NHL Rumor Mill – July 22, 2022

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Another list of possible trade destinations for Matthew Tkachuk plus the Blue Jackets are trying to clear cap space for Patrik Laine. Check out the details in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


SPORTSNET: Mike Johnston included the Florida Panthers, New York Rangers and Ottawa Senators on his list of potential trade destinations for Matthew Tkachuk.

Calgary Flames winger Matthew Tkachuk (NHL Images).

The 24-year-old restricted free agent winger is expected to be traded soon after informing the Calgary Flames that he wouldn’t sign a long-term contract with them. Meanwhile, the date for the Flames’ club-filed arbitration hearing with Tkachuk is scheduled for Aug. 11.

Johnston noted that Tkachuk reportedly submitted a list of five or six teams with whom he’d be willing to sign a long-term contract. It’s uncertain which teams are on that list. Johnston also included the St. Louis Blues, Vegas Golden Knights, New Jersey Devils, Nashville Predators, Dallas Stars, Detroit Red Wings and New York Islanders.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I already addressed whether the Blues, Golden Knights, Devils, Predators, Stars, Red Wings and Islanders could acquire Tkachuk in the July 21 rumor mill and with The Hockey News. I’ll add that the Predators signing Nino Niederreiter yesterday to a two-year, $8 million contract suggests general manager David Poile isn’t pursuing a big fish like Tkachuk.

Detroit Hockey Now’s Kevin Allen poured cold water on the idea of the Red Wings acquiring Tkachuk. He believes the Flames won’t be interested in Tyler Bertuzzi (a UFA in 2023) as part of the return while Wings GM Steve Yzerman won’t part with promising youngsters like Lucas Raymond and Simon Edvinsson.

Florida Hockey Now’s George Richards believes the Panthers’ limited cap space makes it difficult for them to land Tkachuk. While Richards suggested that could be accomplished by trading Jonathan Huberdeau and perhaps MacKenzie Weegar to the Flames, he doesn’t expect the Flames are interested in players a year away from UFA eligibility.

Larry Brooks of the New York Post shoots down the Rangers as a destination. “They have neither the cap space nor the means to create it,” he writes. “Wishing it so doesn’t make it achievable.”

The Ottawa Senators have the cap space and the depth in young players and prospects to entice the Flames. Matthew might love the idea of playing alongside younger brother Brady in Ottawa through 2028 when the latter becomes an unrestricted free agent.

However, the Senators already acquired a 40-goal scorer in Alex DeBrincat. Their focus now is on adding a top-four defenseman.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Joe Haggerty believes the Bruins aren’t really in any position to make a blockbuster move to acquire Tkachuk. The only logical scenario would be a one-for-one swap with David Pastrnak going to Calgary but sources say the Flames wouldn’t be interested in that kind of deal unless Pastrnak signed a contract extension. He also pointed out the Bruins already have two top-six left wingers in Brad Marchand and Taylor Hall.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see the Bruins calling the Flames about Tkachuk. They’re already engaged in extension talks with Pastrnak and reportedly still talking contracts with Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci.

MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy considers it extremely unlikely that the Montreal Canadiens will be among the suitors for Tkachuk. Lack of cap space and the Flames’ anticipated high asking price take them out of the equation.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not to mention the Canadiens probably aren’t on Tkachuk’s wish list.


THE ATHLETIC’S Aaron Portzline tweeted yesterday that Columbus Blue Jackets winger Patrik Laine has until 5 pm ET on July 22 to accept his qualifying offer. If he does, the Jackets can still sign him to a contract extension but they’d have to wait until Jan. 1 to do so.

The Blue Jackets are actively trying to shed salary to make room for Laine’s new contract in the aftermath of signing Johnny Gaudreau last week. If the winger doesn’t accept the qualifying offer, his agent and the Jackets can continue to negotiate a long-term deal, allowing the club more time to shed salary

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I touched on the Blue Jackets’ need to clear cap space for Laine earlier this week with The Hockey News. My guess is they’ll try moving veteran winger Gustav Nyquist and his $5.5 million cap hit.


