NHL Rumor Mill – June 11, 2022

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Check out the latest on the Canadiens and the Canucks in today’s NHL rumor mill.


MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey reports there’s still no word on Jeff Petry’s future with the Canadiens. If the club is still intent on moving him (and he’s still intent on being traded), there could be some news before next month’s NHL draft (July 7 and 8) and the start of free agency (July 13) the following week. General manager Kent Hughes has indicated he’d be in the market for an experienced defenseman if Petry is moved.

MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Marco D’Amico cites The Athletic’s interview with Dallas Stars GM Jim Nill in which the latter indicated he’d be in the market for a right-shot defenseman this summer. He also cited The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun speculating Hughes could call Nill to gauge the latter’s interest in Petry if the Stars lose John Klingberg to free agency.

Montreal Canadiens defenseman Jeff Petry (NHL Images).

D’Amico noted there had been trade talks between the Canadiens and Stars before the trade deadline. He also stated some sources made the same suggestion as LeBrun.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Two factors working against a “Petry-to-Dallas” trade are the blueliner’s age (34) and his $6.25 million annual average value through 2024-25. Still, he would be more affordable than re-signing Klingberg, who could seek over $8 million annually on an eight-year deal.

D’Amico also cited Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek recently named the Canadiens and Seattle Kraken as two possible destinations for Tyson Barrie if the Edmonton Oilers shop him in a cost-cutting deal.

Marek’s colleague Elliotte Friedman speculated Barrie’s name could be out there in the trade market because of the growth of young blueliner Evan Bouchard. The Oilers must clear some cap space to address their glaring need for a goaltender.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barrie to Montreal works only if they trade away Jeff Petry. The 30-year-old Oilers rearguard is younger than Petryand carries a more affordable $4.5 million annual cap hit through 2023-24. He also lacks no-trade protection, giving the Habs the option of shopping him if he doesn’t pan out or if a rival club makes a tempting offer.

D’Amico cited TVA hockey analyst Maxim Lapierre saying the Canadiens should do all they can to acquire the second-overall pick in this year’s draft from the New Jersey Devils. With the top two picks, the Canadiens could select top prospects Shane Wright and Juraj Slafkovsky.

Lapierre suggested the Canadiens offer up some of the veterans on their roster. However, D’Amico said sources claim Devils GM Tom Fitzgerald isn’t interested in the Canadiens’ more tradeable assets like Jeff Petry and Christian Dvorak. Ultimately, he doesn’t believe the Habs have what the Devils would want in return for the second-overall selection.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fitzgerald has said he’d part with that pick to bring in an impact player to help his club become a contender. His most pressing needs are a scoring winger and a starting goalie.

The Canadiens aren’t parting with Cole Caufield and I don’t see Josh Anderson as the type of impact player Fitzgerald has in mind. The Habs also have goaltending issues of their own to deal with. Speaking of which…

Jimmy Murphy suggested Ville Husso as a possible option for the Canadiens if Carey Price doesn’t return from his knee injury next season. The St. Louis Blues netminder is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 13 and it’s uncertain if they can afford to re-sign him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nobody is in this summer’s free-agent and trade markets is comparable to Price. Nevertheless, the Canadiens will need to find a suitable short-term replacement if he can’t play next season.

The 27-year-old Husso would be considerably more affordable than Price, perhaps coming in at between $4 and $5 million annually. However, there’s no certainty he’ll want to come to Montreal and could seek more than a short-term deal. The Canadiens won’t be the only club interested in him as the Oilers and Devils are among the clubs in need of help between the pipes next season.


VANCOUVER IS AWESOME: Daniel Wagner cited insiders Nick Kypreos and John Shannon telling Bob McCown they believe Canucks president of hockey ops Jim Rutherford has some big changes in store for the Canucks.

Kypreos said Rutherford doesn’t like what he considers a “country club” atmosphere in the dressing room, expecting him to “make a splash” this summer. Shannon agreed, suggesting the only untouchables are Elias Pettersson, Quinn Hughes, Thatcher Demko and Bo Horvat, leaving out stars J.T. Miller and Brock Boeser.

