NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 23, 2022

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The Avalanche are one win away from becoming Stanley Cup champions, the Panthers name Paul Maurice as head coach, Ben Bishop is interested in joining Stars management, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

NHL.COM: The Colorado Avalanche is one win away from winning hockey’s greatest prize following a 3-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final. Nazem Kadri scored in overtime to give the Avalanche a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven series.

Colorado Avalanche center Nazem Kadri (NHL Images).

Kadri’s goal was controversial as the Avalanche appeared to have too many men on the ice. Lightning head coach Jon Cooper indicated his belief that the goal shouldn’t have counted during his brief post-game press conference.

NHL Hockey Operations released a statement following the game claiming the on-ice officials didn’t see a too-many-men situation on the ice at the time of Kadri’s goal. The call is not subject to video review.

It wasn’t the only goal that emerged from questionable circumstances for some fans. The Lightning’s Anthony Cirelli opened the scoring but the mask of Avalanche goaltender Darcy Kuemper was knocked off prior to the goal. However, NHL Rule 9.6 (helmets) states that when a goaltender loses his facemask and/or helmet and the opposing team has control of the puck, play is stopped only when there is no immediate or impending scoring opportunity.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a shame that such a well-played game would end in controversy. I don’t fault the on-ice officials as the rulebook leaves it up to their judgment to determine what constitutes a too-many-men situation. Calls can also sometimes get missed in the heat of the action and it’s not easy to see everything even with four officials on the ice. 

Nevertheless, it’s puzzling that this type of play isn’t reviewable. If it was, perhaps Kadri’s goal wouldn’t have counted.

For NHL fans of a certain age, this will be comparable to Brett Hull’s “skate in the crease” Cup-winning goal in the 1999 Stanley Cup Final. Should the Avalanche go on to win this series, some will consider their championship to be tainted.

Game 5 is Friday in Denver.

CBS SPORTS: Lightning defenseman Erik Cernak left Game 4 in the second period after blocking a show by Avalanche center Nathan MacKinnon. His status is unclear for Game 5.

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: The Panthers officially named Paul Maurice as their new head coach. Interim coach Andrew Brunette, who was a finalist for the Jack Adams Award, has been asked to remain with the organization and could join Maurice’s staff.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I get why the Panthers hired Maurice given his 24 years of NHL coaching experience with the Hartford Whalers, Carolina Hurricanes, Toronto Maple Leafs and Winnipeg Jets. Brunette’s inexperience was apparent when the Panthers were swept from the second round by the Lightning.

Still, Brunette did a good job taking over behind the Panthers bench in difficult circumstances after Joel Quenneville stepped down last October, guiding them to their first-ever Presidents’ Trophy in franchise history. Unless there were issues among the players over Brunette’s coaching, he should’ve been given the opportunity to return behind their bench next season.

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Former Dallas Stars goaltender Ben Bishop is interested in joining the club’s management in some capacity. He and the team are currently discussing a potential role for him within their front office.

SPORTICO: The Arizona Coyotes are pitching a $1.7 billion arena complex with the city of Tempe for a 46-acre property on a current landfill site. Earlier this month, the Tempe City council voted to move forward with arena negotiation talks with the Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes reportedly hope to secure the go-ahead from the Tempe City Council to begin construction by the end of this year at the earliest. It could take three years before the arena could be ready for use.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: The Blackhawks named Meghan Hunter and Mark Eaton as their new assistant general managers.

TWINCITIES.COM: The Minnesota Wild signed Connor Dewar to a two-year, $1.6 million contract.

NJ.COM: New Jersey Devils co-owner Michael Rubin is selling his stake in the franchise and his stake in the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers.


  1. Well, one thing hasn’t changed one iota in all the years I have been following hockey, and that is, when the finals roll around there will ALWAYS be “we wuz robbed” controversial calls (or non calls) that will be dredged up over and over and over again. This year will be no exception.

    S*&t happens … absolutely nothing is gained by stewing over it.

