NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 17, 2022

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The reaction to the Penguins’ acquisitions of Jeff Petry and John Marino, what’s next for the Canadiens after trading Petry, David Pastrnak could get Johnny Gaudreau money, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes explained why he shipped Jeff Petry and Ryan Poehling to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday in exchange for Mike Matheson and a fourth-round pick in the 2023 draft.

Montreal Canadiens traded defenseman Jeff Petry to the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL Images).

Hughes was acting on a trade request Petry made for family reasons during the season. He said the 34-year-old defenseman was appreciative that he was going to an American-based team that would be easier on his family, as well as one that’s going all in to try and win the Stanley Cup.

Matheson was a former client of Hughes’ from his days as a player agent. The Canadiens GM praised the Montreal native’s skating ability and character, adding that he’ll fit in well into head coach Martin St. Louis’ system.

The addition of Poehling in the deal was due to the Penguins’ belief that they’ll need a little more depth at center. With the Canadiens’ addition of Kirby Dach, Hughes felt they were solid enough at that position that they could afford to part with Poehling.

The move also freed up sufficient salary-cap space for the Canadiens to bring back Rem Pitlick on a two-year, $2.2 million contract. Hughes explained they had decided earlier this month not to qualify the 25-year-old center’s rights because their limited cap space would’ve made it difficult to meet what he might’ve received through arbitration.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those moves leave the Canadiens with over $1.2 million in salary cap space and 21 roster players under contract for 2022-23.

Shipping out Petry also leaves them short of a right-shot defenseman. Hughes indicated he’s open to adding that type of blueliner. He’s also still willing to make another cost-cutting trade.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Prior to acquiring Petry, the Penguins traded defenseman John Marino to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for blueliner Ty Smith and a third-round pick in 2023.

Dan Kingerski reports the move freed up the cap space the Penguins needed to add Petry, who is a bigger, more accomplished rearguard than Marino. He also cited Hextall expressing confidence in Poehling as a big-bodied forward who will have an opportunity to improve in Pittsburgh.

Hextall also thinks Smith has plenty of upside and the ability to regain the form from his promising rookie season after struggling through his sophomore campaign of 2021-22.

While the addition of Petry improves the Penguins’ right-side blueline depth, trading away Matheson to Montreal weakens them on the left side.

NHL.COM: Devils GM Tom Fitzgerald explained his addition of Marino by singling out his competitive nature and puck-handling abilities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like Hughes, Hextall might not be done making moves this summer. He could be in the market for an affordable left-side defenseman via free agency or the trade market as insurance in case Smith struggles to adjust with the Penguins.

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont believes Bruins winger David Pastrnak is in line to receive a contract similar to (or perhaps exceeding) Johnny Gaudreau’s $9.75 million average annual value with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Only five players have scored more goals than Pastrnak over the past six seasons.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bruins GM Don Sweeney and the Pastrnak camp are currently in contract extension talks. Dupont believes he could get an eight-year, $80 million deal with the Bruins. If the two sides fail to reach an agreement, the 26-year-old winger will probably land a seven-year deal exceeding $10 million annually on the open market.

TWINCITIES.COM: Minnesota Wild owner Craig Leipold admitted he’s feeling some nervousness over unconfirmed reports claiming winger Kirill Kaprizov is being detained in Russia while authorities investigate an alleged attempt to evade military service.

Leipold said Kaprizov is laying low and doing the right things, adding he just wants to be in his home country during the NHL offseason and visiting his family. The Wild owner doesn’t expect any problems with Kaprizov returning to his club in the coming season and remains hopeful there won’t be.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There have been no new developments regarding Kaprizov’s situation since it was reported over a week ago. Perhaps no news is good news in this case.

DAILY FACEOFF: The Panthers signed forward Chris Tierney to a one-year, two-way contract.


  1. Sweeney working the phones

    • He just hung up. 🤓

      • Oh hey Scott, how’s Jimmy?

    • Have you been trying to call him, Rick? Getting a busy signal?

      • Looks like he trying to find someone named Scott. Maybe that is where he gets his hockey knowledge or lack there of

    • You’re playing these peeps

  2. Smith is 4th on the depth chart after poj just based on waiver status. Probably starts the season in wbs. Pens right side is now 5 deep. Not sure if they try to sneak someone through waivers there?

    • Hi Chrisms

      Smith is waiver exempt, and Ruhweedel won’t need to “sneak” through waivers…. He will shimmy over the waiver line completely untouched

      If they move Pettersson (and they should NOT) for more space…. Rutta moves up to 2LD (he can play both sides)….. so Pens could sign PK Suban….