  1. I believe Boston could be a borderline pick from Mathew, since Mass. is where Dad’s from that could put the bruins in the running. Like they always say Money speaks louder than words. Don’t rule out Boston.

    • Won’t be the Bruins, Rick. The Flames would want an impact winger who is relatively young. Hall or Marchand, both over 30, won’t do it. Would have to be Pasternak and that wouldn’t be worth it. Best off signing Pasta to a long term deal.
      But that obviously won’t stop you from tearing Sweeney a new one when he sensibly refuses to make such a deal.

      • Would have to be Debrusk. Coyle plus plus plus. Will not happen

    • Rick Boston reality is:

      No #1 c
      No #2 c

      32nd ranked prospect pool in the NHL.

      $4.758m in cap space.

      There in no man’s land. Top players like McAvoy, Lindholm and Pastrnak hard to do the rebuild.

      Outside of them not much to go on; maybe Lysell and Lohrie will be top tier NHL players.

      Team isn’t good enough to win and not bad enough to tank. Middle of the pack draft pick. No man’s land.

      • Caper

        They are stuck in the good enough to make playoffs not good enough to win I believe they will sign both 37. 46 this year. And then try to get a ctr via trade or UFA next year As they have a bunch coming off the books and Ullmark will be easier to trade as NMC will be NTC They had the 10th best record vin nhl last year and will be better team this year with 46 ctr the 2nd line and full yr of Lindholm Tough start with injuries but will stay close enough to get back in position after they all return

      • Mrbruin4 I’m all in for a rebuild. But I’m not getting it.

        I would trade Marchand (when healthy)

        I would trade Pastrnak ( to old for the rebuild) also help excellerate the process.

        Not bring back Bergeron or Krejci or sign both and move at tdl.

        Move Coyle hold back 25% to help facilitate the transaction.

        Move Hall for picks.

        And before all said and done fire Sweeney, because I don’t trust his drafting.

        That’s just me.

      • Caper

        Bruins drafting sucks. They go off the board too often Was not good even before Sweeney

      • Nothing in the middle of the road but a yellow line and dead armadillos. If you don’t have a top farm system, trade your vets while other clubs will still overpay: rip off the bandaid and do the rebuild. It can be limited to one, maybe two bad seasons if one is bold and has assets to deal with, a lost decade if one allows those assets to dissipate without return. Ask a RedWings fan.

      • I believe it can happen

  2. The Rangers need to bring George Costanza into their management team. Who can forget the unforgettable “I think I’ve figured out a way we can get Bonds and Griffey and we wouldn’t have to give up too much”.

    Obviously, at this point, there are not too many teams who have the cap space and tradeable assets to pull it off. Calgary would want a very good player to be part of the deal. It wouldn’t be worth it for Florida to give up Huberdeau or Boston to give up Pasternak – those would be lateral moves at best. Ottawa needs a D-man more than another winger. It’ll likely come down to St. Louis (Kyrou) or NJ (Bratt).

    • Love the “Can’t Stands Ya” reference….

      Kramer as Prez of Hockey Ops; George as GM; Newman as coach….. priceless!!!

      • I think Rick may prefer that to the guys the Bs actually have running things

      • 😂

  3. Again not very good at this but how about DeBrusk and Carlo
    ( around 8 million per ) for Tkachuk ….

    • Since this seems to be a Bruins fans comments, I have to comment on the Bruins as well. The Bruins are up against the cap and that is because he wastes money on fringe players-Moore, the Ritchies, Foligno and a slew of other fourth liners and makes many of those 2-3 million dollar deals and then finds himself in the position that he is in now-unable to take on bigger salaries of better players. This is backward.