    • George, I generally agree with this sentiment, but I have to say that yesterday, Tampa was robbed. I watched the game on CBC, and they pointed out 4 straight penalties that should have been called on the Avs, but weren’t. And then, this morning, Kadri jumped on the ice 4 seconds before McKinnon got off and then scored the winner, well, that’s rubbing salt in the wound. Colorado played well, but this one was gifted to them, pretty wrapping, ribbons, and on a platter.

      • There were so many no calls in both directions the ref’s owe the league their checks back for failing to do their job. It was a horrid display of officiating. I had no issue with the opening goal as the rule is clear and there was a scoring play.
        As for the final goal funny we didn’t get a horn right away and from behind the net it was clearly in the net. TV never showed the goal light either so did the goal judge miss it too? I forget the player but he skated in from the point having seen it… Yet several officials and multiple players right at the crease never did. So that was a tough one to see I guess for the crew…. Maybe a trip to the optometrist is in order.

      • Nonsense. Tampa was outplayed, plain and simple. There were a number of penalties that Tampa could have been called for as well. The CBC “expert” chose not to show those but the attentive viewer would have seen them.

      • Not disagreeing at all with your observations Iago – in fact I saw pretty much the same thing. My only point is, such controversial calls/non-calls have always happened and will continue to occur and that stewing about them, rehashing them, arguing about them does absolutely nothing to change things. It amounts to a wasted emotion.

        Hell, some Leafs fans STILL bring up the “Gretzky high-sticking of Gilmour” 29 years after the event as an ongoing “what if.”

      • As pointed out in studio, bad line changes happen all the time. Imagine making that call? You never know what would’ve happened. Even if Tampa wins game, Av’s still have home ice in a 3 game series. Av’s were pretty much dominating the OT. Player changing only needs to be a certain distance from bench. Not off the ice. Kadri skated in on 3 Tampa players across rink from bench. Didn’t exactly sneak in behind D.

      • Iago, please don’t quote, Craig, Chris, Ron, Elliotte, Dave, Kevin, Kelly or Jennifer.

        I one person put it last night “do they think Tampa is playing themselves.”

        Watch the OT breakaway by Connor, he is hooked he arm is pulled back, stick clearly on the glove. Two things happen. 1 no penalty 2 Simpson or Cuthbert did not mention it.

        Simpson and Cuthbert pointed out every missed call they thought and not the one by Tampa.

        Disappointing because it’s a national broadcast.

        Every intermission was dominated by discussion of how great Tampa is from, blocking shots, going down the run way and coming back.

        Vasilevskiy is back to his old self only greasey goals can beat him. Darcy Kuemper faced more shots but you would know that by listening to them.

        The missed too many men, please i see that ten times a game. Interference calls, I counted 3 on one play not called.

        In the end the better team one. Tampa had nothing for the third period or OT.

        I don’t dislike Tampa, great champs but they are clearly being outplayed by Colorado.

      • Overtime belonged to the Avs. My team was gassed. They didn’t have much left, and gave all they had. Vasy & mates were trying to win a game scoring two, and he gave up a couple on bounces. he absolutely saved everything that was saveable. The refereeing turned from normal to abysmally bad when the obvious trip of Hedman on a rush, with the puck, down the boards, ahead of the pack, to an obvious scoring chance was not called. From that point one both teams knew the refs wouldn’t blow the whistle unless blood was drawn and played like it.
        The plain facts of playoff hockey: Colorado got away with interference almost every trip down the ice, Tampa managed a hook or a hold uncalled in almost every scrum.
        But traditionally an obvious penalty on a scoring chance is called; and the Lightning have special reason to be sensitive to too-many-men
        after the bogus call on them at the bench door the game before.
        This was the rare game where the standard wasn’t established early and maintained; but a parade to the box probably would have favored the Avs in any case given the way their PP has been working.
        The Lightning taken the try for a threepeat as far as anyone in recent years, and will not quit until beaten, but the real damage a cap does to roster depth, the fatigue of being the team that plays the most games, and the randomness of injury that can take out a top star (they are a different group with Point and his speed and shooting on the top line and PP) look to have caught up with Tampa. Look for Foote to rotate in for game five in a classy nod to Avs history, and a group that will give what’s left to try to extend. But it’s hard to see them matching a fresher, faster Avs group at altitude .