      Tanger Dumo
      Petry Rutta
      PK P-O J
      Freidman Smyth

      Zucker still must go. Replace him with Neidereiter….. huge change in top 6

      • Chad probably doesn’t get through waivers. With the exception of yourself the general perception I get from various hockey writers is that he does a solid if unspectacular job. He’d get picked up as a six seven guy.

      • Hi Chrisms

        I made a bet with George a week and a bit ago (I lost BTW)

        Willing to wager with you

        Loser drinks a cup of coffee of the winner’s choice brand

        I’m saying CR will clear waivers if his put on them

        I’d say “very easily clears waivers if put on them” but no way to measure the ease with which he clears. either he does or he doesn’t

        What say you to the bet?….

        He clears waivers… I win
        He doesn’t clear waivers…. You win
        Never put on waivers…. neither of us win the bet, but all Pens lose as he is still in roster and preventing one of P-O J, Freidman, or Smith rightfully being up n big team

        All joking aside; he’s at absolute max, Pens 9th best D-man; and no matter what…. Max 5th best RHD… so it IS necessary that he is put on waivers

        In the miracle that I lose the bet…. Pens , all Pens fans (which includes me) win in that another team picks him up 😀

      • I don’t drink coffee. How bout a beer?

      • Penny, weren’t you the same guy saying a team couldn’t possibly win a playoff series with Jack Johnson on the team? Prior to that Matt Hunwick was the whipping post.
        Do you just have a strange compulsion to single out 1 Penguins defenseman to hate?

      • Hi Chrisms

        Can’t do beer right now…. That has to wait until 1/1/23 Long story…. We’ll come up with something… Tea??

      • No yea either. Soda pop?

      • Hi DM

        At no time have I ever said I hate those guys

        Don’t know them; and I’m sure they are liked in the room else we would have heard about it

        I have also never said that “a team couldn’t possibly win a playoff series with Jack Johnson on the team?“

        What I repeatedly pointed out was his detrimental affect in the team, team stars, and game outcomes, and that he individually cost 3 playoff games and was a co-contributor on 2 more losses; in s 2 year (2 playoff series) span

        I did say earlier this year that he was playing considerably better

        Ruhweedel in no way is the player that Jack Johnson was as a Pen; but Ruhweedel is absolutely not as good as Tanger or Dumo or Petry or Pettersson or Ruuta or P-O J or Freidman or Smith…, making Ruhweedel, at max … Pens 9th D on the depth chart

      • Hi Chrisms

        Oki Doki

        We won’t know each other’s most hated pop… so I’ll just tell you mine…. Cream soda…. I will vomit (no hyperbole, I WILL) … but that will be my pain if I lose the bet

        I’ll trust you to name your pop poison…. What is it?

      • We agree. Cream soda is foul. Loser drinks a cream soda. 🤮

      • Done

  3. As I said yesterday, Pens lost the two trades :

    Matheson much younger , much faster, far far far better skater, better offensively, AND lower Cap hit than Petry

    Marino forSmyth and pick…. big gain for NJ

    BUT…….these trades are OK if HexBurkie was “thinking bigger”with a third move…. Taking Poehling and the 3rd acquired in trade; and maybe adding O’Connor as the “premium” needed to move Zucker…..

    then with Pens having $7.5 M in space….sign Neidereider (who is younger, 3” taller, 30 lbs heavier, and far far more productive , than Zucker) and Larrsson (defensive forward)

    Sid Guentz Rusty
    Gino Rakell Neidereiter
    Carter McG and one of (Kappy or Nylander or Poulin)
    Blueger Larrsson and one of (Kappy or Nylander or Poulin or Zoho or Arch)

    Tanger Dumo
    Petry Pettersson
    Rutta P-O J
    Freidman Smith

    Jarry DeSmith

    • @Pengy, he would have to be the best skater in the league to be far x 3 better skater than Petry. He is an above average skater and often the best skater on the ice at any given time. Pens and fans will really enjoy Petry.

      • Hi Shaun

        You are right… I didn’t need 3 “far”

        The difference in skating ability and speed will definitely be noticeable

        No doubt Pens will learn to embrace Petry… I was only pointing out that Habs definitely won the trade (as did Devils) but I’m hoping for the bigger picture 3rd trade… Poehling; 33rd and maybe O’Connor to move Zucker 🤞🙏

    • Pengy-
      so much is on Sid to stay Sid and the 30+ crowd to stay healthy.

      • Hi ds

        100% agree

        That said…. The heavy (numbers and length) injury hit to Pens’ roster, one would assume, has to finally come down to league average 🤞🙏

    • Not that my opinion matters but I’m in total agreement with this.