Wagner pointed out it’s Patrik Allvin who is the Canucks GM, though Rutherford would hold great influence over his decisions. He also cited Rutherford having gone on record claiming the Canucks don’t need a full rebuild and has said the Canucks will try to sign Miller to a contract extension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A lot will depend on how much it’ll cost to sign Miller and Boeser. The former is coming off a career-best 99-point performance and is a year away from UFA eligibility while the latter is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights eligible for a $7.5 million qualifying offer. If they prove too expensive to retain, one or both could be on the move this summer.


  1. Nuks can’t keep them all. So 1 of. Miller. Horvat. Boeser. Will have to go. My guess is Miller will price himself out of Vancouver Nuks will get a ton for him

    • Boeser at 7.5 is ludicrous. Decent player, not great. Vancouver tends to refer players like Boeser, Horvat, Miller, Pettersson and Hughes as “superstars” or “elite”.
      The only truly elite player the Canucks have is Demko.

      Boeser is too slow and injury prone to commit a huge sum of cap space too.
      Millers a good, very good player. Again based on a one off outstanding season hes labeled a superstar by the local media. Hes not and the Nucks need to be wary of an overpay in terms of both dollars and term.

      A lot of hot air blowing in Nuckville but no action.

      • Ron
        We we all know local media and home team fans regardless of what city will always overvalue their own players They will also be a GM that will over pay. To keep job for another extra year or 2. Regardless of the long term implications to team as he will most certainly be gone by then

        Think of Marc Bergevin. Media saying wgg he at a great gm he is. And the puke of dung left for next GM to clean up but really same for all. They. Ultimately make bad decisions to over all team to extend their own job

    • This summer the Canucks have $10,598,333 with which to sign 7.

      Of their 4 RFAs (Boeser, Highmore, Lammikko and Rathbone, the last 3 will easily be re-signed for limited increases. Only Boeser, coming off a cap hit of $5,875,000 and with arbitration rights, will cost close to $7 mil after a 23g 23a 46pt and -5 season in 71gp. Agree with Ron that’s he’s not worth that for various reasons as stated, so who’d be the dummy giving up assets and then leaving themselves open to an arbiter’s award who only looks at the stats?

      The thing is, the Canucks came damned close to not only making it as Wild Car team (just 5 and 6 pts over 82 games back of Dallas and Nashville, and 7 back of L.A.

      If Boeser would agree to a 2-year bridge deal at, say, a modest increase to $6.2 mil, they could keep him and Miller and worry about the latter’s extension next season.

      And to that end, the best bets for a trade to free up some cap space would be Pearson – $3,250,000 with 2 years to go – or 32 y/o RD Myers – $6 mil with 2 years to go.

  2. Montreal would have to find some magic beans to acquire assets to give NJ for the that 2nd overall pick. Outside of trading them their 2023 #1 pick…
    Josh Anderson and the 26th overall is not enough

    • Maxime Lapierre is dreaming in technicolor if he thinks NJ will relinquish the 2nd overall for what the Habs would be willing to offer. Probably 25 teams could come up with far better offers, most of which NJ would also reject.

      • ds, George well said! Some of the proposals (typically what we don’t want for 2OA) are beyond insulting – so I assume reporters are clickbaiting. It would take a really good player, under reasonable term for Fitz to consider, and what GM on the other side trades that away for a draft pick that might bust?

      • I still maintain that the 2nd oa for Gibson and the 22nd is a good deal for both teams.

      • Chrisms, not if Gibson makes no appreciable difference to their improvement. Anaheim ended up with 76pts and a +/- aggregate of -39 and, although a better team than NJ by 13 pts, still missed with Gibson in goal, while NJ finished with 63pts and a +/- aggregate of -59. He wouldn’t turn that around single-handedly, nor could they expect to see whoever they picked 22nd for probably at least 3 seasons, whereas, depending upon who they’d get 2nd, that player would likely step right into the line-up next season.