    • The way that over time was going, I don’t see how Tampa was robbed. The Avs were all over the Lightning and it was only a matter of time before they scored.

      • Colorado was the better team…..agreed….except for the guys between the pipes. But, the better team won. I would think that Pittsburgh fans might argue that they were the better team in the first playoff round, but Shesterkin stopped them. The team with the better five skaters doesn’t always win.

    • This is the age of video and reviews. There’s no reason a goal should be allowed with too many men on the ice with the technology we have today. I don’t care if it takes 30 minutes for Toronto to make a decision, there’s no excuse to revert back 20+ years to the days when Dallas was awarded a Stanley Cup on a bad goal.
      What’s more important? The length of the game or getting the winning team correct?

    • I agree, it happened, move on. But I also think a situation like this that leads to a goal should be reviewable or challengeable

  2. Chicago is gonna roll with undefeaton on board!

  3. Tit for tat, Kuemper & Kadri. Lightnings toast. Why did the leafs ever give give up on Kadri ? He a game changer,Imagine Kadri and Brad together. The Parasiteline. Fire Sweeney

    • I seem to recall a bunch of loudmouths going on and on how much Kadri hurt his team by playing over the line, twice in Toronto and once in Colorado. It’s soooo easy to forget how you and others bad mouth him I guess that makes it easier to sing his praises now, right?

  4. I can’t see Brunette staying on in Florida. Head coaches usually bring in their own staff. He’d be out of the loop.

    …how perfect is it that the Coyotes franchise want to build their new rink on a landfill. Oh the smell.

    • I don’t see why he’d want to stay in Florida after they pulled out the rug from under him like that, given that he did a good job under the circumstances.

      • Howard, the one big negative about this season was coaching against Tampa in the playoffs. I thought Cooper outcoached him badly, and I thought that Florida was going to replace him after that 4 game sweep.

      • Lago, I agree that Cooper badly outcoached him, but it’s a learning experience that all coaches go through. Brunette deserved another shot. It’s not as if Maurice has a sterling playoff record.

        It’s ironic, though, that the team with the league’s best record did not retain its interim coach while the team with the worst record did.

      • Howard, Brunette should have got another chance with most teams. But, with a “win now” roster like Florida had, maybe you just can’t wait for a coach to go through an extended learning curve. The quality roster might not exist by the time Brunette is ready.

      • It’s not the first time Cooper outcoached his opposing coach. There were a few games that Cooper outcoached Keefe in the first round. The guy is one of the best coaches right now. Although Marice isn’t a bad coach. Brunette is a victim of the amount of well-proven coaches that are available this offseason. He would be surprised if he doesn’t find a new head coaching job. Brunette would look good behind the young Red Wings bench IMO.

      • No argument that Cooper is a great coach, but have to add is helps when you have a veteran team like TB does. Cooper himself said it when asked how TB keeps coming back against TOR and NYR. He made it clear that the players learn how to play against the guys they lineup against as the series goes on.

        So is it the coach not knowing how counter the other team, or the players unable to change on the fly and adapt their game to what the coach is showing them, or what they are experiencing themselves?

    • What’s more perfect is there is NO government money. That is funded with private money…. Lots of other cities will be paying attention. Many other teams will have to start paying for things.

      • LOL No George that won’t happen but funny! I’m glad the billionaire owners aren’t asking us the public to pay for their plaything home. It’s their business, it’s their profits, it should be their costs, unless these owners that think cities should help pay share the profits with us.

        There’s this idea that it’s ok to socialize the costs and expenses (aka, receive government money, tax dollars) but privatize the profits when it comes to (not exclusive to) sporting venues. Why? Good on AZ for not bending so far.

      • Agree Ron and AZHockeyNut, it’s about time. And if anyone should have caught on to that now it is the Phoenix area as funding these projects in Phoenix (not the only one) area has been a black eye and a black hole of $$ over the last decade and a half.