      • Have been saying that for a few years

  4. Matt the Rat will move prior to August 11.
    The Flames will gain even more cap space. As a result might find some bargains down the road.

  5. I am shocked at many of the rumored names being flung around and the pkgs for tkachuk.

    Imo this is not going to be a hockey trade. Flames have no leverage. Best they can hope is to play a couple teams against each other to get the best deal. Also the teams want this trade to propel them, swapping tkachuk for equal is not going to do that.

    I suspect the deal will be close to a top 6 forward someone likely best suited as a 2nd line winger, plus a B or B+ Prospect that has just graduated to or about to be nhl regular, plus a 1st rd pick and if lucky a 2nd early pick

    There maybe more in terms of picks or slightly better prospect should the agree to take a bad contract back.

    Anyway, simply my take on it.

    • For leverage, wait for the deadline. Lots of teams will fancy themselves competitors, and this permits the rental option as well. Someone will get greedy and jump in early and you’ll maximize return.

      • Laine 4yrs @ $8.7

      • Except in this case, Richard, Tkachuk is an RFA and could simply hold out until he gets what he wants. His brother held out last year in Ottawa and missed all of training camp.

    • Tkachuks wants to move as well, that is also a factor that could make teams up the ante now instead of later. The reason he wants to move now is he had a great season, might not be so good 22/23 or he might get hurt

  6. @1Oilerfan
    If this is the case , Marner should be on the blower , encouraging Tkachuk , “hey” U want to run a Stanley Cup !
    Remember they were both line mates , as per the London Knights where a majority of elite players arrive to the NHL

  7. Bean, Texier and other wingers may also be available. The Jackets are in the enviable position of having too many forwards at the NHL level with more pushing for a roster spot.

    • Hi Paul

      Not that GMJK would ever jump at a trade with Pens…. But re Texier…

      He had a finger injury then had authority to be off “for personal reasons” if I remember correctly…. Is he back?

      With Pens looking like Zucker buyout on Sunday; can fit in Texier

      What is your guess at ask?

      • Officially, he is still on personal leave. However, he is expected to be in camp.

      • Thanks Paul

        Have they disclosed yet why on leave?

        Also…. What would you expect in return?

      • All I know is that the Jackets say it’s a family matter. Haven’t heard anything else.
        Right now, I wouldn’t expect Texier to bring much by himself. Injuries have kept him from fully developing, which is why he was playing (mostly) on the 4th line as a winger, despite being a first round pick as a center. I still think he has first round talent, so I’d ask for a first round pick while being willing to take a decent defenseman prospect. The last thing the Jackets need is even more forwards, but they have too many defensemen for whom playing defense is an interesting concept.

      • Thanks Paul

        I’m sure Pens wouldn’t part with a 1st…. Especially if he is still off

        Hope the family issues work out for him

        Sometimes the personal issues/family things turn out to be ailing (dying sadly sometimes) parents , spouses, children

        Hope for the best for him and his fam

  8. Re Cats and potentially acquiring MT and….

    “Richards suggested that could be accomplished by trading Jonathan Huberdeau and perhaps MacKenzie Weegar “

    Zito has done Yeomen’s work building this roster

    Moving Hoobie to get MT??? What ??????

    Hoobie not only has eyes in the back of his own head; but eyes in the back of the heads of all of his teammates

    Cats should not be considering moving Hoobie

    • Pengy…
      Totally agree regarding Hoobie. Frankly, I don’t get all the hype surrounding Tkuchuk. I must be missing something. He is nowhere near a point per game player but expects to be paid as such. Two very good years out of six.
      With my GM hat on, no way would I sign him a long term contract based on last season.

      • he had 104 points last season. That’s better than a point per game.

    • i’d be very surprised if they deal huberdeau. i attend about 20-25 panther games a year (habs fan 100%) and hes every bit as important to their success as barkov.scoring goals last season was certainly not a problem. they were able to wipe out 2 and 3 goal deficits, at least until the playoffs.dont see huberdeau achieving the same level of success with the flames. and zito has to decide who his starting goaltender will be.