      • Well this humble poster appreciates that opinion

  4. At any other time, Pastrnak would easily get $10MM/year. During this flat cap era, I have my doubts.

    • PB

      I am pretty sure he can get 10. But hoping he takes bit of the Bruin hometown discount. To be same as McAvoy. 9.5. The cap is going to explode in 2 more years after Covid escrow has been reimbursed. And those contracts will no longer big huge. Wait and see what Matthews will get. In 2 more years.

      • We’ll see. I’d be less concerned if we were seeing a lot of guys signing 2 year contracts.

  5. Hi Peggy

    Overall Last season’s D vs better teams was flawed in the way many of their D-Men shown difficult time clearing the net. Also , as watched in their playoff series vs the Rangers , Mike Matheson and Kris Letang don’t play well together. Basically saying too many of last season’s D-Men are similar players. While the Penguins won Stanley Cups in 2009 , 2016 , 2017 the Penguins lost their last four opening round playoff series. Starting to sound like the Toronto Maple Leafs. In other words the Penguins were stale. Since Rust , Letang , Malkin all returned change is necessary to shake up this rooster. My take with these trades , the best player in these trades is Jeff Petry , an upgrade over Mike Matheson. Factor the Canadians are a bad team when analysing Petry’s stats. Now with the Penguins off season additions on paper I like their right side defense whole lot better than last season’s. With their left side D, POJ and Smith have potential. And if needed the Penguins could still make another trade later.

    • The right side is better but the left side isn’t. This was musical chairs for the sake of money. I do think the trade helps both players especially since Petry did not want to be in Montreal. But these are the deals you make when you keep an overaged band together.

      • Hi Speed Kills

        I’m With ShaneinTpa on this….assuming they do play Rutta on right (he can play both sides)….RHD certainly stronger/tougher

        Matheson is better than Petry at basically everything except clearing the front of the net. Matheson also much younger and cheaper.

        Petry and Rutta bring size (over Marino and Matheson)

        Hextall’s move certainly got the D tougher and bigger; but at the expense of speed and age

        The big gain, if Rutta does play RHD , is that this move basically guarantees Ruhweedel doesn’t play. Ruhweedel just couldn’t clear ANYBODY in front of the net; and oft pinched at the wrong time and/or left his man uncovered in front of net

        Tanger/Petry/Rutta > Tanger/Marino/Ruhweedel


        Dumo and Pettersson back on LHD…. leaving a huge difference….

        Matheson now replaced by P-O J (who I like a lot… but Matheson finished season as top LHD, P-O J coming in as “Freshman” bottom pairing player

        These moves (yesterday) absolutely need to be the precursor to another move that rids Pens of Zucker… replacing him with a bigger and better top 6 UFA winger

  6. Miller will look awesome on the Pens roster! Oh wait, Marino didn’t land Miller? Shocking!

    I wonder how that didn’t happen? Next up Zucker and a 1st for Miller?

    I think someone owes me some $$$’s? I take Venmo and cash app.

  7. As Hughes said after making the Petry trade, the Habs will look to add a veteran RD. Likely a veteran on a law cost 1-year deal. Like PK Subban or Anton Stralman.
    Speaking of the Habs, there has been much chatter over the past couple of days (such as an article on the Athletic) about Pierre Luc Dubois and the Habs efforts to trade for him. Word is that he attended the draft because he thought a deal would be completed. Apparently, the hold up is that the Jets are asking for a player the Habs don’t want to give up. Likely Nick Suzuki.
    This is quickly spinning out of control for the Jets and is a danger of becoming a huge distraction going into next season. If Dubois gives the impression that he clearly wants out of Winnipeg and that he’ll only sign long-term with the Habs, it’ll be difficult for the Jets to get good value from any other team and the Habs will certainly not overpay. Ther longer it goes on, the harder it will become for the Jets.
    From a Habs standpoint, I’d offer up Dvorak, the lesser of their 2 first rounders next year, Jordan Harris and Drouin to even out the cap hit. If necessary, I’d even throw in a forward prospect other than Slafkovsky or Mesar. The more time passes, the odd increase that this would be the best deal the Jets could make.

    • Howard no word of that chatter here in the peg.

      One thing history has shown us, is Chevy beats to his own drum and will or won’t make a trade but Chevy will be the one to decide.

      Truoba and Kane both wanted out of Winnipeg for different reasons.

      Kane asked for a trade every season.

      Chevy moved them when he was ready and got the best deal he could.

      PLD has 2yrs remaining, the gamble for Montreal is letting PLD being traded to another team. Let’s say Florida or LA. PLD after living there for a season, Loves the area and signs a long term contract.