        The current city of Glendale council deserves a stick tap for not taking their crap, refusing to throw good money after bad, not accepting the slow paying & stalling on their bills and punting the team out the door.

        IMO this moved the leverage over to Tempe to get the deal they are working towards.

      • Ron, what won’t happen and where did I say anything would? Or was putting my name just a reflex action? LOL.

      • Oh that’s weird. I was LOL at the comment about the smelly gas smell from the dump. See below.

    • Not to mention possible methane explosions.

  5. Reffing was horrible both ways but without a doubt Colorado was the better team especially in OT and deserved the win. If they call to many men on that play it would be called 15 times a game. Makar is unreal and will win a few Norris trophy’s for sure controls the game.

    • Nah Obe….four seconds is way too long. Players can cover half the ice in four seconds. I guess I will defer to Barry Trotz, who, after viewing a replay, said, ” It’s right there ! That’s seven effing guys !”

      • That replay you speak of was TB getting the benefit of too many men on the ice in eastern conference finals last year vs Isles.

        So get some calls that help and some that hurt.

        Agree with Obe as COL was taking it to them big time in OT, and also Caper as you could call that a dozen times a game, and have zero doubt many against TB last night, just not as long a gap.

        Once Mac saw Kadri jump on the ice he stopped skating and basically glided to the bench.

        IMO don’t blame the refs, change the rule so that you could actually make it reviewable. Put a box/line and you can’t leave the bench until the player coming off touches that line then it is cut and dried. But even then you will start to get reviews looking for an inch, like off sides are now. No thanks to that.

        Human error and judgement is part of the game. This includes refs, players, coaches.

      • If you look Tampa has 7 on ice at same time.

  6. The best call from Craig Simpson last night. “that shot was perfectly placed, it was just a little too high.” LOL
    I believe this was in the third period, and I forget who shot the puck. It was a really nice shot over the goalie’s shoulder and hit the crossbar. Once he said I started laughing. lol
    You would think that a perfect place shot would have gone under the crossbar for the goal. LOL

  7. Any comments about Team Canada hockey financial fuss.
    Lot of taxpayer money tossed around..

    ….Your thoughts….

    • Lyle would ban me if I get into this.

    • I am sick and appalled by Hockey Canada by these developments. IMO the IIHF should be treating Hockey Canada in the same matter as Russia.

      • Are you really, KevJam? I am keeping my opinion to myself, until there is a full disclosure of facts.

        Here are a couple of excerpts from the Hockey News:

        “The woman did not speak to investigators or identify the alleged abusers and the case was not heard in court. It was settled in May of 2022.”

        “Hockey Canada president Scott Smith said the police were called on the evening of June 19, with the Hockey Canada board being made aware of it a week to 10 days later.

        Smith claimed neither the London Police Service nor the independent investigators involved were able to confirm the identity of the accused players.”

        Here is a key sentence:

        “The woman did not speak to investigators or identify the alleged abusers and the case was not heard in court. It was settled in May 2022.”

        You can join the chorus of condemnation before all the facts are in. Just don’t confuse this with an informed opinion.

        Those who wish to read the full article:


      • THANK you LJ for that. The kangaroo courts are always ready to chop off heads without taking into account the FULL story. Remember the Kane incident a few years back in Buffalo? There were virtual lynch mobs forming …until it was revealed that the mother of the woman who filed the charges had surreptitiously – or so she thought – claimed someone had left “evidence” on her doorstep.


        The rush to judgement is ever present.

        As I said the other day, this “action” by the Canadian federal government is nothing short of grandstanding, partly designed to direct attention away from their interference in a much more serious RCMP investigation.

      • Yep, George. A serious and disturbing allegation to be sure but where does an investigation go when the accuser won’t – or can’t – identify the accused? The internet mob is so easily animated.

        What makes my stomach really turn is our sanctimonious Prime Minister full of righteous indignance and short on fact as well, the same PM who at 25 and then a teacher (a position of trust) groped a female reporter and then when outed just said “sorry.”