      • No chance the Habs can pick up the 2OA. Not sure NJ will be able to get anything worth trading the pick. Would need to pick up a frontline player. The only realistic possibilities would be an RFA on a cap strapped team, such as Kevin Fiala, or a top player one year away from UFA who may prefer to move on, like Pasternak. NJ wouldn’t settle for a package of good assets. Would need a top player.
        I still think the Habs should keep Petry but if not, Barrie would be a solid option. As would Dumba. Both solid players not on long term contracts. Would fill the bill until the young players are ready to step up. No Letang though. Would cost too much for too long.

    • But would Josh Anderson and #26 OA + Petry (retain$1M) be enough for 2nd OA + Ty Smith?????
      Petry would solidify the defense, Anderson is the power forward they need on an affordable contract with term. NJ would only need a starting Goalie then.
      If the Habs received #2 OA, wouldn’t it be better to draft Wright and Cooley, and have a much stronger and deeper team at C????
      Another strategy might be to go for #3 OA from AZ. Weber’s contract with #26 OA + a prospect not named Guhle or Mysak

      • See my post above.

      • why is Ty Smith available?

        the Devils can make moves to add top 6 wings without losing any kids with good potential.
        Zacha is a Rfa and someone could try him as 3C…
        that 2OA should be moved

    • Exactly ds, Cole Caufield plus plus what for that 2nd pick?

    • How about JT Miller to NJ for 2OA?

      • Miller only has 1 year left before becoming a UFA – so that wouldn’t be very cost effective for a re-building NJ. Miller wouldn’t single-handedly turn them into an instant threat to go deep in the playoffs – or even make the playoffs – but a few short years down the line that 2nd overall, combined with other developing prospects, might well do the trick.

      • Now this is a real offer. the only caveat is you want to ensure the Devs can sign him or no deal.

  3. How about Malkin and the Pens no.1 (21) to NJ for their no. 1 (2).

    • Malkins a UFA. Penguins wont hold his rights when FA day arrives.

    • They can have Malkin for free. He is free agent. 😞. But he would not sign there.

    • Hmmmm, aging, injury prone, expensive player to play 3C on Devs for the right to drop 19 spots in the draft. I think not. See my prior post above.

      • Perfectly put.

      • Agree – that’s worse than what the Habs would relinquish. Malkin’s days of leading any team to the Promised Land are waaaay behind him, and what he has left is limited.

  4. Boeser is as good as gone. but considering the “country club atmosphere” do you really think Petterson is secure as a Canuck? Horvat is also a year away from UFA. I think the only secure players are Demko and Hughes. I bet the Canucks will make Draft Day all about them with lots of trades that weekend

    • There ya go! Peterson + Meyers to NJ for #2 OA + Zacha + Bahl

  5. Lyle have u heard from Peggy haven’t heard anything from him in 2 weeks do u know if he ok

    • Robo..hVent seen pengy in 4 ever..hope he is ok..

  6. Just move JT to NJ for #2 OA + Boqvist, A good return for a player you won’t be able to re-sign next year.

    • All Canucks fans respond in unison, Yes Please!

  7. Boeser to the Canes? they need another shooter
    I expect Carolina to make serious moves to add a forward who should pot 30+ and can finish on the PP.
    They would of finished off the Rangers if they had a more aggressive and deadly powerplay.

    • I wonder what the Canes might offer for Vrana ?

      • Slavin! Yes!

  8. Why is Pettersson untouchable ? Boudreau appeared to turn his game around in the last part of the year. The first half or more was brutal. Coach is back so who knows. Not untouchable in my books. Someone will take a chance on Boeser for $7m . I don’t think it will be the Canucks

  9. I get the feeling most people believe Fitzgerald is not good at his job, with these ridiculous trade proposals.
    If he is moving 2OA in a deal, people need to start thinking of players like
    1) Mathew Tkachuk
    2) Spencer Knight
    3) David Paternak (only with an extension)

    It has to be a young impact player, and I’m not saying these are straight up deals for the pick alone, but where the pick would be included in a deal.
    Barring any of these players or players in this realm I don’t see NJD moving 2OA.