      That would be a loss for Montreal, known the player wanted to play there both chose to low ball, gamble and lose.

      We’ll see how it plays out, here in Winnipeg we know Chevy leaks nothing.

  8. How much of that is true, Howard? It would be quite something – without precedent – if Dubois did attend the draft thinking he would become a Hab. And if that is true the Chevy will surely know and his hair must have fallen out – bad position to be in.

    But really, how likely is it that any player is so in love with one place that is the only place they will sign long term? Two grains of salt with that order, please.

    And Howard, how about taking a bet that the Habs will NOT trade for Subban. $20.00 Starbuck’s card or some such thing? As long as you stop putting the idea forth? But before you agree, reflect upon Hughes’ repeating his love for character as much as you reference Subban. PK has done great charity work, but in the dressing room …?

    • Howard,

      Why would the Habs need/want PLD now?

      Habs are rebuilding and not contending for the SC, PLD is a UFA in two years, ample time to see what he’s worth then.

      Dvorak is the top face off man, Harris has untapped potential though he looked very good in the few games he played. Drouin will be released at the end of the year unless Hughes does some magic.

      • Caper, LJ, HabFan,
        Obviously, it’s all just speculation. But it’s still getting pretty noisy. The article I’m referencing came from Arpon Basu of the Athletic. A respected reporter from a respected publication. Other respectable sites have picked up on it as well (not Eklund). PLD’s agent, Pat Brisson, one of the most respected of the NHL agents and not one with loose lips, told a Montreal TV station that PLD would be excited to play for the Habs. Oftentimes, where there’s smoke, there is fire.
        Obviously, things can change and this may very well be a negotiating tactic. But right now, it seems pretty clear that PLD does not wish to remain in Winnipeg long-term. And that might become a distraction for the Jets. It’s different than Kane, who has always been a three-ring circus. And from Trouba, who wasn’t as vocal as PLD has been but who was known to want to play in NY. The Jets waited till 1 year before Trouba became UFA eligible before trading him, and wound up with only a D-man who was not considered as good as Trouba and a 1st. They cannot wait too long with PLD.
        If the Habs can get PLD now without giving up Suzuki, Caufield Slafkovsky or, possibly, Guhle, they should go for it. Who knows what will happen in 2 years. Maybe he’ll go elsewhere and decide to stay there. He is definitely better than Dvorak and Harris can be sacrificed in the right trade. Drouin would be necessary to make the numbers work.

      • Just one comment, re Brisson: isn’t he the guy who told Bergy that Aho would be receptive to an offer sheet? In other words, an agent trying to drum up business for his client?

        Even if there is legit interest, HF30 has a point: is there room for Dubois with Suzuki and Dach? I have to think that if the rumours had truth the Habs couldn’t meet the Jets’ asking Price and in securing Dach have closed the door.

      • LJ, I don’t think that trading for Dach closes the door at all. I’m not saying it’ll happen, but who knows.
        As to your point about Brisson earlier saying that Aho would be receptive to an offer sheet, well, he did sign one, didn’t he. Obviously, whatever an agent says should be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s not out of the question that a player would want to play close to his home and family. John Tavares certainly comes to mind. Looking back, it seems quite obvious that he had decided that he wanted to play in Toronto. Obviously, he played it coy, as he didn’t want to hurt his bargaining power. He played both the Leafs and the Isles like a Stradivarius.
        As far as PK is concerned, it would not be a trade – he’s a UFA. There can be no doubt that the Habs need a veteran RD right now. The Habs currently have only 3 RD with any hope of making the roster in the fall. There’s Justin Barron, who should definitely get the opportunity, but who is barely a year out of junior and will need veteran support. There’s Wideman, who was better than expected this past season but who is a third pairing D at best. Likely a #7 on a true contender. And there’s David Savard, a solid, physical D-man who will not provide much offense.
        The Habs will need a veteran RD who can move the puck. They will probably have to pick up a low cost UFA who fills the bill. Klingberg is not a realistic option. The only two realistic options are PK or Stralman. I’m obviously speculating, but I’m not the only one. I’m done putting it forth. Let’s just wait and see what happens.

      • Howard,
        Aho’s agent is Gerry Johannson not Pat Brisson.

        While Brisson has a solid reputation and much was made of his friendship with GMMB, PLD wouldn’t be the first client of his that was turned into a travelling roadshow, Matt Duchene, John Tavares.

        One thing we have all learned is that respected reporters from respected publications rarely have first hand knowledge OR they get played regularly.

        Who reported Gaudreau, Burns, McDonagh or Petry ending up where they did? Nobody