      • Kevjam, I read the article. Here is a quote from it from Hockey Canada:

        While we don’t know exactly what occurred that night, or the identities of those involved, we recognized that the conduct was unacceptable and incompatible with Hockey Canada’s values and expectations, and clearly caused harm.”

        Don’t get me wrong, the allegation is very serious. But if it isn’t known what occurred (read, if anything), or who was involved (read, if anyone)
        on what basis is anyone dragged into this?

      • Hockey Canada also told the players they didn’t hae to cooperate. I’ve been in a labour situation where I took a settlement and had to sign an nda. Needed the money for my family, I had been fired due to a disability, employer admitted fault, didn’t even negotiate on money or anything, just that I had to sign an nda. You feel like you need the money, you aren’t going to beat these people and you have no choice. Then afterwards you feel complicit in helping them get away with it. NDA’s should be illegal and hockey canada can’t tell players not to cooperate and also say they couldn’t identify the players, it’s BS.

      • IMO they need to investigate and get the facts so agree LJ, shouldn’t be slagging any of the players until it is proven. But KevJam is talking about Hockey Canada, not the players. Russia is a bit hyperbolic though IMO.

        The part that makes this obvious in your post is the “and clearly caused harm”.
        They know something bad happened, and they paid, which they should have, if they know that.
        They would not have IMO if they didn’t.

        8 guys and one girl and she was clearly caused harm? Not sure what it was, and sexual assault can include a wide range of things, but not cool, that much is for sure.

        The stepfather of the girl contacted Hockey Canada the morning after the alleged assault. So right flippin’ after.

        Who knew what and when, and who participated. As was said in the article, one of these guys could be coaching your kid in a few years.

        The money angle? I am guessing it is our tax $ that paid that settlement, where else would it come from? I dunno, do folks donate big$ to Hockey Canada?

    • Old Hockey Fan…RE..Hockey Canada..
      The woman is one issue…serious or otherwise…
      My question of concern has to do with the money gifted to them….how much and for how long …where it went.. who the bean counters are..

      C’mon guys…weight in here…

      Hanky pank at play here ???????????

  8. Re last night an officiating… yes horrible. Crap. Uncalled for.

    I’ve said it many times before… reffing consistency (from drop of puck in game 1 of the season ; through the awarding of the SC . Game to game. Reffing crew to reffing crew. Period one through to an OT goal) is PARAMOUNT

    It is just not happening… so it taints things

    Should too many men have been called…. Yep for sure. That was way too long; and technically for a second the Avs had 8 players (including Kuemper) on the ice

    But here’s the kicker….calling the game properly would have resulted in the same outcome. Give a PP to Bolts on that play… they’re not scoring; Avs just win later in OT

    Give all the penalties they missed in the third period…. Bolts get maybe 6 PPs; AVs get 3 maybe 4; Bolts unlikely to score on their PPs; but high likelihood Avs score on at least one of those PPs…. Avs win the game anyway

    The better team won. The better team will win the series.

    Avs are just tops right now; and even if Bolts were completely healthy (they are down Point and seem to be losing players every shift) ; I still think they win…. Probably in 6 or 7 vs the now likely 5

    So…. Crap reffing…. Looks awful…. Kadri’s beauty winning goal will be “tainted” forever….. and for sure Bolts have a right to complain….BUT….. the best team WILL appropriately be hoisting the cup

    This reffing faux-pas can in no way be even mentioned in the same category as

    —-the Little Joe phantom call that individually won Sharks the series over Knights; and

    —-the non-call by Mr. Polyglycoat hair (Kerry Fraser) … Wayne high stick cut to Dougie’s face (at that time , high stick cut to face was an automatic 5 major; not a double minor) ; that individually prevented a Habs-Leafs SCF; and handed Kings the free ride to meet Habs. For yhose of you too young to remember… Leafs up 3-2 in series; up in game …. It’s late in the game…. 5 min PP for Leafs… game over… on to Habs. Instead, no call…. Wayne a contributor in game tying goal and GWG in game 6; and then say no more re game 7…. One blown call, determined which tram went to SCF