      • Agree Richard

        Can you imagine Zito goes with Knight as the starter…. Meaning Back-up at a mere $10 M …. Ouch

      • It’s not so much who should be the starting goalie, but how to get that $10MM/year milestone off his team.

      • I think if I’m Florida, I’d prefer the younger player at same money. Problem is Tkachuk needs new deal now, while Huberdeau still has a year left at 5.9 cap hit. Will be 30 next season but Calgary was willing to pay Gaudreau a huge sum over 8 years. Why not Huberdeau. Flames would need to take back more salary though. Perhaps Hornqvist

    • @Pengy & Hub…
      The flames got a good return even if hoobee gets moved at the trade deadline or even this off season.

      Dont think Lou on long island wont make a push for him.
      Since he has been quiet and missed out

      I think Weeger might resign in Calgary.

      Pengy i saw you talkingabout the Penguins not giving up a num er one pick? Missed that

      Hopefully when the Penguins buy out zucker they sign Tyler motte fast great forechecker pesty can get you 15 us goals.

      Would love to see motte with Malkin and Rakell

      Motte will forecheck like a madman, give that line defensive responsibility, speed and create chances for both geno and rakell.

      2 years $ 5 million for motte leaves you $1 million left


  9. Anaheim can afford to sign Kadri, Matt and Klingberg ;-0


    • Hi ds

      Ducks could fit Kadri Klinger MT in…. The first two come w/o parting with assets

      But….MT trade will take at least one of those younger frwds you’ve shown on those lines

  10. Reality Check:

    I vividly remember how certain I was that Brady T. was coming to the Blues, prior to him resigning in Ottawa.

    I will now predict the same outcome when Matthew T. ultimately choose BIG dollars elsewhere, and spurns the Blues. Armstrong will NOT give up the farm to make this happen (I HOPE).

    ps. MrBruin–I found your description of Boston eerily similar to the Blues (and many other teams)…” good enough to MAKE the playoffs, but not good enough to win”!! How many of the rest of you would put your team into the same category?? Peng? others?

    pps. Pengy–I predict that you will be a sad man on Monday…still saddled with “the Zuck”. Out of curiosity, IF the Pens dumped JZ, who would be next in line at the top of your list? What I have learned about you, is that there is ALWAYS someone (Hello JJ)

    • Hi IP

      Add Pens to that list with a little bump…. They are a playoff team; could get to 2nd round …. Cup again in next frw years…. Fairly unlikely

      Most reporting out of Pens land has the exodus of Zucker on Sunday or Monday

      Makes complete sense…. Far too much cap for his expected output

      Do I think he could rebound elsewhere… possibly…. And I wish him good luck

      Buyout saves $3.5 M with Deadcap next year of $1.7 M

      Better option…. Move him at 50% (no deadcap next year)… might cost O’Connor…. Difference this year ($2.75 M cap saved v $3.5 with buyout)

      If HexBurkie can rope in a to-through partner with space…. They could take 25% (50% of 50%) …. Cost to them after escrow ~ $1.1 M…. Final team gets him at $1.38 Cap…. Gives mid (to-through team) a 3rd

      So mid team gets I’Connor and a 3rd for $1.1 M

      End team gets Zucker for $1.1 M cash; $1.38 M Cap

      Pens save $2.75 M Cap, no deadcap next year…. Cost … O’Connor

      • MArcus Peterson to Arizona for a 5th or 6th round pick…buyout zucker then sign Tyler Motte ..

  11. Howard and Pengy

    We just have to get George to find out where Dolan likes his calzones from!

    • Thanks Paul

      I’m sure Pens wouldn’t part with a 1st…. Especially if he is still off

      Hope the family issues work out for him

      Sometimes the personal issues/family things turn out to be ailing (dying sadly sometimes) parents , spouses, children

      Hope for the best for him and his fam

  12. If the Flames don’t like what the return is for Tkachuk they can always sign him to a one year contract, start the season and see if the circumstances change for the teams on his trade list.

