fan thinks about. This was by far the worst trade of the Gorton era, but even with that being said, it needed to happen. He was quickly approaching 30 and was screaming toward UFA.

      Zero chance he signed in NY for the 6.75 hit he’s at today. And like almost every player that was on that (earlier) Torts team (Dubinsky, Stepan, Staal, Girardi, etc. he would not have aged well going into a rebuild.

      So even if Mcdonagh signed an extension, most of his good years left would have been wasted. And take any one of Trouba, Fox, Kreider, Panarin, Strome etc out of the mix. Because no way they could afford 3 d-men making 8 plus per.

      Now the Miller part of that trade is a different story. It was a little shocking. I think everyone saw Mcdonagh being shipped out, but not Miller.

  5. NYR can get some cap relief by trading Nemeth, Detroit needs LD help and Nemeth was a Wing at one time.
    Maybe Nemeth + Kakko for a 3rd?
    or Kravtsov for a 4th?
    I think they sign Copp for $5M x 6, could they do a sign and trade on Strome then? Many teams need a C. Sign him for $5.9 x 5???? Even Detroit might bite on that one……

    • Sign and trade a pending UFA? Can’t think of the last time that was done. I would think he and his agent would rather use the opportunity to assess what offers are received and, just as importantly, from where. That way he doesn’t wind up in a place he doesn’t want in the first place because that’s where the Rangers dealt him. And I would doubt NY would agree to a NM/NTC if it was their intent to deal him as soon as they sign him.

      No, they either decide to keep him or see him leave for no return.

      • Thanks George.

    • I wouldn’t trade Kakko or Kravstov for the sake of moving 2.5 million. Certainly not for a 3rd. These players are exactly what NY will need to lean on for the next season or two.

      The 2.5 million doesn’t move the needle anywhere near enough to justify that trade. And I’d bet anything Nemeth could be moved MUCH cheaper than that.

      I also don’t think Detroit wants a Nemeth reunion. If somehow Stevie Y could get Drury drunk enough to consider that trade, he is a better gm than he gets credit for.

      Detroit traded Nemeth to Colorado for a 4th, and brings him back for a 1st? That is brilliant GM’ing! But highly unlikely.

      Staal cost NY a 2nd round pick to move to Detroit. And although he had less term, his cap hit was more than double that of Nemeth.

  6. Agree Copp should be brought back. I don’t think they give up what they did if he wasn’t in their future plans. I don’t believe his numbers put him at 5m per. Maybe 4.5. Could go 6 years to bring AAV down. As far as Strome and his perceived chemistry with Panarin. Copp joined that line and had improved stats per game than previously. Panarin is a playmaker. NY needs to pair him with a goal scorer. Strome has now played 22 playoff games with NY. Has 2 goals. Last I saw, he was 2nd on team in high danger chances these playoffs. On top of his 4% shooting, he’s terrible 2 defensively and in face off circle. If he wants over 5m good luck. Personally I’m hoping I never see him in a Rangers sweater again. I think Motte will be a cheap re sign. Not sure about Vatrano. Hopefully they can trade Nemeth. Signing Copp,Motte, Blais, and Kakko is doable. Kravtsov needs a new deal as well. Will be interesting off season. Next year could be a repeat of this year. Accumulate cap space and look to fill needs at deadline.

    • You think signing Copp for min 5×5 and needing to resign Chytil next summer gives us enough cap room to fill out the rest? Chytil should be at least 4.5 next summer. The contracts of Trouba and Panarin are not going anywhere.
      Its gonna be a tight fit

    • Forgot to add Copp has earned 12 million in his career and Strome 22mil. Copp will probably go for the money somewhere and who can blame him

      • ds. Copp is coming off his best season offensively but turns 28 next month and this was 1st time he scored 20 goals and went over 40 points. He hasn’t made the money cause he’s been mostly a middle/bottom 6 guy his whole career. I like him but don’t believe he’s a 5 mil guy. I’d put him a notch above Goodrow. The fact he’s buddies with Trouba and Vatrano could work in NY favor.

      • @slick yes we will see if the Trouba-Motte-Copp-Vatrano all from same development program helps keep salary demands down? or Trouba can share the 2 million extra he receives….

      • In fact, Copp (21g 32a 53pts +15 in 72gp) and Strome (21g 33a 54pts +15 in 74gp) had almost identical years. Losing both would mean needing to replace 42g 55a 97pts.

    • Sounds reasonable Slick!
      But mentioned in the article says more defensive help is needed and a BU goalie situation. Maybe Motte and Strome are allowed to walk to find help in those areas. Also, would trading Georgy and signing a BU under $2M such as Holtby, DeSmith, …or Halak or even Griess (who was undefeated in MSG till late this season) for 1 yr options near $1M …would these be viable options.
      I don’t know what D options would help, but obviously they would have to be around or less than $2M AAV

      • Johnny. One thing NY never lacks is goaltending prospects: Garand, Huska, Lindbom.
        Just saw Kravtsov signed a 1 year deal today for $875J

      • 2 year deal 855k I like it!

      • CapFriendly showing 1 year @ 875k?

      • Bizarre, I 1st read 1 year 875, then capfriendly showed 2 years at 855 and 80k bonus both years. Now it’s back to 1 @875?

      • Maybe the $80,000,OO bonus was so he could bribe Putin into letting him leave the country rather than get drafted into the reserves to fight in the Ukraine.

      • I think they only take rubles now.

  7. Tampas Mr 60 scores goals, grinds in the corners, drops his gloves and leads his team to victory.

    Leafs Mr 60 gets ragdolled, trips over the redline while cherry picking for a highlight reel goal and is sitting on his a** as the Lightning walk in and score the winning goal.

    Yet people are surprised the Leafs lost.

    • The Stamkos we saw this series has been built over the years from the one dimensional player drafted in 2008. He grew into the “C” and has added to his repertoire on and off the ice each year he has worn it. Growth happens over time and with experience. Impatient franchises get to watch it with remorse after impulsive trades.

  8. Was it just me but seemed Trouba turned a lot of pucks over the entire playoffs especially when he was trying to be offensive . A few of those for goals . Also got beat defending

    Best goalie right winger and defence-man in the world gets you a chance at a rare 3 peat.

    If I am the Oil you have to target Husso.

  9. 🍁 Mike Smith is Completley DONE…..❗️

    He was injured Most of the Season, and is Now a Complet liability for the team with his inconsistant play.
    He would only hoild the Oilers back from Winning…

    The Oilers Fans would be all over Smith if he says he want to try to play one more year because we
    All know he Cant Play……❗️✔️

  10. 🍁 If… Duncan Keith Retires,

    The Edmonton Oilers Would get $5.5M in Salary savings… PLUS
    $3.4M in Recapture Savings🤔

    for a Total of $8.9M Dollars..❗️
    That could go a long way to fixing the Oiler Defence and helping Sign a Starting Goaltender👍

    Maybe Ken Holdand could hire Keith as a
    Defencive Coach to help develop young players like Evan Bouchard and Phil Broberg & Co for the Edmonton Oilers and the Bako Condors……..❓

  11. The Rangers are weak down the middle at center. They should pursue Scheifele from Winnipeg. Lafreniere and Braden Schneider for Scheifele and Ville Heinola makes sense for both teams.