    Last night was NOT in the same “league” of situations

    Bad bad reffing last night….but did not change the outcome of the ‘22 Cup winner

    Congrats Avs

    • With regret, I agree. I had hopes, at the start of the playoffs, of the elusive 3-peat. But the stars have to line up to win one cup, much less two. When you look at the number of games the Lightning have played vs. the calendar ( a record by far) it’s not surprising they are gassed. The Avs are a better fresher team. Even if they don’t get their bounces & lose 2-1 last night they likely win the two remaining games a mile high; and there is no question that for this series they are dominating the special teams battle. Like the Pens, we’ll have a list of bad juju puck luck that kept us from winning four or five; heck the Pens were a dirty hit away from playing much further this year. For most teams, most of the times, something bad happens. So I’m an aging fan cherishing eleven series wins in a row knowing there are fans of some teams that will root for decades and not see eleven series.

    • “—-the non-call by Mr. Polyglycoat hair (Kerry Fraser) … Wayne high stick cut to Dougie’s face (at that time , high stick cut to face was an automatic 5 major; not a double minor) ; that individually prevented a Habs-Leafs SCF; and handed Kings the free ride to meet Habs. For yhose of you too young to remember… Leafs up 3-2 in series; up in game …. It’s late in the game…. 5 min PP for Leafs… game over… on to Habs. Instead, no call…. Wayne a contributor in game tying goal and GWG in game 6; and then say no more re game 7…. One blown call, determined which tram went to SCF”

      Which is exactly to my point! Has repeatedly moaning about it for 29 years changed a bloody thing? Like I say, a totally wasted emotion which solves nothing.

      • Hi George

        You have a point…. But for fans of a franchise with the longest SC drought…. We will continue to be in pain over that non call until we win a Cup…

        and if Dubas doesn’t shuffle the mix this summer….Leafs could be back to Shanaplan part deux on 1/7/24 when this year’s Hart , Richard, and Lindsay winner walks out the door…. Resulting in no Cup until likely 2030 +(over 6 decades of drought and nearing 4 decades since Kerry Fraser unilaterally ended Leafs Cup dreams

        Gotta go…. Just spilled some sour milk

  9. In the 2016 -2017 season Colorado finished last overall and had the best odds of landing the 1st overall pick.

    Colorado didn’t win the draft lottery they dropped to the 4th overall pick and chose Cale Makar.

    Did they lose the draft lottery or win it?

    1. Nico Hischier
    2. Nolan Patrick
    3. Miro Heiskanen

    • Heh. Yup. And in that same draft San Jose took big C Josh Norris 19th … and promptly gifted him to Ottawa in the Karlsson deal. Thank you, thank you, thank you

      • Lol Pengy, not sure why your capitalizing “AT THE TIME”

        If Colorado had of won the lottery most likely Makar is playing some where else.

        My point being Sakic was visibly upset when they dropped to the 4th overall pick and it ended up being the best thing to happen to them.

        The NHL is littered with players that didn’t pan out ie Alexander Daigle; did Ottawa blow that pick, short answer NO, every team would’ve taken Daigle at that pick.

        Jesse Puljujarvi, every team would’ve taken him with that pick.

        Sometimes when you think you got burnt, ends up being the best thing that happen.

        Cale Makar won the Norris and if the Av’s win the cup he will be the Conn Smythe winner.

        Colorado fell into mud and came out clean.

      • Hi Caper

        I capitalized the fint just to emphasize I wasn’t talking about any time other than at the draft

        Absolutely true re first round busts; top 5 busts…. and of course there are late round wonders (cite RedWings over and over)

        Love your line “Colorado fell into mud and came out clean.”… Is that line yours or an oldy with you just adding Colorado in place of something from the original quote?