    Not optimal to have a profile player who doesn’t want to be there on your team but might be better than taking a bargain basement offer now when cap space is so limited.

  13. Sweeney and Neely won’t have jobs after 2023

  14. CBJ should trade Laine.

    • Why? Don’t just throw something like that out. Explain your thinking.

      • Never mind. Laine signed.

  15. If I’m Calgary I’d ship Tkachuk to Arizona for Chuchryn and 1st rounder. Send that brat to no man’s land in a 5,000 seat college arena with 1,500 fans in attendance.

    • Why would Arizona go along with that?

  16. Whenever Ottawa is mentioned as a possible landing site for Mat Tkachuk some – including me – bring up the valid point that, right now, their primary need is a top 4-type stay-at-home RD to play alongside Chabot.

    Then pops in those who suggest they should be making a pitch for Klingberg who is still in limbo out there. The problem there is, Klingberg is an offense-first type of D – same as Chabot – although the latter can and does also play a better shut-down role than does Klingberg – who sported a glaring -28 this past season with Dallas (Chabot was a -3).

    So he’s not the answer. Besides, if and when the Stars can clear some cap space I believe he’ll re-up there anyway. But not before clearing out some serious cap space.

    At the moment CapFriendly shows them with $11,460,834 in the kitty with which to sign 2. However, they also have two very prominent RFAs to deal with – Oettinger, coming off an ELC of $925,000 – and Robertson – coming of his ELC of $795,00. That combined and expired $1,720,000 cap hit will look more like $10 mil once those two are finalized.

    Klingberg’s expiring deal was $4,250,000 and he’s likely looking at closer to $6.5 mil – probably over 5 years. They aren’t about to find any takers for Seguin and Benn at their cap hits and term (both $9,500,000 and up).

    Pavelski only has 1 year left at $5.5 so he’s one possibility. And perhaps Suter @ $3,650,000?

    • Hey George just remember I was the one that tried to trade Zaitsev out and get you back Tanev in a deal that could have also (most likely) got the other brother as a sen.

      My only problem is that he would probably disrupt the room and in the long run the Sens may as well stay clear of another Tkachuk adpotion and maybe just try and trade for a top 4 defender.

      • LOL DJ – I remember … was that before or after they got DeBrincat and Giroux?

      • George- haha the trade I mentioned for KT was before Debrawasn’t and also during when they attained debracan,but,…I recently threw one out there for KT and Tanev for Zaitsev and Debramightnotlike it. 😉 😀 Now,..best off to just look for a top 4 D and not upset the spotlight that is already there to shine. 😉

  17. (cap-clearing team): “Hey Yotes, we need to clear some cap space. What’s it going to cost us?”

    Arizona: “Um … sorry? We’re at the cap floor. We’re playing in that little rink this year and don’t know what kind of money a regular night is going to bring in.”

    Pat Verbeek in Anaheim: “Muah hah hah hah! Call me the Little Ball of I Can Wait! I’m the only one with real cap space and it’s going to cost you a ton!”

  18. Is cap space now the most valuable asset in the nhl?

    • Yes followed by “what you do with it.”

    • Richard well if Cap space is the most important thing then there would be very minimal players being paid for the team, so how does that equate to being valuable?

      For most a valuable team is a well rounded competitive that has fans in the stands and buzz on the street.

      Cap space is like a resturant that wants to fill it’s seats but don’t have the employees that can cook and serve good meals.

    • Seems that’s the way it’s trending Richard. There hasn’t been much cap clearing movement yet … but with the cap situations for 13 teams you have to figure it’ll start soon.