    • well said Francois

    • snipers on non contenders…

      PasTa? yes bRuins still decent
      any worth a 2OA?

    • Stop being reasonable! 🤪

    • This draft doesn’t have any generational players nor even guaranteed stars. It’s why the devils may move that pick at all. It has a lot of value but I think most devils fans wish it had more than it does.

      • Of the list Francois has above the best options for a scoring winger are Laine, Debrincat and Pasta due as they are younger, and better players.
        Problem with all is their next contract will be large.
        Problem with Laine and Pasta is they only have a year left to UFA, and you can’t negotiate formally until after the draft.

        I am sure there are informal conversations between players, but until the 2 sides get into it directly and pen gets put to paper it isn’t a deal.

        And the player they want may differ from who NJ drafts.

        So Debrincat, as you know the cost to qualify after next season, and still an RFA after, for 2nd OA and ?

      • @chrisms
        Your Gibson trade is a solid one.
        but is he young enough to still be a #1 when Ducks are improved in 3 years?

        The Devils would take a major jump with Gibson.But so would Ottawa or Buffalo.
        Ottawa would be a playoff team with Gibson imho

      • Other than Gibson hasn’t been good for 3 years.
        Kind of meh, on a big ticket.

        Not looking just at GAA and sv% either, being on a crappy team is taken into account.

      • No, not according to the pundits … I agree. But then, over the years the pundits – not to mention the drafting teams – failed to recognize a number who, drafted late, went on to become generational players – e.g., Luc Robitaile 171st R9, Theo Fleury 108th R8, Henrik Zetterberg 210th R7, Doug Gilmour 134th R7, Brett Hull 117th R6, Pavel Datsyuk 171st R6

        And, of course, we’re all well aware of quite a few branded as “can’t miss” generational players who did just that

        Bottom line, though, says that a consensus 2nd overall stands a LOT better chance of developing into a league star despite the flops here and there – even generational although not being identified as such at the time of their drafting.

        The return to NJ would need to be overwhelming – not simply “useful”

    • Another interesting read George. Your lawn must look like crap because you obviously spend a lot of time on the internet.

      The point I found most interesting was about Slafkovsky’s regular season productivity, which has been underwhelming.

      Another comment I found interesting was in a TSN article by a former scout who said he knew of no one whose ranking went down as a result of the physical testing in the combine. Sorry, but the article isn’t featured on the TSN website any more, but it made me wonder about the value of the physical testing.

      • LOL. What lawn? I got rid of all the grass years ago and planted perennials. Nature does the rest

  10. A Blues proposal:

    Do a sign and trade with Ville Husso going to the Devils along with Tarasenko and Perunovich. That would fulfill the Devils two “pressing needs”. The Blues would obtain the # 2 overall and Siegenthaler or Graves for help on defense.


    • While that is more reasonable, Tank is going to be 31, and will be well past his “ best before date”. This is why NJD want players who fit in with where they are. Unfortunately Tank doesn’t fit in, with the timeline.
      Also,NJD could get a younger and just as good asset in the UFA market without, giving up any assets, other than cap space, and still draft a very good player at 2OA.

  11. All..Thoughts on this proposed trade.

    I think the Penguins could use an elite goalie [among other things]

    Bring Pittsburgh native home john Gibson Anaheim

    To Pittsburgh 28 goalie john gibson $6 million for a couple more years.

    To Anaheim 2 time all star goalie 27 Tristan Jarry $3.5 million.

    Pittsburgh number one pick this draft #21 overall

    Plus a prospect or player luke say Kapanen or Peterson both young 25

    • Pens and Bruins similar boats
      Do you think the Pens are deep enough to go on long playoff runs the next few seasons with Sid? If Pens resign Malkin+Letang there have not much cap left to improve other areas. Not sure they take a step forward from where they are today

      The Bruins can work some cap magic with all the LITR but can they be close enough to a playoff spot when they get healthy in January?

    • Jarry is going to stay. Gibby has too much salary and term for PP. You need a #2, Fluery for cheap or Holby or even Halak, all on a 1yr deal.