        No matter what… I like it

    • Hi Caper

      In retrospect; absolutely they won

      However AT THE TIME; and picking for positional needs and weighing the scouting assessments…. Devils and Flyers picked appropriately

      Heiskanen was also rated well ahead of Makar

      AT THE TIME…. Most scouts had Makar going between 7-11

      He was (again at the time) rated 8th-10th for North American skaters(Vilardi, Glass, Rasmssen, Middelstadt… note all fowards… to name a few…were ranked to be picked ahead of Makar)

      They (Avs) certainly are the winners now; but I don’t believe anybody saw in Makar the player he is today…. He could very well end up being the second best D-man to ever play in the NHL…. Only behind the World’s best ever player (of any position) …. # 4 on your program; # 1 in our hearts…. Bobby Orr

      • I read/heard somewhere that the COL scouting department loved Makar and lobbied hard for the Avs to take him at #4. They saw him as a game changer, turns out they were right.

        If that pick was #1, would they still have done it?

        Impossible to know, but not outside the realm of possible. Nico wasn’t thought of as a generational talent or exceptional at the time.

  10. One thing is with everyone bitching about non calls. It seems everyone wants to witness perfect games and calls.

    So if every player had a chip in his skate to track their play and the puck had a chip in it to track it’s play, and you could call everything (challenged calls) how drab and unexciting and drawn out would this game get to?

    As George stated, it has gone on for many years and will for many more years. Nothing is perfect and maybe a little bit of controversy is what makes people talk about hockey rather than the weather.

    It wasn’t the worse goal to get past the refs in an O.T. situation where leniencies become apperant and the whitsles get shoved in the pockets a little tighter than in regulation.

    We could debate evrything right up the yahoo and that is where sites like this become famous and a good go to ,…to release the frustrations.

    Go Leafs Go. Go Dougie, Boo Wayne…Boo Terry. Nothing really is /or was as blantent as that non call. I think everyone needs to Become Leaf fans and,…toughen up lol 😉

  11. if av’s go on to win the cup..it will not be “tainted” in this fan’s eyes!

    • Agree 2001, not tainted at all IMO, and I’m not an Avs fan. Although it wouldn’t break my heart to see Sakic hoist the cup again. Have to respect the job that guy has done after the lean years and the whole Patty Roy drama. Liked him as a player too, kind of the same thing with being on a crappy team, staying above the fray, and becoming a great player. Hoisted the Cup a couple times.

      Doesn’t force the issue, patient, listens more than he talks, and takes advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves with some great moves. Toews, Kadri, Nichushkin

    • Hi 2001AA

      The Avs are almost assuredly winning the cup this year

      Their cup win won’t (shouldn’t) be tainted

      The goal itself (Kadri’s goal) will likely be “tainted”

      No matter what; as I said; if all calls were made last night properly…. Bolts likely get another 6 PPs; Avs another 3 maybe 4

      In those 9 or 10 PPs…. Avs likely get a couple of goals;and likely none for Bolts (their PP of late has been pretty bad)…. So Avs win regardless

      I was hoping for 6 or 7 games as this is exciting to watch… Avs winning last night now have put extremely high odds that Cup is awarded tomorrow night

      The way I look at it is this (and I’ve got no vested interest either way as I’m s Leafs and Pens fan)…

      If the reverse had happened…. Lets say Maroon is coming off the ice but is still on for 4 1/2 seconds as Kucherov enters the ice; no “too many men” call; then Kucherov scores the overtime winner; ensuring then a game 6 and making the series a best of 3….. Then that goal (Kucherov’s goal) is forever “tainted”

      Especially if then (after hypothetical Kuch goal that tied the series) the series is actually eventually then won by Bolts

      In that case…. The 3-peat would be “tainted” by the then infamous “too many men Kucherov goal of game 4”

      Again… missed call… bad reffing… Kadri’s goal shouldn’t have counted…. BUT…. Right team (deserving team last night) won; and perhaps even after say Kadri sat for 2 minutes in the box watching the anemic Bolts PP not score; he then comes out of the box to score the GWG anyway

      • Look it was a good goal. It’s a game of luck for everyone. Sometimes things are see and caught and other times not. That’s life.

        Are you even aware that the coaches video challenge for offsides was meant to overturn obvious missed calls not these ticky-tack offsides. It’s killing the game. It’s a game of luck played and regulated by humans who are flawed. What more can you expect?

  12. Sorry I missed it yesterday.. congrats on McAvoy and Sway on their awards