      Tampa – 21 signed – $7,195,833 over the cap – LTIR Seabrook $6,875,000

      Washington – 22 signed – $6,321,666 over the cap – possible LTIR Backstrom $9.2 mil

      Florida – 23 signed – $3,025,834 over the cap – no LTIR candidate

      Vancouver – 20 signed – $2,751,686 over the cap – LTIR Ferland $3.5 mil

      Toronto – 22 signed – $1,493,116 over the cap – RFA to re-up – Sandin – no LTIR candidate

      Vegas – 16 signed (SIXTEEN!) – $1,394,643 over the cap – RFAs to re-up – Kolesar, Roy, Hague – LTIR – Weber $7,875,143

      Pittsburgh – 23 signed – $480,175 over the cap – no LTIR candidate

      Philadelphia – 21 signed – $98,107 over the cap – RFAs to re-up – McEwen, Tippett – LTIR candidates – Ellis – $6,250,000 – Couturiier – $7.750,000

      Edmonton – 18 signed – $68,667 in cap space – RFAs to re-up – Shore, McLeod, Puljujarvi – LTIR – Klefbom $4,167,000 – possibly Smith – $2,200,000

      Montreal – 22 signed – $248,334 in cap space – No LTIR candidate

      St. Louis – 22 signed – $ 625,000 in cap space – No LTIR candidate

      San Jose – 23 signed – $1,331,666 in cap space – RFAs to re-up – Chmevelski, Gadjovich, Gregot, Lorentz, Ferraro – LTIR candidate – Labanc – $4,275,000

      Los Angeles – 21 signed – $2,338,333 in cap space – RFAs to re-up – Anderson, Durzi, Vilardi – no LTIR candidate

  19. I’m only spitballing here, but Laine needs to be the star to perform to his potential. Would it make sense for CBJ to trade Laine to Calgary where he can be the star and reunite Johnny G. and Chucky?

  20. Thank you for that George. A lot of teams have painted themselves into a corner . You can’t count/use LTR off season

    The reason I said MT by August 11 is that is the arb date and locked at that point . I believe until Jan. Not sure.

    I truly believe best deal by Aug 10 for Matt the Rat, otherwise it is 30 games of booing and harassment . Not good for the chemistry in the room either. All rowing in one direct except one

    • Makes perfect sense SilverSeven.

      As for the need to move contracts by those 13 teams, all anyone has to do – who doubts there won’t be a flurry of deals involving at least half of them – is do the math. In every case something has got to give one way or another – including some walking away from RFAs – and there’s no doubt the 19 with varying amounts of cap space at their disposal know this only too well – which could be part of the reason there’s still a clutch of UFAs either re-signed or not yet signed by others, including Kadri and Klingberg.

      The pressure is all on those that must clear space and absolutely none on the others.

  21. Mitch marner and John Tavares to Calgary for Matthwe Tkachuck. Add into it what you want to make the trade balanced.

    Toronto then goes and brings Kadri back via Free agency.

    I’m putting the drink down.

    • Drink? What drugs are you on?

  22. Oliver Bjorkstrand traded for a 3rd and a 4th, this seems like an absolute steal of a deal for Seattle.
    What am I missing here? He seems like a lock for 25goals per season and hitting 30+ as soon as he has an actual center to play with.

    • That is ridiculous. Is it true that Bjorkstrand scored
      one more goal than Laine this year?

    • The trade is a straight salary dump, nothing more. Bjorky will be missed and I have a gut feeling that this trade will come back to bite the Jackets in the ass.

  23. Massive!

    Tkachuk and a conditional 4th 2025 to Florida for Huberdeau, Weegar, prospect, and a conditional 1st 2025.

    If Huberdeau and Weegar sign extensions there, I like it a lot!

    • I am amazed at this return. I think both huber deal and weegar are ufa’s . If so much work still to be done but the flames may have salvaged this off season

      • Hoping so. Tkachuk signed immediately for 8 years, so now there is already pressure on Flames management to get something done at least with Huberdeau.